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Sandy's night with her kids.

y thinking of something, "mom you know those two girls at the store up the road?"

"Oh yeah I know the girls you mean they are sexy little things aren't they."

"Mom!" both boys gasp.

"Oh calm down you two," Ashley tells them, "and besides you two don't have a shot from what I hear."

"Oh really?" they both say.

"Yeah they're a couple. You know pussy lickers, cunt lappers, no cocks allowed."

Both boys expected their mom to get upset about Ashley's language but she didn't even react. "So the pizza here yet?"

"Uh no," Mike said a little confused why his mom seemed so relaxed about things she'd normally freak out over.

Just then the doorbell rang, "I'll get it." Sandy opened the door and found a cute young guy, "Hello how much do I owe you."

"Its 32.69."

"69 uh? That's my favorite number." The pizza boy gulped not sure what to say. She bent over showing him her ass and got the money from her purse, "here's $40 keep the change oh and here's more of a tip for you," she says as she lifts her shirt flashing the boy. He just stammers as she says, "Thanks," before taking the pizzas and closes the door on him.

"Here you go kids. Oh did you tell your dad?"

"Oh no mom we didn't," Peter says, "You want me to?"

"No I'll do it." Sandy walks over to Dave's study and as she opens the door she sees him in front of his computer with his cock in his hand. She snuck up to see what he was watching and there on the screen was a girl that look very much like their daughter. She was on her hands and knees as some limped dicked man was whipping her, as he asked if his little bitch daughter liked how daddy was using her.

She snuck back to the door and knocked, "Honey the boys ordered pizza. You want some or are you going to keep jerking your little dick?"

"Sandy I don't know what your problem is but I'm getting sick of it. For one I don't have a little dick if you remember I had two girls before you and I'm all you know and they didn't complain."

"Whatever do you want pizza or not?"

"No I'm not hungry right now."

"Ok enjoy your porn, instead of your family, but next time you want a real pussy the answer is no oh and you can sleep in here tonight." She closes his door and returns to her kids who are already eating.

"Is dad coming?" Ashley asks.

"Maybe but not to dinner," Sandy snaps.

Ash gave her a curios look, "Mom are you saying what I think you are?"

"Yep," Sandy simply responded as she sat down

"What are you two talking about?" Mike asked not having a clue.

"Well to put it simple your dad is playing with his little toy."

"What," Mike asked, the boys look at each other now completely lost as to what their mom was talking about.

Ashley burst out laughing, "Damn you two are dumb. Dad's in there jerking off again."

"Oh ok we didn't need to know that," Peter says.

Ashley looks at him, "How do you think I felt walking in on him more than a few times and he doesn't even stop."

"Sis are you serious," Mike asks as he gets that protective big brother voice, "If it happens again let me know. If I know guys are perving on my baby sis like that I'll rip it off him, even if it is my dad."

"Mike calm down sweetie I told him to keep it in his pants and if I find out that it happens again I may just rip that tiny thing off him myself."

"Ok all of you calm down its not that big a deal its not like it's the only cock I've seen though it may be the smallest," Ashley giggles, "Oh, Sorry mom."

"Its not your fault your dad is only working with about 4 inches. I hope you two didn't get that short coming from your dad."

Both boys nearly choke on their food, "Holy shit mom what has gotten into you? I mean I'd expect something like that from Ash but you'd tell her to watch her mouth," Mike shouted.

"Oh calm down sweetie. Its just I've decided to get out and live more. And all I meant was I know first hand how a guy that small can leave a girl wanting more and I want more for my sons and the girls they bed. Ok enough of this talk lets just have a normal family dinner."

They ate and talked about the same old things they always do whi

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