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A humiliating exam in front of a very large audience.


"Sure," Arnold said. "I can even feed the pictures up to the monitor."

"Great," the doctor said. "Let's continue.

About fifteen students shuffled up to the front, and Amber watched as they settled themselves around her exam chair, pens and notebooks ready.

"All right, Amber, why don't you uncross your arms and let everybody get a look," the doctor said.

Shakily, Amber put her arms down by her side.

"Can everybody see?" the doctor asked. "Amber, turn this way a bit, and raise your hands above your head." Amber obeyed, and the slight jiggling of her breasts felt to her like an earthquake. "Ok, Arnold, picture," the doctor said, and Amber was blinded by a flashbulb. As soon as she could see again, her eyes went straight to the monitor, and sure enough, there she was - her eyes half squinted shut, her lips slightly parted, and her breasts - two huge scoops of pale flesh, topped with pink nipples like cherries on a sundae - taking up half the screen.

"Hey, I've got the video working again!" Jake called.

"Perfect," the doctor said. "But Arnold, why don't you keep photographing, just in case." So there she was - onstage half-naked, a boy with a video camera on one side, a kid snapping pictures on the other. She felt like a celebrity being mobbed by paparazzi.

"Amber," the doctor said. "Do you perform regular self-exams?" Unable to speak, Amber just shook her head. "Well, I'll tell you what. Why don't you perform some of the exam with me, and that way it can be a learning experience for everyone." Amber swallowed, and nodded.

"Usually, I like to start just by getting a feel for the breast," the doctor said. His hand - which Amber realized had at some point acquired a rubber glove - cupped the bottom of her breast and lifted it carefully. He paused, and looked at Amber pointedly. Amber realized what he was expecting, and, after a second, reached up and grasped hold of her own breast. The doctor shook the breast he was holding gently, as though testing its weight, and, blushing, Amber shook hers, too. She felt like they were waving her tits at the audience, but the students stared back, blas__. The doctor pushed her breast up high and to the center of her chest. Amber followed dutifully, creating a mountain of cleavage. "Arnold, picture," the doctor said, and the camera flashed. Without warning, the doctor dropped the breast he was lifting, and it bobbed up and down obscenely. Reluctantly, Amber let her other breast fall, too.

"I like to get a sense of size, shape, firmness, elasticity, bounce - all of which indicate health," the doctor said. He placed two fingers on the underside of her breast and rapidly moved them up and down, and her soft flesh rippled and shook. "Everything's looking good so far," the doctor said, and patted her on the shoulder.

"Of course, the nipple is the most sensitive part of the breast, so you need to treat it gently, but it's also important to examine it closely, because a healthy nipple is crucial to sexual pleasure, as well as lactation." He took Amber's nipple between his finger and thumb and pinched it gently. Amber squeaked in pain, but obediently took her other nipple in her hand. Then, the doctor pulled her breast outward by the nipple and stretched it as far out as it would go. Amber gasped in shock. This wasn't right - but then, what about this exam wasn't bizarre? She tugged her own nipple forward. "A little further, Amber, please?" the doctor said. Amber winced and yanked her breast out as far as she could. "Arnold, picture please," the doctor said. The camera flashed, and the doctor let the nipple go. Amber grunted a little and rubbed at her stinging tits with her wrist. The doctor gently swatted her hand away.

"Great," the doctor said.

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