He teaches Joy's husband not to take her for granted.

"I'll tell you what I'll tie you up too, so you don't pull a gun on me. Then you can explain how you came to be in the closet while I was fucking you cheating wife's cunt." In short order I had his hands tied behind his back and him kneeling on the floor in front of me. His face was only inches away from my depleted cum covered cock.

"Look Mister. What is your name?" He asked trying not to look at my cock.

"His name is Frank, honey." Joy said from the bed.

"Look Frank nobody's going to hurt you. Just untie us and you can leave."

"No you look Jeff I'm the one waiting for and explanation here and so far I haven't heard one. I'm the one that was lie to. I'm the one that was tricked into coming here. And if I don't get a good reason as to what is going on here I'll just tie you up even tighter and call a few of my friends over and really have a good time with your wife. And when they get done with her they probably start on you."

Jeff looked really scared as he gave me the same story that Joy had with very little variation. While he was taking I tied up Joy so that she was tied with one arm to a different post and her legs were now spread wide so I could see her dripping cunt.

"So what you are telling me is you send your wife out to pick up some guy you don't know and bring him back here to fuck so you can watch. What's the matter, your not man enough to keep this women satisfied? Or do you like being the clean up man?" I asked

"No it's not like that at all. I like to watch her having sex with other men then we have sex after he leaves. We both enjoy it." Jeff told me

"How about you Joy? Do you like slutting yourself out so your hubby can get his rocks off in the closet." I asked her

"I like how you did me tonight and the sex after with Jeff, but I'm always so scared I'll pick up the wrong guy. I never know who I'm picking up or what they're capable of. I never feel completely safe until I get home where Jeff can keep an eye on me." She told me

"You don't go with her Jeff? To keep an eye on her so she doesn't get into any trouble?" I asked him.

"No I figure she'll have better luck with out me."

"What, with all the lunatics out there you let her go out alone. What are you nuts?" I asked

"I didn't think she would have any problems. It's not like she's leading them on." Jeff told me

"Don't you know there are guys out there that just love to rape women. And others that love to kill them after they rape them. You're lucky to have such a beautiful wife and she's willing to fuck strange men for you. If I had a wife like her I'd do anything she wanted just to keep her happy."

With that I picked up my cloths and walked out of the bedroom. I wanted to find something to drink I was dying of thirst. I also wanted to scare Jeff a little more. My only regret was I didn't tell Joy what I was doing. I went down to their kitchen and found a soda in the fridge. I drank down one and took another one back to the bedroom with me. When I got back to the door I could hear them talking.

"What are we going to do he may come back?" Jeff asked

"If he does I think we should do what ever he wants. I'm worried he won't come back. I don't know about you but I can't get theses ties loose."

"Joy I'm sorry I got you into this." Jeff told her

"It's a little late now to be sorry. Besides its not like I didn't have fun too. As far as Frank is concerned I think we should do whatever he wants so he doesn't get madder and hurts us or just leaves us like this."

They both grew silent after that so I waited a minute or two then went back in to the bedroom. Once Joy saw me I saw relief on her face. I think she actually thought I might leave them.

I pop the top on the soda can and said, "I don't know about you slut but I'm sure thirsty after that fucking I just gave you. Would you like a drink?" Joy nodded her head. I held the can to her mouth and let her drink.

"What about you pervert? I'll bet you worked up a good thirst beating off in that closet while you wife was getting a great fuc

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