Jeff and Jenny finally get together after a gap of 25 years.

Jenny's small gasps had changed with each thrust.

"Oh....oh ......oh.....oh God .....oh God........" was in unison with Jeff's grunts of exertion.

"No....oh God....oh.....oh...oh...oh God..." became more rapid as the deep thusts became more vigorous.

"Don't stop ....oh God ...oh ....oh God ... no........noooooo!" Jenny screamed and her hips convulsed in a huge orgasm as Jeff shot a huge load deep inside her. Their joint orgasm was prolonged in a series judders as they slowly came down from their mutual high. Her eyes broke into a smile and her hands pulled his head forward for a long, passionate kiss.

They lay together in the warm afterglow that only great sex can bring, Jeff's flagging manhood still inside her. Eventually he slid out and Jenny shuddered. Jeff rolled onto his back still holding her with his left arm around her shoulder just caressing her breast, so she was on her side with her left leg draped over his body and her head resting on his chest. Neither wanted to say anything to break the spell and the magic of the intense sex they had shared. Finally, Jenny whispered, "Can I tell you something...", then without waiting for an answer continued, "that was the first orgasm I have ever had."

Jeff lifted his head, incredulous, not knowing what to say, then she turned her head upwards, looking at him and grinned " but it won't be the last -- and God, it was worth waiting for!"

They kissed and stroked each others damp bodies, and Jeff felt himself starting to get hard again. Jenny raised herself up on one elbow:

"Well now I know I'm capable of having one, let's go for a multiple shall we?" Jeff nodded his agreement with a smile.

"Right buster, now you can fuck my brains out!" she said as she rolled on top of him and straddled his hips - all self consciousness from half an hour earlier completely gone. She moved slowly back so that she could reach down with her head, and for the second time that day her tongue licked the tip of Jeff's swelling cock. As she did so, Jeff was treated to the sight of her tits hanging invitingly down. He found himself reaching round and taking one in each hand. Although it wasn't the first time Jenny had tasted and licked her own juices mixed with a man's semen, it had been a long time since she had done it. The strong odours of their earlier intimacy stimulated her senses and she could feel herself getting more and more aroused and damp between her legs. Unlike the earlier time in the car, this time she took her time -- slowly licking its length and then sucking the tip. As Jeff uttered his approval with a series of "oh Gods" of his own, Jenny enjoyed the feeling of power as once again his cock became a steel girder under her tongue's influence.

She looked up at him, "I thought you were a big boy all those years ago. And this is the biggest I have ever sucked. And what's more, I love your taste."

She saw him bristle with pride, and guessed he had filed away the obvious question to ask at that point. Jenny wondered how long it would take for him to ask it, and whether she'd tell him the truth when he did...

With that she slowly started to bob her head up and down the length of his cock, one hand holding his balls and the other wanked his cock in time with her movements. Jeff was holding his breath as he sensed what was coming, and Jenny took her hand away and her mouth went all the way down to take all of him into her mouth and throat.

"Oh fuck!" was all Jeff could say as Jenny sucked and moved her head slowly up and down his length. But before he could shoot, she let his cock go and looked at him.

"Babe, you can come in my mouth, on my tits, my arse or wherever you like later.

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