A randy stepdaughter & a late night swim.

Loved like a daughter. At least, that's what he'd always believed. He was just frustrated was all. He was letting his mind wander. Yeah, that was it.

Okay this was nuts; he finally decided when he couldn't shake images of Denise from his heated brain. He was standing by his window and staring out over the back yard when he decided it was high time he doused himself with some very cold water. Otherwise both Denise and Amanda would get a HUGE surprise.

He stripped to his shorts and headed for the pool. Only at the pool he forsake the shorts which weren't very comfortable as his aching cock begged for release. As he dove in the crisp, cold water, his cock nearly retreated full up into his body to get away from the harsh temperature drop and as far as William was concerned, that was the best thing for everyone.

He couldn't shake these strange new thoughts that had begun. Here he was rationalizing lusting over what was, for all intents and purposes, his daughter. He'd practically raised her, so what if his sperm had not contributed to her genetic development? But he couldn't get the thought of her perfect body and her beautiful face, wondering what it would be like to watch her writhe as he pushed far up into her tight cunt. At that moment he dunked himself, a proper baptism for the sinner he knew he was.

Only nothing was working. Not the coldness of the water, or the impropriety of the situation. All he knew was that he had not had sex in a really long time and if fantasizing about this girl was the way to get his thoughts off sex and back onto normal life, then he could spare it. After all, it was just one fantasy. It wasn't like it was going to come true.

So there, floating near the deep end of the pool, he began to stroke himself at the thought of screwing his daughter. It was the most intense thing he'd ever experienced and he thought he was going to cum within mere moments. The only thing was the stillness of the night was popped like a balloon as he heard the backdoor slam open and two giggling girls race each other out onto the patio and into the pool.

It all happened so suddenly that he didn't know what to do with himself, so he sunk down in the water until only his head was visible. He could see them very well but they had not acknowledged his presence. They were too busy laughing and splashing in the water. As one lifted up to dunk the other he made a startling discover: they were both stark naked.

What an embarrassing situation this was turning out to be! What would they do when they realized that he was there with them, not only naked but with an enormous hard on? As William let his mind ponder the situation further, he couldn't help but wonder if they wouldn't find it as stimulating as he did.

His question was nearly answered as he watched them begin to caress instead of tickle, embrace instead of dunk. His eyes nearly popped out of his head as he watched them lean in towards each other for a kiss. His darling, petite daughter Denise was aggressively shoving her tongue into the mouth of her gorgeous blond friend Amanda, and taking a firm grasp of her breast as she did so. The hand that had stilled on his cock when they had first appeared began a slow stroke now as he watched them, attempting to keep as silent and still as possible.

He was still stroking as they both submerged under the water, he figured for more foreplay. He could imagine as they began to finger each other or let their tongues dance inside each other's thighs. His groan was soft as his eyes closed and his hand pumped furiously on his cock. He nearly swallowed his tongue when a moment later he felt two velvet bodies sandwich him from either side. His eyes flew open to see the impish light in Denise's eyes as she came close enough for him to feel her hard nipples pressing against his side, and the coarse patch of pubic hair brush up against his upper thigh. "Hi, Daddy," her voice was low and seductive.

"Hi," he sputtered back, feeling the fuller body of her friend press up

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