Young priest is exposed to a horny older nun.

I have committed several mortal sins since my last confession Father."

"Go ahead my child repeat every small detail so that all can be forgiven." said the priest.

His voice was not as deep as she was expecting, she recognized it immediately. It was the young priest, Father Adams, the 25 year old from the next village. The priest that made the young nuns smile and the senior nuns regret. He was tall with an athletic physique.

The old priest was often unwell these days and Father Adams was one of the priests who would cover his absence. This eased her mind a little and made her able to start.

Sister Joanne went through her seduction, reliving how the gentleman had masturbated into her mouth and she had let him. Even sucking him after his gushes had stopped. Also how she had co-operated with him eating her between her legs. He had parted her legs over the arms of a chair and exposed her wet sex. How she had increased the pleasure by rubbing her spread pussy over his mouth as she had orgasmed.

Whilst recounting these exploits she noticed that the priest breathing had grown louder. Peering through the grill the nun could she that he had pulled up his robes and was pumping his cock with one hand and cupping his balls with his other. His legs were muscular but pale. His penis was not as long or thick as the painters but the end just as purple. As the young priest beat up and down she could see the tip glisten, oozing clear fluid. She continued with her tale, telling him that the man had pushed his tongue into her anus and she had not resisted. On hearing this the priest beat his cock harder and he give a moan. Sister Joanne told him that she had found the painters probing tongue exciting and had wanted it deeper in her bottom.

This was too much for the young man and he climaxed. Within his booth cum was shooting over the walls. He had powerful jets of white semen. Thick pools formed on his top in the middle of his chest. Spurts were dribbling down the walls. The sight of his eruption had had its affect on Sister Joanne. Again her pussy was burning hot, and dripping. She dipped 2 fingers and brought them to her mouth to taste. So sweet.

"Father Adams, is it a sin to let semen out and it not enter a woman?" she whispered through the grill.

The priest was horrified that she had witnessed him, but sat there with a bead of his cream running other his knuckles, that were still gripping his semi erect cock, the situation was too bizarre to know what to do.

"Urr..yes...yes ..I believe that is the teaching."

"Shall I help remove your sin Father."

The priest did not know what she meant or by what method this sin could be diminished but absently agreed with her.

"Urr...yes that would be best Sister." he answered in a confused whisper.

A moment after he consented Sister Joanne swept into his booth and closed the curtain again. Kneeling between his naked thighs she immediately licked the seepage that was on the back of his fingers. All the while maintaining eye contact with him. After lapping this cum she proceeded to suck his purple bulb. She removed both his hands and took over the responsibility of holding his heavy balls whilst wanking his cock into her mouth. He was still in his prime and his cock quickly became hard again. As she stroked him a new taste entered her mouth, not one she had before. The clear ooze was sweet and could be milked out of the opening in his cock. The nun had seen how Mr Robins had gripped his huge member and pumped it hard before freezing on a down stroke and shooting in front of her. She could do the same.

"Did you want his fingers to be push in your anus Sister.", asked the priest.

She emptied her mouth of cock and replied.

"Oh yes father I would have let him do anything to my anus, but no one has ever done that to me, he never used his fingers.", she coaxed.

With that he tensed.

"Sister I'm cumming!"

She openned her eyes wide and looked into his as she pumped his cream into her gaping mouth.

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