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An experience to remember with a wife, husband and a stranger.

Restrained and on her knees, she was at the mercy of these two men, one that she knew so intimately and one a complete stranger to her. The stranger took her face in his hands and began kissing her, his lips against hers, his tongue questing into her mouth. She responded to him, pushing up onto her knees to match him, feeling her husband behind her, his body pressed against her, his hot mouth on her neck. The stranger moved closer and she was sandwiched between these two hot male bodies, pressing against her, her hands restrained from allowing her to touch and explore the bodies that were so tantalizingly close.

Kneeling yet upright, her body was exposed to the increasingly excited touch of both men. Their hands roved over her skin, their lips touched kisses down both sides of her neck, her shoulders and her chest. She felt strange fingers slide under the top lacey edge of her bra cup, the finger tracing molten trails of fire across her sensitized breasts, teasingly far from her nipple. As her yearning grew almost unbearable, he slid both hands inside the lace and popped both breasts out of the bra, pinching her nipples between thumb and forefinger on both sides in unison. Her body arched forward as he did this, her head thrown back in ecstasy at this ramping up of sensation. She felt her husband undo the clasp of her bra, then the clips that held the straps on. The stranger pulled the cups off her chest, setting her breasts completely free, before lowering his hot mouth to her left nipple. She arched again, and her breath caught in her throat as she felt her husband take her right nipple in his mouth. They both sucked on her nipples and she felt a drawing into her loins, a spike of fire that shot through her as she grew more excited.

With both men now in front of her, they each held her upper arm, steering her to sit sideways, then stretch her legs out in front of her. Pulling a cushion behind her head, they helped her to the floor before gently pushing her legs apart. She could feel how hot and how wet her pussy was in her lacey thong, as her husband knelt above her head and the stranger ran his hands up her inner thighs. Spread out like a buffet before them, she reveled in their attentions. Again she felt a strange finger slide under the lace of her thong, rubbing across her smooth mound. Another finger joined it, sliding outwards towards her hips, then hooking the elastic and sliding her panties down to her thighs. She felt strong hands on her calves and the stranger lifted her legs up and together until they were high in the air. He gripped the thong again and pulled it up and off her legs before spreading her legs wide in a straddle. In the meantime, her husband was continuing where they previously left off, flicking one nipple between his teeth while doing the same with his index finger to the other. Knowing her buttons, knowing what drove her crazy, he worked her hard, bringing her higher and higher.

There was just one element left out of this trifecta of pleasure and that was abruptly solved as the stranger brought his eager mouth to her clit.

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