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Ruth and Ben have their first sex session together.

It was then I realized it was about more than just the sex. It was about the delights of true friendship.


We had been talking for nearly an hour. Sharing our thoughts, fears, and passions between us. Increasing the understanding of our wants and needs and how to satisfy them. I was humming inside. The lust within me was running through my veins and the desire to have Ruth was everything to me.

I got to my feet and Ruth looked up at me. Her eyes were wide as I walked around the table to stand in front of her. I reached down and took her hands in mine as I helped her to her feet.

"Can I kiss you?" I asked her.

She nodded slightly and lifted her lips to mine as we shared our first embrace of the evening. Her arms slipped around my neck as our passions grew and I reached around her to free her coiled black hair and let if fall freely around her. She moaned happily against my mouth as I held her to me. I was about to pick her up and carry her to her bedroom when she placed a hand on my chest as she broke the kiss.

"No," she breathed, "Here first. Do me here first."

She backed away from me until she stood to lean back against her kitchen sink as her hands gripped the edge of the bench to steady her. Then she gave me a look I would never forget. Here I am. Do you want me or not?

I walked over to her and asked her. "You sure?"

She bit her lip and nodded.

I took hold of her sweater and slowly peeled it off over her head to reveal a plain cream blouse. One by one, I undid each button as we both stared at my fingers doing their thing. She shrugged her shoulders and let the blouse fall to the floor to leave her standing there rubbing her arms. My eyes dropped to her half mooned breasts heaving erotically in her fresh white brassiere. She was about to undo the clasp at the front but I stopped her.

"No, my treat," I grinned.

Her mouth broke into a wide smile as I freed her luxurious bosom and watched as it bounced around defying gravity before settling into its natural shape. Both nipples were rock hard and she gasped as I lovingly teased them before pinching them between finger and thumb.

Her head was back and her eyes were closed as she sighed under my not so expert massage. I tasted those nipples and sucked them until they glistened under the yellow light.

She gasped out loud as I fondled her mature tits and dropped her head so that her forehead was pressed against my right shoulder. "Oh," she exclaimed, "Oh my. That feels wonderful, Ben."

I let her breasts go and stepped back. She took a moment to recover then began to fumble with the button on the front of her jeans. She seemed almost desperate to get out of them as she tugged the front open to reveal a pair of white panties hiding underneath.

Again I stopped her. We were going to do this my way. There were strict rules on how to remove a pair of tight jeans worn by the more mature members of the opposite sex. And we were going to follow them to the letter.

I took her elbow, spun her around, and knelt down behind her to find myself confronted with the delightful sight of her denim clad ass. Holy hell. No finer sight was gifted to man than a well-filled pair of jeans. Her backside was spectacular all packed and stuffed inside her pants. She gripped the kitchen sink and held on as I roughly tugged them down over her outstanding buttocks and helped her to step out of them.

She gave a little gasp of fright as I flung them across the room out of the way in my desire to see her naked again. Next was her underwear which hid nothing of her at all. I grabbed the seat of her panties and pulled the material sharply upwards making the strip of cloth disappear into the crack of her ass to leave me facing a slightly freckled pair of wobbling ass cheeks. Up close, I could see the way the years had made their mark on them. But that was nothing. Age comes to us all. Ruth had a bum to die for and I was determined to make the most of our time together.

I quickly began to remove my clothes as she stood before me waiting.

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