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...and they both bring their A-games!

Taking matters into your own hands, you drew my nipples back into your mouth, and almost immediately you simultaneously watched and felt and heard me shatter. Despite knowing I would need a few seconds to recover, you laid me down on my back, and slid smoothly between my parted legs. I cried out before you even touched me, knowing what was coming whether I was ready for it or not. And then, there was only your mouth on my pussy, and everything else in the world ceased to exist. You seemed to lose control with the smell and taste of my come covering your lips and tongue after so long an absence, and you devoured me as if your life depended on it. Overcome by pleasure bordering on pain, I arched against your mouth, and held your head against me greedily, my screams and moans filling the room until I shattered again, fast and hard and with your tongue deep inside of me.

Breathing hard, flushed from head to toe, and still feeling the aftershocks of a truly amazing climax, I pushed you onto your back, and settled myself between your legs to contemplate the perfection that is your hard cock, twitching with need, and still covered in my come and drops of your own desire. For a few moments, I just looked at it, trying to memorize the path of every vein and the shade of your throbbing cock head. Laying my head upon your thigh, I reached out to stroke your balls, heavy with all of the lovely come you were saving for me. Inhaling deeply of your scent, I lazily stretched my tongue out to trace intricate patterns everywhere but where you needed them, carefully avoiding your cock until your hips were bucking beneath my mouth. Finally, when neither of us could take it a second longer, I firmly grabbed your cock, and without warning, took you deep into my busy mouth. "Oh Jenny," you moaned, overcome by the feel of my tongue flicking against your sensitive spots. "I had forgotten how incredible your mouth feels on me."

Too busy keeping my mouth stuffed with your cock, I only moaned in response, constantly moving my mouth slowly up and down your shaft while I simultaneously milked you with my small soft hand, sucking off each drop of my come from earlier and treasuring each drop of your pungent pre-cum swiped by my tongue. Miraculously, I could feel you grow harder and thicker in my mouth, making it that much harder to take all of you in my throat. With each stroke of my mouth on your cock, I could feel the corresponding response in my empty, needy pussy. As much as I would have loved to swallow that first huge, hot load, I knew that there would be time for that later, and that right now, there were more pressing matters at hand.

"I would like to make a motion that you fuck me deeply now," I moaned.

"I second that motion," you replied, jumping up off the bed and pulling me to my knees on the bed in front of you. In one smooth motion, you grabbed my hips, and pulled me backwards onto your cock, splitting me open and stretching me deliciously, making us both moan in response.

"So incredibly hot and wet and tight. Have I ever told you that you have the most perfect pussy imaginable?" he asked, breathing heavily.

"Maybe your cock was just made to fit me perfectly, to fuck me perfectly," I replied. "Now, please."

And with that, no more words were necessary, the movement of our bodies in perfectly choreographed harmony speaking volumes about our sexual compatibility and the number of hours we had spent locked into this dance. The room was filled with the sounds of your balls hitting my clit as your fucked me, our twin moans on every deep, hard stroke, and the sweet, sweaty, musky smell of truly extraordinary sex, the sounds and smells I had missed on so many nights longing for you.

"Oh, please, harder, I'm going to come," I moaned into the darkness, pushing myself harder and faster back onto your cock.

"Come with me," you whispered harshly, gripping my hips hard enough to leave your fingerprints for me to admire in the following days.

I groaned, "Oh, baby, I need your com

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