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He enjoys a virtual sleeping princess.

When she had swallowed all he had to give, she sat on his lap. With Jr. holding her tits from behind and watching over her shoulder, they looked on as Alice worked the other two cocks. Her large breasts were outside the teddy and she sucked one cock as she rubbed the other over her nipples, switching from one to the other until after ten minutes or so Ben filled her mouth to over flowing and Frank sprayed her tits with his cum.

They were all tired so they cleaned up and went to bed and dreamt of what tomorrow would bring. In the morning Alice woke up early and went to the kitchen to fix breakfast. The smell of coffee and bacon wafting thru the cabin had the others up and about in no time. After a hearty breakfast they talked about what to do for the day.

"Ben; if you don't mind I'd like to pick your brain a little about an investment thing I've got at work. Then I've got a tee-time set up for10:30. I know you didn't bring you're clubs but you can use my spare set if you don't mind."

"Hey, the first thing I learned in law school was never to pass up a free lunch or an invitation to play golf. What are you girls going to do?"

Liz- "I'd like to get some sun and try on my new bikini. I thought maybe Jr. could take me out on the boat for a little R&R. You don't mind if I steal him for a while do you Alice?"

"Not at all, those two have been keeping me pretty busy lately so I could use a little time alone to get some laundry and cleaning done around here."

Frank and Alice noticed Ben smirking and asked what was so funny. "Oh nothing really, I'll tell you later."

"Come on Jr., let's get changed and get out on the water before it gets too hot." They went to change into swim wear.

Ben started to chuckle again. "Okay Ben, spill it, what's so funny about Liz and Jr. going out on the boat?"

"Well, it's the R&R thing. When Liz says she wants a little R&R she's not talking about 'Rest & Relaxation' she's talking about 'Rump Riding'. I'm afraid Jr's got his work cut out for him, he'll probably need a respirator by the time she's done with him. She wants to keep it up a lot longer than I can last. Maybe that young stud son of yours can keep up with her."

A few minutes latter Liz and Jr. walked out the door headed for the dock. "Good luck Jr." shouted Ben. Then under his breath he said to Frank and Alice "You're going to need it." They watched as Jr. helped Liz into the boat and jumped in like a fly into a spider's web.

After looking over the paperwork on the investment proposal, Frank and Ben headed for the golf course leaving Alice to her chores around the cabin. Out on the lake, Liz took off her wrap to reveal a gold string bikini that was never meant to be wet. All the material combined would have a hard time covering a letter envelope. "How do you like my suit Jr.? I bought it just for you. Your mother told me about you two. I was wondering how long it was going to take her to get into your pants? Liz went thru the walk thru windshield and sprawled out in the bow of the boat. She made a show of putting suntan oil on her arms and legs, then did her stomach and chest. She slipped her fingers under the top to rub her nipples and make them hard. When she got to her upper thighs she took her time massaging oil into her groin letting her fingers slide under the edge of the thong while she held her legs wide open for Jr's viewing pleasure. She couldn't see him because of the dash but knew he would have a hard-on by now. Jr. was finding it increasingly hard to keep his eyes on the other boats out for the weekend and his luscious aunt at the same time. Finally Aunt Liz came to his rescue.

"Do you know of any out of the way places were I could tan without anyone seeing me Jr.?"

"Yea, I know a spot were no one will see a thing.

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