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Widower tries marriage again.

Nathan follows her look. "Your father drove you, huh? That was a good idea." As he ushers her inside, she says, "Actually, I was driving my car but I ran over something."

"I guess I should teach you how to change a tire."

"I can change a tire, dummy. I had two flats."

They sit on the couch and he groans a bit before putting his arm around her. "I saw the bike."

"Yeah. I really liked it." He sighs. "I'm thinking it's probably totalled."

"What happened?"

"Car pulled out in front of me, didn't have time to stop."


With his good arm, he pulls her closer and sticks his nose in her hair. "MMmm." She nudges him. "I needed to see how mad you were."

Joanna chuckles. "Dummy. Decided to wreck your bike and see if I'd come running?"

He now kisses the side of her head. "Oh, Jo. They all thought I was nuts. Everyone kept asking where you were. When I didn't have a good answer, they started in on me, all of them. My brothers groaned and shook their heads. Kendra told me, in no uncertain terms, that I was an idiot and needed to ask you over."

She looks up at him. "Idiot?"

He smiles down. "OK, that's not the word she used."

Joanna tries to hold back a smile. "What did she call you?"

He closes his eyes and sighs. "Fucking damn fool male."

Jo bursts into a laughing fit. When she finally calms down, she asks, "So, you texted me?"

"Mom found me in the corner after that and talked to me. She told me what I should do." Another sigh. "So, I got on my bike, got some roses, and headed for Wyeth."

"Pink ones, huh?"

"There was a red one in there, too." He pulls her close to him again. "I was so scared you were really mad at me."

"I was."

"I couldn't stand it, Jo, I had to come see you. I love you, Jo."

She sucks in a breath. What was she supposed to say to that? Did she love him? She cared about him, sure, tonight showed that.

"I'm glad you're here, Jo. Thank you."

She snuggles closer to him. "You scared me tonight."


Thank Selene for werewolf stamina. This was one of the times when it was really needed. Females were more or less insatiable during their heats but the body would periodically assert its need for food, drink, and rest.

She was asleep. His maddening, complicated, beautiful mate. And the cabin smelled strongly of sex.

He moves her dark hair away from her face and kisses her, before succumbing to sleep himself.

Lyssa wakes him, a couple of hours later, stroking him to full hardness.

"Ah, mate, you're awake."

He groans. "Yes, Lys. I'm awake. Shall we continue?"

She straddles him and leans down, sniffing his neck. "You smell good."

He picks her up and slides her onto his stiffened length. As he takes her nipple into his mouth, she throws her head back, her hands beside his head. [And how do I feel, sweetheart?]

She slides up once, then down on him again. She looks down on him, dark eyes slitted. "Yesss." hisses out between her teeth. Her nipple is caught briefly between his teeth as she pushes upright. And she gasps at the sensation as she puts her hands on his chest and he puts his hands on her hips.

Deep. Fast. Hard. Sex at this time was not about gentleness, it was about procreation.

Emmett watches the tattoo on her left breast bounce with their movements. After they were mated, she had gotten a grey wolf standing on a rock tattooed there. His eyes flick briefly to her right breast, which shows bite marks from another wolf, then travel down her body, to the left side of the small patch of dark pubic hair he'd left last night. A small red heart, that he could cover with his thumb, sat there. This tattoo she had had when he met her. For blood, she had said, for family, since she had lost hers in her teens. And, lastly, she said, it was where she would start her own family.

All thoughts left his mind as she stiffens above him, her vaginal muscles gripping him tightly and pulsing around him.

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