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Muddle continues his quest and telling his story to his frog.

Finally, arching my back and closing my eyes tight, I grunt and force my cock all the way down Kristy's throat. She gags as I fill her mouth with my milk, holding her head in my hands as I shiver and convulse, emptying my balls into her. She looks up at me with a look in her eyes that can only be described as "Was I good?"

To reply to her silent question, I rub her cheek with my thumb, smile slightly and groan out a long, "mmmmmmmmmmmmm" sound. Pulling my cock from her lips, she then regurgitates my sperm and lets it slide down her lips and off of her chin like a porn star. Rubbing some of it on her erect nipples and stomach, she spits up the rest and reaches for her shirt to wipe it off. Though I was hoping she would swallow it like my girlfriend, I guess it's no problem that she spit it out, considering she usually refuses to swallow a cock, let alone a mouthful of seed. Pulling her pants back up and fastening the Velcro once more, she stands and licks my ear before kissing my cheek and starting back up the hiking path. I put my shirt back on and begin following behind once more.

The only thing on my mind is, "Wait, she didn't try to ride me... guess I should be ready, cuz I know she's gonna try again before this is over."

For most of the last mile, we don't say much to each other. Every joke I make is met with silence and the only noise she makes is to cough. I wonder if she felt violated when she sucked my cock, as if I'd forced her to do something that disgusted her. She didn't try to tease me anymore, and even put both her shirts on as the walk progressed. Either she was personally disappointed for losing that last test of wills or she was resenting me because I'd apparently put her into an uncomfortable position from which she saw only one demeaning way out. I was confused now. I wasn't staring intently at her ass, or lusting over thoughts of her tits and pussy, or even planning my next move. I was simply slouching along behind her like a scalded dog whose owner suddenly wasn't interested in playing fetch with him anymore. What happened? I mean, she'd given me that teasing lick of the ear and that kiss on the cheek, so why was she suddenly acting like she was alone in the woods?

Just outside the limits of the forest, there was a picnic table that my parents had put there for sitting and enjoying the peace and quiet mother nature has to offer. Though she didn't say a word to me, Kristy made her way to the picnic table, possibly for a quick rest before we returned to the house. I sat next to her and offered her a drink of my water, as she had finished hers drowning the flavor of cum from her taste buds. Looking at her face I could see she wasn't angry with me, but she seemed depressed about something, as if she was about to cry. "Frank (my nickname for her), what's wrong kiddo? If it's about me not fucking you yet, I was going to do it when we got to the house." She lowered her head before answering, "No, it's not that Dave, I just feel like we've completely ruined a beautiful place." She continued, "I mean, nature is a wonderful thing. A calming serene place that should be taken care of and respected, not violated by two perverted friends looking for a little dirty fun."

She started to sob softly, but I couldn't tell if this was a trick or if my friend seriously felt like we'd done something tragic. "Kristy, nature is a beautiful thing, and I know you respect it and embrace it. I think nature's a great thing too, it's calming and peaceful. But, let's not forget that we come from nature. Let's keep in mind that nature continues on because of sex in all it's forms." She looks at me with inquisitive eyes and says, "But what we did wasn't natural. Sex is only nature based if it's done to reproduce and create more of nature, we didn't even do natural sex. We just ate each other and played with ourselves."

Not sure really how to deal with this situation, I took her in my arms and planted a kiss lon

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