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The party.

At first, she thought, "I did it! I did it! Oh my god, I did it! I'm trapped! Bound like this until the battery dies!" She panted some more, her breasts heaving up and down. The pull of the magnet was inexorable! "Almost 20 hours of bondage - naked and alone out here in these natural surroundings." It was at the same time the scariest thing she'd ever done, and also the most delicious. Her excitement was made manifest as her pussy lips engorged, and, swelling, parted. The smell of her cunt juices wafted up into her nostrils as some of those fluids trickled onto her bare thighs and evaporated.

Rina strolled around inside her little domain, enjoying the feel of air and sun on her skin. She rolled her shoulders from time to time to keep up circulation in her arms, but, on the whole, her pose wasn't too painful or irritating. Just confining, restraining her ability to use her hands. She had to kneel down very carefully, since kneeling was awkward, and then fold herself, squashing her tits against her lower thighs to try to eat food from her bowl. She had better luck nibbling some of the food she'd dangled from a string - but she still found she had to gnaw to hold it steady enough to get bites off it. Drinking water through the straw in one of the water bottles was much easier - she'd not get dehydrated.

In the heat of the sun at noon, she sought shelter under the trees, and found the air much cooler near a stream that wandered through the area. All was idyllic, until a nagging thought arose in her mind. "What if someone finds my car?" She knew the chance was infinitesimal, but even such tiny chances sometimes occur. She tried to dismiss it from her mind.

But instead of vacating her mind, the thought intruded more, and even expanded. She started to wonder, "What if someone takes my car keys? They could hide them, and I'd have no access to the handcuffs keys stored inside the car. Or my clothes in the trunk. I have my emergency phone, but I'd have to summon the police to remove these handcuffs, and they'd find me naked like this!" She visualized the humiliation that would cause. Unexpectedly, her cunt started lubricating even more, its juices trickling down her leg. Rina ultimately had to admit that the idea of such humiliation actually turned her on somewhat.

Still, if anyone found her car, and then its keys, they could drive off, stealing the car. She had to check. Stepping out into the waves of early afternoon heat, she hastened to the car, looking around carefully for any intruders, heart threatening to climb up into her throat. As she hastened, she had to be careful not to fall, because if she pitched forward, she'd have to twist her torso, and take the brunt of the impact on her shoulder. And with her arms pinned back as they were, her tits were forced forward farther than normal, influencing her balance. The jostling they were receiving due to her rushing was making them bounce around on her chest.

She reached the car, finding it as she'd left it. She had to kneel and bend over carefully to peer under the fender to see the top of the tire. Hissing with relief, she saw her car keys were undisturbed. Leaning against the car for leverage to climb back onto her feet, she pressed her face against the rear window, checking that the handcuff keys were still there, too.

Relieved, she walked slowly back into the shade, since the heat from the sun was making her sweat. Well, the heat, and the sweat generated by the fears about her car and keys. She sipped some more water from one of her water bottles. By now, the warmth of the day was making it tepid, even in the shade. Rina wandered down to the stream, and waded for a while in its cool embrace.

Catching herself from a slight stumble, her foot and leg made a shockingly loud splashing sound.

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