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An Introduction to my Ass Obsession and Stories to Come.

But it seems you've been a naughty girl." The Prince talked as if trying to entice a wild animal or convince a two year old to come down out of a tree. He ran his hands slowly down her sides and back up again. He pinched her tender nipples between his thumb and forefinger.

"Ow! Oh! My Prince. It wasn't me. It was those awful men. They made me do things. Nasty, awful things!" She sucked in her breath as his hand ran down her sides and his thumbs teased across to her navel.

"I imagine they were terrible, nasty things. Something a good girl like you wouldn't like at all." The Prince ran his hand down to her thighs and around to between her legs. He bent his head down and gently sucked on her breast. He loved the feel of a virgin in his hands. Her soft skin, her eager sighs - soon she would be his forever.

"Ah. No. No. Not at all.'' Her no's sounded very much like "yes, yes, please don't stop". Her head fell back.

The Prince stopped suckling at her breasts. "They didn't actually ... penetrate you did they?"

"Oh No. Oh yesss." She said as his mouth was on her breast again and his deft fingers started to play at her clit. Her head was thrown back and lolling from side to side.

"I must be sure, don't you think, my lovely?"

"Well...yes. Yesss." The Princess moaned again as his hands navigated south.

The Prince rudely pushed a finger into her cunt. "Why yes; your maidenhead is still in place."

The Princesses head snapped upright. "How dare you! Of course. I will be married a virgin! I am no common slut. I am a Princess!"

The Prince said nothing. He kissed her on the lips, gently parting them and probing slightly into her mouth. He then took his kisses down her body, lingering on her neck. When he got to her breast, he took a great deal of it in his mouth and sucked and kneaded it with his tongue. His hand had gone back to her clit. His free hand was at her back holding her against him.

It wasn't long before her head jerked and she started to moan. The Prince was really quite skilled. He would drive her to within a hair of her climax and then back off. Soon her moans were more urgent. He lifted his head and taunted her. "Is there something you want Princess? Is there something I can do for you?"

"Yes, please. Please."

Please what, dear Princess?

"I want.... I need....,"

The Prince slowly inserted two fingers into her cunt. Only about two inches deep. He moved them in and out, very slowly; rubbing her clit as her did so. When he inserted a third finger, she moaned and ground against his hand. "Yes, yes. Please give me more. More inside of me."

The Prince released the Princess and stood back. She looked at him in shock and frustration at the sudden halt. The Prince again teased. "Tsk Tsk. What a naughty little Princess. Why, you are no more than a common slut. Asking a man to fill you, to put it in you. I could hardly marry you now." He paused as she gasped and sputtered. "But I can certainly accommodate you."

The tone of the final comment had the Princess's full attention. She watched in silence as the Prince reached for the scabbard at his side and withdrew a large dagger. The handle looked like ivory. It was large, straight and long. The handle must have measured nine inches, about the same length as the blade of the dagger.

The Princess shuddered as the Prince walked back to her. He held the dagger in his fist so that four inches of the ridged ivory handle stuck out the top of this fist and the blade stuck out the other side. He rubbed the smooth top of the handle over her swollen clit, and she sucked in her breath. "Such a hot little slut, my lovely." As she opened her mouth to protest the Prince pushed the handle of the dagger into her cunt with enough force to break through her maidenhead.

The Princess screamed and started to curse. "You evil bastard! Get your filthy hands of me! My father will not allow you to marry me now. I will tell him how cruel you are. I will tell him you are a pervert!"
The Prince was undaunted.

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