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Story of how things happened.

These mind games she insisted on playing .. they would be out of her control, for he know he had the ability to take her under his power and control with his tongue, his fingers, his voice ... she would be lost, and his. And he would tie her up with her damned pink ribbon, and show her more pleasure than she ever knew existed. He just had to continue to play her little game until they got inside. Inside. Inside ... damn it would feel so fucking good to have that little, tight, incredibly wet and heady pussy suck him inside of her like a magnet. Surely she knew it was made for him...

"... afterwards?"

Mentally shaking himself, he tried to regain his focus, and apologized. "I'm sorry, what did you say?" His smile arrogant and full of promise, he seemed to forget that he was fully exposed to her raking eyes, the silly pink ribbon bobbing with his straining cock.

"Did you have any problems with shaving? Any bumps afterwards?"

He started to respond in a negative fashion, but was saved by the trucks stopping on the finely manicured drive as she pulled up in front of the beautiful old farmhouse, surrounded by open green hay fields, and not a house to be seen for miles. She jumped out of the truck nimbly, gesturing for him to cover himself, and follow her into the house.

Bemused, he complied, sliding agilely out of the pick-up just as a tall, man with mud-covered jeans, grabbed his bags out of the back and plopped them on the porch, before disappearing as casually as he appeared. Chuckling to himself, Wyatt took in his surroundings, leapt up the stairs, grabbed his bags and followed Lizzie inside with a grin.

"Do you have any staff inside the house? I hadn't realized you were so well ... attended." Grinning disarmingly at her, expecting her hasty defense to his jibe, he was pleased at her noncommittal response, .. something about stable boys, and horses and the maid having the weekend off as she trudged up the stairs.

Gloating inside, he followed her and plopped his bags down in the room she motioned too, and turned towards her, fully expecting to take her in his arms and ravage her as she had coming, for all that she had put him through. His eyes swirling with passion he pulled her into his arms, intending to kiss her silly, only to pull back with a yelp as she bit him .. hard .. on the neck. "not yet, cowboy, I need you to do something for me first."

Irritation shining in his eyes, he grunted noncommittally, growing tired of her games but obliged, intending to give her one last joke at his expense, before he took matters into his own hands and showed her how much he missed her.

"And that would be ...?" a cocky eyebrow raised, leaning casually against the door, he raked his fingers through his perfectly disarrayed hair, knowing that his sex appeal burned through him like lightening. No woman had ever been able to resist him, and this minx had never been any different. Granted, he mused, she had changed in the months since he'd seen her last. Exuded a sexy confidence, a more polished "knowing" in her eyes. But that still didn't change the fact that she would be at his mercy for the next few days, and she would .. without a doubt .. enjoy it.

"Turn around.

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