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Continuing Natalie's story.

She broke away from the kiss. "Baby if you don't relax, it's going to hurt a lot. Focus on my lips against yours," she said pressing in for another intimate kiss once again.

I was definitely scared shittless right now. I grabbed handfuls of sheets with both of my bound hands underneath me. She pulled back just a second as she spit into her hand and then continued to kiss me, this time just light pecks traveling down my neck. She rubbed her cock against my rosebud and slowly pushed forward. A sharp pressure overtook my senses. "Ahhhhhh," I grunted and bit down on my lip as she continued to kiss my neck, softly nibbling and sucking on my skin.

I felt my rectum give way and slowly she filled up my ass with her johnson. "Uuuuhhhhhhhh fuck!" I groaned, as my ass stretched to the limit to accommodate her monster cock. An immense pain went through me. I couldn't help but tense up. My muscles strained, trying to push out the intruder.

"As good as this feels, you need to relax and stop squeezing with your buttocks. It's only going to hurt worse when you do that," she whispered softly into my ear. She softly bit my ear. I tried my best to relax, letting out a sigh. Her cock continued to inch forward. "UUuuuh! Your ass is still so tight, I thought after last night you'd be a bit looser. It feels so good!"

I felt like I was being split in two! She continued to inch her cock forward. "I thought you said if I did what you said you wouldn't hurt me!" I gasped.

She held ceased her conquest, if only momentarily. "Ha, I said it would only hurt a little bit and for only a moment. Don't worry, it'll soon feel good Austin, I promise! Besides, I'm almost all the way in."

Her hand wrapped around my cock and she started to stroke it. It didn't take long before I was rock hard. She pulled her cock out to the tip. I felt so empty without her shaft inside me, but not for long. She eased it in ever so slowly. The pain wasn't as bad now, however, she didn't stop pushing in until I could feel her groin against my cheeks and her balls against my back as they rubbed against my binded hands. "Oh fuck, I'm all the way in!"

I gasped, it felt like the air had been pushed out! "See that's not so bad, is it?"

I was panting, I could barely put two words together. Her hand let go of my cock and slipped underneath the back of my head, pulling me close as her lips interlocked with mine. Her tongue zipped across the top of my mouth sending a shiver down my spine. She pulled back her tree trunk just a few inches before gently pushing it back in. She continued to do this at a slow pace. Rocking her hips back and forth only a few inches. Her slow gyrations started to feel good. No.. They felt amazing! The pain was almost an afterthought.

As she tenderly moved her hips back and forth, her tongue worked magic in my mouth. It slipped around the inside of my teeth of the top of my mouth. It tickled! I've never felt so many different sensations.With her cock milking my prostate and her tongue adventuring the inside of my mouth, my mind was overloaded. My cock was harder than steel, ready to explode. I don't know how much longer I can contain it! "Holy shit!" I screamed. "I... I'm going to erupt!"

I could feel her pace quicken and her thrust grew longer and harder. Her slow love making turned into a hard fucking and it felt incredible! "Fuck! I'm about to climax too!" she shouted. "Let's cum together!"

She pulled out and grabbed both of our cocks as they erupted all over us, covering us both in cum. She bent down and licked it off my stomach making her way up to my lips. We kissed. I could taste the cum that was in her mouth. Finally she broke away, leaving me panting for more.

She looked deep into my eyes. "Can you honestly tell me you didn't enjoy that?"

"I... I... I've never experienced anything like that!"

A smirk crossed her face.

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