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The beginning of the end for the Empress of Rome.

Did it occur to you to ask Mrs. Swinton or Maxon about the subject?"

Ellen blushed. "We didn't know how to ask her, sir. We were too embarrassed."

"I see. So this is a better solution than a little embarrassment? Did it occur to you how embarrassed I'd feel if my guests had discovered your little pastime?

You do realise, don't you, that if it hadn't been for the Bishop's personal guarantee about your characters, Mrs. Swinton or Maxon would probably have discharged you on the spot. As it is they've left the decision to me. Would I be right in saying that this was just a momentary aberration?"

At the girls' blank looks he rephrased it.

"That means you're sorry and it won't happen again."

Both girls nodded.

"I very much doubt that Mrs. Swinton or Maxon will give you a second chance, so I suggest that you be very careful in future. Now the matter of punishment. If you'd made such a mistake at the orphanage, what would have happened?"

"The mistress would have strapped us," Ellen mumbled.

"Well, I don't have a strap, but I can't help but think it a good idea. The pair of you will bend over either end of the desk, facing each other. You will also lift your dresses exposing your bottoms. Lord Brian and I will then proceed to spank the pair of you."

Pointing to Ellen, Harry indicated one side of the desk and then nodded to Chloe to move to the other end.

Reluctantly the two girls moved into position, leaning over the desk and lifting their dresses to the waist, revealing snow white bottoms and long and shapely legs.

"Not expecting to have to punish anyone," said Harry, "I don't have a strap or a paddle in the office. If you wish I can send for one, otherwise you'll have to feel my bare hand. Which would you prefer?"

The girls looked at each other and gulped. Then Chloe mumbled "Hand, thank you, sir."

Harry looked at Brian. "They're eighteen, so I think eighteen should do."

Brian nodded solemnly, while Harry could see him practically shaking with laughter.

Passing Harry, Brian murmured quietly. "Would you look at those bottoms and legs? They give new meaning to the term nubile."

"Oh, by the way, girls, if you feel like screaming, don't. I don't want to hear it," Harry told the nervously waiting girls.

Nodding to Brian, Harry then swept his hand down and around, terminating on Ellen's bottom. A matching spanking sound came from Chloe's bottom, with both girls giving a little squeak.

Slowly counting off the strokes, Brian and Harry spanked the two girls. Harry was pleased to see that his assessment was accurate. The two bottoms were getting a nice red glow, and would be uncomfortable for a while, but nothing that the girls couldn't handle. There would be no unwanted bruising.

Finishing the spanking Harry and Brian stepped back.

"Don't move, thank you," said Brian, as the girls started to stand.

Turning to Harry, he explained.

"They want to know the difference between men and women, remember. You're going to have to explain to them. It occurs to me that with the girls bent over like this, we're off to an excellent start to not only tell them but to demonstrate how things fit together.

As you can see," he added, gently reaching out and gently poking Chloe's pussy, "they're exposed and that will make things easier all around."

Harry glanced at the girls, about to refuse, only to be startled by the hopeful looks on their faces. They didn't know what they didn't know, but they definitely wanted to learn. He reached down and gently rubbed Ellen's pussy, feeling her edge it towards his touch.

He sighed, knowing that having men spank their bare bottoms had roused the girls and that he was going to take advantage of that fact. "Ah, well," he thought. "They have to learn sometime."

Making one last attempt at being a gentleman, Harry told the girls that if they preferred, he could insist that Mrs. Swinton explain the subject to them. She may not want to, but would if so directed.

"It would probably be better for us if you did, sir," said Chloe.

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