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Based on the Faust Legend-a professor makes a deal for sex.

How could she resist after three hot, sweaty days? She immediately peeled off her damp clothes and stepped out onto an overhanging rock. The water looked deep and cool and so inviting. She dived off the rock and the water enveloped her at once, washing away her fatigue. It felt delicious - weightless and cool. She swam across the pool underwater and surfaced at the little waterfall. The water was only thigh deep there and she gloried in a stimulating shower - letting the water pour over her hair and body, sluicing down her breasts and back. She had no soap but rubbed her skin until it tingled, washing away the last traces of grime and her tension along with it.

Suddenly she had the distinct feeling she was not alone. She dropped down into the water up to her shoulders and scanned the shore. There, standing on the rock she'd jumped from was her colleague. He was still dressed in his dirt-smeared clothes and sweat still glistened on his skin, but he no longer had the tired, irritated look he'd worn for much of the last few days. He had clearly been standing there for some time. Watching her. Their eyes met across the pool and the fire in his gaze was unmistakable. She felt her skin begin to burn even under the water. Without breaking her gaze, he slowly undressed until he was as naked as she. With a last intense glance that sparked a sudden, melting heat low in her body, he tensed and sprang into the water.

She ducked below the surface and watched him slice through the clear water, a trail of silver bubbles streaming behind. He swam straight to her and without hesitation, took her face in his hands and pressed his mouth insistently to hers. They rose together, breaking the surface of the water still locked in that kiss. Water streamed down their bodies as she reveled in the sensation of his lips crushed to hers, his tongue probing her mouth, his hands tangled in her wet hair. At last they broke apart and drew back far enough to search each other's eyes, looking for meaning, confirmation, permission.

After a long moment, she grinned and fell away from him into the water with a small splash and swam lazily away on her back, daring him to follow. He chuckled and let her swim away. Finally, he lunged into the water. She turned and made a quick dive down to the bottom of the pool. He followed with strong strokes. She felt his eyes watching her strong legs, her lean torso stretched beyond them and the long hair swirling across her back.

At the bottom of the pool she turned just as he reached her and his hands slipped around her slim waist. Her hands rested lightly on his shoulders and their bodies drew close. Her nipples grazed his chest and her inner thigh brushed his hip as he pulled her nearer. They floated in the water, suspended and weightless together in shimmering underwater light. They rose slowly to the surface to catch a breath and both decided not to speak, not to question the wisdom of what they were heading towards, not to deny the heat they felt building between them in that hidden pool.

They began an unhurried exploration of each other's bodies as they floated in the pool. He moved behind her and cupped her soft breasts. She gasped as his fingertips lightly caressed the sensitive tips. He ran one arm around her waist and pulled her close. She could feel him aroused and pressing lightly against the small of her back. She turned in his arms and ran her hands down his chest and stomach. His muscular thighs were parted and her fingers were free to discover the length, hardness and shape of him. Their gentle explorations made him groan with desire. He spread his hands across her firm ass and pulled her closer still, licking the water that ran down her long neck. She sighed as his lips found her earlobe and gently sucked and nibbled at it.

They drifted towards the edge of the pool, where they could find some footing on the bottom and their bodies slowly emerged from the water into the w

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