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College student discovers he's a whore.

Sue was also very turned on by its sculpted beauty. I have to warn you, I want it all... I want to feast on your taut, tasty tits and succulent pussy with my eyes, nose, fingers and tongue. After I make you cum twice, I want to fuck you until you pass out. Are you OK with that?"

In answer, she grinned broadly and flushed brightly. With her back to my chest so we could watch my wife with Art, I caressed Ann's heavy tits. She wiggled against my stiffened cock and let it stand between her legs, then pressed it against her swelling lips. The surge of warmth where my hot dick and her pouty pussy merged drew simultaneous moans from both of us.

Sue and Art snapped their heads at our unified, lustful moan. His shaky fingers were deep inside Sue, exploring. Her sudden lurches told us when Art found her G-spot. She gasped and quickly evaluated Art's impressive little hardon. She'd had smaller cocks in her and now wanted to feel his living vibrator in her cunt. Having to chose between exhausting him by being under him, or possibly harming his brittle body by climbing on top, she decided to get on her knees on the bed with her face on the sheets.

Offering him her steaming, fragrant cunt doggie style drew a demented GRUNT from Art. He draped his boney body over her back, then spread open her cheeks. He too found her butthole wildly lusty. He rubbed its velvety puckers before circling a moistened finger around it and sliding past her relaxed muscles. Once deep inside her ass, she felt his vibrations shaking her G spot from the other side of her barrier. He moved his stiff little dick against her glistening lips and split open her beautiful and protruding inner lips.

Once his dick head felt the searing heat of my wife's wetness, he groaned loudly and nearly collapsed. Bracing himself by hooking his finger inside Sue's ass, he jerked his other hand from her hip to the bed post to support himself. He nevertheless arched his hips to thrust deeper into Sue's cock magnet. Instantly, all FOUR stiff inches vanished inside her slippery snatch. With her ass steeply in the air, the angle was right for even a small dick to tease her clit and slide into her G. Sue shook, eeeeeked and shuttered in orgasmic surprise. Art grimaced, then grunted hard three times trying to sling his spunk into Sue's hollowed out cunt. He fell onto his side on the bed with a broad shit-eating grin of satisfaction.

Sue and I visited Art several times so she could experience his unique talents. I taped them twice. She couldn't describe exactly why his gums and fingers felt so much better than a vibrator on the same spots. We can imagine empathically some of the reasons. Maybe it was the extra taboo of his age or anxiety that she could kill him with her pussy?

By our third visit, Art's confidence was at an all time high. I watched and listened to Sue each time she built to a howling, keening, gushing orgasm that flooded Art's grateful, grinning face. Once, still awed, I didn't notice I'd stopped jerking off just before my climax. Another aide, mostly dressed, was staring at us and grinning. Her legs were sprawled out in front of me, fingers still pistoning her swollen, dripping cunt. When Sue and Art saw me frozen, yet still choking my purple-headed chicken, she whispered to Art. He shook his head a firm NO. "Have you ever?" she asked. Again a firm NO. "So why not now?" No response.... a short delay later he shrugged.... then conceded. To what?

They turned silently to me. Still in perfect synch, their eyes dropped slowly to my hand that was still strangling my cock, then back up to my eyes. "Oh no! Nope! I can see what you're thinking. NO!" The aide let all her disheveled clothes fall off as she approached me. Why was she grinning? She and Sue reached me at the same moment. They silently pulled me up, peeled my shirt off and let my pants fall away. My rigid rod naturally sprang out and lead my way.

What were they up to? Sue ran her fingers over my cheeks, into my crack an

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