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A married couple find romance separately at an arts dinner.

Sarah is a fuck goddess.. She always horny and always freaky... it's why she's living with me. She's got awesome, big, natural tits too. I reach down with my right hand and grope her right titty, as it hangs down and jiggles wildly. I pull her hair with my left hand and piledrive up that soaked snatch... slamming against her thighs... my desk shaking from the force of the pussy pounding I'm giving Sarah.

"FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEE JAMESSSSSSSSSS...FUCK IT FEELS GOOD!!" Sarah screamed out... squirting again. We fucked for about 30 minutes... a nice mid afternoon break from work.

I squeezed those big, beautiful titties... they feel so fucking good, I squeeze as hard as I can... and pummel my dick up Sarah's nice and tight, gripping pussy. I feel my cum blast coming, so I pull out and turn Sarah around, pushing her to her knees. I jerk my cock super fast and splatter that beautiful face with my jizz cream. It plops out... big squirts of cum... all over Sarah's smiling face. I blow her a kiss and immediately start pissing all over Sarah's face, washing the cum away. Sarah opens up and engulfs my pissing cock... sucking time hard... Suctioning the piss out of my piss slit... guzzling it down with a smile.

My fuck buddy ESPN sideline hottie Maria Taylor walks in my office and strips off her jeans and tight black tee shirt. She leaves her black heels on... I love it... and drops to her knees in front of me. Maria and Sarah suck me dry... gleefully sucking out every drop of piss in me.

Sarah jerks my cock off ridiculously fast into Maria's ebony mouth. Maria sucks the plump, her long tongue wrapping around my sensitive head... smiling up at me, as Sarah jerks my shaft with both hands. I reach down and grope Sarah's big tits, loving every second of the double hottie hand/blowjob.

Maria opens her mouth wide... her tongue outstretched under my cock, licking the super sensitive underside of my cock. Sarah jacks me as fast as she can. I start cumming on Maria's tongue. She gulps it down. Sarah pulls my cock out of Maria's mouth and points it at her face. It pumps out my cum like a squirt gun... pelting Maria's beautiful black face with several ass of white, creamy jizz. I cover that black hottie's face. Sarah smacks my cock on Maria's tongue... then they take turns sucking the last drops of cum out of my cock and balls.

"Mmmmmmmm... I love your cum boss man." Maria compliments my jizz... sucking me dry.

"You're a lucky girl Sarah. Mmmmmmmm." Maria licks my cum from her beautiful, cum glazed lips and kisses Sarah. They play with each other's tits and swap my cum... kissing deeply, as I watch.

Later on in the women's bathroom...

"Zoom in close bitch." I tell Linda Cohn. She's filming me cumming on her face. She's one knees... her skin tight red blouse on the floor... her gorgeous, enhanced tits wrapped around my cock... pumping it, as I cum... squirt after squirt of jizz... on her mature face.

Linda is a slut... not just mine. She fucks anyone I tell her to... and anyone that's around, when she horny... which is all the time. I finish painting her face... Linda snaps several pics for her Instagram and sucks me totally clean. I pull back when she's den and cover her hair, face and gorgeous C cups with my piss. It splatters everywhere. Linda drinks several mouthfuls of piss. I slam down her throat and fuck it brutally, as I piss down it. Linda loves rough sex.

After Linda... I splatter my cum all over another fuck buddy Chris McKendry's beautiful, mature face. She only fucks me and her husband. She loves my cum though. I coat her face with dick cream, then let her drink down the rest. As a matter of fact, she drinks down two more loads of jizz... And eight mouthfuls of piss.

Holly Rowe is next. She gets a face full of my creamy wad and a stomach full of my warm piss. She also gets a brutal butt fucking before she leaves.

Sage Steele drinks a load of cum and piss.

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