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What would you do if it was your job to reproduce?

I noticed that she was quite hairy down there as a thick, black bush was spilling over the hem of her panties. There was a second of shocked silence before I blurted an apology and bolted from the room. There was a surprised look in my mom's dark eyes but there wasn't any hint of anger and I also noticed something else lurking deep within those pools. I expected my mom to give me a dressing down but she acted like nothing happened.

That had been a couple of weeks ago and since then, I desperately desired her. She didn't show any sign of awkwardness, come to think of it, she was even freer around me. I guess she felt that since I had seen most of her goods, there wasn't any further point in concealing them. Ever since then it was normal for me to find her walking around the house in just her underwear or for me to bump into her with just a towel round her waist. I can't say I was complaining. I took advantage of her new liberal ideals by rubbing up against her any chance that I got.

There had been a point I thought I had gone too far. I had walked into the kitchen once and found her bent over the deep freezer with the lid wedged open with the rolling pin. She was a wearing a long t-shirt which stopped at mid-thigh but since she was bending over, it had ridden up to her rump. Most of her ass was showing and I discovered to my consternation that she wasn't wearing any panties. The thick lips of her pussy were very visible. I couldn't control myself and I immediately walked up to her. I placed my hands on her wide hips and pressed my crotch against her ample bottom.

"Hi, Mom" I greeted, trying my best to suppress a gasp of pleasure as my stiffening cock poked at her lips. I heard a sharp intake of breath and felt her stiffen. I expected her to jackknife upright but instead she pushed her bottom against me and my dick got wedged in her deep crack.

"Hi, Honey" she drawled in the same flat, emotionless tone she always used, "Could you give me a hand with these bags of meat? I think they're stuck."

I said okay but I didn't immediately release her. I pushed gently against her, savoring the heat of her ass and ran my hands up her body till they brushed against the sides of her breasts. That's when I knew she wasn't wearing anything under the t-shirt. At least I did get a reaction from her- she gasped a little. I let her go and she straightened up and stood to one side. I thought she would surely give it to me this time but I noticed her watching me closely. I also felt her eyes on my crotch which naturally was displaying a very prominent arousal. That's when I decided I was going to fuck my mother.

I got up from bed and stretched a little. I was idle and they say an idle man is the Devil's workshop. Well right now I was a finished product. I was as horny as hell and I wanted to fuck badly and there was only one person who could satisfy the cravings I had right now. There's nothing like forbidden lust. No other desire is more intense. I wanted my mom in so many nasty ways. It was time to become the real man of the house.

I left my room and quietly descended the stairs. When I reached the living room, it was submerged in darkness with only the illumination coming from the tube. My mom was sprawled on the couch, her head thrown back, snoring. She had on a robe that was too small for her. The belt had come loose and the V in front of her had deepened so that I could see one full breast clearly even though the nipple was covered. Her big, creamy thighs were also in full view. If that belt came off, that robe would open and I would see everything. I was so turned on that I lost all inhibitions and went to join her.

I sat next to her and reached my left arm under her back to draw her towards me.

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