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Steve finds out about Jamie's little secret.


"Well, why don't you go for a bike ride in the park while I clean up around here?"

I smiled. "Mom, if I didn't know any better, I'd think you were trying to get rid of me."

She laughed a little, but the laugh died quick. She looked down at her plate and idly pushed her scrambled eggs around with her fork. "Honey, can I talk with you about something?"

"Anything, mom."

She sighed. "Well, you know how hard it's been for me since your dad left, and I appreciate all the love and attention that I get from you and my friends. It's just that....well, sometimes I want to cut loose a little bit, you know? I know that sometimes you come home a little drunk or a little high on pot..."

"Mom, I...."

"Shhh, honey. It's OK. I know you're a very responsible young man." She gave me a long, thoughtful look. "And sometimes I want to feel a little free like that too. I ran into a old coworker of mine the other day, and we were talking about this over lunch at the mall. And it's funny, she told me about how she likes to smoke when she's stressed. So I thought back to college and the good times I had."

"You used to smoke up, mom?"

A light smirk. "Oh, honey, there was lots I did. I'm not proud of all of it, but we're adults here. I guess I was going to want you to leave because I wanted a little time to take this pot Lynn gave me and use this pipe I bought and get nice and baked. But I didn't want you to judge me or think less of me."

The prospect of smoking with my mom was too tempting to resist; already my cock was pressing against my shorts. "I'd never think less of you, mom. And you know I smoke too. In fact, if you wanted to smoke together, I think that would be a fun."

Her eyes brightened. She bounced ever so slightly in her chair, making her tits bounce a little. "Would you? I was hoping you would say that, a little. Lynn said that weed these days is much stronger. I don't want to get too knocked on my ass."

"Your ass is firm, mom," I said, smiling. "I'm sure you'll be OK." I worried that maybe I'd moved the flirtation too far, but her smile set me at ease.

About ten minutes later we were sitting together on the couch in the basement, passing her new pipe back and forth. Lynn, whoever she was, had excellent weed; I had a great, full-body buzz going, and it was all I could do to keep my cock from tenting obviously in my jeans. I would have wound up with a thick hard-on regardless, given how potent the marijuana was, but I was especially excited watching mom next to me. Not only was her T-shirt temptingly tight over her tits, the weed seemed to make her movements catlike---she stretched and purred happily, sometimes grazing her body against me. She stretched her arms up over her head and back. When she saw me staring at her tits pressing out as she moved, she looked at me and giggled.

"Well, I can see where your head goes when you're stoned, young man."

"I must admit you paint a very pretty picture."

She put the pipe down and sidled just a little closer to me, her sweatpant-clad thigh pressing against my leg.

"Does all weed make me feel this way?" she cooed.

"I don't know," I said, chuckling a little at her absurd question. "How does it make you feel?"

She traced a hand slowly down her neck and chest, letting it rest just under her breasts. She looked at me and smiled. "I don't know if I should say it out loud." Her eyes were pretty and slitted. She looked happy and relaxed but serious.

"Maybe you should whisper it in my ear," I suggested, placing my hand on her thigh. "It'll be our little secret."

She leaned toward me and put a hand on my thigh. I could feel her hot breath against my ear. "Naughty." A pause, and she pressed her head against mine a little. "I feel....naughty."

I turned to face her. We looked at each other for what felt a long time, sending a silent agreement to each other that we would love each other no matter what happened next.

"Naughty how?" I asked. I kissed her full lips briefly and softly. "Kissing-your-son naughty?"

She brought her hands up to the sides of my face and kiss

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