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A humiliating exam in front of a very large audience.

... Please don't make me... No... stop, you're going to make me... I... I'm going to... Oh ... oh... OOOHHHHHHHH... nosa... Please... stop!!... Please nooo." He didn't stop and her eyes closed as she was started to orgasm. She came hard against his hand and she almost lost her balance, falling against his chest.

Steve pulled her forward to straddle his waist, turned sideways to lean against the wall, and then reached up and replaced the showerhead in its slot. He pulled her trembling body tight against his, and she felt his rock hard cock press against her lathery, hot mound as his lips covered hers. He kissed her deeply as their bodies slipped soapily against one another.

He pushed her back slightly so the hot water could spray over them, rinsing the lather from their bodies. When they were rinsed, he moved his kisses to other places and began tracing the contours of her body with his tongue. Each stroke of his tongue caused her to gasp and sent electric shocks through her womanhood.

By the time he reached her breasts she was short of breath, and her nipples were fully erect. His lips locked onto and suckled each rosy pebble, his teeth gently nipping them. His tongue flicked around the tips furiously as he sucked. As he suckled her sensitive tits, warm water cascaded from the showerhead onto their aroused bodies. It ran between her breasts, stimulating her sensitized skin, adding to the sensations he was already causing. After giving each breast ample attention, he covered her mouth with his again, pushing past her closed lips to caress her warm, soft tongue with his own.

As he kissed her, Steve directed her small hands back to his cock and without thinking; Sarah grasped it and began to slowly stroke the length of it. Her patient moaned into her mouth has he felt himself approaching his own climax.

He decided that he wanted to do what he hadn't done before, and cum in her mouth before getting down to the serious business of fucking her pussy. He broke the kiss and carefully pushed her off his lap and onto her knees between his legs.

"Time to finish cleaning my cock, Sarah. Just like you did the other day." When she looked up at him in confusion, he gripped the back of her head in both hands, his fingers entwining themselves in her thick, wet hair, and gently but firmly directed her lips toward his stiff member. Sarah shook her head in refusal, but he rubbed the thick head of his manhood against her mouth, and after a moment, she opened it slightly.

Steve pressed the head past her pursed lips, over the tip of his rigid cock, and slowly she took him into her mouth. Holding her head firmly to guide her, he withdrew. Again, he pressed into her mouth, feeling her tongue and lips slide along the bottom of his shaft. Sarah's eyes closed as she felt her snatch becoming damp with arousal as he made her begin to suck him off. He watched as her head bobbed at his waist and the warm water pelting both of their bodies added to the erotic feel of her actions. Unintelligible sounds escape Sarah's throat as he directed her to suck him harder and faster, her shoulders and tits quivering with the exertion.

Steve grabbed handfuls of her hair and increased the pace of the blowjob, pressing her face against him and pulling back. His cock rasped against the back of Sarah's throat with each thrust. His hips moved in rhythm with her head. He moaned with pleasure as he held the back of her head and fucked her mouth. He pulled her onto his shaft as far as he could and held that position as his cock erupted, sending hot jets spraying against the back of her throat. As Sarah felt his cum shoot into her mouth, he held her in position with his cock buried between her lips. She was forced to swallow several times, but couldn't manage it all, and milky streams trickled down her chin.

Steve pumped in and out of Sarah's mouth several more times to make sure he stayed stiff, then taking his cock from her mouth, he pulled her to her feet and made her kneel straddling his hi

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