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Rapist becomes what he hates the most.

Even for those of you who perhaps no longer see sex as being important, or no longer apart of your own lives perhaps, I'm going to attempt to prove to you differently. Now...again, close your eyes, open your mind, and simply relax and be quiet."
To be was an amazing sensation for me too. Connected as we were, I had access to everyone, simultaneously. I followed the flamed path into each and every one of their libraries of thought, and from there, into each and every one of their secret little hidden away rooms. Some had more than others, one or two hardly worth mentioning, much like Edwards had been in a sense. And yet...everyone had something. John was no major surprise. I had to stifle a laugh upon discovery of his secrets, his thoughts, his secret place was more elaborate, and perhaps even more decadent in nature than anyone else's. But so was his frustration perhaps because of it. And thus, his temperament, and his hard attitude towards anything good or exciting in life. John hadn't had, or been able to sustain an erection for several years now, and it was eating away at him like a cancer.

I now entered, and opened every private room, every secret door, and simultaneously, though even I would be hard-pressed in explaining it, I interacted with everyone there in the circle one on the exact same time. I brought out those hidden away thoughts and desires, dusted off some of them, some of which hadn't been even thought about, or entertained for years now. Some few, more recently, making it easier to make the images I now did seem real, fresh, almost as though they were actually happening. There were already a few whispers, murmurs of surprise, delight and even pleasures being felt as we all stood there together. And now knowing what I knew about John, he would indeed be difficult, but not impossible. Taking a bit more time perhaps, and a more focused energy on my part. I thus had to thin the herd just a little in order to do that and keep from spreading myself too thin. For those like Carol and Susan, the secretively "swinging couple," I now knew about, and one or two others...I caused them all to enjoy a small, yet still pleasurable little orgasm, and still allow everyone else within the group to get a small sense of it, without really understanding what it was. There were more gasps, some obvious surprise, as most who now had, literally opened their minds, even dropping their hands with the sheer unexpected intensity of release. And all the while just standing there.

"We're not done yet," I said as the circle suddenly seemed to dissolve. "We'll reform again here in a moment. But let's be honest here...some of you, and even most of you felt something." Most everyone had, including John, his expression saying so, though he again refused to come right out and admit to it. was obvious. Especially those who had in fact actually experienced an orgasm.

"How about you Carol? And you Susan?" I asked pointing them out on purpose. "What was it you felt?"

"You know damn good and well what I felt," Susan said blushing profusely, a bit embarrassed that she actually had in fact, in front of so many strangers, not to mention her stuffy friends. But Carol was even more good natured about it, giggling excitedly and saying.

"Can we do that again?" Now I did laugh.

"For those of you who wish to...yes. Or, you can now sit down and watch everyone else as we form the circle once more, that includes the rest of you who won't as yet admit to feeling or sensing anything. This time...I can assure will."

There were a few more blushing faces. I'm not sure they were quite willing or prepared to allow themselves to do what Susan and Carol, and the younger couple had just admitted to. But I held them, using suggestion now as control, though only in the sense of keeping them there long enough to remain within the circle which we quickly formed again.

"All right, like everyone did before.

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