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A woman and her boyfriend have a romantic weekend.


That mail left me a bit shocked and also intrigued. I had almost taken it as a given that Dave will be my friend forever. My sounding board for all matters sexual. And here he wanted to end it. Well, not entirely. He gave me an option which was impossible. A roadtrip through India? What an idea! It was too risky even with him around. I decided not to reply to the email for now, and logged off.

But as I thought about it more and more, I thought... why not? As my ex had reminded me, I had led a very vanilla boring sex life. And I was getting married soon. Why not take this trip? Why not live out my bachelorette-hood before committing to marriage? After a week's introspection, I finally told Dave yes, I was ready. He applied for a visa to India and booked his tickets. We agreed to a 2-week trip.

The next step was giving my parents a convincing story about being away for 2 weeks. Luckily, Dave was coming in the month of May, when many adventure groups in Bombay and Thane go on 2-week-long trips to hike in the Himalayas. I told my parents I wanted to go on such a trip. First they refused. The wedding is just a few months away, they said. No question about it, you can't go away for 2 weeks, they said. But then I pleaded and guilt-tripped them. In a manner similar to Kajol's character from DDLJ, I finally got my parents to agree to let me go.

So a few weeks later, my parents were at Kalyan station, seeing me off with a group of fellow hikers on a train to Delhi, from where we'd go to the Himalayas. As the train started rolling out of the station, I went to the hike organizers and told them I would get off at the next station. I could not go on the hike because of some "personal reasons", and that I was not asking for a refund. They were puzzled, but said goodbye to me.

I got off at Igatpuri station and took a taxi to the Mumbai International Airport. A few hours later, Dave's flight landed. As I stood outside the gate, my eyes were fixed on the closed circuit TV screen that shows passengers walking towards baggage claim. As I saw and recognized Dave on the screen, the enormity of the situation really hit me for the first time. He was here! I was going on a road trip with limitless possibilities with a guy I barely knew and had never met. Was I crazy? I almost decided to run away when suddenly, I saw Dave walk out of the door with his baggage trolley. He scanned the crowd and spotted me instantly. He then gave me a broad and cheerful smile. A smile that melted away any doubts that I had.

Half an hour later, we were in a rented car, Dave managing the Bombay traffic with surprising expertise, and on the way to Agra. And that's how it had all started --------

Now back to real time. Dave was driving silently, and I was sitting there sulking. He was puffing on his B&H and I was smoking Gold Flake, my first cigarette after many months. Dave kept glancing at me every few seconds and said.

"You did good back there. Why the long face?"

"Why the long face? Of course I did good. But what about you?" I said, slightly upset.

"Huh? What about me?" Dave asked, puzzled.

"That guy sprayed his cum all over my tits, and you did nothing. You just stood there laughing. And gave him money! I thought you are here to protect me if a situation goes out of hand!" I almost yelled.

Dave kept driving in silence. A couple of cars passed us, honking very loudly.

"Alright, as far as the money goes, I think the poor old man needed it." Dave said in a serious voice. "As far as my doing nothing and protecting you.... I will do that if things go out of hand. This situation had no way gone out of hand."

"What??" I said incredulously.

"Firstly, all i told you to do was flash the guy for cigarettes and water.

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