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Madi meets the girl of her foot dreams.

I noted her thighs had rotated out slightly, presenting her pussy even more fully to me and I knew she was completely ready to cum. First I probed my tongue into the small area between her pink hole and her adorable love toy, eliciting more and louder whimpers of pleasure. After that, I moved my face up slightly, drawing her clit into my mouth and sucking on it. As I sucked, my lips formed a seal at the base and my tongue caressed all along the engorged sides and top.

"Yes! Like that!" Melissa cried out joyously as she felt what my mouth was doing. "Suck my clit! Suck my clit!" As she begged me to do what I very much wanted to do anyhow, she was pushing her pussy up into my face to help me do it.

Minutes after my mouth had enveloped her precious clit, she happily blurted out "Yes! Yes! I'm cumming." As she always does when I am eating her pussy in this position, her legs wrapped around my temples and her hands pressed on the back of my head. Melissa's pussy was fucking so hard into my face, while her hands and legs held me where we both wanted me, that her ass was bouncing up and down, actually leaving the bed. As is also her habit, her heels were kicking lightly against my back. She enjoys cumming abut as much as any woman I know, and I also enjoy it when she does.

When she climaxed, her back arched, and her arms jerked, shoving her pussy against my face for a final time. Totally relaxed, she collapsed back onto the bed, happy with her orgasm. I was happy with it too because of all the fresh juices her pussy had produced, the most delicious I have ever tasted. I licked them all up, even scooping them out of her lovely pink hole with my tongue, because they would not be needed for the fucking we would soon be doing, and they are too good for me to allow them to go to waste. When I was through, I crawled out from under her legs and got off the bed.

Melissa's eyes were still closed as she rested from her great climax but she opened them and grinned at me when she felt me exiting the bed. "Don't be gone long, George. Remember, we have something very special planned for later." I smiled back. I was well aware what was planned and I intended to get ready for it.

After wiping the surplus pussy juices from my face, I rinsed out the cloth, intending to use it to wash Melissa's ass. When I returned to the bedroom with that, a condom and the bottle of Aquaglide, I showed her the latter two and set them by the foot of the bed. She smiled lewdly at the sight and got to her hands and knees to prepare herself for what she was here to do. She expected it to be a lot of fun.

I expected the same thing of it but there was something I wanted to do first. "I want to lick your ass first, Melissa, so you'll be better prepared. It was great for both of us before and should be just as good this time."

"Okay. You're right. I remember how good it felt too."

While she knelt, one side of her face pressed against a pillow and her hands spreading her cheeks for me, I gazed almost rapturously at her truly gorgeous ass. The sides curve out smoothly from her waist and taper down to her legs. Her succulent cheeks of her ass rise dramatically from the small of her back to form a perfect full moon before they curve back around and meet her thighs. The soft, smooth outsides of those lovely cheeks are fetchingly splashed with a few freckles but the insides are like pure creamy ivory. As beautiful as they are, they are a suitable frame for her perfect pink rosebud. Whenever I describe Melissa, I use superlatives because there is so much about her face and body and personality that comes about as close to perfect as anybody could be.

As gorgeous as her ass is, however, some very unpleasant things pass through there.

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