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Sex depraved, he finds relief in a bathroom


"Why haven't you ever told me?" Lisa said.

"I don't know, why didn't you tell me about your dream?"

"I was embarrassed I guess."

"There is nothing to be embarrassed about. I read somewhere that fantasizing is normal amongst married people. Why should it be different for us?"

"But I was fantasized about you sucking another man's cock and it really turned me on!" Lisa said her eyes filling with tears.

"It is nothing to cry about sweetheart," I said taking her in my arms and kissing her softly. "Do you really want to see me suck another guy?"

"Would you even consider it?"

"If I knew you really wanted me to and if I knew it would really turn you on I might consider it." I said looking away my face turning red. "Just understand I am not gay or even bi-sexual. I would only do it because I love you so much that I would do anything for you if I knew it gave you sexual pleasure."

"Oh Bobby, I love you so much!"

"But you're not really serious are you?" I said wondering how I could tell her Buddy and I have been lovers for as long as I can remember.

Buddy was really sucking me and the pleasure was so intense I knew I would not last long. I slid my lips down his hard shaft taking him as far into my mouth as I could and then slowly drew my mouth up circling his hardness with my tongue until only his engorged head was in my mouth. I sucked vigorously on his head rubbing my tongue in his slit and tasting his pre-cum. Buddy pushed his cock back into my mouth and sucked my rock hard cock deep into his throat.

"I am going to blow my wad if you keep that up." I moaned.

Buddy started sucking me faster and deeper and I knew what he wanted, a mouth full of my hot salty cum. I could feel Buddy's cock pulsating in my mouth and knew I would be treated to his delicious load momentarily.

"I am going to cum man, cum in my mouth," I managed to say as I worked his hard swollen shaft with my lips. Buddy's cock started squirting his hot spunk filling my mouth and I eagerly swallowed every dropped as I blew my hot cum down his throat. Tasting him and eating his load only intensified my orgasm and I could not believe how incredible it was to suck my best friends cock. Buddy kept working my cock sucking me deep into his throat milking ever last drop of my cum into his mouth as I did the same to him. When my cock started to soften in his mouth he finally stopped sucking me and looked up and smiled.

"That was incredible Bobby. I hate the thought that it will all end tonight."

"Go take a shower I will be there in a minute and maybe we can have another round if you can get it up," I said as I gave his softening shaft a long leisurely lick.

As Buddy went off to take a shower my mind went back to my conversation with Lisa.

"You would really do that for me?" Lisa said incredulous.

"Like I said, if you really wanted me to, but it would have to be somebody pretty special, somebody I really cared about. I wouldn't do it with just anybody."

"I can't believe you are saying this!" Lisa said leaning down and taking my cock in her mouth. "It makes me hot just thinking about it and my pussy is getting wet again." She put her finger in her pussy and rubbed it in and out soaking it with her juices and then brought it up for me to lick and to taste her wetness.

"If it makes you this hot I guess I can think about it seriously." I said rolling over and burying my face in her pussy. I couldn't believe how wet she was. Was this just from thinking about me sucking a guy? If it was it was time to tell her the truth. I reluctantly stopped eating her and said, "Honey come up her I need to talk to you."

Lisa stopped sucking me and turned around to face me again. "What is it Bobby?"

"There is something I need to tell you and I am not sure how to say it."

"Bobby it is OK, I love you!"

"You asked me if I ever thought about sucking another guy and I have."

"I know you told me you thought about it, it's OK."

"No I have more than thought about."

"What do you mean?" Lisa said her eyes wide and her mouth hang

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