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Aaron meets Eric after a board meeting.

The noise of footsteps became louder as the girl walked up the stairs from the cellar. Tina rapidly pulled her bra back into position, straightened her top and self-consciously rearranged what little there was of her mini-skirt.

"Hi, Mr Sampson. Thank you for arranging this super party."

'Super' came out exaggerated, as if her family lived in the posher side of town. Her perfect diction during the short conversation that followed emphasised that.
"Aren't you coming down to the party?" She asked.

"Yes, Daddy. I want you to meet the rest of my friends." Tina tugged my hand, which only moments ago had been gently caressing her. The slowly decreasing bulge in my pants was still visible. Luckily, Tina's friend had already turned to walk back to the basement. I never did get to see the end of the game on TV.

Tina was still holding my hand all the way down the steps. I think Brenda was quite pleased to see me as we walked into the rather noisy basement. I'd put some sound insulation in there, but I hadn't really noticed how effective it was. The house was a solid build anyway, brick everywhere long before breeze blocks and plasterboard stud walls had been invented.

"Can you take over for an hour?" Brenda asked, "And give me a break."

"Sure," I answered, "You probably need it."

Having walked into a young man's heaven - 2 dozen college-aged, mostly beautiful young ladies - I could hardly refuse. A blend of more than a dozen different perfumes, each designed to attract males, pervaded the air. It was very pleasant.

Still holding my hand, Tina introduced me to fellow college students and friends, pointing out to each the gold bracelet from Paris. With the music, the dancing and the chat I was horrified to realise that Tina's earlier attention, the mixture of perfumes and the shortness of most skirts, had created a softer but still very visual bulge in my pants, casual pants too. The thinner, warm weather fabric moulded itself with sharper definition than, say, a suit trouser. It felt good, of course it felt good.

"Why don't you dance, get yourself in the party mood?" asked Maria, the girl who'd disturbed Tina and I a few minutes before, and without waiting for an answer she tugged me away from my daughter.

"I haven't been to a disco since I left university," I confessed, "I'm afraid to say."

The music was a touch loud and I had to bend to speak in Maria's ear. I caught the quite strong perfume no doubt dabbed around there.

"What do you do?" Maria asked.

"I'm a civil engineer in the construction industry. Sometimes I'm away for weeks."

"I'm in my second year of training for nursing," Maria informed me. "Though I still don't know yet which area of nursing I want to go into."

I looked across at Tina. I didn't need any jealousy creeping in.

"Tina came to my 18th last year. My parents booked a hall and a live band." Her accent reflected the wealth of her parents. "But I much prefer Tina's party. Everyone (she stressed 'everyone') got drunk at mine. I remembered; Tina was very giggly when I picked her up that night.

We danced, or to be more correct, just moved our feet and arms in the limited space.

"Hey, you haven't lost the rhythm." It was praise indeed from a young lady some 20+ years my junior. The music changed to something much slower. Maria placed her arms around my neck.

"Still want to dance? I hope so." The song was soft and moody, the kind of song they used to play at the end of the evening but my CD player was on random, I had no control. I looked around, Tiny Tits was still busy talking.

"Sure." I didn't want Tina to miss out if she wanted to dance. "Why not."

Maria must be missing the boys, I thought, as she seemed convinced I was just 20. Her head rested against my shoulder, her hips rested against my bulge. She pushed closer.

"I'm sorry," I said softly in her ear. "I'm not used to so many females around me."

"It's cool. Don't worry. It's fine by me. In fact it's kinda nice. My father takes no notice of me at all. I'm flattered you find me so, so, ..."

"Sexy? S

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