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Every single mom needs a friend like this.

He sat down and smiled without loosing it.

"About time." Brent teased.

"Well my car broke down, so I had to walk." Pete said shyly.

"You've got to be crazy to even own a car in this city! You should take the buses or subway. It's cheaper." He suggested.

Pete nodded in agreement.

"So I know this is going to annoy you, but why are you usually so angry?" The brown haired teen questioned.

"I'm not angry." Pete replied.

"Yes you are, you always look that way. I can sense it too. Everyone can!" Brent said looking a little worried.

Pete felt awkward, but he just let it go seeing as he didn't want to upset the guy. "It's just that...a lot has happened to me...and I just don't know anyone I can really confide in."

"Family?" Brent said setting down his drink softly after taking another sip.

"Yea. Well, I at least think I never had a decent one." Pete then felt lighter inside.

"Oh...I'm sorry about that." Brent said looking at the teen in front of him. He sensed that he felt a little better, but not fully. He blushed when they made straight eye contact for a long moment.

"What about you? How come you never talk much? You seem so nice!" Pete asked.

"Well, my parents weren't the best either. Always fighting, and they practically disowned me when they found out about me being gay." Suddenly Brent slapped his hand over his mouth and slumped back. His cheeks were rosy red with embarrassment.

Pete's eyes lit up. "You're gay?" he questioned making sure he heard right.

Brent looked nervous but sat back up. "Well...what a way to come out...huh?" He laughed nervously.

Pete smiled feeling his heart flutter back to his chest. "Don't be ashamed."

Those comforting words surprised Brent. "Please don't tell anyone. Who knows what will happen to me?"

"Don't worry I wont, as long as you..." Pete gulped down feeling nervous as to what he should say next. "As long as you promise not to tell anyone about our little conversation."

"What do you mean?"

"I don't want anyone to know that I'm just a wuss okay?" Pete felt ashamed.

"You shouldn't think like that. In fact it's good that we talked about that. It's bad to keep it all inside." Brent said.

"I'm just not used to being anything other than down." Pete looked at his drink.

"You can't just be happy or anything like that. You have to feel it. Once you know, then it just feels good. If you keep thinking about the bad, then there's no chance that you'll ever know what its like."

Pete smiled for once in a long time. They talked for a while longer until they noticed the time. Nine o'clock. They walked out together and stopped. Pete pondered weather or not he should invite him over to his place. He looked over at Brent, whom was looking at him. He felt so overwhelmed, Pete then leaned closer to Brent and captured is lips with his own giving him a delightful but short kiss. Both blushed, not because of the freezing cold. "I'm sorry Brent. It's just that...I wanted to repay you."

Brent smiled. "Well...your welcome?" He said feeling all warm inside.

"Will you be my...uh..."

"Significant other?" Brent cut him off. They both laughed then found themselves looking into each other's eyes.

"Whatever you want to call it." Pete sighed.

Brent felt like fireworks were going off around them. "Sure."

They stood there, both hoping the other would break the silence. "My apartment isn't too far from here, want to come over?" Pete offered.

Brent accepted and they headed off into the crowded New York sidewalks and walked until they reached a tall building. They walked in and went up to the third floor where Pete's humble abode was. They entered and were greeted by the warmth that filled the living room. Pete shut the door behind him.

The television was still on, but it was just the local news.

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