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White wedding day? Not really.

I knew French people had a tradition in nudism, and I didn't want to appear backwards so, I said that I didn't mind. That was not the whole truth but not for reasons of shame. I had seen three colleagues from Athens that were also vacationing in Naxos, and I didn't want to risk being seen as too promiscuous.

Adrien got naked and laid on the sun-bed, but I was a bit slower. He was amused watching me getting naked in stages. I first removed my top, waited for my shyness to subside while at the same time I was looking around for familiar faces. When I was certain that I was among strangers and Adrien I removed my bottom and lay back.

As the day progressed I realized that following Adrien was the right thing to do. The nudist part of the beach was more quiet and the people more discreet. Above all the feeling of the sun and air kissing every part of my body was something I had never experienced.

Up to that point it hadn't crossed my mind what others might think of us. Then a woman asked if my boyfriend or I had a lighter. She spoke in Greek, and he didn't understand anything but unwittingly thoughts of how people saw us popped in my mind. Could they be thinking of us having sex? The well-built man in his mid-thirties giving his 20-something girlfriend the screwing she deserved?

The idea that such a rumor could reach my work in Athens crept in my mind again. I was stuck between my adventurous side that wanted to keep doing what it was doing, and the more conservative that was constantly thinking about what people had to say.

I lay back and I saw the sea between my boobs, through my open legs and over the wild hair of my pussy that moved to the breeze. Then I looked to Adrien, who was lying next to me, and I decided to continue with my adventure. At the end of the day I was a tech support representative and not a judge or politician.

Later that day we had lunch at the Coliseum restaurant and he proposed that we rent a single house and share that cost as well. I knew he had money but being a conscious spender made me admire him even more. I accepted his offer and moved to his apartment.

Us staying together didn't change much in our relationship. But as we were together continuously, we starting becoming closer, and I shared a lot of his stuff, especially the iPad and his novels. With that, my attention about covering also slipped to the point I wouldn't cover a lot when he was around at the beach or at the house.

A few days after moving in together, a heat wave reached our island. We went to the beach in the morning, but I was so affected by the heat that I got back to the room almost in a state of confusion. I had a bath, turned on the air conditioner, and slipped naked under the sheets where I fell asleep reading one of his books about the adventures of a medieval knight.

What happened next was the most vivid wet dream in my life. I found myself in the Middle Ages in a snow-covered plateau in front of the walls of a castle. I was a prisoner of some kind, because I was inside a cage dragged behind horses and escorted by knights armed to the teeth. I could feel the cold on my fingers and my face, the only parts that were not covered by the thick wool cloak I was wearing.

The carriage came to a halt and the door of my cage opened. I came down a few steps and as I did I was sure that my cloak gave way and the Master Knight in front of me and the others knights behind him saw my bare pussy or at least the thick brown bush that hid it. I stood in front of him and just by looking at the Master Knight's eyes and lips, the only parts of his face that the helmets did not hide, I could tell that he wanted me.

I had the same desire, apart from the cold palms and feet, the rest of my body was burning from lust. As if he could read my mind, he answered my desires. He said something I couldn't understand, but I took it to be French and pulled my cloak open revealing my left breast and my pussy.

I felt ashamed and scared but even more erotic knowing that he would take me in front of his fellow kn

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