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Dawn contemplates death by teasing.

I gripped Brooke's head and guided her up and down a few more times on my cock, holding her down the last time and forcing my dick hard down her throat. She gagged but went along with it, and after a few seconds I released her and pulled her mouth off my spit-covered shaft.

I gripped her arms and pulled her up until she was straddling me, and let her think for a moment that she was going to get to ride my cock. But I had other plans for that delicious pussy of hers. I was still sitting upright in the chair, and in one swift movement, I swung the top half of her body off to my left side, grabbed her legs and swung them up toward my head, then lifted one leg over my head, placing my face directly behind her pussy and asshole. I reached down and lifted her upper body up, swinging her around until we were a sort of sitting 69 position, her pussy in front of my face and my cock upright and pointing directly at her. Without a word I reached down and grabbed her head, moved it directly over my cock and pushed her down onto it, my cock sliding in until balls deep. Feeling I had made my point clear, I turned my attention to her other holes.

I started with her ass, repaying her for the rimming she gave me earlier. I licked and prodded, occasionally sticking my tongue deep into her hole, enjoying every second of it while simultaneously enjoying her slobbering and moaning on my cock and balls. After a few minutes of poking at her hole, I began to slowly make why way toward her soaking wet pussy. Working my way around the edge, at first, I slowly crept toward her pussy lips, gently sliding my tongue between them and tongue-fucking her pussy like I just had her ass. She began to moan and shake as I worked my tongue inside her. As I slowly moved my way up toward her clit I could tell she was about ready to explode. It only took a few light flicks with the tip of my tongue and she began to cum harder than I had yet seen her. She shook and ground her pussy into my face, pulling her mouth off my cock and letting out a barely muffled scream of ecstasy. I continued lightly playing with her clit, and working my way down into her pussy while she came down from her orgasm. As she finished cumming, I couldn't resist diving into her asshole one more time, and as I stuck my tongue inside her she quivered one last time and, not being able to take any more, half climbed and half fell off me.

Suddenly I heard a loud, slow clapping, and looked up to see Marco standing in the doorway to the living room, naked but for the towel around his waist, a large tent poking out the front. I looked up at him and smiled, and said "Your girl has some talent."

"She certainly does," he said, glancing down at Brooke, now in a pile on the floor, chest and gorgeous breasts heaving from our romping.

"Holy shit," was all she could say.

"Looks like someone's ready for another round," I said, gesturing to Marco's massive cock hiding beneath his towel. I was ready for another round as well, and seeing that cock ready and waiting made me want it inside me again. I glanced out at the balcony, and noticed the sun had set since we began our fun. The balcony was fairly secluded, with walls on both sides blocking the neighbors' view.

"You know," I said, "I had a girlfriend in college who said the best and hottest sex she ever had was a guy with a big cock fucking her from behind while she leaned up against the balcony of a hotel, looking out at the city.

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