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She learns that being late has BIG consequences.

" She told him as she looked him in the eyes, then took his hand and kissed his fingers.

"I was shaking at this point because he just sat there for what seemed like forever." "I then moved his hand to the side of my face and let it trace down my neck and held it to my boob." She continued "Squeeze me Jeff, and see for yourself."

With that she told me he got up, came behind her chair and massaged her breasts from behind while he bend down and she turned her head and they started to make out. She went on to tell me he was the best lover she had ever had. "It was like I was giving him a gift." She said, "I came 5 times and we made love for about six hours."

She told me that they had made promises to each other that day. They promised to never tell anyone that they were lovers because it would hurt her mom and the family. She also told me that she didn't feel guilty because her mom would never know. They also promised that if one of them wanted to stop they would tell the other, make love one last time and then never again. And she told me that they also promised to take the secret to the grave.

From that day on she said they were with each other whenever they could, usually two or three times a week. Part of the promises they made was that whenever they were together alone in the house and one of them wanted to have sex they would. She told me that even at night when her mom was home but busy or went to the bathroom, Jeff would come in and make out a little to keep things always "charged" They would even get a quickie when her mom was in the bath tub. "It was great."

I felt a little betrayed that she hadn't told me about this before but I understood she felt that I would judge her. Which I didn't, by the way.

The rest of our lovemaking was hotter than hot, and we each had multiple orgasms more than we usually did.

As we laid in bed, before we went to sleep she surprised me," You should do Eric." She said. "I bet he's a great fuck." She chuckled. "No seriously Ellen, I know you guys get along about as good as Jeff and I did before we became lovers. I've seen him look at you all through High School.

I think if you made the offer he'd go for it." I told her I doubted it because he loves my mom too much. She explained that Jeff still loves her mom and did then, now he just loves her in all ways too and it didn't take away from the love he had for her mom.

"Look, I'm away a school now and you're here. You got no boy friend and you party too much." She said. "Eric has an office here, your mom works all day, you're here when your not taking classes over at the College.

So think about it he's a built in lover, you don't have to worry about the distraction of keeping a boy friend happy or jealousy or taking time away from your studies." She said," it's more perfect that Jeff and me.

"Hell you could be with Eric pretty much non stop all week, cuddle to watch movies, make love for hours, shower together, play together, sleep together while mom's working." she said.

Eric would be like a full time live in, except your mom would have him at night and if it works like me and Jeff, Mom got more sex once Jeff and I got together than she did before. So she was thrilled too."

"Think about it!" what she didn't know is that I was and the thought was making me ill at the moment and we dozed off.

I woke up being licked by Cindy. She knew how sensitive my boobs were and she loved making me squirm under her. She then moved down my body to my cucci slowing licking every inch of my slit before that worm of a tongue made it's way inside of me. In and out getting me hotter and hotter while her hands massaged my boobs and her fingers would squeeze my nipples on occasion.

God she was one hell of a lover. I came with a loud moan -- usually I cover my face with a pillow when we are at my house- as I heard Eric walk down the hall right past my door. Cindy just looked up at me and giggled. I know I was red faced.

We then hugged and kissed and dec

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