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Have some fun in the car with him.

I know it. I'm no better than Candy. At least, I didn't have as big of an audience. I should have done worse. I could have. No. If I'd done that anywhere else, he wouldn't have taken it like that.' She got to the intersection and crossed the street before she saw a flash out of the corner of her eye. 'Oh, no. He's coming after me.' She looked back into Daniel's eyes as he stood with the door open.

He just stood there with the cold wind whipping through his clothes. He faced her direction, so she looked around. 'He can't be looking at me.' Sure enough, Candace approached from behind her. 'Today just gets better and better,' Joanne sighed.

"What were you doing?" Joanne heard as she put her head down and walked past Candy. "Were you looking at him? Hey, I'm talking to you!"

Jo kept on walking. She heard Candy try to keep up with her. Jo stretched her legs a bit farther and sped up.

* Dan jogged up to try to stop Candy from following, but they were too close together. Joanne could turn around and see him right next to Candy. She'd jump to the wrong conclusion, again. He'd be farther from his goal. She hadn't headed in the direction of her car, so she had to be headed for the office. He knew it would be the long way, but he ran around the side of the building to the street side entrance. He knew she'd take the stairs. She always did. 'Why would today be any different.' He pressed the button for the elevator.


"Damn it, you bitch! Get back here!"

Joanne paused in mid-stride. 'It's okay. Keep moving.' She'd made it across the park and to the steps of the sciences building, before Candace finally ran to close the distance between them.

"Look, you little slut...whore. Don't...phew...make me..." Candace panted for breath with her fist raised toward Jo's nose.

"What?" Joanne wasn't as winded. She walked across the park at least four times every day. "Don't make you kick my black ass?"

Candace reared back in surprise.

"If you ever catch me near Daniel again, you'll try to kill me or something like that, right?"

Candy just blinked.

"Well, go right ahead." Jo did her best imitation of Jesse. "What? You don't feel like it just now? I could really use a good fight, right about now. Listen good. He's not with me. He's yo man. And as far as fuckin him goes, I don't fuck. Not him. Not anybody. I still owe you for that stunt you pulled after the concert, so I'd be really nice to me." 'GIIIRRRLLLL!!!! What the hell is getting into me? I've never seen that look on her face. Not on anybody's. Not because of me, anyway.' Candace stayed at the foot of the stairs with her manicured fingers touching her throat as Joanne went up and into the building. Jo wanted to apologize, but she figured it did Candy good to be put in her place for once. She watched from a corner window as Candy made her way back toward Langier's. 'Well, that does it. I'll just never go back there ever again. Maybe I should drop out of school. It would be easier to explain.' Jo took her time up the stairs and to the third floor. She had needed to get to somewhere normal when she turned for the sciences building in the first place. The only slightly normal place she could rely on was Dr. Samuel's office. She knocked.

"What on earth? Joanne, you're not scheduled to be here," he said in his usual brisk way. "It's Saturday."

"I'm sorry, doc. I'll just come back some other time," she made an attempt to leave.

"No, come in and meet my wife. We're just stopping off before I take her to lunch. Why is your scarf wrapped around your wrist like that?"

She recoiled. It wasn't really anything that he did that set her off. She looked down at the scarf she'd been clutching in her hand. Dr. S had smiled slightly when he said the word wife. He probably didn't even know he'd done it, but it was just normal enough to make the tears roll down her face anyway. It had been too much to think that she could progress with her day as if nothing happened.

"I'm so sorry," she whined as she turned away and went for the door to the stairs.

She didn't get very far.

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