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Auntie trains & humiliates.

It made my nipples go rock hard, and I was sure they'd be visible through the t-shirt. That thought made my pussy burn, and I could tell that I was blushing even more than before. I picked up my pace, as much out of desperation to get to my room and touch myself as out of fear of being seen. I was half way up the stairs to my dorm when I heard a man's voice calling my name.

It was John-tall, blue-eyed John, the guy I'd had a hopeless crush on for the past two-and-a-half years. The guy who barely spoke to me while I lingered just outside his conversations at parties. The guy who, if I'm being honest, had motivated me to get in shape. The guy who was flagging me down on the street, now, when I was half-naked and dripping wet and wanted nothing except to rip off the one piece of clothing I had on and cram my vibrator up my pussy as fast as I could.

"Hey, you doing anything right now?" he said. "You want to go grab breakfast or something?"

"Sure! Just let me run up stairs and change. I just got back from the gym." That's what I should've said. It's what one-year-ago, unconfident me would've said, if she had ever been in this situation in the first place. What I actually said, as I turned back down the stairs with the wind still whipping across my bare pussy: "Yeah, I'm starved."

What can I say? I had wanted to be naked with him since freshman year, and if this was as close as I might ever get, I was going to make it last.

We started off towards the dining hall, cutting through a little park at the center of campus. Our talk was awkward-we really didn't know each other that well, and I was in no frame of mind to be witty. He kept clumsily shifting his pace to drop back a step or two behind me, or pausing to admire flowers that were already wilted. At different points he stopped to tie each of his shoes, which didn't seem to be untied. When he made a show of somehow dropping his keys from inside his shorts pocket, I was dead certain: he knew.

But how? I reach back to feel my t-shirt behind me and, to my horror, felt nothing but bare skin. I found the hem of the shirt bunched up beneath my backpack and tugged it down. "Oh shit," I said. I was ready to run at full speed back to my room, but instead, I black out for a second, just long enough to land in John's arms.

He led me to a bench and sat beside me. "Are you okay?"

I still wanted to run, but I was too unsteady. "How much did you see?" I asked, my voice quavering. I was afraid I might cry.

"Was... was that not on purpose?" he answered. "Oh man, I would never have..."

"No! I mean... kind of? But no one was supposed to know."

Now he was blushing too. "Well, don't worry, I won't tell anybody. Just breathe, ok? It's alright."

His concern was sweet, and it calmed me down immediately. Suddenly I felt safer than I had since I was by myself in the locker room. But he was still curious, too. The second he was sure I wasn't going to pass out, he asked, "Do you have anything on at all under there?"

I shook my head. "Maybe I should go back to my room and change, huh?" I said. "Will you come with me, and tell me if it starts to ride up again?"

He agreed and we started back, but we had only gone a few steps when he nudged me to pull my shirt down. A few steps further and another nudge. "Maybe I should just take your backpack," he offered.

Looking up at him with my tiny purple backpack slung over one shoulder, I felt grateful that it was John out of everyone on campus who had caught me trotting up my dorm stairs with my ass out. I was just about to thank him when the sky opened up, and we were both instantly drenched. This was a bigger problem for me, since I was wearing nothing but a white t-shirt.

John pointed out a magnolia tree, and we hid in the cave created by its branches, where only a few drops of rain made it through.

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