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Casual couple re-connect for a thrilling encounter.

"Well, I enjoyed having you and Dad see me naked and watch me suck Steve's dick and it was very hot having you stroke Dad off into my mouth. I can still taste them both in my mouth. Oh, and I also liked seeing you naked."

My mom smiled broadly at this and said: "I liked all that too. And I'm enjoying seeing you naked right now. I always wondered if you and your brother played with one another. You are definitely your father's son."

She noticed the slightly confused look on my face and said: "Your dad likes men from time to time too and I have always loved watching him. And I certainly enjoyed seeing what you did with Steve last night -- that was quite a show. Do you do things with any other boys?"

I was getting very turned on by all of this and replied: "I suck off Kurt, Scott and Brian pretty regularly, Steve usually a couple of times a day and I've done Tony next door a few times. A couple of other guys also but I don't think you know them."

"My goodness! Quite the little cum slut aren't you?"

"I guess I am. I love sucking cocks. A lot of the time when a guy cums in my mouth it will make me cum -- without even touching myself." I responded as I rinsed the shampoo from my hair, my dick still erect and throbbing.

"Yeah? That is quite something. And do you ever do more than ..suck their cocks?"

"Well, most of them have fucked me -- you know in the ass -- at least once."

"Hmmmm. That's would be quite a sight. Now what about that girl you were seeing -- Pam. Does she know about any of this?"

"Sure, she loves to watch me do guys. We've had a few threesomes with Steve and Scott. She really likes to be fucked by Scott. And Steve's girlfriend Kim knows and has watched us together a few times."

"Interesting. And what are these boy's like? Any one you particularly like -- why does Pam like Scott so much?"

"I like them all -- they're all different. Steve's you have seen. I like it because it's a lot like sucking my own cock. Kurt is small but he really cums a lot -- I always have to swallow 3 or 4 times to get him all down. Brian is very similar to Steve and me. Scott and Tony both have incredible dicks. I have measured Scott at 9.5 inches and he is very thick, that's what Pam likes about it. Tony is even longer but thinner. It feels great when I get them all the way down my throat."

"Wow, you can deep throat those guys? I'm not sure I could do that. Sometimes my throat is sore the next day after your dad really gets into -- as he calls it -- fucking my mouth." Mom stated.

"Well, Dad's got a pretty thick prick there. Yeah, I've never had a cock that I couldn't take all the way down and never had one that didn't cum in my mouth." I said with some degree of pride. I couldn't believe I was having a conversation about sucking cock with my own mother as she watched me soap up my body with my hard dick sticking out straight at her. Of course she did just watch me suck off her other son and the she jerked her husband off into her son's mouth the night before.

I now had soap all over my body and my hand slid down to my cock and very slowly stroked to the end and then back up and cupped my balls. My mom watched intently as I continued this motion. Since shortly after she walked in I had been able to notice her nipples as they pushed against the thin, now moist material of her nightgown. I stared at my mother's breasts as I continued to slowly slide my hand up and down the shaft of my dick.

The brief spell was broken as I heard Mom say: "I want to play with that too." I looked up from her breasts to see her grinning. She then reached down to the hem of her nightgown and pulled it up over her head leaving her nude in front of me. Her next move was to open the shower door and take a step closer to me and wrap her hand around the head of my cock and slide it ever so slowly toward the base of the shaft.

"Bring that nice soapy prick over here where I can really play with it.

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