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One dance; one beer; one night.

"You just lay there and let me do the work. You don't come until I do. Don't move. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"

He nodded, and in that instant I plunged on to his cock, all the way down to his balls with so much force that the air blasted from his lungs. I began to grind on his pubic bone, fucking his cock with my cunt muscles.

"Fuck me, Mistress Bibi, this feels fantastic."

I looked down at him with an evil smile. "You got that right, bitch. It's not you fucking me. I'm in charge and I'm fucking you."

Without any warning he reached up, took hold of me under my arms, and in one fluid movement flipped me on my back. He lifted my legs and put my ankles on his shoulders. Held me down, with his hands on mine, against the bed and slammed inside me. What the hell was happening? This wasn't in the scenario! It was supposed to end with him coming as I rode him cowgirl. It was supposed to end with him promising me anything I wanted. He was supposed to beg to serve me forever. It was supposed to finish with me putting a collar and leash on him.

He held me down and continued fucking me.


Before I could answer he bent forward and passionately kissed me.

"The job was always yours, Miss Daniels. I've had my eye on you for some time, or perhaps I should say I've had my eye on your lovely arse, on your fabulous tits, wondering if your pussy was up to the same standard. I've found out it is, and you certainly have the skills to go a long way in the firm, because I need someone as ruthless as me for this position."

"You are pretty firm yourself, Mr Smith. I must say that I've thoroughly enjoyed our discussion. We've also come to a successful conclusion."

"Anything else I can do for you, Miss Daniels?"

"Well, apart from fucking me until your balls drop off, and my cunt wears out, please call me BiBi!"

We had both developed an appetite, for something other than fucking, and as there was a pub nearby decided to have lunch.


It was a good idea to have lunch because our energy reserves had run pretty low. He went to the bar to replenish our drinks, I took my phone out and made a call. When he returned I could tell, from the quizzical look on his face, he was wondering who I'd been calling so I told him, as I'd had my phone switched off while we were together I'd been checking my messages. Part of which was true. We both enjoyed the break, replenishing our energy. In the case of Will, replenishing something else. After lunch, time for dessert. It was going to be an action packed afternoon, although Will didn't realise just how action packed.


As soon as we got back we both stripped off and headed for the shower. Will had brought a bag of goodies with him and we took them into the bathroom with us. My en-suite walk in shower was large enough to easily accommodate four people so we had plenty of room. It also had two separate shower heads so ideal for me to share with clients.

Will opened the first of the goodies. A large carton of custard which he poured over my 38 GG's. I lifted the right one up to my lips first and proceeded to lick the custard and then repeated the process with the left one. He poured the remainder on to my tits and then he sucked each nipple in turn. I began to laugh and he asked why. I told him it was because not only did he have custard around his mouth but on his nose and dripping from his chin. It looked as if he had been trying to swallow yellow cum.

He opened a second carton of custard and I poured some on his chest, then began to lick it up and suck on his nipples for a change. I poured a liberal amount over his cock and got down on my knees and proceeded to suck it off his cock, which not surprisingly was rock hard. Delicious. He turned around facing the shower wall so I poured what was left of the custard on his cheeks so that it ran down into his arse crack and then gave him a good rimming.

We had used up all

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