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A tale of how a Thanksgiving gone awry is saved.

My shirt was open so again I felt the same glorious sensations I'd felt that night while we were still trying to resist one another.

"I know this gown," I said looking up and down her fabulous frame.

"It always makes me feel sexy. Ever since that night."

"Well, the feeling is definitely accurate," I said as I nestled into her neck. I reached down and gently cupped her mound. She moaned and bit my neck. I wanted to push her up against my cock, but I remembered her pain, and decided to keep my cock out of things as best I could. I turned her around and kissed her hair, teasing her nipples though the thin silk. She moaned loudly and pushed her ass hard against my cock. This wasn't going to be easy. I reached into her bag and pulled out her vibrator. It was definitely smaller than me - I understood now how it might offer her a gentler path to glory. I turned it on fairly low and brought it up against one of her nipples.

"Uhhhnnnn...OH GOD!" She screamed. Wow. I set the vibrator aside for now and held both of her breasts completely in my hands, gently massaging both nipples with my fingertips

"OhhhhhOHHHHHH...sweet jesus, I love your hands..." she panted. I brought one hand down and quickly pulled off my shorts and underwear - my cock had been threatening to rip a hole through them. She felt it bobbing around behind her and instinctively pushed herself up against it, moving her ass up and down to massage it. She reached behind and fondled my balls.

"This whole package, it's...a work of art," she cooed. I pulled her gown up over her head and picked up the vibrator again. I brought it up to her breasts but avoided her nipples for the time being, massaging broad circles around them instead.

"Ahhhhh...Ahiiiiii...Oh Jake..." She reached past my hands and pinched her nipples vigorously, again pushing into my cock. Then she grabbed one of my hands and gently touched the vibrator head to her nipple. She shuddered violently and threw her other hand down to her pussy, rubbing furiously.

"Oh godohgodohgodohgodohGOD!!" She was shaking all over. Still kneading her breast, with my other hand I slowly brought the vibrator up to her pussy lips. As soon as it made contact she pushed her ass back on to my cock with such force that she slammed me into the wall of the shower stall.

"Oh my fucking god Jake. I want to fuck you so bad."

"Not a good idea. You're tender. We don't want you limping back to the site."

"Jake, do you..." She turned around and looked at me. "Do you think you could fuck my ass?" I was surprised at this.

"Won't that just make you even more tender?"

"Ya, I suppose, but..I can handle it. Jed and I used to do it, and I really enjoyed it. Especially if I have a toy handy. You', bigger. Way bigger. But I've been experimenting, and I think I can take it. I want to try." She pulled out a big tube of lube.

"Wow. You really have thought about this."

"I wanted to ask you last night, after you tongued me so deeply..." she sighed as she remembered. "But I'd forgotten to bring the lube.

"Well, if you're sure that's what you want, I would be thrilled to oblige. Please let me know if you feel any pain at all."

"Jake," she said, "A little pain can be a very good thing. Don't worry, I won't let you go too far." She kneeled down and sucked my cock ferociously for a couple of minutes. Then she opened the lube and smeared it all over my head and shaft, and reached round and put it on her ass. She put some on the vibrator and handed it to me. "Start with this," she said, and turned around to lean on the wall. I turned it on and brought it to her anus, gently teasing it for several minutes, pushing just the end in and out, gradually going further and further.

'Ohhhh, yes babe.

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