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A passionate and intense street corner seduction.

Sandra had made the room ready for a romantic love night. The only question was, who is the lucky man? After her behavior earlier that evening it could hardly have been I. Was it the "toupee head" I had kicked in the balls?

Now it was clear why there were three champagne glasses. The third glass must been intended for me while she and the "toupee head" fucked in my bed. Sandra must have gone totally mad if she could even think that I would accept such a humiliation in my own house. That was why that silly humiliation took place at her Union party. She must have known that several of the guests at the party were members in my golf club and who wouldn't want to play with me if I had acted as the spineless wimp she expected me to be there? How could she hate me so much a few hours after our pleasant lunch in the park? She was right that divorce was the only possible solution now.

I folded the red sheets and laid them at the doorstep with her ice bucket, champagne, tray with three champagne glasses, strawberries and a note in A4 size which read, "Sandra's whorehouse has moved to a new site. Address unknown."

Then I locked all three doors from the inside with boards from my workshop in the garage between the floor and the door handles so the doors could not be opened from the outside even when she opened the lock with her key.

Only a few minutes later she came alone in a taxi, hesitated when she saw her things and the sign on the doorstep, rang somebody on her cell phone and walked away without trying to come in. A taxi came a few minutes later.

If she was able to do what she had done tonight, she would even be able to be a nasty lady when she was away on her trips to the main office together with Nelly. I had accepted her silly explanation, though with doubts that made her furious, that it was a demand from their Union they not drive when they were tired after an intensive day at the main office. If this Nelly and Sandra could take some drug, probably cocaine, before going to the Union party in their hometown tonight, what could they do alone in the county capital?

I decided to make a closer investigation for some kind of evidence about Sandra's possible whoring and began among her private belongings. Nothing found in her drawers with underwear. Neither any fancy sexy lingerie nor any sex toys or anything else of interest in the bedroom. Nothing strange in her dispatch case. Nothing in her calendar, no secret codes, no strange phone numbers. We shared the desk in our home office with four drawers for each of us. I had never had any reason to look in her drawers before but now I took a close look in them.

Nothing in the first three of them but the fourth was locked. I searched for the key but didn't find any so I opened the drawer with a bended nail and pliers. The first thing I saw in the drawer was a ring binder with Sandra's salary specifications, which confused me until I found out why she kept it behind a lock. She had taken some hours off at least one morning every month during the last five months and when I compared the dates with her calendar, it was always the day after their visit at the main office. Under the ring binder was her private photo album from the time before she met me. She had showed it to me when we moved in together and nothing strange in it, some old boyfriends and rather innocent party pictures. I opened it anyway and bingo. Between the sides in the album I found eight pictures probably taken with her cell phone's 2-mega-pixel camera.

The phone was a birthday gift from me and she had been very glad when she got it. The pictures were printed out with a high quality color printer and put the final full stop to my marriage.

Two were with a curly yellow haired naked young man, probably a male stripper, at a bar obviously after the closing time because nobody else was on the picture.

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