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A Halloween Story.

He's one of those few Black guys out there who don't chase chubby White women or sexy but bossy Black women. He's into us Asian girls. Isn't that cool? I find Jacques really interesting. The only problem is that he's so far away. Well, two days ago he told me he was coming to Toronto to visit his friend Matthew during Reading Week. That's what we call Spring Break in Canada, for those of you who don't speak Canadian.

As you can imagine, I was thrilled that Jacques was coming to Toronto for his break. It turned out that his buddy Matthew lived only a couple of miles away from my apartment in the Mississauga area. We met at this mall, grabbed a bite and had a good time. I found Jacques to be even better-looking in person than on his Facebook profile. This six-foot-one, lean and muscular, dark-skinned Haitian stud took my breath away. I have always found men of African descent supremely attractive. Most of the Asian girls I know are into White guys, when they're not at the beck and call of Asian men. Nothing against White males but they just don't light my fire. Growing up I had pictures of Black celebrities like Tyson Beckford, Wesley Snipes and Will Smith on my bedroom wall. No Brad Pitt or Jackie Chan pictures, though. To me, Black men are all that and the proverbial bag of chips. Oh, and it's not a fetish. I am interested in who the Black male is as a person, his character, his likes and dislikes. I'm not one of those random sluts out there with a craving for chocolate. I like Black men as people, not just for their big dicks and hot bodies.

I was really happy to meet with Jacques at the mall in Toronto. We grabbed a quick bite together, then went to the movies. We caught a double feature, Ghost Rider and that Olsen chick scary movie. I had a really nice time with Jacques. Afterwards, we hugged and he told me he really had to go. Something about their plans for the evening. He wanted to go back to his buddy's spot. I offered him a ride in my beat-up old Bentley and throughout the ride, he was charming and flirtatious. We arrived at our destination, and he did something which really surprised me. Jacques took my hand and kissed it. I smiled at that, since it was both sweet and totally unexpected. I stayed in the car as Jacques went to knock on the door. After a few minutes, a tall Black guy with no hair answered. Jacques gave him a quick hug and kiss, and that's when my jaw dropped. Yes, you read right. The sexy Haitian stud I was gushing over just kissed a Black dude. What the fuck?

I must have really zoned out because I accidentally hit the car horn, and it honked loudly. Jacques and his buddy stared at me. Jacques playfully smacked his forehead, then came to my door, smiling. The other Black guy followed him. Jacques introduced me to his buddy Matthew Sylvester, a Jamaican guy who attended the University of Toronto. I looked from one to the other, then hesitantly shook Matthew's hand. Jacques broke the ice. Looking me in the eyes, he told me he was bisexual and that he and Matthew were JUST friends. They were not fuck buddies. I gasped in surprise. Wow. I knew something was up between them but to hear Jacques say it like that was really kind of surprising. From what I know of the Black community, they're not fond of gay and bisexual Black males. Matthew waved at me, and told me he was bisexual too. Then he invited me over for cr__me souffl__. Amazingly, I accepted!

Yeah, I sat in the kitchen with Matthew Sylvester and Jacques Beauregard.

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