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Frank treats Jen like a slut; Jen realizes she IS a slut.

Two, sign your favorite picture, to prove that you have seen them. And three, put a nickname of your choice above my penis, to show that I have displayed my small penis for you." I handed the man a black magic marker.

"This is really fucked up," he said. "But if that's all it takes to get to fuck that babe, no problem." He quickly signed the paper, a picture, and in bold letters wrote "DINKY DICK" where my pubic hair once was.

We dressed and he followed me in his car to our house. As we walked in, Megan met us at the door, wearing a very revealing teddie that left little to the imagination. It was little more than three small triangles of material covering her pussy and nipples, connected by lace and gauze. It looked outstanding.

I said, "This is my wife, Megan. Please, sir, fuck my wife for me."

He grinned, "Hello, Megan. Is this for real?"

"Definitely. For once, I'm going to have a real man's cock inside me," she turned to me. "Take your clothes off." So, standing in the front foyer, I stripped naked. Looking at my new label, she uttered, "Perfect. Dinky is what it is, so Dinky is who you are. Let's go upstairs."

The three of us heading up to our bedroom. Obviously, my wife was not going to waste any time. Once there, she said, "Dinky, please unwrap my new lover, so I can see if you have done your job properly."

I pulled off his shirt and then unzipped his jeans and pulled them off. The bulge in his shorts showed that he was very appreciative of what he was seeing in my wife. I paused for a moment, then grasped the waistband of his underwear and pulled them out and over his hard cock. It was even bigger than I expected now that it was hard. I pulled his shorts off and he stood there naked. When I turned around my wife was holding a ruler. "Measure it, Dinky. Let's see how you two compare."

I took the ruler and held it along side his hard cock. "It says 8 1/2 inches."

"Now, yours, Dinky," my wife instructed.

I stroked myself to full length which didn't take much, because I was already nearly hard and measured it, "5 inches."

Megan laughed, "Yeah that's quite a difference. Maybe I'll actually enjoy sex for once." With that my wife slipped off her teddie and beckoned her soon to be new lover to the bed. He didn't speak, but pushed her down on our bed and dropped his face between her legs. She started to moan almost instantly. "My God, he's better at oral sex than you, too. I thought that tiny dicked men were supposed to make up for it with their much for that theory. You're just useless in bed, Dinky..." Her voice trailed off as the pleasure he was giving her started to escalate. I sat down to watch and came the second my hand touched my cock, just as Megan was reaching her first orgasm of the day.

As her lover sat up, he looked at me and spoke for the first time in the bedroom, "Look, Dinky really liked that." My wife looked at the mess on my lap and smiled, Then he said to me, "Dinky, if you liked that, you're going to love seeing me stretch out this sweet little pussy with my cock." My cock twitched and started to harden again.

I went to the bathroom to clean up and returned to find my wife sucking his big cock into her mouth. He was moaning as she licked up and down the shaft and around his mammoth balls. Then she'd take as much as she could into her mouth, sucking him and swirling her tongue around his cock. She's always been a good cocksucker and I could see he agreed. He didn't take long and he started to buck his hips, then he froze and I knew that he was shooting his cum down her throat. She swallowed quickly several times to be sure not to miss a single drop. She slowed her rhythm and stroked him slowly to get him back to full erection. I had been hard for most of the blowjob and was stroking myself again, trying not to cum too fast again.

Megan laid on her back with her legs spread wide, "Please fuck me with that wonderful cock.

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