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Teammates work up a lather.

I will walk her down the aisle. I would like Angie and Gianni to be there as well." They were important to Mari as well.

Alysson raised an eyebrow. It wasn't that she minded but she was curious as to the choices. "If you don't mind my asking why, I would like to know." She sort of waved her hand to indicate she didn't mind. "I know they are junior pack members but that doesn't bother me. I am just curious."

Dan smiled. "If I am Mari's stand in father, then Angie is her stand in mother and Gianni represents the pups. Nothing else." The more he thought about it, the more he liked the idea. "Thank you for coming up with it. Of course, my senior wolves will need to be there."

She nodded and gave him a warm smile. "Good choices. Though Gianni might steal the show." She was such a darling little girl. "Now why don't you go and gather them up, find Mari and go get fitted for formal robes." Alysson smirked. "Can't have you giving her away in jeans and one of those horrible shirts you had made." She was taking his version of concert shirts. There was also a bit more of a smirk since she knew he wasn't expecting their version of dress clothing.

It wasn't an order so Dan didn't get riled up, but he narrowed his eyes at her. He could sense a bit more amusement in her expression than there should be. There was something else going on and he wasn't sure what and didn't trust that smirk. "You are making me nervous with that grin." Jon was grinning as well and Dan glowered at him as well for good measure. "Just remember I am bigger than you are."

Dan stood and left the office but was far enough from the office that he didn't hear the peals of laughter. *Angie, you and Gianni meet me at Mari's office please.* He contacted them via the bonds. *Mari, Alysson said I need to get some formal robes made for your induction.*

He got a sort of startled reaction from Angie, but her alpha didn't sound upset. She gathered up Gianni from some of the Kitsune children she had been playing with. In a way she felt sort of sad since she had so many kits to play with here but back at the pack it was limited. "Come Gianni, Dan needs to talk to us."

Dan walked into Mari's office and gave her a warm smile and a nod at Gettie. "Thanks again for last night." He settled in a chair and when Mari gave him a curious look he simply smiled at her. "Patience, Mari Angie and Gianni will be here shortly." Moments later they walked in and looked a little worried.

"Relax you two. Alysson asked me to escort Mari down the aisle as a stand in for her father. I asked if you could escort her as her stand in for her mother and Gianni for the pups." Gettie smiled and Mari looked shocked.

Gianni snickered and did a little dance. "I getta give Mari away. I getta give Mari away." Mari was still looking shocked but the rest stood there smiling.

Gianni's mother laughed. "Just as long as you don't accuse Geoff of stealing your Mari again."

Mari finally stood up and walked over to Angie and gave her a hug before giving Dan a hug as well. "Thank you all three of you. You have no idea how much this means to me." Her final hug was for Gianni and she gave her a good squeeze. "Love you kiddo."

While this was going on, Dan noticed Gettie had a slight smirk on her face and he frowned at her which only got a bigger smirk. "Well, let's get going so she has time to get any tailoring done." She stood up and led them out of the office. The walk to the shop didn't take very long and when they walked in the old lady grinned.

"Oh my, I haven't measured an Alpha for a long time, and a Lord Alpha never." She gave him a good eyeball. "I don't suppose you might be available for dinner and maybe a quiet evening?"

Dan instantly turned red and stuttered something as Gettie and Mari snickered at him. Angie and Gianni were simply looking confused.

The old woman laughed at him.

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