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Be careful how you take your revenge.

He is a tall muscular man whose broad shoulders make him look like he has worked at a steal yard his whole life. His biceps are perturbing trough his dress shirt and his pecks make it look like it was impossible to button his own shirt this morning. His eyes are the deepest blue you have ever seen and you get lost in the until he smiles and say I brought you these. In his hands are flowers he explains he was avoiding you because he didn't know what to say or what to do. But that he finally got the courage to come surprise you. Your heart begins to melt how could this man know exactly what you wanted. You completely forget that you didn't tie your robe and you see that his bulge is getting bigger and bigger. Looking down you notice your nipple had slipped out of your robe embarrassed you tie your robe up and try to figure out something to say to him.

That's when he grabs your back and brings you into him passionately kissing your lips with his. His lips are huge and he starts to bit on your lower lip you begin to lose control of your mind and don't realize your hands reaching into his pants. You feel his hard cock and gasp unbuckling his pants and pulling them down. You see the outline in his shorts amazed you look at it and begin to feel it. You can't even wrap your hand around it. He smiles at you and unites your robe which falls to the ground unveiling you sexy, wet body. He begins to grab that amazing ass and you try to take his cock out of his shorts but the shirt won't release the monster that you so gladly want to tame. You drop down to your knees pulling the shirts down with you admiring the cock that is bigger than your face. Your mouth is salivating at the thought of it.

You open your mouth as wide as you can placing the cock in your mouth only the tip at first which he moans when you start to use you tongue on it. You look up at him his eyes looking down at you. His hands on his hips and then you reach up to feel his balls. They are just as big as you thought they would be and you can only fit one in your hand. That's when he moans so hard he places his hands in the back off your head shoving your mouth deeper and deeper into his cock. You gag, choke and tears begin coming out of your eyes. He keeps going harder and harder faster and faster until you have made his dick so wet he picks you up off of your knees and asks where the bed is.

You gladly tell him and he carries you all the while he is kissing you so passionately you might cum from his kisses. He throws you onto the bed and doesn't hesitate, he puts his mouth on your pussy and begins to suck on your clit pulling it away from your pussy and flicking it with his tongue. You scream out and he goes even faster your legs start to move with ever motion he has and reaches up and plays with your huge tits making you cum so hard you never thought you could. That is when he starts to lick your puss and brings his hands down and rubs on your clit you love ever second of this his huge fingers rub your clit so hard the shower head doesn't even compare. He backs up face covered in your cum and he shoves his finger in your finding your g spot in an instant. He begins to twirl it in a tight circle an this makes you squirm then he pinches it between his fingers which causes you to feel as if you are going to squirt all over him.

He senses your need for his cock and takes out his fingers slapping your clit with his hard cock makes you scream for it to be in you.

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