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The bar was done out in a Wild West theme.

But worse was the incredible sexual desire I had. My cock was hard and jerking around between my legs. When I realized that Colin had returned with his helpers at some point during the spankings I was embarrassed that more guys would discover that the spanking had caused such arousal. I couldn't accept that having my ass assaulted was the cause. I was somewhat relieved when I managed to glance either way and saw that my fellow pledges were also sporting full erections.

"Stand and turn around," Dom snapped after the TM's had had a couple of minutes to admire their work.

"It is fortunate that the celebration does not require you to sit. You will find that will be difficult for a few hours," Derrick said as he began to stroke my throbbing cock.

This was worse torture than the spanking by far. I was on the edge of losing control. There was no ambiguity about the rules in that area. I had been told not to cum until given permission by my TM. Dom said nothing as he deftly manipulated Jerry's cock. I closed my eyes; not wanting to see; trying not to feel. I heard Jason moaning next to me and knew he was close to going over the edge. Caleb growled and warned him not to cum. I wanted to scream for them to stop as Derrick used his thumb to rub my precum over my cock head.

"Hold on," Dom said clearly trying to bolster our resolve.

It stopped just as I was sure I could not hold out for another second. All three of us had somehow passed the test. I was afraid to open my eyes. I thought that just seeing my naked fellow pledges and their hard dicks or even Dom's face might cause my dick to begin spewing semen. All three of us were panting as our TM's and their helpers looked at our naked bodies.

"Take them! Get them groomed and dressed. Time is short," Caleb instructed.

"Come on guys," Colin said with a hint of excitement in his voice.

When I opened my eyes the bulge in his pants was very evident. They led us up the back stairs. Thankfully we did not encounter any of our future brothers along the way to the shower room. They had us stand while they shaved away the meager new growth on our pubic areas, balls and asses. After rinsing and drying off we were taken to another room to dress. I had chosen to take a cold rinse which had helped to kill my hard-on. I was glad I had when I saw what we were to wear.

The underpants were barely more than a pouch and string around the waist. Jason's large equipment almost didn't fit. I noticed Jerry's very red ass as he adjusted the little string that ran from the waist to the bottom of the pouch. It was meant to be concealed in the ass crack so that from behind we looked naked. Over the underwear went an unusual pair of shorts. The side seams were Velcro. They could easily be ripped off with one good yank. The shirts they gave us were half tees which left our abs exposed. I would have felt less silly being naked. Once dressed we were taken back downstairs and left in a small room off of the big living room where we had first been shown to the brotherhood. Jason made the mistake of trying to sit in one of the comfortable looking chairs.

"Son of a bitch!" He exclaimed as he jumped to his feet. "They were right about not being able to sit for awhile guys.

We milled around waiting and peering into the big room.

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