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" I was now in a playful mood, promoted by his sensual touches and attention. In fact, my panties were feeling damp, but not from the soft drink, but from the gentle petting I was getting from a sexy uncle.

I moved to get more at ease, my hip was now tighter against his body, so I needed to alter my position to rebalance myself and get both my feet on the floor. Uncle Bill noticed my change of position and his hand was now on the upper part of my thigh and he had bunched my skirt up around my waist. "Uncle Bill, you are naughty. I should smack your hand now and make you take it away. You know that, don't you?" He looked at me and saw me smile,

"Do you really want me to do that, my sweet, or are you waiting to feel the touch of Uncle Bill inside those blue panties?" I didn't answer him, but I kissed him full on the mouth and pressed my tongue between his lips.

Now, it was Uncle Bill's turn to shift his position. He moved his legs and I saw his hand go between his legs to shift that bulge in the crotch of his trousers. I was pleased that my kiss had aroused Uncle Bill. "My dear, you have made your Uncle Bill very happy with that kiss, now I am going to reward you. I felt his hand touch my belly, his fingertips pushed under the elastic waist band of my panties, his hand paused to feel my young crop of hair as he moved further down; I felt one finger touch my clit. I jumped at his touch.

"See, Uncle Bill knew where to find that little pink jewel you have hidden away," he told me. He didn't stop there and soon I widened my legs as best I could in this precarious position on his upper leg.

He stopped touching my pussy and motioned for me to sit up and whispered, "Can we use your bed, Prue? It would be more relaxing there." I took his hand and led him into my bedroom without hesitation. My ideas had changed and I was all for going all the way with this sensuous uncle of mine. I let him take my shirt off over my head and he slipped my skirt down to the floor and I watched as he slid my panties down revealing my brunette covering. I was now naked and enjoying being watched and having my buttocks patted and squeezed by this man more than 20 years older than me.

I can now understand why some girls say that 'it takes a man to make love properly, not a boy'. This man was pressing all the right buttons for me. I didn't feel uncomfortable about unbuckling his belt and pushing his trousers to the floor. He stepped out of them and now that bulge was pressing hard and large against his underpants, so I gathered the nerve to say, "Would you like me to make that feel more comfortable, Sir?" He laughed and nodded. I slipped them off and now I could see what the bulge was all about. He was well-endowed. I took hold of his shaft and saw the large knob with its darker pink rim around its edge and I could now feel how thick the shaft was as it poked out from his tangled pubic hair, among which I noticed a few grey ones. His testicles seemed to fill their sac and I know I shouldn't make comparisons, but I did think if only my boyfriends were so well equipped.

I stroked his already rigid penis a few times before kneeling down in front of him and sucking the pink head into my mouth. "Oh, my god that feels so good, Prue. Use your tongue underneath it and squeeze my balls." I had the sense he was enjoying this, so I continued the application of my fingers and tongue to his engorged organ. Now, I knew we were reaching a new level when I felt his hand pushing on the back of my head, easing me closer to his groin and his cock was going further into my mouth. I had to judge my actions, so he was fully aroused, but not yet ready to cum. I didn't want today to be just a blow-job, but to tease him for as long as I could. I stopped when I thought he was almost there and suggested we get onto the bed. He fell back onto my bed and I squeezed up close beside him on the single bed, facing towards his feet, to continue pleasing him.

I resumed my grip or his cock and worked on jerking him off.

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