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Passion explodes between mother and son.

David practically leapt at Hilary and held her against the wall, their mouths open, tongues exploring. Gary mumbled something about letting them get reacquainted and left them alone but they could barely hear him over the moans escaping their lips. David was grinding against Hilary's crotch and she instinctively raised her dress as he battled with his clothing to release his aching cock. They both wanted - needed - the same thing and Hilary had barely hiked up her dress before David was pulling aside her underwear and thrusting himself inside of her. The two lovers froze as they both let out a deep moan of pure pleasure. Ten years. It had been ten years since either of them had touched each other and they were making up for it now.

David's cock slid into Hilary's wet pussy like a cold hand in a warm glove. They did not remain still for long. David thrust himself in and out like a man possessed while Hilary locked her legs around his hips, as if she was sure he'd fall out. She needn't have worried. He was going nowhere. There was nowhere he'd rather be than fucking this woman against the wall. The electricity between the two of them as they mated was captivating. He pounded at her so hard she thought she was going to pass out through the pleasure before she felt a familiar spark inside of her. The spark grew larger as it spread through her body. It was her first orgasm in longer than she could remember and she moaned breathlessly in David's ear as he approached his own. Her mouth widened and her eyes rolled up as she shook around him. David felt a familiar tightening in his balls before unleashing a torrent of cum deep inside his lover. It was a fast and frantic few minutes which left both of them panting as they remained intertwined by the front door.

Hilary giggled into David's neck as she realised the absurdity of the situation. "It certainly has been a while!" she finally said. Before David could answer, she kissed him deeply and lowered herself to her knees. She grabbed his lengthy shaft and admired it before using her tongue to clean it. David squirmed as he tongue flicked and licked his sensitive head and he was quickly reminded of her ferocious sexual appetite and oral skills.

"Mmmm, we taste amazing!" she said slyly between mouthfuls. "Would you like to go upstairs?"

"Y-y-yes," David stammered. "Like you wouldn't believe!" Hilary giggled again and rose to her feet, leading David up the large staircase. David followed intently, staring at the large bum and glistening pussy as Hilary's hips shook from left to right. He couldn't help himself. He reached out and took a cheek in each hand. He parted them softly and slid a finger over the woman's lips. It was Hilary's turn to be reminded of David's ferocious appetite. She instinctively leant forward as he reached out with his tongue to have a taste of something he'd been craving for so long. He inhaled deeply and was overcome by her sweet scent which only made him bury his tongue deeper and lap at her vagina with more intensity. Hilary reached out to hold onto a banister as the merciless oral assault on her pussy continued. Overcome with satisfaction, she slumped into the stairs as David moved stealthily up her body, kissing a trail as he did so. He nibbled in her ear and she melted as he said, "You're right; we taste incredible."

She led him to the bedroom and was pleasantly surprised to see him almost fully erect again.

"Get on the bed.

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