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Masturbatory fantasy of a slave.

Both had their circuits fried as they stayed mated, each with their head on the other's shoulder, and giggled. When they finally detached their sticky copulating parts from each other and stood on wobbly legs Blair spoke first.

"The last hour, starting with when you put the music on, may have been the most exciting hour of my life. Your body is amazing!"

"You liked my routine?" Cheryl rhetorically asked.

"I loved your routine, it was almost as awesome as fucking you," Blair replied, and after a pregnant pause continued "almost," before laughing.

The two of them then lay on an exercise mat and engaged in "mat talk," not "pillow talk." Their entire discussion was entirely free of angst, guilt, or any other emotion except delight.

"Believe it or not, Cheryl, I had already decided that the next time we were alone together I was going to clinically give you all the reasons why we should start a sexual relationship."

"Did you like my type of 'clinic' more?" Cheryl snickered.

"Actually about one thousand times more, especially considering how it came out."

"Well, let me have your clinical reasons anyway, Blair."

"OK - I do have them memorized and now I won't be nearly as nervous telling you them since we've just had toe-curling orgasms."

"I should hope not," Cheryl guffawed.

"Well, first we like each other's company.... Hey, if you pull on my dick while I'm reciting them I'm gonna get distracted, so stop already."

"Oh, so sorry Mr. Actuary. How about if I just rub your testicles while you tell me."

"You're not going to make it easy, are you?"

"Hell no, what fun would that be?" Cheryl replied with her most diabolical grin to date.

"Shit, OK, then I'll twist one of your nipples when I make each point."

"No, please don't" Cheryl mocked as she gently squeezed his balls, "don't throw me in the briar patch Mr. Fox."

"You're so bad. Second, we both know how to be discreet. Third, our spouses travel about the same amount. Fourth, you have a built-in babysitter in your mom. Fifth, we both like our family situations and aren't going to do anything stupid to jeopardize them. Sixth, while we're very fond of each other we aren't likely to fall in love. And seventh, and most important, we both are in very bad need of fun and excitement in our lives and more likely than not will do whatever the other person wants to get maximum pleasure and thrills out of a sexual relationship."

"Hmmm, let me think," Cheryl said, stroking her chin and pretending like she had a big decision to make before continuing.

"Will you eat my pussy?"


"Will you shove a butt plug up my ass and then fuck my pussy?"

"Hell yes!" Blair enthusiastically responded even though he had never done that before.

"Will you fuck me bent over a chair?"

"Hell, hell, yes!"

"Will you cum in my mouth?"

"Just try me."

"Will you fuck me in the shower?"

"Triple hell yes!"

"Will you fuck my ass?"

"While flicking your clit with one hand and squeezing a nipple with the other," Blair replied, sounding like a pro even though he never had done that before either.

"Where do I sign up?"

"I need to get dressed before I can talk about it further," Blair murmured.

"Not before you fuck me again, doggy," Cheryl responded holding his cock.

"I haven't gotten it up twice in a half hour since I was nineteen," Blair replied turning slightly red.

"You will tonight," Cheryl shot back, immediately taking his cock into her mouth while kneading his balls with both hands.

She was right.

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