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Auntie trains & humiliates.

Kimee cooed as Wally worked on the tits and nipples and Kimee leaned back. Wally continued his sucking and fondling of Kimee's tits and then he decided to get Kimee off. Wally let his hand trail down Kimee's body and inside Kimee's panties but she stopped him.

"I want you to fuck me now. I want you to fuck me in my ass," she whispered.

Kimee turned her back to Wally and pulled the panties down below her buttocks. Her beautiful ass was displayed and Wally fondled her shapely buttocks. He was thrilled that he would get to fuck such a lovely ass. His cock was rock hard and he placed it in the crack of her bottom. "I'm ready. I lubed up earlier just use some saliva to make it slippery.

Wally spit in his hand and coated his cock with his saliva. He pushed against Kimee's sphincter and his cock popped right in. He entered her quickly and he was surprised how easy it went in. He began fucking her standing up as he held to her hips. He thought that she might want to cum too and he moved his hands toward her vagina. Kimee intercepted his hands again and brought them up to her breasts. "Squeeze my breasts and pinch my nipples while you fuck me," she directed in a sexy tone.

He continued to fuck her ass slowly as he loved watching his cock slide in and out of her beautiful bum. Wally was in no hurry to cum but he felt his discharge building in his balls. As he approached his release it seemed as if his cock was swelling to new proportions. Kimee's ass got tighter and choked Wally's cock. He felt his seed surge through his shaft but the pressure was intense almost unbearable. Then he exploded in Kimee's rectum and there was a large puff of smoke as he ejaculated.

When the smoke cleared Kimee was gone. Wally was standing there alone with his costume half off and his erect cock sticking straight out. He was totally confused by Kimee's action and he could not figure out what happened. His only explanation was that she knew some magic trick and had played it on him. He re-arranged his costume and then went to refresh his drink and resume his search for his Asian witch. He was not done with her yet and he planned to talk her into coming home with him.

Then just as quickly as she had disappeared Kimee was back next to his side carrying two drinks, "Here. I got you a drink."

"What is it, scotch?"

"No something better, this will keep you hard and let you keep cumming all night," she whispered in his ear and then swiped it with her wet tongue.

Wally felt chills run through his body when she tongued his ear. He took a sip of the drink that tasted like a sweet wine. He hated sweet wine. "Drink it all and you will feel the effect," Kimee coached him.

Wally drank it down and immediately he felt a glow throughout his body. Then things seem to happen that he could not explain. He felt lighter and felt as if he could fly. Then he was flying and everything around him was a blur as if he was moving rapidly. He couldn't make out any people at the party and next he was flying through the city streets. This couldn't be and he suspected he was hallucinating. It had to be the drink. It must have been laced with something.

Wally came to rest in a bed and there were candles lit all around it. Kimee was with him and they were both naked. He couldn't focus on her either and her figure blurred in his eyes. The next thing he saw was a cock approaching his mouth. He tried to get away but his body was paralyzed. The pecker entered his mouth and grew hard. Wally couldn't move and the person just fucked his mouth. Wally looked up and saw Kimee's sweet face but he couldn't imagine that the cock belonged to her.

As the person fucking Wally's mouth got close to ejaculating the room began to change.

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