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Prim vice-principal gets drunk and reluctantly submits.

Carefully Sunita removed all of the older woman's armpit hair and carefully rubbed some baby oil to prevent itching. After 10 minutes, the young woman washed Monee's armpits with warm water and soap, and toweled them dry.

Then Sunita begins to soap Monee's thick jungle of pussy hair, her fingers trailing and brushing against Monee's plump cunt lips and clit as she rubs the soap thoroughly. Monee's eyes closed and moaned in delight, her womanhood is so sensitive and right now she can feel the arousing rising inside her body from the young woman's seemingly innocent touches.

She can feel Sunita's fingers brushes gently against her clit and run slightly into her moist womanhood as the young woman soap her crotch to prepare her for the shaving. Sunita too felt a strange heat rising from her own clean shaven pussy as her fingers tell her that Monee's pussy is so soft, plump and incredibly tight.

This feeling was new to Sunita as she never imagined that she would felt this way for another woman, especially a woman who is a lot older than she is. But she tells herself that it is all just a girl's silliness and makes herself focus on helping Monee to shave. Slowly and carefully Sunita clean shaved the older woman's body hairless just like hers.

After shaving, she rubbed baby oil on the older woman's crotch to prevent itching and razor burn. In a kneeling position, Sunita found that she just can not help herself but to look at Monee's very fat dark brown cunt lips and how alluring they are to even a young woman like herself.

Her eyes greedily taking in how ripe Monee's womanhood is and how swollen the older woman's clit is from her thoughts of the steamy fuck session with me. Sunita licked her lips, fighting and struggling with great difficulty to tear her eyes from Monee's body and tell the older woman that everything is done. Monee smiled at the young woman and thanked her for the help.

Then Sunita gets up and pick up a large dry towel, turned to face Monee and begins to dry their bodies, and she can not help herself but to instinctively rubbing her tits against Monee's. Monee's face reddened, as she did not expect the young girl to do something like this. She knows that at times when men are away, women would need to, say comfort each other, but that mostly happens with widows or when husbands are away for extended period of time, which both are not applicable with Sunita. However, as Sunita keeps on rubbing their tits against each other, Monee can feel herself getting aroused as well.

Sunita lets go of the towel as she begin to feel the wetness between her thighs. Slowly, driven by instinct she knelt before Monee and begins to suckle on the woman's huge tits and fat nipples. She suckled hard and her hands went up to cup Monee's breasts then squeezing them tenderly like babes. Monee signed softly and hold the young girl close, caressing her and brushing her hair with her own fingers.

She begins to moan as she feels the wetness of her womanhood grow. Her hands begin to caressing Sunita's firm breasts as well. Sunita lets go of Monee's tits and stand up, her face flushed like Monee's with sexual arousal, and a bit more shyness as she uses her hands to squeeze the older woman's tits and rubbing on the moist, hair covered cunt.

Monee leaned against the wall as her vagina clenching around the girls probing fingers while her own hands explored Sunita's tight pussy. She feels the young woman's cunt squeezing around her 2 fingers so tight it is hard for her to withdraw while her other hand begin to pull and pinch on Sunita's nipples. Both woman let out moans and are purring with delight as they worked harder to make each other achieve orgasm. With their fingers probing each other's pussy and squeezing breasts, Sunita now looking at Monee in a new light as a lover and no longer jealous of her relationship with me, as she feels so close to the older woman and hoping that this can last longer.

The young woman closed her eyes as sh

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