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Kristy makes a big mistake and pays for it!

Now use that hot mouth of yours and suck me until I tell you to stop. I want one hand playing with my balls and the other jerking my cock with the spit from your filthy mouth. Ahhh...yes, just like the cum slut you are. Get up! I said get up! Pull your pussy lips wide. I want to see how sucking my cock makes your hole glisten. Now, get to the floor, face down, ass up. I'm going to rub my throbbing head over that wet slit and ram every inch of myself into your dirty hole."

I heard every gasp the woman was making. The rawness of the video grew and Michael ragingly slid his thick hand intensely up and down his shaft. I could see the gleam of pre-cum growing abundantly. In one swift motion, he smeared his juice as a lubricant in his fingers. I saw his feet begin to jerk and his hips grinding with every stroke. His body was moist and his eyes were wild as he continued the video.

I suddenly became aware that my juices were sliding down my thighs. With my right hand, I slid into the very small triangle of the red and black lace g-string. My crotch was soaked, my clit completely engorged and the smooth lips full of anticipation.

I pulled my pierced hood back and pressed the ball firmly into my large clit. Rubbing in fierce circles, I let out my own primal moans. My legs grew weak and I braced myself against the door frame. The heavy oak slammed against the wall and woke me from my semi-unconscious state. Lightning shot through to my core as Michael sneered at me.

"Are you enjoying yourself, Kalina? Answer and explain to me why you should have the privilege of watching me get off?"

"I, um... I am extremely turned on. I swear, I just couldn't tear my eyes away. I didn't mean any harm, Sir."

Michael still had a hand on his rock-hard cock as his eyes sent a burning gaze towards me. I felt a shiver rattle me with bumps adorning my flesh. My cunt still raining juices and my nipples rigid from pure delight.

Michael raised his unoccupied hand and summoned me to his side. "Kneel next to me, girl, and do not make a sound. You will do as I say. If you even move the slightest bit? I will put your leather cuffs on and link them through your collar. Do you realize how much trouble your voyeurism has cost you? No! Not a peep from your trashy mouth."

I glanced at Michael as my mind wondered what my innocent viewing would lead to. Surprisingly, I wasn't scared. I kept the emotionless stare diverted as per his instructions.

Michael's whole composition had changed as he rose from the couch. I dare not move or even peer sideways for I didn't want to displease him. In the distance, I could hear the zipper's teeth of what I assumed had become our toy bag. Chains were clinking as he rummaged through finding the implements he craved.

Averting my eyes as his naked body strolled past me, a fistful of my hair held into his grip, I winced from the initial pain. Michael yanked my hair and pulled me towards him. My knees were burning from the bite of the rug, but I didn't allow him the satisfaction. Abruptly we stopped and Michael was inspecting my body.

"Show me your wrists, hands palm up, I'm going to cuff you after all. It will give me so much joy to treat you like the raunchy whore you are."

Quickly, the leather cuffs were strapped to my wrists and he hitched a chain between them. With his teeth, he tore off a piece of red tape.

"Close your mouth. I don't want to hear you. This is your punishment."

The bondage tape felt taut against my softened flesh. The harmless looking chain entwined with my cuffs were anything but harmless. They had daunting clips and I knew what was coming next.

With precision, Michael took the chain and clamped down on my rigid and substantial nipples. The clamps were tight and made me wince, but I still did not move.

"Oh, what a beautiful slut you are. I really need to take a picture. Spread your knees further apart so I can see the shine of your silk coming from that hole. Yeah, that's it. Perfect. Are you my good, little whore?"

I nodded affirmatively with a crinkle in my forehead as th

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