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Victria bites off more than she can chew.

I opened the back door and leaned in to help her adjust her wrists. Just as I had hoped I got a straight shot at her left breast, nipple and all. GOD they were so nice. She asked if she could get out and reposition herself in the car. I took her arm and pulled her upright. She stepped out with her right foot and stopped, I knew she was flashing me her pussy on purpose, but I still stared straight at it. I brought her out of the car and she knelt in front of me begging me not to arrest her. Her parents would kill her if she got arrested. I'm not sure if it was on purpose or accidental but she fell against me and her face was in my crotch. I grabbed her hair and jerked her head back, then forced her to look up at me. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and told me she would do anything to keep from being arrested -- ANYTHING. I knew one thing she could do for sure and I would forget her indiscretion. I repeated the word to her again ANYTHING; it hung in the air like it was a sin. She nodded and licked her lips.

She said she couldn't do much with her hands cuffed behind her. I was watching for an escape attempt so I released her hands and re-cuffed her in the front. I kind of liked the way they looked on her, and she was a prisoner after all. She tentatively reached for my crotch with her cuffed hands, clumsily unbuttoned my uniform trousers, and released my cock. She immediately started licking it, then slid it into her mouth. She was wonderful; her mouth felt so good sliding up and down my raging hard prick I nearly shot my wad right away. I grabbed a handful of hair and jerked her head back telling her to slow down. I was surprised when she looked up at me, her face showed both anger and disappointment. I pulled her up by her hair and led her to the hood of my car. I ordered her to put her hands on it. She protested weakly, I think more because she thought she should than anything, but I reminded her that we were on the way to jail if she didn't cooperate. She obeyed and put her hands on the hood as I instructed. I pulled her skirt off and admired her beautiful ass, my God she was hot. Then I unbuttoned her shirt and grabbed her tits, they were firm and just big enough. I groped her; I wouldn't call it foreplay, more like a rough inspection of her body. When I got to her pussy she was soaking wet. Apparently she enjoyed sex that was a little rough; I was going to have fun with this.

I knelt down behind her and buried my tongue in her snatch, she tasted wonderful. She was so wet and sweet. I continued tonguing her catching her clit every few licks, then suddenly bit down on her pussy. Not enough to hurt her, just hard enough to cause her a little pain. She jumped but quickly resumed her position and rammed her pussy back into my mouth. I alternated licks and bites, I wasn't sure if she came or not, I didn't really care for that matter, but she did go stiff for a minute. I decided to go a little farther and licked my way to her asshole. She moaned quietly as my tongue slid over it. I went back and forth from her cunt to her asshole licking both and smiling to myself as she tried to keep my tongue where she wanted it. I smacked her ass hard and told her to be still. She stopped moving but she was still quivering. I stood up and rammed my cock into her pussy. No easing it in, no rubbing around the opening, just slamming it home. She moaned again as I did. I couldn't resist talking dirty to her; I figured it fit in this situation.

"You like my cock don't you bitch?"

No answer, I smacked her ass again

"I asked you if you liked my cock, answer me!".

She glared back at me over her shoulder and answered "Yes."

I could tell that under ordinary circumstances she might be the dominant one, but today I was in charge and she knew it. I fucked her hard and fast as long as I could stand it, I was going to cum if I kept this pace up and I wasn't ready to.

I ordered her to lie on the hood

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