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A Mad Bitch Office Manager is tamed by her secretary.

Oh Ali, you were so right. It feels so good just to bend her over her own desk and fuck her in the ass, mmmmmmmmm, it makes me feel so dominant and powerful."

"And how about you, Mrs Montgomery?" Alison asked, the camera blurring for a moment as the blonde quickly moved round so she could point her phone directly to her teacher's face, "How does it feel to have your daughter's dick in your ass?"

Mrs Montgomery blushed and lowered her head, and then cried out loudly as the spank to her ass echoed throughout the room and Aria demanded in a tone which made Mona's pussy and ass hole quiver with delight, "Answer her Mom!"

Clearly trying to avoid her daughter, presumably, smacking her ass again Mrs Montgomery whimpered, "I love it! I love my daughter's dick in my ass."

There was a brief pause, Alison probably grinning wickedly, then the evil blonde asked, "Do you wish the room wasn't empty? That it was full of your students? That it was the middle of the day and your classroom was filled with your favourite students and fellow teachers, all watching you getting butt banged by your own daughter?"

Obviously realising how she should reply Mrs Montgomery looked up into the camera and practically wept, "Yes, I wish the whole school was in here so they could see what a perverted slut I am."

If possible Mrs Montgomery's cheeks became even redder, partly because of what she just said and partly because of her two students laughing at her, and then... it ended.

The video ended and Mona was left blinking in disbelief. The video was only about a minute long, but it felt like it had lasted an hour. She groaned with frustration, and finally slowed down the force of her finger fucking.

If she had been hammering her cunt she would have probably cum, and while it felt like she was embarrassingly close she desperately wanted something bigger in her ass hole. However she ignored that submissive feeling and moved on to the pictures.

The first was a very large ass, clearly Mrs Montgomery's from the look of the gaping hole in between those cheeks. The next shot was of Mrs Montgomery on her knees in front of Aria, her daughter's cock halfway in her mouth, they older of the two brunettes presumably going ass to mouth. And the next shot was of Mrs Montgomery bent over her desk again, this time with Alison behind her.

Suddenly overcome with jealousy Mona found herself thinking 'how dare she' and then as she really didn't want to analyse why she had thought that/felt that she raced through the rest of the photos depicting Alison ass fucking their teacher and then shoving her dildo into the older woman's mouth for cleaning.

Mona then watched the video again, then whizzed through the photos, and so on until she received a call, "So, have you changed your mind yet?"

"No." Mona said weakly.

"Well, we'll see if that changes when Aria is sliding her strap-on into your butt." Alison gently threatened, before quickly adding, "In the meantime, you didn't call me back like I asked, and while that's kind of understandable I'm not the type of top who lets her bottoms get away with anything."

Mona wanted to argue she wasn't a bottom, and certainly not Alison's, but instead she whimpered, "Please Alison, I'm sorry. I was going to call you back, I swear-"

"But you got distracted, I know, I know." Alison said dismissively, "I don't want to hear your excuses."

"But-" Mona began.

"Mona! Don't forget who holds all the cards here." Alison warned, "Now, I was going to be nice and let you slip the second finger into your butt first, make sure you were nice and stretched out, but now I want you to just go ahead and shove a nice big dildo up your ass. Mmmmmmm, but don't worry Mona, I'm sure after all those times I fucked you it will slid in real easy. The real challenge will be holding up your phone so you can film it for me."

Mona went very pale, "You can't be serious?"

"As a heart attack.

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