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Dylan and Emily repeat.

I slowly walk over to Ginny and help her open the box.

"Craig, get the basket of drinks out, please." I look into the box as Ginny pulls open the flaps. There, lying at the top is a video camera and a tripod, and another envelope with my name on it. I reach in and take the envelope and slowly open it, I remove the letter and look at Ginny who smiles, lifts out the camera and hands it to Craig. Then she starts to set up the tripod.

Dear Brandy,
Today is a special day for you. I want to make you a member of the mile high club and Ginny has volunteered to help. She has hired a friend to help video tape this event so I may watch it with you at a later time. I want you to relax and enjoy the ride, have fun and smile.
Your master, Don
I look up from my letter to see both Ginny and Craig smiling at me. "I can't believe this--how long have you two been plotting this one?" I ask Ginny.

"Oh, for a month. We wanted to reward you for all your hard work."

I look in the box and see that there is a bottom that can be lifted out. I grab the handles and lift the bottom out to discover that Don has indeed been busy. Lying there gleaming in the sun is a small arsenal of toys for my pleasure.

Ginny laughs, and then says, "So you have discovered the next layer in the box, have you?"

I pick up the first toy in the box. It is a wonderful purple butt plug, so soft to the touch. I throw it to Ginny "Hope you can think of ways to please me with this." I then go back to the box and look at the rest of the toys. There are a double-ended dildo, a set of vibrating Ben Wah Balls, plenty of lubrication, nipple clamps, and two vibrators of varying size. I lift out the tray to find a large white blanket at the bottom of the box. I lift out the blanket and I lay it out on the floor of the basket.

"Brandy, are you ready to begin your initiation?"

I look over at Ginny and feel the heat of lust in her eyes. I reach out my hand and take her zipper in my fingers and pull it down, exposing her tits. I look at them in their cage of lace and satin, I slowly run my finger over the tit feeling the nipple rise under the lace. I hear her breath intake as I slowly lower my head over that raised bud and feel the lace as my tongue licks the nipple till I hear her moan. "I'm ready, but are you, Ginny?"

I feel her fingers as they pull my zipper down and take my tits into her hands. I feel the heat of her skin as my fingers work around her back and release her tits from the bondage so I can eat the firm smooth skin of her breasts. My tongue lashes her nipples as her fingers work their magic on my skin. I reach up and pull the jumpsuit off her shoulders as my teeth bite her hard nipple.

I hear a gasp from Craig, as the jumpsuit slips off Ginny, leaving her exposed in her thong with my head buried in her tits. I feel Ginny's hands as they slip my jumpsuit off; I can feel her tongue as it laves my nipple and then her teeth as they bite me gently. I stop and look at her as she continues to eat my tits. My fingers wrap in her hair feeling its texture. I watch her as she slowly works her mouth lower, feeling her tongue and teeth as they work their way down my stomach, her fingers working their magic on my legs as she continues to lick my stomach, her tongue going closer each time to my pussy. I feel her heat as she keeps working my skin. I arch my back wanting to feel her tongue on my pussy, lick the juices that are starting to escape from my hot quim.

I look over and smile at the camera.

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