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A remote control vibrator leads to a daring night out.

Rather than the gentle lovemaking he usually employed to drive Shanon to the edge, James moved quickly. Admirably, Shanon held off for a long time. When she started to lose control James stopped.

Still within her he leaned down and whispered in her ear. "Cum for Master."

The walls of her cunt tightened around him as she climaxed. Almost immediately James began moving again. Shanon wanted more. The feeling of being driven over the precipice by words alone was exquisite. He forced her to go longer this time but finally the words floated gently into her ear.

"Cum for Master."

The next time shorter. Then longer again. Still longer. Then far too short. Finally James switched positions and watched her eyes as they made love, slowly now. When her eyes were glassy, watching from afar, he whispered in her ear once more.

"Cum for Master."

She collapsed as James let his own climax overwhelm him. Pulling slowly out he lay her out on the carpet and examined her.

Face flushed red with arousal. Chest heaving. Eyes still unfocused. Miniature spasms flitted through her. Mouth hung open. Stone hard nipples jutting upward. Sweat beaded on skin. Juices seeped out of her pussy.

He could just about devour her. Instead he lay down beside his puppy and whispered sweet degradations in her ear. Such a good girl. No control at all. So obedient. Good little puppy-girl.

"Stay, pet."

James returned with a pencil and sketchbook. "Amazing the things one can find just lying around," he explained. "We have a while before lunch. Would you like to work on that drawing you were talking about yesterday, Shanon?"

She nodded and took the offered paper. James sat down behind her and rested his head on her shoulder. He did his best not to distract her but the occasional finger somehow managed to work it's way down to her clit.

The sketch took shape character by character.

Father Odin. Radiant Balder. Mighty Thor. Steadfast Heimdall. Beautiful Sif. Clever Loki. Fierce Tyr. Behind them the world was as detailed as the gods themselves. James wondered what it would look like when she added color.

Switching his attention James explored her face then moved his probing fingers down to feel her neck. Shanon moaned and dropped her pencil, her concentration had broken completely. Moving his hands down her arms James forced her pick the pencil back up.

"But, sir . . ."

"Hush. I didn't tell you to stop and I certainly didn't give you your voice back."

"But there's nothing--"

"Don't argue with me, pet. We both know you can't win. When it comes right down to it you want to be good." Playfully Shanon tried to escape but James wrapped an arm around her waist and pinched one nipple. "Don't try that. Stay and be good. Finish the picture for me."

Shanon looked down at the paper in front of her. There was more to add. The assault on her body relaxed as James gave her room to sketch more. He smiled secretly and watched new characters come to life. An artist drawing artists. Life in black and white yet with the color everywhere.

When Shanon put the pencil down again and looked at him James kissed her.

"Good girl. I knew you could do it. Now it's time for lunch. I'll bring it in for you." He rubbed her pussy just to watch her head loll back. "Afterwards we can play the game you want to play."

Lunch was a simple meal. As promised, James brought her bowl into the living room. While he ate James watched Shanon wriggle around and lap up the milk he had poured for her. When he finished his food James took hold of his pet's pony tail and pulled her head back. She looked up at him, mouth hanging open in a huge smile.

"Time to eat." James gave Shanon a tiny smile as he released her and picked up a scrap of food from his plate. He fed it to her as he massaged her cunt. She took the entire meal like that, interrupted only by the occasional torturous presence of James' hands.

With lunch finished James pushed the vibrator inside of Shanon once more.

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