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Natalie is given a spanking by Penny.

The illusion in this case was that she was bound to the wall and gagged as Simon drained the sphere he could feel the energy in that sphere flow through him giving Simon a moment of pure energy allowing him to transform briefly. He had to choose his moment carefully as he has one shot at transforming Simon turned to Cara still holding the powerless orb only to see her restraints disappear as Cara regained consciousness as soon as Simon drained the power from the orb.

Simon caught her which stopped her from falling when her body suddenly got kicked back into reality. Just as the second demon was rushing towards Simon with her sword shaped elbows when Simon turned as he chose to transform at that precise moment when he was turning which reminded him of a moment in Avengers Assemble.

The moment where the Avengers start fighting the Chitauris and before they all were given their specific orders by Captain America. When Bruce Banner rides in on a moped just as Tony Stark brings a space whale which the Chitauri uses as a transport vehicle into battle. Just as the moment when Bruce tells Captain America that his secret in controlling the Hulk is that he is always angry, when he turns around while he is transforming from Bruce Banner to the Incredible Hulk just before altered he punches the whale leading up to the moment when Ironman makes the whale explode by firing missiles at the exposed skin.

When Simon was facing the demon rushing towards him he had fully transformed as he didn't know how long that energy would last but he would be able to make it count as he threw the orb what no one knew. Simon changed the power of the orb that was controlling Cara he changed it to trap any demon inside so he could gain the energy from that demon to make it so he can maintain the transformation for the day like he did the previous day. Simon didn't throw the orb at the demon heading towards him as Simon sidestepped leaving the demon heading straight past him. This moment allowed Simon to throw the newly altered orb at the shape-shifting demon holding Altiiar down as the orb made contact Simon thrusted one of his demon blades through the skull of the demon that tried to rush him just moments before.

When Simon pulled his blade out of the skull of that demon letting the body fall to the floor just in time to see the orb make contact with the shape-shifter demon so Simon, Cara and Altiiar could see the entire demon disappear into the orb in a swirl as the entire body of the demon it was touching disappeared into the orb. After this it fell to the floor steaming as it was a one shot wonder throw which worked releasing Altiiar where he immediately locked on the demon on Terra making him writhe as his darkest fears came to life in his mind. He fell off Terra enough for Terra to push him off her as she forced his power out of his body absorbing it in her own body. She sensed before Simon arrived that he was a wrath demon so her own sphere of wrath as she grew in power.

Cara walked over to the demon that Simon paralysed earlier as the female demon tried to crawl towards the door Cara pounced onto the demon trying to escape the force that Cara landed on the demon shattered the spine and skull killing the demon instantly. "Is everyone ok?" Simon asked everyone after the threats had been exterminated.

"Could be better although if you didn't come my lord we would have been in a worse place." Altiiar said to Simon which brought to his next question.

"Where is Jamie?" Simon asked to see blank looks from his three companions before Simon asked speaking to Slamaria through the mark.

"Have you seen Jamie Slamaria as he/she would prefer isn't here?"

"No Simon I haven't seen Jamie though I am just about to go into my demon's rooms so I will let you know if Jamie is in my halls."


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