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Str8 businessman meets investor, discovers new interest.

Quietly, she removed her blouse and skirt, leaving just the matching hot pink thong panties and low-cut bra, with her thigh-high stockings and suspender belt. The fabric was so transparent you could see her nipples and the stain of her pussy juices. She walked up softly behind him, wrapping her arms around his chest, one hand finding a nipple through his shirt.

"Hi babe," she whispered. "Sorry I'm late."

He didn't say anything, he looked over his shoulder, smiling when he saw her and reached to pull her toward him for a kiss. Standing, he deepened the kiss, his tongue mating with hers as they simply stood and held each other. Their kiss was just as she had imagined. She felt like she had come home.

He lifted his head, still smiling. " I'm glad you changed your mind" he said.

Taking her hand he led her slowly to the bed. Hungrily he kissed her again before pushing her down onto the bed and laying beside her.

"There's still time to back out babe" he whispered.

She reached over and cupped his cock through his jeans, gently squeezing.

"I guess that's a no, then," he laughed.

He let his hand trail over the naked skin of her stomach, up to her barely covered breasts. He pinched a nipple and leaned over to lick it through the cloth, taking it into his hot mouth and sucking. She moaned, her body rising from the bed, urging him closer. He reached and opened the clasp of her bra, his mouth finding her naked nipple and biting gently. She pushed him onto his back, straddling him. She could feel his hard cock between her thighs and she moaned. Reaching down she pulled his t-shirt up and over his head, her breasts rubbing on his chest hair as she leaned forward. Moaning again, she rubbed back and forth, her nipples hard as pebbles.

Desperate to be closer to her, he flipped her onto her back and settled between her thighs. His cock pressed hard against her wet pussy, but the fabric of his jeans kept them apart. Their kisses were heated now, their hands exploring each others bodies, his fingers pinching her nipples, her hands on his butt holding him to her, grinding up against him. He rolled away and began to remove his pants, and she sat and watched. Her pussy grew even wetter as he revealed his boxer shorts and then his beautiful cock.

He wanted to be inside her now, but she had other ideas. She took his cock in her hand and stroked him, smiling as he grew harder. She urged him to lie down and she knelt beside him, a shy look on her face. Keeping eye contact with him, she leaned forward and licked the head of his cock. His hips jerked from the bed, wanting more, but she was in control now. She stroked his cock while her tongue licked down the length of it, sucking one of his balls into her mouth. He was harder now and a tiny drop glistened on the head of his cock.

He smiled at her, his body shaking from need. He knew she loved that little drop and he waited for her to taste it. She returned his smile and slowly licked his cock, her tongue circling the head, she licked her lips and then she took all of him into her mouth. His hips jerked as she sucked him into her, her mouth hot and wet. He was moaning now, wanting to cum, but she held him back. She wanted him inside her when he came this first time.

"My turn," he whispered to her as he pulled away.

He rolled her onto her back and took his place above her. He kissed her, tasting himself on her lips, then moved down her body, tasting her breasts, her hard nipples begging for his touch. His mouth skimmed her stomach, his tongue finding her bellybutton and lingering. Moving down he settled between her thighs. He smiled up at her. Her pussy was still covered by the thin layer of fabric, but he put his mouth to it and sucked, tasting her juices and feeling her heat. Her hands tangled in his hair as he sucked at her. She moaned, her hips rising from the bed.

Impatient to really taste her, he tore the thin strip of cloth from her and parted her pussy lips with his fingers.

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