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Traci just wants a quiet weekend at home.

Now look ahead, whore!"

He spanked her several more times, a little harder each time. She yelped with each smack, and soon felt a warm sting on her ass. His hand reached between her legs, and he roughly inserted two fingers into her wet hole. "You like it I see. I should have expected that from a slut selling herself to strangers."

He tweaked her clitoris between his thumb and forefinger, bring an audible groan from her mouth. Soon she felt herself filled as he quickly thrust his cock into her. He moved it in and out several times, then spit on his thumb, and slowly inserted into her anus. With that done he increased the rhythm and began roughly fucking her, slamming her body against the back of the chair.

He slowed down for a moment and said "How much for your asshole?"

Gasping from the rough sex, she panted "Another $200." Truth be told, this was the best fuck she'd had in ages, and she would have let him do it for free. He didn't know that though.

His cock came out of her pussy and he took his thumb from her rectum. Soon his cock was at her rear entrance and slowly forcing its way in. She felt some pain, but gradually relaxed to the point where the head popped past the sphincter. Slowly at first, but again with increasing tempo, he began fucking her in earnest.

He took his cock from her ass and smacked her lightly on one buttock. She yelped, and he said "Take off the dress."

She gingerly stood up and turned around, reaching for the clasp at her neck. He watched her, one hand pulling on his cock as she removed her dress.

"Sit in the chair, slut."

She turned and sat down.

"Lean forward, and jerk me off. I want it all over your face."

She began jerking off, as fast as she could, until she felt his balls tense. He grunted, and stringy jets of semen began hitting her face. She opened her mouth, and continued until he was finished. He grinned at her and went into the bathroom, returning a moment later wiping himself off with a washcloth.

He got his wallet and pulled out a wad of cash, counting out $800 dollars, and tossing it on the carpet in front of her. "There you go. Get dressed and get out."

"Can't I was up first?"

"No, I have an early start in the morning. Get out."

She knelt down on the carpet and gathered the money, putting into her purse. With the john's semen drying on her face and hair, she slowly pulled on her dress. Her knees were weak, and she'd climaxed at least twice from his attentions. She cast her eyes down and shakily left the hotel room.

She couldn't just go back to the bar this way, and she wasn't quite done for the evening. She went back down to her room, and took off her dress. Turning on the light in the bathroom, she turned to see what her as looked like. It was a bit rosy, but not bruised at all, and what marks the were there would fade quickly. She leaned forward on the sink and looked at herself in the mirror. There was semen all over her face and hair, which was a mess. She smirked at the just fucked look and turned on the shower.

Luckily he'd had her remove the dress, as it was the only one with her that would do. Next time she'd be better prepared. It was a little disheveled, but it would do.

She made herself up, and headed back to the bar, fifty dollars for Carl in her purse. Three more trips upstairs and she was feeling well and truly fucked. Carl was her new best friend, and she hadn't paid for a drink since the first one.

The evening was starting to slow down, and she'd been sitting at the bar for forty five minutes. She was just about to call it a night when two men in their thirties sidled up along either side of her. "Hi!" said the first one.

"Hi back." She said with a somewhat tired smile.

"We've been watching you most of the evening. You are simply gorgeous my dear"

"Thank you so much, is there something I can do for you boys?"

"Well, we're wondering how much you'd ask to take on the two of us."

She was a little surprised, but quickly recovered. "A thousand should do it" she quickly answered.

The two men leaned around her and looked at each ot

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