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Once all the guests leave, the real party begins.


The next ten minutes were filled with soft moans and gasps from Penny, punctuated with the odd squeal of delight as Sorrel touched her in a new place, and quiet wet, slurping noises as Sorrel licked and fingered her friend.

Sorrel lowered her head and sucked on Penny's clitoris, quickly, temptingly, just once, so that she cried out. Then she shook back her hair and looked up. She said devilishly, "Penny. Tell me what you want me to do."

"Bum," murmured Penny blissfully. She sounded as if the effects of the alcohol and Sorrel's ministrations were sending her to sleep.

"What?" asked Sorrel around a mouthful of clitoris.


"Bumhole?" asked Sorrel, raising her head. Her lipstick was smudged obscenely across her cheeks with Penny's tangy juices.

"Lick me there. Lick my bumhole please."

Without a word, Sorrel turned Penny onto her right hand side and lifted her left leg higher. I couldn't have had a better view. Penny's puckered brown anus glistened in the lamplight as Sorrel carefully prised the other woman's bum cheeks apart not ten feet away from me. My own erection was by now painful, dribbling on the carpet. I started to stroke my cock. Up and down. Up and down. If they happened to push my door open they'd find me, naked, wanking, and spying on them. I only wished I could've set up my camera and filmed all this.

"You don't think it's disgusting do you?"

"Mmm ... What?"

"Wanting my asshole licked?"

"Not at all. You're a sexy girl Pen. I want to kiss every last part of you."

Sorrel's tongue lapped away at the full, pink length of Penny's vulva, then onward. Moistening her perineum before delicately circling her asshole. Penny gasped and pushed back against Sorrel's probing tongue. Sorrel teased, slipping the tip of her tongue into the wrinkled ridges and creases before darting back out again. Then again, and again, each time probing a little deeper, a little closer.

"Uhh ... uhh ... don't tease," begged Penny.

"You like that?"

"Yeah ..."

"You want me in your dirty little hole?"

"OhmyGod stop teasing me ..."

Sorrel pushed her tongue into the other woman's back passage as far as she could get it and swirled it around inside. Penny was by now sobbing with ecstasy. Sorrel stroked Penny's secret entrance with one long, green varnished fingernail as she licked. Around and around, up and down.

"Finger me," muttered Penny.

"For a girl who's never shagged another girl, you certainly know what you want," said Sorrel.

"Ian does it," answered Penny, "he likes doing things to my bumhole."

"I bet he does," Sorrel probed Penny's vagina with her fingers to gather some lubrication, then slowly, carefully squeezed a finger up into her friend's ass. Penny sighed. Sorrel started to slide the finger in and out, in and out, until she felt that Penny was ready for more. She slid two fingers in.

"Ahh, fuck me ..."

Penny's anus squelched around Sorrel's thrusting fingers, sucking them in. A squeaking fart forced its way out.

"Scuse you," said Sorrel.

"Sorry," apologised Penny and giggled self consciously.

"So does Ian do this?"


"With his fingers?"

"Mmm, yeah ..."

"His cock ... up your ass?"

"Sometimes," Penny gasped and buried her face in the pillows as she neared her orgasm. Sorrel slowed the motion of her hand.

"I better stop."

"Please don't ... ahh ... I'm going to come."

"So tell me what Ian does."

Penny pushed back against Sorrel's hand, "He likes to watch me finger myself in the shower ... ahh."

Sorrel paused, frowning then continued where she had left off.

"I masturbate in the shower ... ahh ... while he watches. Then he fucks me up there ... ahh ..."

"And then?"

"I go down on him."

I noticed Sorrel clutching at her own breasts and nipples as she finally brought Penny to a shuddering orgasm.

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