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She comes to revelation while with her brother.

Derin couldn't blame her for being upset as much as she was.

An hour later Derin found himself setting on the opposite end of the couch that Joyce was setting on and still listening to her complain about Bucky. She took a break from ranting and happen to look up to his fireplace mantle. Her eyes locked onto something.

"When did you get that," she asked as she got up and walked over to his fireplace. She picked up the statuette that he had found on his adventure and turned it around in her hands. "It seems...weird."

"I found that in a temple on my last expedition," he explained as he walked over to her. "I don't know why, but I decided to keep it instead of selling it or turning it into a museum. Almost like it wanted me to keep it in a way."

Derin felt the aura in the room suddenly change and felt senses that he had only felt one other time before, the time he had first discovered the figure. He could feel a change coming from Joyce. Almost as if he could read her mind in a way. Waves of energy feeding off of her. The waves began to shake and change course. Instead of emitting and spreading all around her evenly they began to focus on him entirely.

"Derin," she whispered as she set the figure back down where it was. She turned and looked up into his eyes. Her eyes were wide and focused. She stepped forward a bit closer to him and forced her lips to his.

He could feel the energy shaking within her. Suddenly he realized that he too had an energy pulse that was calling her toward him. He had seduced her somehow. Too many different feelings coming at him at once for him to pick any one apart, but he knew that he was receiving senses like he had never known. He could feel her desires. He knew that she wanted him. He knew what she was feeling both emotionally and physically.

Without a second thought he acted on those feelings.

Derin picked her up and brought her over to the couch where she pulled his shirt off and wrapped her legs around his hips as he set her down on the cushions. He could feel her passion hot enough to melt anything boiling inside of her.

He pulled back and jerked her shorts off, tossing them somewhere behind him. He could see her pleasure in anticipation through the rhythmic pulses coming from within her matching pink panties. She set with her legs spread and a half open mouthed look on her face. He slid his hands up her inner legs and watched as the pulses changed shape and speed. Her breathing increased as he hands got closer and closer until they met the base of her panties, causing a small whimper to come from her mouth.

She took her bra and blouse off as he pulled her panties down to the floor. She sat on the couch completely in the nude with her legs spread for him.

Derin realized then that the energy he was feeling from Joyce wasn't just something he could see, but was something that his body was consuming. Almost as if this new ability was feeding off of her lust. Whatever the ability was, it was guiding him toward one goal.

He placed his lips on her inner thigh and slowly kissed his way up, with every kiss bringing another small moan coming from her lips. His lips finally met her soaking wet slit, causing her legs to close slightly around his head. He slid his tongue up and down, in and out, hearing, feeling and consuming her pleasure.

Her body began shaking and he could sense that her climax was close. He worked his tongue faster and faster until a wave of energy hit him so hard that he almost fell back from his position. Joyce began shaking and tossing left and right with her legs tight around his head and her hands running through his hair.

Once her legs loosened from around his head, he pulled back and looked at her. She fell over to her side on the couch and panted for air. He could feel all of the energy build up inside of him and knew it was time to release it.

Eyeing her from head to toes, he could see every ounce of pleasurable spots on and in the woman.

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