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A college reunion that would not be soon forgot.

At this point the normal procedure is to lift the towel, the client turns over safely protected while I discretely turn my head away, just in case, and they settle down facing upwards ready for the next bit. Today I was looking at the most perfectly formed butt I'd had the pleasure to ever gaze on and I made a decision.

Pouring far more oil onto my hands than was strictly necessary, I placed both hands firmly onto his buttocks. It took all my self control not to whimper as I heard the deepest sigh come from under the head end of the table. Did he think this was just a normal part of the massage? OK - let's make it so. I began to press and knead his tight buns, sliding firmly and then caressing lightly in turn. It was just so horny! I was starting to get a little breathless myself when I noticed his legs part ever so slightly - and my life changed forever.

As his legs parted I saw he had a great set of balls, shaved clean and perfectly formed. And below those, starting to make its way down the table, I could see his cock was starting to harden - pressed against the table - and getting bigger with every stroke of my hand across his butt. I consider myself a woman of the world, and thought I'd been with some decent guys, but this was in a different league. I watched in awe as it got longer, and thicker. I half heard an embarrassed apology and something about my hands being too good, but I just mumbled a quick "It's fine, really" as I gazed on a 10 inch wonder of the world.

I slid my hands into the crack between his butt cheeks, pulling them apart and letting oil pour down over his arsehole, sack and onto this long, hard cock. I then followed the flow with my fingers, pressing onto his hole briefly before cupping my hands over his balls, squeezing and gripping them hard enough to raise a real groan from under the table. My pussy was going crazy. I was beyond hot and wet, my breathing had reduced itself to a soft pant and I actually thought I might cum right there. Without noticing, I'd been rubbing myself on the padded edge of the table and was well onto the way to getting myself off. I was losing any semblance of control and I needed more.

Slowly, oh so slowly, I let his balls slide through my hands as I stretched down to the base of his cock. My nails grazed their way around his shaft and I felt the heat and hardness for the first time, tingles spreading through my fingertips as I took hold of the biggest erection I'd ever seen. A long soft moan came form under the table as I slid my grip along his length the to swollen head, raging and purple, already oozing pre-cum in a little sticky teardrop. My head began to swim and I had to remind myself to breath before I passed out from the sexual tension, it was just awesome. I had never felt so horny, and I was with a complete stranger, lying naked and gorgeous in my workplace.

All pretense stopped right there. He wanted to cum. I wanted him to cum. I needed to cum.

As I began to stroke the underside of his cock, I could he was getting a little uncomfortable. He was face down and his cock was lying along the table between his legs the wrong way. I reluctantly lifted my hands away and nudged his side.

"Flip over" I whispered.

I don't know if he'd actually heard me, but he eased himself over and I saw his cock in all its rock hard glory. As he turned it sprang to life like a baseball bat, springing up to its natural place and waving like a flagpole as he settled onto his back. It was an independent thing. Rising up from his balls at an angle and hanging in the air, the bell shaped cock end hovering just a couple of inches above his belly button. My mouth was dry as I took a moment to admire the view.

I managed to look away for a brief moment and really look him in the eye for the first time.

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