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On men's island prison, she is the only woman.

When Jack slid off his shorts, Jen was the first to notice his snug thong. She exclaimed loudly "Oh my, God!" and nudged Sara to look at Jack. By now, Jack was racing into the water leaving the girls behind. Debby asked Jen what she was talking about, and Jen giggled that "she ought to know". Debby laughed, and asked them if they were offended by Jack's suit. Sara asked her if she was brainless - she loved his suit. Jen then commented that she also loved his thong, but she would like to see him more comfortable. Debby innocently asked her what she meant, and Jen gasped that she would love to see Jack swimming naked. Debby faked shock, and asked Jen and Sara if they would like to "surprise" Jack by joining him - in the nude. Jen and Sara looked at one another, and without a single word began to peel off their swim suits. Debby followed suit, and she noticed that Jen and Sara were tan all over and very sexy looking. Jen had large breasts, and Sara had long legs to die for. The girls hurried into the water to find Jack, who was quite a ways out by now. When the girls caught up to Jack, they asked him if he noticed anything unusual about them. Jack was truly amazed when all 3 girls jumped out of the water completely nude. He playfully started swimming towards the shore exclaiming that he was going to have to remove his suit so they would not feel uncomfortable in his company.

Jack walked onto the beach and grabbed his towel. The girls anxiously awaited the moment of truth. With his back to them, Jack slowly slid his thong down over his sexy ass, and he deliberately stepped out of his wet thong. He stood there for a minute with his back to them carefully squeezing the water from his suit and then laying it onto his towel. In the moonlight he looked like a god about to reveal himself to his loving worshipers. Jack then did something quite unexpected - instead of turning around to reveal himself, he knelt down in the sand and slid onto his stomach. He then slowly turned over. Debby was on fire. She saw Jack now laying on his back with sand stuck to the front of his naked body, his enormous penis covered with sand reflecting the moonlight. Jen and Sara both sighed with contentment as they gazed upon Jack's nakedness, his proud erection inviting their hungry stares. Jack stood up and waded into the water towards the silent women. He had a huge grin on his face enjoying the effect he was having on all of them. The four of them swam for a while laughing and splashing in the moonlight. Eventually, Debby suggested that they head inside for some conversation around the fireplace. All agreed. Jack sprinted to his towel and ran inside ahead of the girls. When they were alone, drying themselves off, Jen asked Debby what it was like having that magnificent cock all to herself. Debby explained that she was very satisfied with Jack's size, and that it was an amazing feeling to be completely filled with his sex.

Soon, the three girls were relaxing before a roaring fire in the large living room. They sipped drinks as they sat on the large, thick rug draped only in their towels. Jack had inexplicably not made an appearance since he ran in ahead of them. Just when Debby was about to get up to look for him, Jack came into the room wrapped in his towel. He had obviously just showered. He commented that he hated having sand in his body crevices. Debby spied the girls glancing at Jack's towel - it was tight around his waist revealing the incredible length and girth of his penis. Jack knew what was going on and was eating it up! He sat down behind Debby, and began massaging her shoulders while they talked.

The subject soon turned to sex, and Jen and Sara described in some detail the best sex they had ever had.

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