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Jan finds pleasure in remote ways and places.

Then Santana turned around, crawled up her body and gently but firmly kissed Quinn, quickly reigniting their lust as it almost always did.

Several minutes later Quinn broke the kiss and teased her girlfriend, "Aren't you going to fuck my ass?"

Santana smiled sweetly, caressed Quinn's face and then softly asked her, "You sure you still want this?"

Quinn blushed and nodded, "Give me your worst."

After pressing a quick kiss to Quinn's forehead Santana whispered, "No matter what I say, or do, I love you."

"I love you too." Quinn smiled, "Now... please Santana, fuck my little white girl ass."

Grinning wickedly Santana rolled off her and then got off the bed. Grinning just as wickedly Quinn sat up and watched Santana quickly retrieve one of her harnesses out of her bag, stepped into it and then pull it up her thighs.

Once it was securely around her waist Santana pulled out a tube of lube and then squeezed a generous portion out on her newly acquired dick before rubbing it in which was somehow comical and hot at the same time. While she was doing that Quinn flipped over onto her stomach, lifted herself up onto all fours and then wiggled her ass seductively at her lover.

"Come on Santana, fuck me!" Quinn begged, taking a breath before forcing the words out, "Fuck my little white girl booty!"

"You want this big dick up your ass? Prove it. Spread your cheeks for me." Santana ordered, she was then briefly taken aback when Quinn immediately obeyed, before giving her another order "Now beg like a shameless anal whore to get your juicy white girl ass stuffed."

Quinn blushed and forced herself to do as she was told, "Please San, fuck my ass. Fuck my... my juicy white girl ass. Stuff it full of your big dick. Oh God Santana, please just fuck me. I want it hard, and rough, and dirty. Please Santana, bang my white girl booty. Please stuff my juicy white girl ass and fuck me like a shameless anal whore!"

Santana could happily hear Quinn beg for her all night long. Maybe forever. However at the same time there was only so long she could resist that white booty, especially when the once high and mighty Quinn Fabray was face down and spreading her ass cheeks, her body and her mouth pleading Santana to take that forbidden hole and use it for her pleasure.

So inevitably Santana obliged, although when she did she slowly pushed forwards so she could savour every second of Quinn's butt hole stretching for her, although as amazing as that sight was her favourite part might have been the little sound the other girl let out as her back hole began stretching.

What was even better was the gasp Quinn let out as her anal ring stretched wide enough to accept the head inside her, although that sound had to compete with the sight of Santana's cock violating Quinn's ass which was one of Santana's favourite things ever.

Of course she'd only seen it a couple of times before, but those times were forever ingrained in Santana's memory as some of the best moments of her life, and Quinn giving her that juicy ass of hers after everything they had been through ranked pretty highly, so Santana chose to stop so she could admire just having the head of her strap-on inside this beautiful girl's butt.

"More." Quinn whimpered a few minutes after she completely relaxed, "Please Santana, give me more. I want that whole thing up my butt. Mmmmmmmm, please Santana, give me your entire length, oh fuck, fill my butt, stuff my juicy white girl ass full of your big dick! Please, I want your dick, I AH FUCK!"

With an evil chuckle Santana began pushing forwards, inch after inch of dildo disappearing into Quinn's most intimate hole as her little slut struggled to take her size.

Not that Santana didn't stop every time Quinn let out a sound like the strap-on was about to come out of her mouth, but the Latina did worry that she was a little hasty to stuff the white girl booty in front of her.

She was sure no one, not even Quinn, co

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