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Post office fun.

On one of our water stops, I watched her as she put the nozzle of her water bottle to her lips to drink. I asked her,

"The idea of dating really turns you on, doesn't it?"

"You turn me on darling! It was so sexy doing it in the lake like that-and in front of people! It made me so hot, being naked in front of so many people-even those to cops got to see my naked little bod ... my cunny!" she answered. I started to say,

"Yeah, but..."

"But what, Mark?" She interrupted immediately, "We are out having fun, loving being with each other, so what's the problem?"

"There's no problem ... just the opposite! But it has been a while for us, Donna. You are always showing a house, and I am often working late, and we just haven't made much time for each other lately ... actually for years!"

She looked down after I said that, but lifted her eyes to me and answered,

"That's why this idea of yours is so very interesting! Mark, I don't want us to continue the way we were! I want us to be ... well, like we were last night and, um ... today ... in the water! Sexy, and spontaneous! I like to idea of our dating again like teenagers. It is fresh, and a little exciting ... sexy!"

"Yeah, I do too, baby!" I thought for a few seconds and continued, "Look, I am just wondering, if during one of our dates, you have the option to let another man take you home from a club ... would you do it?" After I asked her that, she thought for a few seconds and said softly,

"Yes! Maybe! I don't know! But it would be exciting, just to have the option." And after a second or two, "You would also have that option my dear, don't forget that!"

I just gave her a wry smile, and mounted my bike. She did the same, and we rode back home in near silence. At home, we stripped and stepped into the shower. She could see that I was miles away in my mind and we soaped each other ... massaged each other. She looked at me, smiled, and scrunched up her nose, so I smiled back and put a spot of soap in the end her cute little nose.

We both laughed, and finished soaping and playing in the shower. We padded into the bedroom and I sat on the edge of the bed, and she came over and sat on my lap, for me to dry her hair, to bring it back to the wavy-curly look I love on her.

When I finished, with both of us still naked, she turned and straddled my lap, and looked into my eyes with her golden-topaz ones; she asked,

"Mark, are you worried about what I might want to do on our date nights?"

"Well, yeah actually, I am. I love you, and would hate to think about you with ... someone else ... like having sex with ... someone ... you know? I know that there are husbands who are get off on that, but I ain't one of them."

Her pretty eyes searched my face as I talked, and she combed her fingers through my hair as her nipples lightly brushed across my chest. She fluttered her eyes closed and kissed me. Then she said,

"Mark, I love you! You are the only man for me, but I have to admit that our dating like we were younger is an exciting idea! And you are the one I mostly will invite to take me home afterward! After a few dates, of course!" (She giggled.)

"Mostly?" I asked with a worried expression. She kissed me again, and said,

"Yes, silly! Mostly! I may find it exciting to let another man drive me home! I might even give him a goodnight kiss ... or invite him in for a glass of wine, or ... me! You know ... just for fun ... for the excitement of it!"

"Donna, I want to do this date thing, but ... well, maybe we should just forget about it for now. We're doing better now; like today and ... recently!"

"Mark, let's not worry about that now. I want to spend the rest of the afternoon making love to my man ... long and slow baby, then you can take me out to dinner ... Italian!" she said, with a sweet smile.

I heard what she said, but I did worry about it! I would never want to see her with another man-I'm not built that way.

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