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An erotic romance novel with several chapters.

I ground my pussy up into his hand as he pressed on my pubic bone. Allowing him to undo my blouse I sat forward as he slipped it down over my shoulders. He unclipped my bra and as it fell down onto the couch I pressed my breasts against his muscular chest. As he sucked gently on my nipples I was lost in a dreamy eroticism and floating towards the point of no return. He slipped his hand down the front of my jeans and felt his fingers move down towards my soft pubic hair. Holding his arm just before he got to my pussy I whispered in his ear, 'Not now Daniel, it's too soon. Maybe I'll have a surprise for you later.'

Daniel slowly broke away from our kiss and laid back whispering in a husky voice, 'Take my shorts down Mom, please.' Without any other words I slipped his shorts down to reveal his clean shaven manhood, his throbbing cock. I was mesmerized by it immediately. It was quite long but thicker than I had seen before and I felt hypnotised by it. Taking him in my hand I began to masturbate him slowly and sensually. My heart was pounding in my chest. I wanted to stop this but I couldn't. With a light grip on his cock I stroked him as he lay there groaning and grinding into my hand. I increased my pace and slightly tightened my grip while cupping his testicles in my free hand. 'I'm cumming Mom,' he moaned he squirted semen over his chest, stomach and my hand. I couldn't tear my eyes away. My son looked so beautiful as he laid semi naked in front of me while he experienced the joy of orgasm. Relaxing my grip I stroked him slowly as the last beads of semen ran down his erect cock. For a moment I was so tempted to lick it off but managed to hold myself back. I got up and brought a wash cloth from the bathroom and lovingly cleaned him up. Daniel sat up and took me in his arms. 'I love you Mom,' he sighed happily.

We lay in each other's arms kissing for quite a while until it was time to get dressed. Replacing my bra and blouse I went upstairs to freshen up.

We spent two hours in town shopping for supplies and a few Christmas gifts I needed to buy. Daniel bought what he needed and we loaded our goods into the car and made for home. Now that we had some quiet time together Daniel asked, 'Any regrets about this morning Mom?'

'There's no point having regrets now Daniel. If we had done those things yesterday then yes, I would have. Now it's too late, so no, no regrets at all. You've brought an erotic excitement into my life and I'm not even sure how to handle it yet. It's completely wrong Daniel but deliciously so.'

'Are you going to tell me what my surprise is?'

'No,' I smiled provocatively, 'but if you're a good boy for mommy I might give it to you for Christmas.'

Daniel blushed slightly as he said, 'You have an amazing body Mom, and your tits are beautiful.'

'Thank you Daniel, that's not something a mother usually hears from her son but it's nice of you to say so.

Daniel grinned as we drove home.

By the time we got home and tidied the shopping away it was almost 2 in the afternoon. I made a light lunch for Daniel and I and we sat chatting in the kitchen. There was an underlying sexual current in the air as I turned the conversation to the change in our relationship.

'Daniel this is only your third day home and already we have kissed and cuddled, we have masturbated together albeit in different rooms, you have had your own mother semi naked and I have masturbated you. Do you truly grasp what we have done?'

'I know what we've done Mom, but please don't let's stop now, I am happier than I've ever been. The pain of my longing seems to be easing away,'

'I just don't want you to see me as a sex object Daniel; I'm first and foremost your mother.

'I've never regarded you as anything else but my mother and I'd be nothing without you Mom. I'll never see you as a sex object because I'm in love with you. To me you are my mother and my lover and I never want that to change.'

My heart melted and I kissed Daniel's forehead and hugged him.

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