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Cecilia spanks Jason with a belt for streaking.

Lex is going to take your ass and you may cum, we will stay here together tonight and go home in the morning. You will sleep with me."

Lacy nodded and continued eating Sydney who watched as her Master got behind Lacy and eased his cock into her ass. Lacy tensed at his girth, but she managed to relax as Lexington took her hips in his hand and began to fuck.

Lacy kept eating as Sydney held Lacy's head in her pussy. It wasn't long before Sydney came again. Lacy was next and exploded as Lexington fucked in her ass. Lexington held on. He was enjoying being inside such a tight behind. He wanted to slam into Lacy's ass, but instead reached around and held onto her breasts pinching the nipples as he fucked in and out.

Lacy exhausted moaned as she felt Lexington's hand's on her breasts. Derrick was stroking his cock. She looked up at him pleadingly and he smiled as he brought his cock to her lips. As tired as she was, all Lacy wanted at that moment was to please her Sir. She wanted him as she had never wanted him before and took him gratefully into her mouth.

Lacy had a feeling that this could all have been worse. If Derrick had given her to Lexington her punishment would have been torture. Lacy licked and sucked with enthusiasm. She made love to his meat and felt very happy and in a weird way free because she would never again doubt that Derrick loved her. Lacy would never get drunk again nor would she flirt with any other man.

Derrick fucked in and out of her mouth. He watched as Lexington exploded in her ass and withdrew. Sydney came behind Derrick and licked his ass and balls as Lacy sucked his cock. When he came for the second time, Derrick thrust hard into her mouth and held her on his cock. "Swallow slowly Lacy. Savor my juice. It will one day make us a beautiful baby." He said stroking her face and Lacy did just that.

Lacy's punishment was over. Lacy thanked Sydney and Lexington for allowing her to be at their home. She and Derrick went into the guest bedroom where Derrick held her all night long. In the morning after she had awakened him with her mouth and he had fucked her, she apologized to him again.


Lexington was agitated. After Lacy and Derrick went to bed, he flogged Sydney and put her into her cage. In the morning he took her out fucked her hard in her pussy and her ass. Later after his house guests had left he chained her to the St. Andrew's cross and whipped her severely for enjoying herself with Derrick. He then untied her and fucked her ass so hard that she bled. He fell asleep and when he woke up, Sydney was gone.

She left a note telling him that she wanted more, she wanted someone who would show her he loved her every once in a while, something Sydney said, Lexington had never shown her. To him, Sydney wrote, she was nothing but his slave; his possession and she wanted to be loved as well.

Lexington at first was angry with Derrick and Lacy, but as time went on he realized that he indeed did love Sydney and wanted her back. He met with Derrick and worked with Madame on being less sadistic and more caring. Lexington searched for Sydney.

It took a year for Lexington to find her and when he did he asked her to marry him. Sydney agreed but only if she could be his submissive. Lexington acquiesced and agreed. They were married a year later after Lexington proved he had changed. The cage had been destroyed.


The christening for Adelaide was a beautiful affair. Lacy was very upset that she wasn't the godmother, but she understood. Mason and Daniela were surprised and delighted to being asked.

Adelaide behaved like the perfect angel and smiled up at Daniela as she held her. Her christening gown was handmade Irish lace over 150 years old that had once belonged to Blake's great, great, great, great grandfather. It was in remarkable condition. The party for the christening was at Blake and Valentina's home. Daniela gave the baby an antique gold locket with pictures of Blake and Valentina.

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