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Wake Up Call: an alarming new arrival appears.

You will know you are playing with yourselves but not care that I am witnessing it." And then turned the machine back off again.

I asked some questions and found that Heather and Zoey were both virgins, while Amy had had sex only twice, and both of those was over a year back when her bother had gotten her drunk and he and his friend each took a turn at her. Zoey it turned out had been eaten out once, and enjoyed giving blowjobs. Amy hated the though of oral sex and Heather had tried none of them.

During the questioning Zoey had come three times, Heather only once, and Amy came the sum of both Zoey and Heather. At one point I flipped the machine on again and then had them each insert two fingers inside of their openings for a total of three minutes.

That night before going to bed I instructed the girls one more time with the machine; you will from this moment sleep with out wearing clothing, regardless where you are sleeping. While in this house, you will remove your clothing in the bathroom and then walk down the hall wearing nothing at all to Heathers room. You will not get up tomorrow morning till after seven o'clock. And then you will come to breakfast not wearing any clothing at al, and think nothing about it.

After turning off the machine, I went to bed and left the bedroom door open so I could see the girls walk down the hall stark naked.

* * * * * The next morning I was up before Dolly got up at five thirty so I could give her a set of instructions. When she sat watching the news, I instructed her to on the way home to purchase a skintight red mini halter dress. The length of the dress was to be no longer than two inches below the bottom of her ass, shorter would be better

The vee of the neckline would be down to the belly button if possible, and the back would be bare to the waist, and when bending forward her tits would be visible past the sides of her top. If she could not find the dress by eight o'clock she would then settle for a white skintight, strapless dress that would allow the outline of her nipples through the top and a shadow of her crouch when standing in front of a bright light. She was not to return home till one o'clock in the morning. She was not to enter the drive way till five minutes before.

When she came home from the shopping she was to say, "I got the blue one", and if it was the white strapless, she would say, "I got the black one." She would not know why she was shopping for the dress or why she said she had the blue one. I also instructed her to wear a dress instead of her normal pantsuit to work that day, and not to wear any panties under the dress.

Dolly left for work, and I looked to the balcony and noticed that Heather was standing there, smiling and then gave me thumbs up. I looked at my watch, and I noticed that it was only a quarter to six. Heather came down the stairs, not wearing any clothing and then informed me that she knew I had used the machine on her and her friends the night before.

I made myself look shocked, because I had heard her in the closet the first time I used the machine on my wife, and used it on her and told her that she would not know I used the machine and follow all instructions as if she was under the machine effect.

She informed me that she was hiding in the closet the first time I used the machine on her mom, and seeing the effects of the machine, she had figured out a way to nullify the effects of the machine. The nullifying was not complete. When the machine was turned on she still went into a trance but she was able to hear all the commands, and knew just what was going to happen, but she still had the urge to follow them.

I tried it out real quickly and she as able to tell me exactly what I said, even when I said she would not remember this.

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