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Romance, adventure, accident, with a side of male domination.

Anna was about to enter the limousine when she felt a hand on her shoulder and a soft voice in her ear.

"If you're done working, I was wondering if you'd like some company tonight?" the voice spoke seductively in Anna's ear. The Count's right-hand woman turned around to see a stunning brunette with breasts nearly as large as hers and a gorgeous pair of blue eyes that rivaled her own.

"You are the one everyone calls 'Dr. Janet,' Ja?" Anna asked the beauty before her.

"Yes," responded the sultry physician. "Dr. Janet Ellenson, actually. And you are Anna, right? May I ride with you, Anna?" Janet asked.

"Where are you going, Fraulein Doktor?" Anna asked in response to Janet's question.

"Wherever you're going, beautiful." The doctor replied as she moved closer to Anna and pressed her lips to the buxom blonde's own cherry-red mouth. Anna pulled the brown-haired goddess closer into her and parted her lips with her probing tongue. Anna broke the steamy kiss then held the limousine door open for Janet. Gunther, the head of Luke's security force, came up to Anna and voiced his objection.

"Anna, this woman has not been cleared." The executive guard stated. "No one must have access to the Count or his staff unless thoroughly vetted."

"Oh, Gunther," Anna answered, "you worry too much. I plan to thoroughly 'vet' the good Doctor tonight. And if you're lucky, Herr Sicherheitsmann (Mister Security Guard), I may let you 'clear' both of us afterward." The fair-haired beauty placed a light kiss on Gunther's stern lips then she entered the back seat of the limo next to her new brunette friend.

It was a ten-minute ride to the hotel that stood on the outskirts of Gravel City. In that time, Anna and Janet had explored a good deal of each other. Neglecting to raise the smoked-glass partition, the limousine driver nearly ran two red lights as he kept one eye on the road and the other on the Sapphic action in the spacious backseat of his long vehicle. Janet, the smaller of the two women, had climbed up on Anna's lap and kissed the blonde as her skirt rode up her thighs revealing a tiny triangle of yellow fabric quickly dampening from her excited slit. Anna helped Janet's skirt ride up by slipping her hands under the grey material covering the auburn-haired doctor's ass and flipping it over her hips. Just as Janet popped the third button on Anna's white shirt, the limousine skidded to a halt less than three inches from the broadside of a forest green Chevy SUV. The driver hurriedly ran to the back of the car and opened the door for the two women. Janet exited first, yanking her skirt back down over her sexy butt and thighs, followed by Anna who didn't bother re-buttoning her shirt. She kissed the driver on the cheek and thanked him for the ride with a wink and a smile, then took Janet's hand and led her to the elevator that would stop at the third floor where Anna's room awaited the new duo.

Anna whispered something in German to the black-suited security guard tasked with protecting the third floor and the sentinel merely nodded. The two women entered the sparsely furnished room and once more locked lips. They removed each other's clothes as they kissed until Janet was left in only her 4-inch stilettoes, closing the gap on Anna's 5'10" frame, while the busty blonde stood mid-room wearing nothing but an aura of lust. Anna laid Janet on the queen-size hotel bed and lightly raked her painted fingernails across Janet's shaved mound, eliciting a slight squeal from the dark-haired doctor. A quick bead of moisture escaped Janet's slit and Anna ran her tongue up the length of Janet's gash to catch the morsel of nectar before it hit the bedsheet. Janet's hands gripped the coverlet on the bed as Anna set to work on her sensitive clit.

"By the way, Fraulein Doktor," Anna commented before she dove back into Janet's sweetness, "I was kidding Gunther about getting his turn.

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