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My roommate's girlfriend interrupts my shower.

The teachers eyes were on Cherri. As she caressed the girl her head angled left with the girl's, the look on her face one of care.

"Did you?" the teacher repeated. The action of caressing the girl had brought the two closer together. Their knees, the teacher's legs stretched out in front of her and parted, the girls held together, between them, were touching. Their faces were mere inches from each other.

"He had been arousing me," the girl explained, quietly, her face a shade redder than before.

"On the breasts?"

"All over. Before I took my skirt off he'd caressed my legs and thighs. Before I took my blouse off he'd caressed my neck."

The teacher's hand dropped to the girl's neck. Cherri had a smooth pale neck and when the teacher's hand gently stroked it the girl stretched her chin out the way, her eyes lifting up off the floor. Her eyes met her teacher's. The two were about the same height -- Miss Granger maybe slightly the taller, but leaning against the desk as she was, legs out in front, Cherri in the V of her legs standing straight, their eyes were on a level. Cherri was prettily built, in a girlish way. Miss Granger was fuller, more curved, with larger more rounded breasts than her pupil.

"When did you first feel aroused?" the teacher asked, stroking the girl's neck.

Cherri closed her eyes. Her head angled up towards the ceiling. "Almost right away. When he touched me, even when I was dressed. Even before I got up on the examination couch. His touch was not like a doctor's. It was too soft for that. His touch was more a caress. He just stood in front of me, reached up a hand, and cupped my breast. Then moved his hand against me."

"Like this?"

"Mmmh ... yes."

"And then?"

"He ... sort of pressed it ... Ngrrr!"

"Like that?"

"Please ... my breasts are sen ...' The girl's shoulders curled round her ears as the teacher gently squeezed her breast. 'Aaargh ...' she gasped. 'Sensitive," she finally got out.

"That's all right," said the teacher, eyes soft and misty as she watched the girl's reaction.

"You're ... ngrrr ... please," Lilly had a hand on the teacher's, over her breast.

"What did he do next?" The teacher's hand stayed where it was, cupping her breast, the girl's hand on top but not pulling it off. The teacher's other arm had slipped around the girl. Their groins were lightly touching. She continued gently fondling the girl's breast as her other hand wandered the pretty student's buttocks and waist. The teacher's lips were at the girl's cheek. Her pupil's forehead resting on her shoulder.

"He ..." Cherri went on, as if trying to ignore what her teacher was doing to her. "He, put his hand beneath my skirt. He was talking ... please, Miss Granger, I'm very sensitive ... aaah!"

"It's all right," her teacher whispered, continuing what she was doing. "He touched you? Where? Between the legs?"

"Ye ... yes ... Ooooh! ... Please ...Ngaaar!" Cherri had her hand over her teacher's, but the teacher's was already inside Cherri's blouse, the buttons proving little defence. The hand was now working the girl's breast in earnest, fondling and squeezing and rolling it hard against her pupil's ribs. Cherri had arched her back and lifted her shoulders to her ears. Her eyes were clenched tight shut.

"What did he do when you first went in," the teacher whispered as she softened her caresses, easing her pupil into her groin, spreading her legs even further apart.

The girl swallowed, let herself be pulled against her teacher, lay there acquiescently against her but kept her eyes closed, then went on, "He was sitting on his chair by the table. The one inside the door. I was standing in front of him, between his spread legs. He had felt my breasts, run his hand over my knees, then ran them up under my skirt, stroking the skin -- as he asked me all sorts of questions."

"What sort of questions," asked the teacher, both her hands softly fondling the girl, one hand inside her open blouse, the other gently wandering her buttocks.

"What illnesses I'd had, when I started menstruating, whether I wa

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