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Her breasts were held by a lacy white bra that perfectly complemented her tan skin and natural gifts. This one knew she liked surprises... A bra at the poolside was certainly a nice one.

The Queen extended a hand toward her servant and spoke, with the gentlest of tones. "Please come to me, darling, and tell me your name." With her other hand she lowered her glasses to get a good look at the woman's approach.

The black-haired servant began her journey of only a few yards, but kept her steps well-paced and deliberate, just as she knew the Queen liked. With each step, her breasts experienced a gentle bounce. The Queen watched in delight, getting more and more aroused as she drew nearer. When she finally approached her Queen, the servant knelt and took her hand.

"My Queen," she began, "I am Maria." Eyes locked on her admirer's, she raised the Queen's hand to her lips and kissed it, letting her tender lips linger for just a moment before grinning sweetly.

"Oh, Maria..." The Queen sighed, clearly swept away by the woman's approach. She interlocked her fingers with Maria's and spoke at nearly a whisper. "Will you sit with me?"

A simple request, and Maria knew exactly what was meant. "Of course, my Queen." She stood, still holding the Queen's hand, and promptly swung her leg over the beach chair to sit on her lap.

"Ooh..." Setting her glasses aside, the Queen let her fingers fall from Maria's hand as both of her own found their marks: those beautiful bronzed breasts. She squeezed both of them through the bra, watching Maria's face for her response.

The servant smiled and gave a little moan, resting her hands over the Queen's. Deciding she was ready for the full experience, the Queen pulled the bra apart from the middle, dissolving it entirely and exposing Maria's excited nipples. Maria held her wrists, both enticed and surprised by this development.

"Those look perfect for suckling, dear Maria... May I?" The Queen asked with a devilish grin.

In response, Maria scooted forward, placing her wet panties against the Queen's bikini bottom, and held onto the back of the chair for support. The Queen licked her lips as Maria's big nipples hovered over her face.

First, she flicked a nipple with her tongue, drawing a gasp from Maria. Then, a little nibble, eliciting a low moan. Finally, the Queen latched onto Maria's left breast and sucked it in tight. Maria let out a long "Ooh," dragging it out right to the loud pop the Queen made when she released it.

The Queen glanced down at her crotch, where Maria was clearly getting anxious. She firmly grasped Maria's butt cheeks and pulled her against herself, up and down with a slow rhythm. Maria helped by using her hands on the chair and feet on the ground for leverage, singing soft a chorus of oohs and ahs with each movement. Her hard nipples caught strokes from the Queen's tongue in turn.

With the Queen guiding her from the butt, Maria's pace quickened and the Queen grew increasingly excited and loud.

"Ooh! Yes! Yes! YES! AH!" The Queen's screams of ecstasy drowned out any sounds Maria might have made as she ground herself into her Queen lovingly. Maria's body shook as her climax overtook her, and her weight fell as her legs gave way. The Queen hungrily wrapped her legs around Maria's waist and pulled, at the same time sucking on Maria's neck as her breasts were no longer within reach.

Hot and flustered after a long squeeze between her legs, the Queen grasped the back of Maria's head and squealed. "Clean-up time! Come on! Come on!" She released her legs' grip on Maria and whined until she complied.

Maria quickly stepped off the Queen as she adjusted her beach chair to lie flat. Then, as quickly as she had dismounted, Maria remounted facing the opposite way, sitting on her Queen's face. She lowered herself down between the Queen's legs to do her part.

"Mmm-HMM!" The Queen moaned as she ravenously licked and nipped at Maria's soaked panties.

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