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More papers to sign.

She pulled the dlido out that her best friend Angie had let her borrow.

"So tell me how far have you gone sexually," I asked concerned but nicely.

I haven't slept with a guy if that is what you are worried about," she said in an exasperated tone. "Don't worry, I am not ready for that," she said smiling. "I am saving myself for someone special, my prince charming and knight in shining armor."

"When I find him you will be the first to know," she said assuringly putting her hand on mine. Little did either of us know that that statement would be a foreshadowing of our relationship to come.

After Mandy turned 18 the summer of her graduation, she now was of legal age and she began acting like an adult. When she was at home, she would wear little if anything and was now not afraid to let me see her naked and it seems like she went out of her way to let me see her that way.

Mandy also made it a point to try to see me naked. She always seemed to catch me when I was showering or changing clothes to talk to me and she would act non-chalantly about it standing there topless or in an open shirt and no panties.

Lastly, Mandy would begin acting more affectionate towards me especially when we were home alone. When we would be sitting around the couch watching television, she would want to curl up on the couch next to me wearing only an open shirt or topless wearing panties.

When we would be sitting like that she would have her sweet little body in my arms with my arms around her and her fingers interlocked with mine and our hands would be resting very close to her crotch.

Surprisingly enough we never really did anything. I don't think either one of us were yet ready to but she was sure as hell sending messages that she wanted our relationship to become closer than it had before.

She also became more open sexually. She told me she wanted to go on birth control and was thinking about a special man she knew who was older and was waiting for the time to have sex with him. I told her then name of Miranda's OBGYN and she got on the shot once every three months.

I was hoping she was building up to introduce me to some college guy she had met in summer school but somehow I had the distinct impression that it was me she was talking about.

This cat and mouse game of pleasure as I call it went on for almost a year There were many times where the mood was right for us to cross that line but neither of us did. However we would cross that line one dark and stormy night and from that point we would never look back

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was the night before our birthday and we had been sitting around on the couch as usual watching a movie. Once the flick was over we went to bed. Mandy kissed me good night a soft peck on the cheek and went to her room and me to mine.

Around 1:30 in the morning or so I was awaken by loud thunder and steady flashes of lightning. It had appeared that the thunderstorm the weather forecasters were wondering about had held together and was just making its way into our area.

The next thing I knew, there was Mandy standing in the doorway in nothing but an open shirt and looking like she did when she was scared as a little girl.

" I can't sleep," she said in the little girl voice she used to have when she was really scared and had a pouty look on her face, standing there in a classic little girl pose with her head cocked to the side.

"This storm has got me scared and I need to be with someone. Can I sleep with you daddy?"

"Come on Buttercup" I said in a loving daddy voice and with that she smiled and came towards me.

The lightning flashes illuminated her body and made her seem to move in slow motion as she walked to me and took her shirt off. She then crawled into bed and got under the covers.

"You called me Buttercup." Mandy said with a sweet smile as she nestled her warm little naked body up against mine "You haven't called me Buttercup since I was a little girl."

"You will always be my little Buttercup no matter how old you get," I said as I we

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