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You turn me, press on my lower back to get me to bend over slightly and you spread my cheeks as you rise away all of the soap from between them. I hear one word, spoken as a question "Mistress...?" and I know what you want. You love taking your tongue and licking that little bud right after my bath, and I have to admit I love it too. "Go ahead my pet." Almost before the words are out I feel your soft warm tongue flicking on my ass. "Mmmmmm yes - mommy likes that baby." After a few minutes of pleasure for both of us I turn and you help me out, dry me off and get my favorite perfume.

I walk to the bedroom and you hurry to do some quick straightening up in the bath. When you get to the bedroom I am laying on the bed, still naked, just listening to the music. You kneel beside the bed, "What can I do to please you?" you ask. Looking deep in your blue eyes I say, "I want you to make me cum hard with just your mouth and finger tips. You are not to put a finger in my pussy or my ass, do you understand?" You look at me but do not answer me. "Over my lap - now!" I say as I sit up in the bed. You get up and lay over my lap, pulling your underwear down as you do. You know that I never allow anything between my hand and your ass. As soon as you lay down I give you one hard SMACK on the ass. "Now, I will ask you again, do you understand my instructions?" "Yes Ma'am" you answer. "Very good, now get started, your Mistress is needing to cum very badly."

I lay back down and you position your self beside me. First you gently spread my legs, because you know that I like for you to open me up. "Mmmmm Mistress - you are so soft and wet ..." Your fingers glide over my pussy lips as your lips find one of my breasts and begin to suck on it - your mouth full of me. You suck fairly hard because you know that is how I like it, as you flick your tongue roughly over my nipple. "Oooooh yes baby - Mistress likes what you are doing - now don't forget the other one." You quickly turn your attention to my other breast as your hands find my clit and begin to circle around it. My hips begin to rise up to meet your fingers, as I start to moan softly. This is your signal to move down between my legs, spreading my cunt open and licking me with your tongue pressed hard against my pussy and clit. I can feel you licking all the way from my clit back to my sweet little asshole. You continue to lick and tease me - patiently moving me towards a mind blowing orgasm.

That is one thing that is so special about you - the way that you enjoy my pleasure nearly as much as I do. I can hear you moaning softly as you continue to lick my cunt. I can see you grinding your hips into the bed, rubbing that big beautiful hard cock against the cool sheets. But you know how far you can go - you know that you can never spill that seed without my permission, and rarely have you ever broken that rule.

As you see that I am getting closer and need the attention on my clit, you start licking and gently sucking on my clit.

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