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There's a new English teacher in town.

e tonight's case!"

That got a round of applause, and the three of them found their seats. Mike had gotten soft drinks and a large popcorn to share. Elaine took a mouthful.

"Holy crap. This is real butter!"

"What else would they serve in the Forties?"

"Oh, yeah, Mike. I forgot."

In the darkened theater, the three of them sat and watched the movie with Audrey between her lovers. She held hands with one, then the other.

After the show, Mike asked Elaine how she liked it.

"Remember that request I had the day we met. Well Lieutenant Muldoon, I'm sure there is a charge you can think of later."

"Happy to uphold the law, my dear."

He almost stumbled when she laid the next whispered request on them.

"And at some point in the evening, I want you inside me while I'm wearing my slip and you're wearing nothing but your shoulder holster and revolver."

It was a good thing they were almost at the car because Mike felt the growing erection against those gabardine pants.

The ladies shared the back seat while Mike drove to Elaine's apartment building. He saw in the rear view mirror that Elaine had her head on Audrey's shoulder and Audrey had her arm around her lover. With the flashes of light from passing headlights, the pair looked like they had just stepped out of the movie they had watched.

Mike felt his face flush. The excitement of what he knew was coming was like a drug. He was getting more and more turned on by the thought of sex with the women in the back seat.

They arrived at her apartment building and Mike put his arm around Elaine as they walked to the elevator. Mike saw Audrey smile at this, and that made him even more excited. He knew now that she wanted him to be alone with Elaine because she wanted to be alone with her sometimes, too. Her smile practically shouted that she was proud she was succeeding with her sexual agenda.

In the elevator, Mike decided to give Audrey more evidence that he was going along with that agenda. He pulled Elaine to him and kissed her hard. Feeling her respond while she was wearing that wonderful vintage outfit started an erection again. She touched him lightly and felt it. She broke the kiss and turned to Audrey.

"We're going to make that thing sing and dance by the end of tonight, Sweetheart."

The elevator door opened and they proceeded to Elaine's apartment. Once inside, Elaine walked to her entertainment center and turned on the stereo. She apparently had prepared a mix of swing and jazz. A Benny Goodman tune was the first, Beyond the Sea. Elaine held out her hand to Audrey and motioned for Mike to sit on the sofa and watch.

Elaine took the lead, and the pair swayed to the music, arms wrapped around each other. Mike was transfixed. Never in his life had he seen anything as beautiful. The ladies danced with Elaine's head on Audrey's shoulder. Both had a dreamy expression, and Mike knew that Audrey was truly blissful.

Elaine lifted her head and closed her eyes. Audrey kissed her lips. They continued to sway to the music as they enjoyed the kiss. When the song ended, Audrey slowly took Elaine's jacket off and casually dropped over a chair. Her hands went to the white blouse, and she worked up from Elaine's sides to her breasts.

String of Pearls had started on the stereo. Audrey began to unbutton the blouse in time with the music. When she got to the tied bow at the top, she undid it, but held onto the two strips of fabric. She pulled them like a leash, and walked Elaine to Mike. Extending a hand, Audrey helped Mike to his feet, and she handed him the "reins."
Mike took them and pulled Elaine's mouth to his for another kiss. While he was kissing her, he felt Audrey's hands removing the blouse. He moved his hands to her breasts, feeling them under the slip and her bra.

"Aren't our lover's breasts magnificent, Mike? I love to feel them. So soft. And when her nipples get hard it makes me so wet. Are her nipples hard, Honey?"

"Mm-hmm," was all he could manage through the kiss.

"I'm going to take that cute pleated skirt off now.

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