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A rough start for young Vincent.

The plane was one of those Embraers with two seats on one side of the aisle and one seat on the other. If you got on the one seat side, at least you could read and pretty much keep to yourself without being bothered much. Of course, spending three hours on this flop eared Braer Rabbit of a skinny plane can be a very personal hell.

Fortunately my book was good, so by midway through the flight, after the flight attendant gave us a soggy sandwich and a beverage, most of the people were asleep and I could stretch out, leaning into the aisle without worrying about tripping anyone. I closed the book for a minute, turned off my light and peeked out the window, hoping to see some lights below. Sadly we were flying high above a pretty dense mass of clouds so all I could see were the lights of another plane as it streaked by well below us.

When I turned my light back on something in front of me seemed to almost glow. As my eyes adjusted to the light I could see the beautiful blonde curls of the woman in the seat in front of me. Surprised I hadn't noticed the beautiful shiny hair before, I rested my head next to the window, peeking between her seat and the hull of the plane, trying to see as much of her hair as I could.

It was a sunny blonde color, almost leaning toward yellow, with loose but distinct curls. Feeling my cock begin to harden in my pants, I began to daydream, imagining those curls wrapping around my cock, gently sliding along its length.

Glancing around the airplane, I noticed the two seats across the aisle from me were completely empty. One row back both seats were occupied, but the people were covered in blankets and fast asleep. The person directly behind me was breathing deeply, as if asleep. I couldn't really see anyone else without getting out of my seat.

I was almost certain the woman with the beautiful hair was asleep, so I reached out a hand and let my fingers gently touch one of the curls. At first I let my finger hover, the tips touching the strands ever so lightly, then, becoming bolder, I let then run down, following the curves and indentations of every curl.

I let my mind wander, visualizing her, kneeling above me, with her hair cascading down over my body. She moves her head, letting the curls flow over my chest down to my stomach and then further, further down over my cock. I picture my cock, tangled tightly in her hair as she moves, straddling my face...

I began to stroke my cock through my pants as I touched her hair and continued fanaticizing. My fingers were entwined in her hair, her curls wrapping round and round up to my palm. With one hand wrapped in her hair, I took the other hand and carefully worked my zipper down.

Reaching into my pants, I freed my cock and then began stroking it, continuing my fantasy. Before I realized what I was doing, I released my seatbelt and had stood partway up. There wasn't room to stand up straight, but if I pushed my hips forward and turned my head to the side, I could get my cock up close to the seat. I moved it up to where her hair dangled onto it.

Trying to calm my breathing some so I didn't wake her, I grabbed the base of my cock and kind of twirled it, letting the hair wrap around it. The sight of her shiny hair wrapped around my cock was too much to bear and I began stroking the base of my cock furiously. How I was able to do this without waking her is still a mystery, but in just moments I felt a surge of pleasure shoot though me and into her hair as I came.

Most of the cum actually splashed on the hull of the plane and her window, but I could also see several glistening drops dangling in her curls. They beaded up, looking like shiny pearls in her ocean of hair.

The Comet-like smell of my cum immediately jolted me and I quickly milked out the last drops of cum and dabbed them with a tissue.

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