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Peggy continues her training.

He was still confused by the amount of her inner lips; it appeared as if each lip was folded in toward the other and then down above and possibly into her cunt.

Jamie had read about the African Hottentots; 'An elderly impotent man is assigned to manipulate the girl's labia minora from a very early age, and so increase their length up to seven inches. Western girls sometimes have slightly enlarged inner lips if they pull on them during masturbation.'

Jamie placed his mouth over her left inner lip. He slowly expanded his chest and sucked on it. This caused it to slip into his mouth; not just the bit he could see, but all of it, including the part that had been tucked into her cunt. It filled his mouth.

When he stopped sucking and let her labia fall free, it hung like a curtain over three inches long. The sight was mind blowing.

Jamie took to the other labia with wild anticipation of what the two of them would look like once he had sucked it out as well. He resisted the temptation to rush things. Again he sucked just hard enough to draw her labia into his mouth.

When he believed he had all of her right inner lip in his mouth, he slowly let it slide out.

He was right; the sight of both of her labia hanging there was extraordinary. His cock strained to be free, to slide between those pendulous lips.

Jamie nuzzled between the two curtains, before extending his tongue in a search for her clitoris.

His search was interrupted by the bell that signified the end of the lunch break.

Jamie turned s l o w l y toward Chantelle; after all it's not every day he would get such a close-up look up the skirts of so many sexy cheerleaders. Their legs were all shapely and not a sign of cellulite anywhere.

Jamie emerged between Tonni and Chantelle.

As they left the cafeteria, Skye approached Jamie. She whispered, "Please don't tell anyone what you saw. P l e a s e."

"OK. But I wished I had had more time to enjoy what I didn't see."

Skye smiled. "So do I." She turned and kissed him on the cheek.

Chantelle looked at Jamie, "What was that for?"

"Because I promised not to kiss and tell."

"That's the Jamie I love." And then Chantelle kissed him on the other cheek.


Taking the newest cheerleader Tonni Arthur on a date was something. She had smooth rounded hips, skinny waist, long legs, and a pretty face.

Anyway, William Mann was as nervous as hell when he pulled up in front of her house on Saturday evening. This was actually the first time he had dated a cheerleader, although he didn't want his mates to know that.

He didn't even have a chance to get out of the car before Tonni was running down the path. She had on a pair of white bell-bottom slacks and long sleeve white blouse. She opened the door and jumped in with a huge smile on her face.

He thought she looked beautiful, even virginal all in white.

"Hey Will! Ready to go?"

"Yeah... Sure!" he answered, trying to pull his eyes away from the fullness of her blouse.

He dropped the car into gear and drove off, heading across town to the mall and the theatre.

As he drove, she unbuttoned the blouse and pulled it off, revealing the tiny little white crop-top she had under. Next she unzipped her slacks and then wiggled her hips as she wrestled them down her legs, leaving a white mini-skirt, perhaps it was better described as a micro-mini that barely touched the seat.

She raised her arms and placed her hands behind her head. This caused the bottom half of her breasts and their nipples to be exposed. She wasn't wearing any bra.

"You like them?"

He nearly hit a parked car. "Wow! Yeah, really cool!" he said, as he parked the car. Then he lunged at her, kissed one breast and felt the other. 'So firm and the skin is soft and smooth,' he thought.

Suddenly he sat up. "Sorry Tonni, I kinda lost control. You're just too sexy."

"Glad you think so. Sorry about the quick change. My daddy would shoot me if he saw me going out like this. He says a good girl doesn't wear clothes like these."

"Ah ha."


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