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More of the story of his niece, his lady friend & him.

She heads to the dressing room and little does she know that your store has put security cams in them because of the high rate of theft. Of course the store trusts you not to watch the patrons unnecessarily ...but you know that you are going to break that oath today with your beauty in change room # 3.

She undoes the trench coat and slides of down her arms, you see that she is only wearing a black slip over her stockings...she obviously came right from home and plans on going straight back there after she makes her purchase.

She looks at herself in the mirror and brings her hands up to her full breasts and starts to tease them through the fabric. Each nipple responds to her touch and gets erect enough that you can see the outline of each one perfectly and your cock comes to life suddenly, you cannot believe your luck and you settle in for the show.

She slips the straps down over her shoulders and she slides it down her body and it falls to the floor. You see that she is now only in her thigh high stockings, no panties, no garter belt...just black thigh high stay up stockings and very high heels. You stand up and lock the door to the security office and unzip your pants. You slip your hands inside and release the erection the likes of which you have not seen since you were a younger man. You start to stroke it while she chooses the first outfit and prepare to be amazed.

The first outfit is a sheer red teddy, it is trimmed with white fur and only does up at the top so her pussy is fully visible and you can see the outline of her breasts. She twirls in a circle and the fabric lifts up to reveal her milky is round and firm and you want to get your hands on it soo bad it actually hurts. You start to stroke your cock while she twirls like a schoolgirl in the mirror. She sits on the stool that is in the change room and she spreads her legs to reveal her beautiful pussy. She plants both heeled feet on either side of the mirror and you can see every glistening fold of her. She puts her middle finger in her mouth and brings it down to her pussy, she circles her clit throwing back her head so her long hair trails down to her ass and she massages herself this way for a few minutes, you are sure that if there was sound she would be moaning softly as she does this to herself.

Suddenly she stops and remembers where she is, she removes this outfit and hangs it back on the hanger. Her next choice is a black bustier, she wraps it around her tiny waist and starts to tie up the laces that will tighten it around her body. She pulls on each breast so that they just pop out of the top and she reaches into her purse and takes out a tube of lipstick. She covers each nipple with the red lipstick and examines her handiwork in the mirror. You are so hard and are stroking yourself so fast that you are bound to cum any minute...

Just then you see the door open and a man walks into your beauties dressing room!! You realize that he knows her when she turns to greet him with a smile. He sees what he is wearing and he reacts immediately. He grabs her and turns her around so her back is to him and he presses her up against the mirror so her face and breasts are pushed up against it. He kneels down behind her and spreads her ass cheeks and begins to lick her...she raises her ass up and spreads her legs so he has access to her pussy as well as her ass. She closes her eyes and you can see that the lipstick has smeared off her breasts and onto the mirror leaving perfect images of her nipples.

He attacks her pussy with his tongue and reaches around to the front of her body to massage her clit.

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