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A story about seduction and the fun of reconnecting.

"Now, you'll get your punishment little lady," Seymour hissed at his daughter. She felt his heavy body on top of her, and she felt his cock-head press against her entrance. She was dry as the sand in the desert, but that didn't stop him. Slowly but sternly he pressed his cock-head inside his daughter's little cunt, stretching her pussy walls to limits they'd never been before.

" hurts badly!" Daphne cried.

Her dad pulled out the head, but just for a second. He began to push back and then pulled out again. Everytime his cock-head went a little further inside her pussy. Seymour repeated this action until his whole cock was enveloped by his daughter's tight cunt. She felt filled up to a hilt. Her daddy's cock was real thick and she never had anything like it in her little cunt.

Seymour kissed his daughter on the lips. "Don't worry baby. Just relax your muscles"

Daphne tried it one more time. "Please daddy, stop. Your cock is too big, it doesn't fit..." But of course it was no use. Her dad started to thrust his cock in and out of her pussy. She could feel every vein on the huge cock that was splitting her open.

First she stayed dry, which made it all a painful experience. But she noticed that after a minute or so after her dad had entered her, her pussy started to moisten, making it easier for his shaft to poke inside her slit. When she finally was wet, the fucking went a lot easier. Seymour was picking up the pace and pounded into his daughter's little pussy like there was no tomorrow.

"I am going to fuck you senseless, baby. I know you want me to," he panted between thrusts.

Daphne could only reply with little pants and moans. She had never felt this way and didn't know that fucking could feel this good. Her daddy certainly did a better job than Billy. But it was her daddy for Christ sake. How could he rape her like this? she wondered. How could it feel this good? Between his humping into her she moaned: "Daddy, daddy stop...aaah... daddy daddy...aah, stop.....aaah, daddy daddy!" This turned him on even more.

He felt Daphne's pussy pulsating around him, holding him inside her. Her dad started to groan. "God, Daphne. Your cunt is so tight. I haven't fucked such a tight cunt in ages. This is great. This is oooh aaah..." he moaned. He felt his balls tighten and then he released a big load inside his daughter's cunt. He shot four salvo's of big juicy sperm inside his daughter's fuck hole. When she felt her father's cum enter her, Daphne's pussy walls contracted and a big orgasm washed over her. She cried, she screamed, she felt like her orgasm would rip her body apart.

When she regained consciousness, she still felt her daddy's heavy body on top of her. He slipped his deflated cock out of her worn out cunt. Her pussy would feel raw for a couple of days and when it was finally healed, she would be fucked by her daddy again.

Her daddy looked lovingly into her eyes. "Are you alright Daphne? You did good baby, you did very good. Remember, mum cannot know about this. If you tell her, I will punish you hard and I will tell mom about you and Billy and the porn and she will be very mad.You're your brother Rick can't know about this either. He wouldn't understand." Daphne nodded. She had to obey, this was her father. Besides, she didn't want her mom to know. She would certainly be mad and she probably would make Daphne marry Billy whether she wanted it or not, Daphne thought.

When her dad picked up his trousers, he kissed her on the forehead one last time. She would never forget the words he said after that. "I love you Daphne, you're my daughter. Remember, you are mine. Everything that belongs to you is mine. You're pussy is mine too, from now on." Then he left her alone in the room. Alone with her mixed feelings of guilt and pleasure, alone with her pussy filled with his cum.

After that first night, he would visit her room on a regular basis.

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