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Anna sees a very different side of Erica.

Her body pulsed with longing. Her mind was awhirl with confusing feelings.

Dennis slid his hands up and cupped her breasts. His fingers found her erecting nipples and began rubbing them. What little inclination to resist Lois had vanished.

Dennis felt her soften, picked her up in his arms, carried her to the bed, and laid her on it. Kneeling next to her, he bent and his lips joined hers. While they kissed, he unbuttoned her blouse, then her bra, baring her breasts. When the kiss ended, his lips moved to her turgid nipples and he began suckling them.

As always, having Dennis suck her nipples drove Lois wild. Her back arched, driving the firm fleshy tips deeper into his mouth, while her hands clasped his head. He slid his hand down and opened her slacks. Then his lips left her breasts and began to travel down across her chest, which heaved as he did, making her luscious pink-tipped globes rise and fall wonderfully.

"Dennis, we shouldn't be doing this, not here," Lois protested, even though she wanted to make love as badly as he did, maybe even more.

The young man ignored her protestations and slid her slacks and panties down. Despite her misgivings about what they were doing, Lois raised her hips to make his task easier, demonstrating to Dennis, and herself, how desperate she was for him, giving the lie to her words. He gently parted her legs and climbed up on the bed between them. Lois glanced down at him and realized he was naked. She had no idea when he'd taken his clothes off.

"We shouldn't..." she murmured, as Dennis moved over her, then lowered himself onto her. "Ahhhhh!!!" she groaned when his erection slapped against her swollen labia, which were drenched with the effluent of her burgeoning passion.

Lois's hand slid between them, grasped his swollen pole, and guided it to her yearning opening. Then, slowly, Dennis was sliding into her, filling her, stretching her delightfully, sending a flood of warmth through her. Her hips rose off the bed welcoming the hot invader, drawing it deeper into her.

"Oh God, Dennis!" she cried, "Oh God!! Oh God!!!"

Dennis rocked his hips, poking into her. "Yes!!! Yesssss!!!" he groaned. His cries of delight echoed in the room.

"Ahhhhh!!! Ahhhhh!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!!!!" Lois cried, her hips going into a series of thrusts and spasms, her body shaking, as a violent orgasm ripped through her. "I'm there!!! Please!!! Please!!!! Take me!!! Oh, God, Dennis!!! Take meeeeeee!!! Take meeeee!!! Take meeeee!!!!! I'm comminnnggg!!! Oh, God!!!! I'm commmminnnnngggg!!!! Oh, yes!!! Come!!! Dennissssss!!!!! Come with meeeeeeeeee!!!!" she screamed as ecstasy engulfed her.

Dennis's orgasm was triggered by hers and his pulsating penis filled her with his torrid fluids, bathing the walls of her vagina with warm wetness, driving her even wilder.

Eventually, their passion slaked, they lay in each other's arms. Lois snuggled closer to Dennis's warm, protective bulk. "We...we shouldn't have done that," she said softly.

"Why not?" Dennis asked. He kissed her on the nose.

"Here, in your house, it seems, I don't know, wrong," she explained. "It's bad enough we did what we did while you were at my house, your home..."

"Look," Dennis said softly, "I wanted you and you wanted me. And besides, nobody's home."

"I...I guess so," Lois said hesitantly. She knew she shouldn't be doing this, that it was wrong. But she also wanted him, and found the prospect of being away from him terribly distressing. What harm was there in having as much of him as she could get while the opportunity was still there? She pressed against him.

"I think you're wonderful!" Dennis exclaimed. To prove it, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply.

When they young man's hands started to move over her body again, with jubilation, Lois realized she was again responding to his touch. His lips moved to her breast, captured a nipple, and Lois moaned with pleasure. "Ohhhhhhh!!!!"

After paying attention to her breasts with his lips and tongue for a delectably long time, Dennis pushed himself up on

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