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Serafina continues her affair with her pet werewolf Cash.

She twirled around and struck a pose for him.

She looked irresistible. Long, shapely legs, leading up to a beautiful, pert bottom. She twisted and wiggled seductively for him, parting her legs revealing her youthful treasure. She had shaved carefully and her tender, pink lips seemed to glisten. He could already smell her excitement and he felt happy about that. At least it wasn't just about the money. Or perhaps it was, but at least she was looking forward to it anyway. But then again, he could see it in her eyes. They seemed to sparkle with an unmistakable fire.

She kept moving sinuously, dancing to some peculiar tune that she was humming. That tune! She always hummed that tune... sometimes whistled it with her luscious lips. He had never asked her what it was. He didn't want to know. It was part of the magic.

She turned and twisted, tossing her long, black hair around. He hadn't even seen her take off the hair clip and toss it aside. She was unbelievably good at this now. Sometimes it even scared him that her control over his senses could be so absolute. She was still dancing several feet away from him and he was completely unaware of anything except her beautiful, writhing body.

Her hands were kneading her small breasts through her t-shirt. He could see that her nipples had hardened. She pinched them gently for a moment and bit her lip, looking straight into his eyes. He gave her a pleading look and he saw the hint of a smile. He knew what it meant. She wasn't going to take off her shirt. He wasn't going to see her breasts. That wasn't part of the deal. She never took off her shirt. Small breasts, on the edge of womanhood. He was dying to see them, taste them. She knew that, but she refused anyway. She always refused because she knew it drove him crazy.

She moved her hands down gradually down her sides, caressing her thighs, and then her ass. She turned around to let him see her cute little bottom, wiggling it in tune with the music. And then, she turned around again and dropped slowly down onto the couch. The humming stopped.

"Can I take off my clothes?" he asked hoarsely.

"No!" she said quietly. "You only get to eat! That's the deal."

"I know. I won't do anything else. I kept my word the last time you let me be naked. Please?"


He began to disrobe without taking his eyes of her. She kept staring into his eyes. Her eyes smouldered and her lips were curved in a subtle smile. Just the kind of smile that held him in a trance. A part of his mind wondered how a girl this young could know him this well. His clothes dropped to the ground beside him.

He walked over to her and kneeled in front of the couch, at her feet. She leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek.

"So... you said Banquet. So..."

"Yes, lets just make sure you remember what that means. It means that you are allowed to do what you like, but only use your fingers and tongue. No touching above the waist. Clear?"

He nodded. She smiled, lay back and parted her legs invitingly.

"Uh... not... I..."

"Not the pussy first? Fine."

She stood up and giggled, amused by his speechlessness. She got down on her knees and bent over the couch, wiggling her ass at him invitingly.

"Time to eat, Uncle!"

He placed his hands on her buttocks gently and began to knead them. She moaned a little and his cock twitched suddenly in response. It touched her leg and he mumbled an apology.

"It's fine," she said. "I understand when its not intentional."

He wasn't really listening. He lowered his face between her butt-cheeks, letting out a long, guttural moan as he felt her warm flesh over his face. He rubbed his face into it and Deepti squirmed and giggled.

"Don't tickle me!"

He started planting frantic kisses on her buttocks.

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