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An antisocial young woman's roomie takes her out for v-day.

Jessica moves forward, kneeling next to my head as her bald pussy parks right above my nose. I inhale the deep, rich scent. I kiss the inside of her thigh and my senses charge. Her skin is slightly moist, confirming that she did shower. I can taste that she started to warm herself up in the shower and that makes me believe that this was all planned.

I move my lips along the inside of her thigh. My nose brushes against her swollen lips. I kiss them lightly; they are perfectly smooth. This draws me in even further. I kiss her pussy lips deeper and deeper. My chin rubs against her clit. She gasps and bucks upon my face. Her pussy grows wetter; slick juices coat my face. I love feeling her body react to my subtle movements. I delicately insert my tongue, pushing it between her lips as I probe for her clit. She spreads her legs wider, allowing me better access, making a tighter fit upon my face.

Her upper body rolls forward. Jessica lays across my body. I feel her hand on my cock, pointing it towards the ceiling as she takes it into her mouth. Her mouth feels tighter than Elise's but her tongue isn't as controlled. My hands latch onto her round ass and pull her against me as I thrust my tongue deep inside her slit. She moans and I feel her tongue vibrate against my shaft. She hums happily as I fuck her face. She bobs faster, stopping only to take me in as deep as I can go. She gags, pulling me from her mouth to catch her breath before allowing me to plunge back in.

My hands cup the base of her ass. I slowly walk my fingers forward, using them to toy with her opening, spreading her lips to allow me deeper access. I bury my tongue deep into her soft, warm, slick pussy.

Then, without warning, she stops and rolls off of me. My face wants to follow but my hips can't seem to move, as thought my erect cock is too heavy with blood, preventing me from moving. I look at Jessica with questioning eyes; she points over to Elise standing with her back against the window. She is no longer wearing pants and slowly sways against the cool glass, using a finger to beacon me towards her.

I stand and approach her, watching the traffic of the city move outside the window, wondering if anyone can see us. I kiss her, deeply, madly, passionately as my hands trace along the subtle curves of her slim body. I feel her hips beneath my touch and her body nearly stops moving. My fingers wrap around the thin edges of her panties. Her hand grabs my cock and strokes it as Jessica crawls behind me. Her hair brushes against my ass as she lightly sucks on my balls. With the tension building, I react, pulling up the fabric, ripping it clean away from Elise's waist.

She gasps. I cup a breast and pin her against the window. With my other hand, I grab her leg and pull it towards me. As she lifts her leg with my touch, I hold her knee against my waist. I hear Jessica giggle as she guides my hard shaft forward. I stare into Elise's beautiful, caring eyes. Jessica plays the head of my cock along her friend's wet cunt, teasing the both of us. Elise's leg twitches and we both want the same thing. Finally, Jessica pushes my dick into Elise's tight, warm, pussy. I feel her slick walls loosen and tighten around me as Jessica touches my ass and pushes me deeper.

"People can probably see your naked ass, you know?" I whisper.

Breathlessly, she responds, "I know. I like it."

Elise loses her breath and gasps as I push all the way inside of her. For a moment, she looks me in the eye and we hold that gaze. Then, slowly, her hips sway ever so slightly. She is in control, flexing her abdomen and shifting her straightened leg to control my thrusts. Jessica stands off to the side, she kisses Elise and draws a hand down her near leg. She crouches, grabbing Elise by the leg and lifting it for me to hold. Elise wraps her arms around me for support with her ankles entwined around my back.

Her body is warm against mine.

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