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At the Conference. Stunned by the beautiful Queen Nefertiti.


Again, Stephanie blushed. "I would say I'm a nine out of ten," she finally admitted.

David made no comment. He maintained the powerful connection between them as he asked his next question.

"Do you masturbate?"

Stephanie tried to drop her eyes but the power of his gaze was too strong to resist.

"Yes," she admitted in a small voice.

"Do you use toys when you masturbate?"

"My friend Jenny gave me a vibrator once as a joke," Stephanie told him, "but I don't feel comfortable using it!"

"I see," said David consideringly. "Next question. Have you ever had anal sex?"

Stephanie shuddered, remembering her one & only experience.

"Yes, once," she said in a trembling voice.

David picked up on her distress. "What happened?" he asked quietly.

Although reluctant to revisit the experience, Stephanie knew she had no choice. She had promised to answer him honestly.

"My last boyfriend pushed me to try anal sex," she said. "Before I was ready, he forced his way into me and ignored me when I begged him to stop."

"Did he use lubrication?" David asked gently.

"No," Stephanie replied. "It hurt so much! I felt like I was being ripped apart & my back passage felt like it was on fire!"

David's expression hardened.

"I think your last boyfriend was an ignorant child, who had no right to do what he did to you," he said. "Anal sex is an intense experience, yes, but under no circumstances should it be painful!"

Now it was Stephanie's turn to look at David searchingly. Could what he said really be true?

David gave her no time to dwell on the issue as he moved onto his next question.

"Have you ever been tied up/blind folded/restrained in any way during love making?"

"Well... once a couple of years ago, a boyfriend pinned my wrists above my head as he made love to me," Stephanie replied.

"And how did that make you feel?" David asked.

"Umm, my stomach got a little fluttery," Stephanie replied, "and I noticed my heartbeat quickened, but at the time I thought that was because my boyfriend was making love to me very enthusiastically."

"Stephanie, this is the last time I will warn you," David said. "You will state clearly and precisely what happened, without any euphemisms or I will walk away now!"

Stephanie bit her lip. She was uncomfortable talking about sex clearly, preferring to use polite, acceptable phrases to describe what was going on. She knew, however, that if she was to keep this man's attention, she was going to have to change that.

"M-my pussy started to throb," she told David in a small voice. "I wasn't sure why and thought it was because my boyfriend was fucking me so hard."

"Better," was David's response. Now tell me, why did you find the dungeon intriguing? What was it that caught your eye?"

Stephanie thought hard before she answered.

"I think it was because there were so many people there who were obviously enjoying themselves even though what they were experiencing seemed to be so painful or extreme!"

"Explain," David commanded.

"Well, there was one woman who had been tied to a frame. She was standing but her arms & legs had been stretched so tightly that she could only stand on tip-toe & I could see her muscles clearly delineated. She was gagged, blindfolded & there were what looked like weights hanging from her nipples. She was being whipped by a man but instead of cringing, it looked as if her body was shaking - it looked like she was having an orgasm! I couldn't believe that something like that could happen but from the sounds around me, it seemed like this was not unusual. And as I told my friend, why would people submit to something like that if they didn't enjoy it?"

"Why indeed," David agreed. "I have one final question for you. Why did you obey my direction to call me?"

"I almost didn't!" Stephanie admitted.

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