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Teenage tourist is blackmailed by an aging hotel manager.

I felt the rush of my orgasm approaching and used my left hand to play with my engorged clit. That sent me over the edge and I stifled a scream as it hit and I felt his hands squeeze my bum cheeks as he sent his own seed into my hungry cunt.

We eventually composed ourselves and I informed him that he had the job. I also made it clear that he'd got the job before we'd fucked and it had had no bearing on his appointment. Bobby's still with us. We fuck every now and then and I've even had threesomes with sally, our senior carer. She's another big busted beauty. Sally and I have had many sexy escapades. Specially with some of the residents. I will tell you some of them later. But just imagine this, sally's 50 with an incredible figure. A 40D bust, an arse you could put you glass on. Always dresses to please. When we do our rounds together, you can actually see some of the male residents groan. We're always teasing them. We have our favourites of course. Through the course of bathing and showering, some need our help and we tease and tease. Even aged men have cocks and some are very impressive. They really appreciate a nice soapy hand job. We've even sucked and swallowed a lot of their cum. My personal favourite is Henry. He's disgustingly naughty with a cock and a pair of balls which produce so much cum you think your going to drown. His eyes light up as soon as I enter his room and close the door. When myself and Sally walk into his room, he visibly shakes. Girls, when I finish telling you about Henry, you'll be off to find your own old man.

Henry came to us 2 years ago. He was brought in by his daughter, straight from a convalescence home, where he'd been recovering from an operation on his back. His wife had died a number of years back and his daughter had reluctantly had to admit that there was just no room in her small house for Henry as well as her, her husband and two teenage children. Henry had had no complaints, he knew she was being honest and he had no problem with it.

Henry was 69 years old when he arrived. He walked into my office using two canes and almost collapsed into the armchair. I filled out the paperwork with his daughter Jane, and explained the visiting hours which are pretty relaxed here compared to most. Contact numbers were obtained and she said her goodbyes and left.

I saw Jane out to the reception and with a few word and a long lusty look at my receptionist Susan I headed back to my office. I collected his file and sat down across from him on a settee. I was asking him questions, such as food, likes and dislikes, drinks and so forth. Everything we'd need to know to make his stay a happy one.

I happened to look up and caught the old goat staring at my legs. Looking at his face he was obviously flushed. I moved slightly so my hold-ups were exposed. All I wanted to do was give him a little stiffie. As I said before. Show me attention and I'll make it worth your while.

I got up and walked towards him, wanting him to sign a consent form. I went to place the clip-board on his lap when all sense left me. I was stunned into immobility. Running along the inside of his right leg was the biggest cock I'd ever seen. Although it was under his trousers, you couldn't miss it. Resisting all temptation to reach out and squeeze it, I got him to sign the form. I couldn't stop my hand shaking. All I kept thinking about was that huge cock. It didn't belong on a man. Any man. It was more suited to a horse or a donkey. Already a plan was forming in my mind.

Crossing over to my desk, I reached over to punch the intercom and asked Susan to send up one of the day staff to help Henry over to the east-wing. Intentionally giving him a first rate look at my arse. Turning back to him, my eyes were straight on his bulge. I'm sure it had gotten bigger. It was nearly to his knee. I was getting really hot.

When they had come to take Henry, I explained that myself and our senior carer Sally would be over shortly to settle him in.

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