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Lauren learns the value of secrets.

A few seconds later, the phone rings again. I disconnect it. It rings again. I put the phone on silent and go to the bedroom.

"Trupti." I call out.

"Yeah?" she answers from the shower.

"I am going to bed." I say.

"Okay. I might step out for some action though."

I lie down on the bed and close my eyes. And try to sleep.


I wake up on the stinky living room couch. How the hell did I get here? I scratch my head and try to remember. I have vague dream-like recollections of Trupti asking me to move to the couch, because she had a guy with her. I look at the bedroom door. It's closed. I look at the time. Half past six in the morning. At least I won't be late again. In fact I have a few more minutes to sleep. I close my eyes, when I hear the bedroom door open, and I hear a male voice humming a song.

I keep my eyes shut. This must be the guy Trupti was with.

"Sorry, I need to run. Have an early meeting." a familiar voice says.

I open my eyes. It's Malay! Standing over me, buttoning his shirt.

"What the hell, Malay?" I ask angrily. What is this asshole doing here?

"Sorry, I really need to get going." he says and starts tying his shoelaces.

"Why the fuck are you here?" I shriek.

"Keep it down out there." I hear Trupti sleepily yell from the bedroom. I stare at the bedroom door. Malay follows my stare, and looks at the bedroom door too.

"Oh please. Don't tell me." I whisper in disgust.

"Don't tell you what?" he asks. "And why are you whispering?"

"Trupti..." I whisper.

He smiles and shakes his head in amusement.

"Trupti...true to the name. Trupti means satisfaction, right? Or contentment? I gotta say, I am really satisfied. And I'll tell you..."

"Just shut up and get out." I whisper, and throw a pillow at him. It hits him harmlessly on the head.


"I don't care what the hell you did in there. But I can't stand the sight of you. Get the fuck out." I say, raising my voice.

"Okay, okay." he says, looking puzzled. "I am in a hurry anyway. You're weird."

He starts walking towards me, but I yell,

"Don't come near me. Just get out!"

Malay shrugs and walks out. I hear the door close behind him and Trupti walks out of the bedroom, clad in a bathrobe.

"Nice guy. Good technique in bed." Trupti says, lighting a cigarette.

"Trupti, slept with him?" I ask.

"Yeah. You don't mind, do you?"

"No, I mean..."

"Did you want to bang him first?" Trupti says, winking.

"Not at all. I hate him. did you meet him anyway?"

"Oh, after I got done with my shower last night and came to the living room, I saw your phone buzzing. I thought it might be important, so I answered. It was this guy. He sounded interesting. So I met him. And you know... don't you remember moving the couch?"

I say nothing.

"Anyway, really good in bed. Especially for an Indian. Nice thick dick too. You should try him out some time." Trupti says and walks into the bathroom.


That afternoon, torn between feelings of disgust about Malay and loyalty towards Trupti, I take an hour off from work after pleading with Jan. I get my stuff, go to my apartment, get the guard to let me in. And then I go back to work.

Three days roll by with me immersed in my work. No word from Trupti. I start feeling guilty that I left without saying goodbye or thanking her. Maybe she is upset, and rightfully so. But the idea of her sleeping with Malay is too much for me to take. I don't know why. I don't like him. Don't like him at all. But still, what she did bugs the crap out of me.

At the end of the fourth day, Friday, I am thinking of calling up Trupti myself. I reach for the phone when it starts ringing.

"Trupti?" I say happily, "I was just..."

"You were just about to call me? Yes, I am sure you were. Meet me in half an hour at Penn Station."

Half an hour later, Trupti, dressed in a short off shoulder dress, meets me on 34th Street with a bag in her hand.

"Hi, what's up?"

"You're coming on a sales call with me. Kinda." she says, and hails a cab.

"A sales call? For what?"

"You know what I sell."

It take

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