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The storm hits.

She knew her nipples didn't get hard because of the cool air. It was warmer here than in her rooms and her nipples were fine in that air. Her sex also throbbed every time she felt the woman's hand caress her skin. If she didn't know better, she thought she was feeling what had been described in those tawdry tales that had become so popular with young women. But that was wrong too. She was only supposed to feel this with a man, not another woman.

She kept her thoughts to herself while she waited. She knew she needed a new dress, once she pushed her brother so far. It was a necessary evil, but all the same, she didn't want to lose a favorite dress in the bargain. She was snapped back to awareness when the tall woman entered the dressing area.

"Stand up and let me see if I got the fit right, since this is the first time I have worked with you." She helped the small woman up to the stool and pulled the garment over her head. "I'll fix your hair once we have finished here." She said in her ear.

"You know how to do hair also?" She looked at the blue eyes that held her gaze.

"Yes Highness." She smiled. "Now put your arms in these." She held out ropes that had a cuffed end to them. "It will help so you don't have to hold them up so long. I want these to fit when you are relaxed as much as when you have to be at your best." She secured Beatrix's arms in the cuffs and went about adjusting the fit.

Beatrix bit her lip every time the woman's hands brushed across her breasts. Between her legs, she could feel a heat building. She wondered why she was having this reaction. She could smell the musky scent but didn't realize it was coming from her.

The same scent was driving Ivoline to distraction. It had been so long since she had been able to relax and play with another woman's body. She knew the woman in front of her would go off like a powder keg if she was to give the attention she craved. The nipples in front of her could not get any harder. But, if she did something wrong with this woman, it could mean her life.

Beatrix moaned as the woman adjusted her breasts in the new bodice. She locked her eyes on the woman in front of her, not knowing what was going on.

"Someone is ready to be bred." The woman smiled.

"I-I would need a husband for that." Beatrix tried to talk.

"Not always." Ivoline smiled.

"What are you doing to me?" Beatrix asked as her knees shook.

"Fitting a bodice and skirt to your body. It is your body that is doing the rest, Highness." Ivoline saw the heat in the Princesses eyes and had to take the chance. "Relax Highness; it will only take a minute." She cupped the royal breasts and softly pinched the hard nipples between her fingers. It was all it took. The small Princess shook as Ivoline's hands held her in place. It was the first time she made another woman to go off like that just by touching her breasts.

Beatrix didn't know what was happening to her body. Pleasure signals shot through her and were making her shake. The tighter the big woman held her up by her breasts, the more her center throbbed until it felt like she shattered from the inside. She stood there looking face to face with the woman wondering why she felt like putting her lips to the thicker lips in front of her.

"Are the skirt and bodice ready Ivoline?" The shop owner asked, breaking the spell.

"Just about; give us another five minutes and we will be ready for you." Ivoline said over her shoulder. "Can you stand on your own again, Highness?" She asked the small woman in her hands.

"Yes, thank you Ivoline.

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