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Secrets are hard to keep on Mt Olympus.


"I'm your only girl," Julie teased," we have to find you a woman."

He turned around to face her, glancing at the swell of her breasts as the towel pushed them together. He badly wanted to bury his face in them, tongue her nipples. She was the only woman he wanted.

Changing the subject, he told her, "Have a seat angel, I'll have breakfast ready shortly."

Julie sat down on a barstool that was nearest to the sink. Her legs parted slightly, causing the towel to fall away from her thighs. Eric tried his best to restrain from staring at her.

His cock was throbbing again and he found it hard to concentrate on the task at hand. He wondered if she knew what she was doing to him.

"Need some help daddy?" Julie inquired.

"No baby, you just sit there and talk to me," he answered, trying to keep his hands busy.

As they sat and ate the breakfast Eric had prepared, Julie watched her father. He was acting so strange, shifting in his seat and not looking at her at all. When he stood up to pour more coffee, Julie noticed the bulge in his pants. That's it! she thought. Daddy has a hard on.

Julie looked down at her body. The towel barely covering her most private parts. She shifted slightly in her chair, now fully aware of how she must look to her father. She felt her nipples growing hard and her pussy twitching. Julie had always thought of her father as handsome, but she never had "those feelings" when she thought of him. She couldn't believe how she was feeling now. She was shocked to realize she wanted him to see her naked, to touch her.

Eric moved away quickly from the table, hoping Julie didn't notice his erection. He started rinsing the dishes and placed them into the dishwasher. Julie walked over to him and stacked her plate on top of the others.

"Thank you, Daddy, breakfast was great!" Julie said.

As she turned to walk away, her towel caught on the door of the dishwasher and pulled away from her body. She grabbed at it, trying to cover herself as best she could. Eric's hard cock reacted as he looked at his daughter's hard nipples.

"Daddy," Julie grinned mischievously as she dropped the towel to the floor, "do you like what you see?"

Eric could only stare at his beautiful daughter. Her tits were perfectly shaped, her pink erect nipples pointing right at him.

His cock was pushing harder against the fabric of his boxers and sweats, almost like it wanted out to look at her as well.

"Ahhhh, well, I....err.....Yes, I do," he finally managed to stutter.

Julie stepped forward, taking his hand in hers, laying it against her breast. Eric could feel her hard, erect nipple pressing against the palm of his hand.

"Mmmmmmmmm Daddy," she moaned, "that feels so nice."

Eric was stunned. He knew he should stop what was happening, but he couldn't. He didn't want to. He admitted he wanted his daughter. He wanted to fuck her.

Eric reached up and cupped her other tit in his hand, sliding his thumb over her nipple. He heard her suck in her breath. She was trembling as he manipulated both nipples.

Julie reached out and touched his hard cock, causing him to moan. Julie could feel the heat of her father's cock through his clothes. She slid her hand inside the waistband, grabbing at his throbbing erection. Eric gazed at his daughter, as if making sure it was all right to be doing this with her, and that it was really happening.

"Oh baby girl, that feels so good," Eric whispered.

He pulled her closer, wrapping his arms around her, pressing her tits against his bare chest. He could feel her hard nipples digging into his skin. Julie continued massaging her father's cock, moving her hand up and down the shaft. Eric held her tight against his chest, his heart racing at the thought of what they were doing.

Eric made a trail of kisses down her neck to her tits. He took one nipple into his mouth, sucking on it in earnest, as Julie moaned.

She was still stroking her hand up and down her father's cock, loving the feel of her hand wrapped around it.

Looking down between them, Eric saw that Julie's smooth pus

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