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More papers to sign.

Edward had called his parents and told them that he was spending the Thanksgiving break with some friends he'd met while at college. They were going to stay around campus, maybe go skiing, work on some projects that none of them wanted to get behind in. His folks had protested the decision, of course, but he'd stuck his ground. There were friends who'd wanted to go skiing, but Edward preferred the indoor sports he planned with Beth. Much warmer this way.

She was bustled into his car quickly, which was good because the moment the chilled breeze hit her, Beth shivered almost uncontrollably. She hated the cold. Next time, he was coming down to the coast to see her. Warmth. No need for all this snow even though it looked lovely with the trees all growing as a backdrop. Still. She hated the cold.

They drove for a while and she assumed again that they must be camping out in his dorm for the week. She should have thought ahead on that one. But just as that thought crossed her mind, he pulled his car into the almost vacant parking lot of a quaint chateau-looking motel. There were a few other cars nestled near the front but no one gathered at the pool near the front. Edward parked up at the office long enough to run inside and arrange a room and Beth smiled to see the blazing fire in the main room. She wanted to be in front of that fire, thawing out. But there was no time for her to run in because not long after he went in, Edward sauntered back out to the car with a self-satisfied smile stretching across his youthfully handsome face. Snow flurries started up and she saw the drifts of them landing on his shaggy honey-colored hair. He got back into the car and drove further around toward the back. She thought at first that this meant long treks to the front for the dining room, but there was an alcove where he parked and she noticed a door that led to an indoor set of hotel rooms.

"How long had you been planning this?" she asked him after climbing out of the car and grabbing up her backpack. He was getting her suitcase along with one of his own out of the trunk and carrying them toward the door. At first, he didn't say anything. Just opened the door when they got to it and smiled as he watched Beth's reaction to the inside of the hotel. It was just like some European chateau tucked neatly into one of the Swiss Alps or something. There was a long hallway that she assumed went to the front desk and she could almost hear the crackling of the fireplace. There were little rooms here and there for gathering and chatting, some with their own smaller fireplaces. She was enthralled.

Finally he answered her, "Since you told me you were flying out for Thanksgiving. I didn't think you wanted to eat campus food, especially since they're not even going to be open. And as much as I know you like Denny's coffee, I wasn't about to spend my first holiday with you there." He guided her down the hall and up a flight of stairs. The room he stopped at was just outside the main railing that looked down over the front room downstairs. The fireplace, the front desk, several comfy couches and chairs along with a large screen t.v. awaited anyone who wanted to be social. Just underneath them and down the hall from that was the dining room, an experience that Beth could only guess would be one of those classy but casual experiences; table cloths and candles on the tables but the room having a stone wall job with another gloriously blazing fireplace in one corner.

"Well, I'm impressed.

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