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"Put it in the hole!" I slowly pressed my breast against the hole, The hole was about a 4 inch circle and about half of my breast fit through. The cold hard plastic scraped my breast a bit and I winced. The outside air was a bit colder than in the porta-john and my nipple stretched out further. I braced myself not knowing what was going to happen next.

My nipple was rubbed, and then pinched between his fingers. As hard as it was in the chilled air, I shivered as it was rolled between his fingers. My nipples are very sensitive to begin with. When my husband and I have sex, he usually plays with them for a while which gets me very wet and very ready for sex. The tightness of them just intensified their sensitivity. He continued to roll and pinch my nipple then I felt his tongue flick over it. A shiver went through my body as his tongue and fingers worked it. I thought to myself Krista! There's no way in hell you are getting turned on by this. A man you don't know is humiliating you! You can't be getting turned on by this! Can You? His tongue rolled and flicked over my nipple while he pinched it. I bit my lip to keep from moaning out loud as he lightly bit it. Knowing he couldn't see inside with my nipple in the hole, I slid a hand up my thigh and over the satin of my panty. I could feel the warmth from within, and it felt a little damp. You can't be wet from this! I slipped a finger under my panty and immediately felt the wetness of my pussy. I let my finger slide along my lips and tickle my clit as he continued to lick, flick, and pinch my nipple. He sucked my nipple in his mouth hard as my finger pressed inside of my pussy. I bit my lip harder to keep the moan inside. Then he released my nipple from his mouth. With my finger still sliding in me, I waited for what was next, wanting him to go back to my nipple.

"Stand up!" I slowly pulled my finger out, my breast still pressed through the hole. "Stand up!" came the voice again. I slowly stood, bracing myself against the sides as my knees were shaking a bit. "Drop the skirt." Again not a demand, but a statement he knew wouldn't be denied. I slowly unzipped the back zipper and let the skirt fall to my sandaled feet. I shivered standing now in just my sandals and my orange satin Tony Stewart bikini panty. The light shone over my panty. The little white number 20's all over it shining bright.

"Turn around." I turned putting my ass towards the hole. Looking at the dying push lamp on the green plastic wall in front of me, I jumped and screamed when I felt a hand rub my ass. Almost falling, I braced myself against the walls again, leaning slightly forward. I screamed when the hand stopped rubbing and came down hard on my ass, the slap cracking in the enclosed space of the porta-john.

"I fucking hate Tony Stewart!" came the voice. My ass burned from the slap as I braced myself to keep from falling. Two more quick hard slaps followed and I screamed with each slap.

"PLEASE STOP IT!" I cried. He just laughed, telling me to scream all I wanted, with the music playing from the camp area, no one would hear.

"Turn around!' I turned without question, tears rolling down my cheeks as my ass was burning.

He took his finger and traced along the large "20" on the front of my panty. I shivered. Shit if he feels how moist I am . . . Shit! He roughly pulled my panty to the side, exposing my closely trimmed mound. His fingers went right in pushing against my swollen lips. I moaned lightly as he pressed a finger inside of me and it easily slid in. Oh My God! You can't be enjoying this Krista! His finger slid in and out of me and my hips started to rock with his rhythm. Shit He's gonna think you're some kind of a slut. What the fuck is coming over me . . .God I must be shit faced! I started to moan a little gasping as his finger slid in and out of me. My moan became a little whimper as he pulled out and laughed.

"Too bad you're a Tony Stewart fan . . . Otherwise I might let you enjoy this you little whore . . . Get on your knees!" Fuck it! This has gone far enough!

"Come on you

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