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A female teacher's first lesbian encounter.

There was no more room in his mind for thought. All his awareness was fixed on the amazing things Dee was doing to his body.

It was as though Dee had dozens of arms. Some were wrapped around his thighs on the outside of his shorts and some had slipped under the material, to caress the sensitive skin on his inner thighs. Like fingers, they massaged his hot flesh and made him moan. And then there was the one that was wrapped around his shaft, squeezing and stroking up and down, and the one that was squirming over his balls, and the one that was penetrating him and the one... oh God that one was...

Making keening noises he shuddered, not knowing if he should thrust up or back, twisting his head from side to side and clamping his hands convulsively on Dee's arms.

"Ssh, my darling. Relax. Let me take care of you."

"Relax? Mmmm." Sys' eyes rolled as the firm, flexible tentacles massaged, tweaked, stroked and penetrated. He was so frenzied he couldn't keep still. Writhing, flailing, and bucking, he trembled all over. Panting hard, his hands gripped Dee, with a vice-like grip as, for the first time in over seven years he opened to Dee that one place that was usually closed.

Dee cried out as the muscle ring opened and drew him inside. The tips of his tentacles were highly sensitive, especially when engorged with blood, as they were during sex, and the contractions of the muscles were a pleasure that bordered on pain.

Clasping Dee tightly, and gritting his teeth, Sys' body went rigid in Dee's arms. He sucked Dee's tentacle inside, causing Dee to shudder and moan, his eyes clamped shut and his mouth hanging open.

And then Sys convulsed powerfully, knocking Dee over backwards and expelled him forcefully from his body. Rolling away from Dee, Sys curled on his side, writhing and shuddering in the grass.

"Fuck, Sys... Sys are you alright? Did I hurt you?"

Sys uncurled and lay on his back, starting up at Dee, with eyes brighter than the stars that were beginning to appear on the velvety night sky "No, Dee. No, you could never hurt me. That wass beautiful."

"Sometimes, you scare the fuck out of me when you cum."

"Ssorry," Sys said unrepentantly, grinning.

"Liar," Dee said, mirroring the grin. "Come on, let's go inside. It's getting cold out here."

After taking a shower together, Sys and Dee were sitting in the armchair in front of a roaring fire. Sys was curled up on Dee's lap, with his head on Dee's shoulder, half asleep. Both of them jumped out of their skins when the door crashed open. Luke blew in with the blast of cold air.

"Fathther... Dee... Hurry, ththey are coming."

"Who'ss coming? What'ss wrong."

"The hunterss fathther. The people from the bad plasse. They know we are here. They are coming for uss. I have led them away but it won't be long before ththey realisse ththey have been fooled. We musst leave... right NOW."

Sys was stunned. "Leave? But... but what about our ththingss? Where would we go? What...?"

Dee was far more directive. Gently, setting Sys on his feet, he took command. "Sys, go and get dressed. Throw some clothes in a bag, something we can carry easily. Dress warmly in as many layers of clothes as you can. Luke, gather together anything we can't live without... lighters, matches, some food that will keep. Put them in the big rucksack. I'll go call Jo'el."

"Already done," Luke gasped. "He's meeting us at the transfer site."

Dee looked at Luke in surprise, then laughed. "You never cease to surprise me, little person. You're growing up so fast." Father and son shared a moment of deep connection, as they grinned at each other. "Go help your father. I'll fill the rucksack. Dress warmly. The transfer will be cold.

Nodding, Luke grabbed Sys' hand and dragged him into the bedroom.

Within ten minutes, they were gathered at the doorway. Sys scanned the cabin with tears in his eyes. "I wass happy here," he said softly.

"And you'll be happy somewhere else.

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