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Daddy finds his long lost girl.

She positioned herself on top of him, with her knees along both sides of his waist and sat back against the warm stiffness of his cock nuzzling the crevices of her ass. As she looked right through his eyes into the back of his head, she teasingly pulled at her left nipple while tracing the circumference of her mouth with her tongue, then lifted the index finger of her right hand from her nipple to her mouth to coat her finger with her warm saliva which she spread on her nipple, making it glisten with stiffened excitement. Tori then leaned forward and brushed her nipples across Wyatt's chest, tingling herself amid the soft curls of brown but slightly greying chest hair. Wyatt reached up with both hands and captured her breasts, pressing them together to mimic an impressive decolletage. He pressed her breasts together so that he could draw both nipples into his mouth simultaneously, and enjoyed the sensation of having two nipples to lick and suck. Her right breast slipped free of his grip, and Wyatt enjoyed watching her breast sway as it hung beneath her body, seeking equilibrium amid the soft warm quivering mass. He sucked harder and with more determination on her left nipple, causing a tiny amount of milk to flow. Wyatt thought that Tori's milk was far better than any expensive ice cream, and eagerly licked and sucked, trying to express more of her tasty cream from her erotically stimulated breast.

Tori moved up toward Wyatt's head until the tip of his cock sprang free from under her, then wriggled backward hoping to achieve perfect alignment for penetration. He began to buck his ass, moving his cock erratically, and she asked him to please lie still. He complied, but she saw from the corner of her eye that he was gripping the sheets on the bed fiercely. Tori moved back a little more and the engorged head of Wyatt's prick pressed againt the tight sphincter of her anus, precisely as she had hoped. With a sudden thrust, Tori slid backward about an inch as Wyatt's cock entered the warm tightness of her ass. She writhed slightly to get a better fit and pushed backward a bit more to ensure that his stiff cock would not come out of her gripping asshole. As soon as she was satisfied that his dick would stay inside her, Tori sat up, thrusting her ass down over his swollen cock in one movement until she could feel the shape of his balls against her soft cheeks. Tori began a rhythmic pumping on Wyatt's cock, lifting herself a little on her knees then pounding back against his thick cock to drive it deeply into her. She could feel the hard knob of his cock inside her, through the thin wall of muscle tendon separating her rectum from her vagina, and she enjoyed feeling his cock press against her G-spot from behind her cervix as the powerful spasms of her first orgasm began coursing through her body.

Tori could feel the pulsating waves of orgasmic muscle contractions in her empty pussy as she pushed the middle and index fingers of her right hand into her cunt. She curled her finger and drew some of her juice out of the depths of her body and spread the slippery fluid over her pulsating clitoris. She could feel her nipples stiffen involuntarily as she came and she dipped some more honey from her cunt to spread onto her nipple as she pinched it seeking additional pleasure. Wyatt began bucking against her ass, trying to drive his hardened cock deeper into her ass and Tori knew that he would soon explode in orgasmic convulsions. She bounced faster on him, trying to milk his cock in a duet of passionate pleasure.

Wyatt's body exploded and Tori could feel the first powerful jet of his semen splash against the outside of her pussy, and could feel the heat of his cum filling her rectum and warming her pussy through the na

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