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A transvestite's date turns rough.

When she spoke or asked questions she was ignored. Each member wore a balaclava in her presence, not to hide their identity, which considering her fate was unimportant, but to instill fear, co-operation and even hope - if they didn't want her to see their faces then perhaps they wouldn't kill her.

"Because I can."

She seemed to consider the answer for a moment not making much sense of it, but so relieved was she to have someone to talk to, to give her answers, that what those answers were seemed less important.

"Please let me go, I promise I won't say anything."

"Why would I care?"

"I don't know anything, I haven't seen..."

Suddenly her face went white under her tan. It dawned on her that she had seen something. The man she was currently talking too wore no balaclava his face plain to see, easy to identify. Was her life now in danger? She dropped her eyes to the floor and a half sob escaped her lips.

"As it will save time and effort I'll lay things out for you Jade. We have no intention of killing you. I will satisfy my sexual needs with you for several days until you bore me and then no doubt my colleagues will use you for days after that. You will then be transported off shore where you will satisfy many many men before you either find one who wants to keep you or you end your days as a maid in a brothel somewhere in Asia or the Middle East. Please observe your current position. You are constrained and available for my use, all you have to decide is... well actually there is nothing for you to decide, nor anything you can say or do to change the situation."

"You're mad!"

"Immoral, some might even say evil, but I assure you I am quite sane. Shall we begin?"

She struggled briefly twisting one way then another rattling her chains but eventually stilled when it was obvious her bindings were secure.

"Please let me go, I'll do anything, pay anything."

"You haven't been listening. You'll do anything because I want it and money has no appeal for me, just your body. So let's begin."

He stood in front of her and stripped down to his leather 'G' string. He didn't actually find it that comfortable or appealing but he felt that it set the right tone, made the right statement, for the woman. The room was warm as although a cold dungeon might have had a psychological effect on the subject there was no way he was freezing his ass off as well. Once naked he approached her and ran a hand over her breasts and across her stomach ending by cupping her shaven sex. He enjoyed it at two levels. The simple fact that she was very attractive and her breasts and pussy were exciting to fondle and secondly that she couldn't stop him although again she twisted this way and that trying.

"Just to prove that I can make you do anything I want I'll now demonstrate our respective positions."

He let go of her and walked over to the wall pulling back a curtain to reveal a selection of whips, shackles and assorted BDSM paraphernalia. He chose a meter long cane about the thickness of his little finger and returned to stand in front of her. She was looking horrified and tears were already coursing down her cheeks.

"Have you ever been caned?"

For an answer she merely shook her head in the negative.

"Very good that makes this so much more enjoyable." He took one of her large breasts in his free hand and gently squeezed the ample flesh. "The cane is particularly cruel and when used at even moderate strength can cause extreme pain and can do everything from raising welts to actually breaking the skin. I am sure you believe me but for this demonstration to really work I'll first need to let you experience a few strokes. I suggest three strokes across the buttocks, unless you prefer somewhere else?"

A barely perceptible shake of the head perhaps not so much agreement as confusion.

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