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After feisty play - a couple takes a road trip.

Afterwards she asks for a blanket and goes to sleep as the lights in the plane go down. As she moves around in her sleep, she presses against my elbow and I realize that she is not wearing a bra. Soon she places her hand over mine, and as she moves about takes my right hand, eventually pulling it under the blanket. Her skirt has ridden up and she lets my hand rest on her thigh for a couple of minutes, inching my hand higher as she moves about. Then twisting in her seat, she brings my hand up against her pussy. I am surprised that she doesn't have any panties on. I pull lightly on the hair there, and begin to rub up and down her slit, feeling the wetness. She moans, and I wonder if she is awake, although she still appears to be asleep. I look around, and the man to my left gives me a knowing smile.

Now I start touching her clit, rubbing lightly in small circles. She moans again still holding my hand. I stop for a few moments not wanting to awaken her. When she relaxes, I continue. She starts to move her hips against my hand, and her breathing gets faster. I slow down and then stop. I insert my finger into her cunt and she grips my arm with both of her hands. Then I start teasing her again by rubbing her clit, stopping when she is ready to cum. Again starting, then stopping, 'til her eyes pop open and she whispers "please".

"Please what?" I ask her wide-eyed.

"Please, I am ready."

"Tell me," I respond.

"You know I need to cum," she says with narrowed eyes and pursed lips.

"I will, but I want to see your pussy when you cum," I reply stroking her clit again lightly.

"But the man next to you..." she whispers.

"I will not bring you off unless you do as I ask," I tell her stopping with my hand.

"Please not that," she says, "people can see me. I will do you in the bathroom if you finish me now."

"It has to be my way, or not at all," I tell her.

The gentleman sitting beside me nods. "I would appreciate the view," he smiles, his pants tenting.

"I guess you bare yourself or you don't cum," I tell her.

I stroke her clit slowly to bring her mind back to the business at hand, then stop as her hips move against my hand under the blanket.

She opens her mouth to negotiate then stops as our eyes meet. She hisses "OK. OK. We'll do it your way, but do it quickly."

Looking around, she moves the blanket back off her legs. She rises slightly and I pull her skirt up to her hips completely exposing a neatly-trimmed bush. Her legs are spread as far apart as possible, with her left leg laying over my right one, and I begin to rub her clit. I reach over with my other hand and pinch the nipple of her nearest tit. Her movements now become fevered, and she closes her eyes again. One hand grips my right arm slowly increasing the tempo on her clit, and the other grips the fingers rolling a nipple between them.

As she gets ready to cum I stop again. Her eyes fly open shooting daggers. She looks around again and says between clenched teeth "I have done everything you asked, now what?"

"Look at me when you cum. I want to experience as much of you as possible."

She nods her head, turning slightly in her seat and fixing her gaze on me. I resume rubbing little circles around her clit while pinching her tit a bit harder. Her eyes are fixed on mine and her breathing becomes labored. Her thighs clutch open and shut on my hand, eyes glazing over, but squinting open into mine. I increase the speed of my fingers still more.

Then the hood covering her clit is pulled back, I dip my finger in her wetness, and press more firmly as I make my circles.

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