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"What's the matter, Mr. Goodlong?" Jamie asked as slobber continued dribbling from his mouth. "Was I doing something wrong?"

"Oh no, Jamie, that was wonderful," said Mr. Goodlong. "Let's try something else now."

"What do you mean?" he asked as he wiped his mouth.

"I mean let's go all the way." He began crawling on top of Jamie, his body forcing the younger man onto his back. He gripped his shorts and briefs and tugged them off in one swift motion. Years of practice taught him how to do that.

Before Jamie even knew what was happening, his bottom half was completely exposed except for his gym shoes and socks. "What... wait a minute... I... I'm not," he stammered as he tried to make sense of what was happening now. He watched Mr. Goodlong position himself over his body. He could feel the giant phallus sliding between their bodies, pressing against his own flaccid cock.

"I'm just going to slide it in for a moment," said Mr. Goodlong as he leaned in closer, his lips now inches away from Jamie's. They looked into each other's eyes for a moment. The older, experienced man taking advantage of the na__ve and much younger man. "Just for a moment."

"What do you mean just for a moment? There's no way I'm gonUNGHHH!" Jamie never felt pain like he just felt at that moment. Well, at least not in his ass. Mr. Goodlong just jammed his ramrod of a cock into his virgin ass in one long stroke. He saw stars as he yelped like a puppy while the anal intruder forced his ass open. He was shocked and embarrassed. How could he let this happen? Was he being raped by Mr. Goodlong? But it can't be rape... he was giving this man a blowjob.
"Just relax your muscles, Jamie.... ungh," Mr. Goodlong advised as he adjusted his position on top of him. "Let my cock stretch your ass. It'll get used to my dick in a minute or two."

"And...ohgawd... and then you'll pull it out?" he asked hopefully.

"Well... mmm... then we'll really get to business."

"What does that mean?"

"That means we're gonna have some real fun?"

"Are you... gonna fuck me?"

"Just relax."

"I... I told you I'm not..."

"Jamie, take it easy and enjoy my dick. I told you I'm not gay either. This is just sex okay?"

"Okay I... ungh... I guess." Jamie tried to remain calm under the circumstances.

This is how he ended up in the backseat of a tiny compact car with a large, much older man on top of him. With a massive 12-inch dick jammed up his tight ass. With his legs spread wide as the man slowly pulled his dick out while slopping copious amounts of fuck lube all over their bodies.

"UMPH!" Mr. Goodlong slammed his pelvis into Jamie's ass hard. His dick rammed all the way into the warm wet hole with a loud thud.

"UNGH!" Jamie felt the cock invade his insides again. The full length had just been pulled out and now it was back with a vengeance. "Mr. Goodlong, I think you might be too... UNGH!" Again the cock plundered his ass.

"Oh SHUHweeeeeeet Jeezuz!" Mr. Goodlong exclaimed as he pulled his hips back, readying for another plunge into Jamie's love tunnel.

"Mr. Goodlong... huff... please just... UNGH!" Again the dick plowed into him. This guy was actually long-dicking him.


"Please, Mr. GoodloUNGH!"


"Oh, Mr. Goodlong!"


"I... huff... UNGH!" Jamie's eyes bulged almost out of their sockets with each powerful thrust. He found his body instinctively humping his pelvis back into Mr. Goodlong. Was he actually fucking back? There's no way!

"Oh... yeah, Jamie, that's it. Fuck back at me baby!" Mr. Goodlong was astonished at the speed he was turning him out. This guy must be a real horn dog to turn out so quickly.

"Oh crap!" Jamie thought out loud. It wasn't his imagination, he was humping back. But it was okay. All he had to do was relax like Mr. Goodlong said. For crying out loud, this man was married and straight, just like him. Everything was cool. He felt him picking up the pace, his balls smacking into his ass with loud WHACKS! Thrust after thrust. They continued to grunt and hump, causing the whole car to rock up and down.

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