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Shay mixes a little pleasure with business.


"I didn't know slides had lanes," Josh said.

The four of us let the pool's soft, artificial waves carry us away from the dangerous opening. "Sorry, Julia," said Ellie. "I guess I just got kind of distracted. Won't happen again." And then she winked at me. I realized that I still had a huge tent in my shorts, and it wasn't going away any time soon.


Ellie and I found a few moments to be together in that hazy summer afternoon. We came together in the corners of the pool or behind the burger stand and kissed and touched. It never went further than adolescent skin games, although I did manage to slip my hand under Ellie's top long enough to feel a hard nipple before we had to go stand in another line. There was a kind of magnetic pull that had suddenly sprung up between us - no, not magnetic, something warmer and wetter, like the maple syrup that makes your fingers stick together after a big breakfast. An addiction, maybe. Before we left, Julia found the two of us making out behind the changing rooms, and smacked me on the back of the neck. "Break it up, lovebirds. We have to get out of here before my brain breaks."

"Fine," I sulked.

"And no sex in the van," Julia said, wagging her finger at the two of us.

"It's my van, and I can do what I want to," said Ellie. But of course, she was in the driver's seat on the way home, and I didn't want to try my luck in the middle of the QEW. So instead I spent the whole time turning the affair over in my heat-addled brain. It was as though that slide had flipped a switch, and Ellie had turned from the responsible matronly figure who saw me as nothing more than a young troublemaker into a sex kitten that couldn't keep her hands away. Why were women always so baffling? Then again, men had been confusing me a lot lately too.

In the backseat, Padma snuggled up with a badly sunburnt Dawn. Maybe they had intended some hanky-panky, but both girls quickly fell asleep. Josh and Simon were nodding off as well, while Julie was obviously struggling to read whatever had popped up on her tablet. The day's exuberance had combined with the dry heat to sap us of all our energy. Only my confusion kept me awake.


When we got home, we all pulled ourselves out of the van like a haggard family after a three-week vacation. So much for our adventurous young lifestyle. It was Josh's day to cook, but he begged off claiming that he needed a nap, as did the rest of the group. They all vanished to their own rooms, although I was pretty sure that Dawn and Padma were sneaking off for a quickie. It was just me and Ellie in the kitchen, suddenly realizing that we were alone together.

"I should probably take care of food," said Ellie. "I guess we're ordering pizza again." In truth, that was probably what Josh would have done even if he was conscious.

"Please, let's not repeat the ordeal of having to find toppings that please all seven of us."

"Plain cheese pizza for all, then."

I didn't want to talk about pizza. "Ellie, I have to say... I wasn't expecting that all today."

She looked me up and down. "That all what, dear? Nouns are important."

"Well, I was pretty sure you never wanted to touch me, but then you were all over me..." I trailed off, trying not to sound lecherous or shallow.

She gave me a sunny smile. "Well, sweetie, that's what happens when you treat a girl nicely instead of just asking her if you want to... well, you know. Catch more flies with honey, you know."

"So, do you want to-" I caught myself. "-talk. We should talk. I want to know more about you."

"Nothing much to know about me. Mother of three going through a midlife crisis. When I get out of here, I'm planning to write a bestselling memoir about it. My book club would love it."

I leaned back against a cupboard. "See, that's one thing. I didn't know you had kids."

For a moment, Ellie's gaze was very far away.

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