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Chance meeting leads to hot sex.

Nikki kept her head where it was, and I started to fuck her with enthusiasm. This went on for only about thirty seconds before two things happened; my abs were becoming exhausted ridiculously fast and the tension through my lower body was causing my orgasm to creep up to the surface. I wanted to cum in her throat desperately, it felt fantastic, but really, I just liked how dirty it was. Nikki was right; I liked to get a little nasty, and she was letting me do this of her own free will. In fact the sounds she was making suggested she was really enjoying herself.

"That's right Nikki... fucking take it. Take it... take it!" Pumping my hips faster and faster, banging into her face hard and I couldn't give a fuck. Pleasure was seeping through my core even as my muscles filled with lactic acid and began to burn. It didn't matter because I was about to cum in her throat; right down her fucking throat! My thrusts turned into jerks and I knew I was about to fill her.

The fucking bitch pulled her mouth clean off me.

"Nikki! What the fuck!?" I shouted as my dick throbbed and pulsed in empty air. To my horror I saw more cum trickling out of it and run down my shaft with absolutely zero satisfaction. I didn't understand this; I had just cum, why the fuck did it feel like I hadn't? "Fucking hell. Fucking hell, Nikki - what are you doing?"

"Shut up you stupid cunt." She spat out at me. "You think you're using me? You're the bitch here, understand?" She swiped her fingers along my shaft making my hips buck, collecting cum on them, before shoving them into my mouth. "Suck them clean, like I just sucked you." She pushed them further and I jerked back in the seat until I had nowhere further to go. She continued to press them into my mouth until I was gagging. I was at the point I was considering biting her fucking fingers right off when she removed them. "Enjoying my throat and I can't have a little fun with yours huh? What a fucking hypocrite? Are you fucking crying you pathetic bitch?"

I guess my eyes were streaming tears from being nearly retching on her fingers. I felt totally disoriented by how fast the situation had flipped. Nikki wasn't kneeling in front of me anymore; she stood between my legs with an attitude I knew couldn't be role play. This was the real Nikki. She bent over and jerked my cock several times which hurt like hell.

"Nikki, fuck, that hurts!" She laughed.

"Fine I'll stop doing it then." No sooner had she removed her hand from me I wanted it back. I still had to cum. I couldn't understand why, but I wasn't satisfied. In fact, I'd let her jerk me as hard and as roughly as she wanted so long as she let me cum properly. I told her this and she continued to laugh. "You want me to bring you off? What about my pleasure you selfish cunt?"

"Whatever you want Nikki, whatever you want. I'll do it." I hated myself for saying it because I knew she had this planned out, and I was playing right into her fucking hands. She was very serious now.

"I want to have your cock in my cunt Yoshi." Jesus Christ, thank you, thank you. "But you had better not cum."

"What?" I said bewildered.

"This is for me not you. You're just a cock that's all. You're going to sit there and be my fuck toy understand? If I think you're having a good time Yoshi... you're gonna really fucking regret it." As she said this her gaze went from trying pierce through the back of my head to look over her shoulder. My eyes followed hers and found her looking at a wall with the most hellish implements in the room. There was even a stick of wood with nails driven through it like a club, and I had no idea how that could ever be used without inflicting serious bodily damage. "Are you ready, shithead?" I could only nod at her.

Nikki turned away from me and I wasn't certain what she intended.

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