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I am the hungry wolf and I run endlessly with my mate.

We're up against some tough competition."

"Why do you think I wore this new sweater?" laughed Sandy. I'm not above using every, uh, asset, in our possession."

"Well, all we can do now is relax, enjoy the rest of the evening, and think good thoughts," Richard replied. "I booked dinner at the Rainbow Room; is that okay with you?"

"It's wonderful, Richard, thanks for thinking about me," Sandy responded.

"You worked hard on this pitch, and if we get it, you're in for a big bonus, and, by the way," how does Vice President sound?"

Sandy looked at Richard, astonished. "You're kidding, right?" she asked.

"Nope," said Richard. "You've earned it. I guess you'll be wanting a bigger office and a bigger expense account," he grinned.

Sandy couldn't talk she was so moved. She reached over and grabbed Richard, giving him a big hug. As her breasts pressed against his chest, Richard had to remind himself to breathe. What an amazing feeling...he had to know what it felt like without all the clothes between them.

"Okay, you're welcome," Richard said, holding Sandy back a bit; if she held on any longer, he knew he'd explode. "I'll come by your room to pick you up at 8."

"You bet!" exclaimed Sandy, as the limo pulled in front of the hotel. "Can't wait, and I hope you brought the platinum card, because I'm gonna eat my weight in lobster and drink a river of champagne!"

"Uh, maybe I better rethink this VP idea; we don't have the account, yet," Richard laughed, totally charmed by her enthusiasm. He bet that carried over into the sack, as well.

It was 5 o'clock; Richard would be by in three hours. That meant Sandy had a lot of work to do. She laid out her dress, shoes and lingerie, then decided at the last minute she was going to forgo the underwear...if the chance presented itself tonight, that's one less piece of resistance Richard was going to have to overcome, Sandy thought.

After a quick nap, she took a shower and then dressed in her sweats to run down to the salon in the lobby for her scheduled manicure, pedicure, and Brazilian bikini wax. Everything was going to be perfect this Valentine's Day, and that meant her body as well.

At 7:50 p.m., Sandy stood in front of the mirror in her hotel room and gave herself the once over. From top to bottom, even she had to admit she looked stunning. Her long, dark hair was in a beautiful updo, with little white bead pearls strategically placed all over. The satin royal purple evening gown was tied around her neck and the plunging V neckline directed everyone where to look. Even the slit up the side was elegant, not trashy, and the final touches, her stiletto black heels with matching evening bag, finished the outfit. She was glad at that point she decided to spend the extra bucks to have her face professionally made up downstairs. It wasn't cheap, but well worth it. Last but not least, Sandy inserted the diamond stud earrings in her ears that Richard had given to her as a bonus after they landed their last big account. He was so generous and thoughtful. She just had to have him or she'd die. While she waited for the knock on the door, Sandy briefly thought about Eric, but knew this fling with Richard was just something she had to get out of her system.

When Sandy opened the door to her suite, Richard was so stunned he actually stepped back a bit. Before him was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her outfit tonight made what she wore to the meeting look like bargain-basement goods. His erection started to grow; luckily, the red roses in his hands covered it up, for now.

"For you, happy Valentine's Day," Richard said, handing Sandy the flowers, and giving her a peck on the cheek.

"They're beautiful, Richard," Sandy replied, taking them from him. She placed them on the table, and called downstairs and asked them to bring up a vase to put the rose in after they left for dinner.

On the elevator ride to the lobby, Sandy stayed close to Richard because it was crowded in there. Everyone else was just as dressed up and looked fabulous.

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