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Sequel to my first story Teacher's Pet.

"Would you right now." Jerk and look at him.

"Shit don't do that, no I wouldn't. I'm still not sure I'm ready for a fuck." Mark sighs.

"Damn, so if you did with me, what position?" Sigh and swat him on the head but well what the hell.

"If I am ready and pass it around to you guys, I would prefer on top. I was raped on my back so I shouldn't go there for a while."

"What about doggy?"

"Doggy is not on my back so sure. Hell for all I know I can do standing missionary, just don't try putting me on my back." Mark nods and grins.

"So do you want to now?" Snort and swat him then giggle for a bit.

"You are incorrigible."

Mark grins and we just sit there for a while. The music is pretty darn good so it's a nice time spent sitting on the concrete. When it's getting dark finally and we are going to find out if we get to go inside shortly a song I know comes on. Sit up straight at that, holy shit I didn't know they were going to be here.

"What's wrong?" Look over at Mark.

"That is my old band, I did the music for this song."

I hop up and Mark follows, he did promise to stay with me. We head over to the stage and get stopped by an attendant. Can't join a band already playing, not that I wanted to anyway. I have my own band and they found a good bassist. Finally they are coming down, the song I know was their last of the three, they stop when they see me.

"Andrea? Oh my god how are you?" I nod and grin at Steph.

"Joined another band, we were the first one to play and played for about an hour before that." Steph comes over and gives me a hug, and she is pressing in to me.

"That is awesome." I smile and reach down there to get a giggle.

"Well yeah, I like him. Took some trying but it was lots of fun to do that." Snort and giggle then give Martin a hug and point at Carl.

"You are still annoying." Carl rolls his eyes then comes over and pulls me in to a hug.

"You are still annoying and also the best damn bassist. Sorry we didn't hear you play, a certain mom to be held us up." Steph sighs and tosses up her hands.

"Like it was my fault you can't turn a fucking thing off."

"Hey do you guys got an agent?" Shaken heads all the way around, then I notice the bassist, he is a tall fuck.

"Well come on you can see if ours will like you."

I hold my hand out to the bassist and pull him along with the rest following. Mark takes my other arm, to not be left out I guess, or keep me from being pulled away. This guy is way the hell up there. Pond scum has big eyes when he sees us coming.

"This is my old band with a tree playing bass now." Steph snorts and leans on me.

"His name is Francis." I look way up at him and see a grin.

"I think he liked being called a tree, I don't see that far well but I think there is a grin." Francis snorts and is chuckling now. "Anyway, they don't have an agent and they were the last band to play. I thought maybe we would come see if you wanted to represent them." Pond scum snorts and looks them over and nods.

"I would, you guys were good. Oh hey they are announcing who is playing inside out of you outside bands."

We all turn around and listen in as the attendant gets up there and is talking to the crowd. He goes on and on about this and that. Mentions a couple bands that were good, and all of us over here on the side are holding our breath. Getting inside is huge, puts you up with the bands that have contracts or should have contracts.

"So who out there liked our last band?" Plenty of screams and waving of hands along with lighters. "Well good because they are going inside."

Steph screams and all of them are jumping up and down. I can't help doing it with them I mean this is huge and if I had not been raped we would have ended up here and going inside. Mark grabs me so I stop jumping and realize the crowd is chanting Pinky.

"Yes, you guys are right, we are allowed to add two bands so we are adding the last band, and the first band.

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