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Three sweet used panty steals are described in detail.

My flat stomach quivers as my body is going into meltdown, a faint line of sticky pussy juice trails across to its final destination. My legs are still, frozen in position, I'm just waiting for you next move Princess what will you have me do? Or what will you do to me? My body cannot take anymore........

Julia wrote:

"Dance!" I command you. A female body is so much more beautiful when it moves and no female body is more beautiful in my eyes than yours, my very own sweet Miss Rebecca. Try to relax, tune in to the music, move and gyrate a little.

I watch as your tense muscles stand out on your legs and your torso. I smile as your large breasts begin to sway; yes you are right I am hypnotised by their beauty and fascinated by your erect, pink nipples.

(Miss Rebecca, you must give me an exact and more detailed description of your boobs and nips so I can better picture them: size, shape, colour, do your boobs thrust straight out forwards when you stand up straight or do they spread outwards? Are they symmetrical or is one different from the other - this is quite common. Are your areolae large, small, round? Shit, you could even measure them for me! I'm truly captivated by your breasts and I haven't even seen them yet).

You slowly caress your hands over your flat tummy and down onto your hips, drawing my eyes to them. Up and down your thighs then bending with your hands on your knees, your breasts swinging from your chest. You look up at me from under your dreamy eyelids and I go all gooey at the seductive sight.


Standing again you move your hands upwards over your body and I know where they are going next. You cup your breasts in your open palms and offer them to me and I struggle to stay in my chair I so much want to hold and feel them, but not yet.

"Play with your nipples" I insist and you tease and torment them into longer, larger, hotter pink buds than they've ever been before and I love to hear you moan with the pleasure, then the slight pain as you pinch and squeeze and pull them.

Moving your hands up you run them over your gorgeous neck. It would look so good with a choker collar around it but for now I'm enjoying seeing you totally naked. You push the straggling strands of perspiration-soaked hair away from your face and pout your red lips, slipping a finger between them and sucking on it like whore sucking a tiny cock. You pull your finger away and a long sticky strand of saliva trails from its tip.

"Show me your pussy" I now demand and willingly you turn your back to me, place your hands on your waist and bend forwards with your feet wide apart. You pussy mound emerges proudly from between your ass-cheeks at the top of your parted thighs, your slit already wide open, betraying your arousal, and your wetness glistens in the room lighting reminding you of the time I filmed you at the party. Once more you derive untold pleasure from displaying and exposing your sex to me and to my delight you place your spread fingertips on your ass and pull your cheeks apart, spreading your pussy lips wider to give me a delightful view of your open cunt and promising a peek at your clit if only I were to move from my chair and draw closer to you.

All this time I've been sitting on the warm leather of my seat, my stockinged legs slung over the arms, my fingers exploring my seductive busti__re and trailing along the edges of my low-cut panties. Occasionally I slide a finger under a suspender strap or move it across to my panties and run it lightly over my pussy mound as I drag a nail of my other hand gently over the exposed top curve of one breast or the other.

But now I need to participate more fully, hugely aroused by your display of wanton, erotic nakedness and the come-on look in your clear blue eyes.

I stand up and walk over to you, your pussy still openly on display and very, very wet ...

Becky wrote:

Before you move over to me seductively bent over exposing my dripping pussy I will tell about my breasts.

Being that my breasts

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