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Tilly tries to avert a crisis.

"Nonsense Mrs Bloomers" he replied, "Miss Louise here is doing a fine job."

Amy-Louise couldn't help but agree in her mind.

Mrs Bloomers was going to retort when she stopped herself as Mr Hopper grabbed the back of Amy-Louise's head and pushed it down as far as he could, burying his entire cock in the student's mouth. Amy-Louise's nose rested against his pubes as he began to thrust forwards, his cock entering her throat.

Amy-Louise started to gag and her neck convulsed.

"Mr Hopper! That is enough!"

Mr Hopper pushed Amy-Louise off his cock, and she coughed before taking in long, deep breaths of air.

"You're starting to annoy me, Mrs Bloomers" said Mr Hopper, "I think you'd be better with something to do."

With that, Mr Hopper walked over to Mrs Bloomers and grabbed her by the hair. He started walking towards the middle of the class, pulling the busty teacher behind him. He stopped in front of the machine and pushed Mrs Bloomers onto the floor.

She was protesting and shouting, cursing Mr Hopper. He ignored her and looked over at Amy-Louise. "Would you come here please, miss Louise?"

Amy-Louise looked worried and confused. She looked at Mrs Bloomers and didn't know what to do. After looking at Mr Hopper once again, she stood up and walked over to the machine.

"You strap her legs in place and I'll get her arms" said Mr Hopper, pointing to 2 straps near Mrs Bloomers legs. Mrs Bloomers was on her knees, but Mr Hopper pushed her forwards. She fell onto all fours and looked very anxious.

"I'll take over the lessons from now on, Mrs Bloomers. It seems like you can't keep your comments to yourself" he replied, starting to fasten her arms in place with the straps. Amy-Louise did the same with her busty teacher's legs.

Once Mrs Bloomers was tied up and in position, her head was facing the top of the machine, a long screw-like fixing was inches away from her mouth. Mr Hopper bent down and examined a handful of dildos that were next to the machine. He picked up a large one, 9-inches long and very thick. Mrs Bloomers eyes went wide.

"You can't put that on. It's too big, I'll never-" she said in alarm, before Mr Hopper interrupted her.

"This will teach you to keep your opinions to yourself" he replied, fixing the large dildo onto the machine. It slapped against Mrs Bloomers face as he turned it, fixing it into position. Once it was on, it was lightly pressing against Mrs Bloomers lips.

"That won't do" said Mr Hopper, looking at Mrs Bloomers, "It's supposed to go inside."

He got a hold of the dildo in one hand, and Mrs Bloomers mouth in the other. Mrs Bloomers tried to keep her mouth shut but it was to no avail. In the next moment, Mr Hopper had shoved the dildo into her mouth. It rested on Mrs Bloomers tongue.

Mrs Bloomers had to breathe out of her nose as the dildo took too much room in her mouth, opening it wide and filling it all. Mrs Bloomers stared up at Mr Hopper, apprehension filling her up.

"Now" said Mr Hopper, "Let's see". And he pulled out the remote control from his pocket. "Let's try setting one".

He pressed a button and the machine came to life. The dildo started to thrust in and out of Mrs Bloomers mouth. The slow speeds didn't make the busty teacher gag, but it was still uncomfortable and breathing wasn't made any easier.

"That simply won't do" said Mr Hopper smiling, and pressed the '3' button on the remote. The change was almost instant and Mrs Bloomers eyes went wide. The dildo began thrusting in and out of her mouth at a much faster pace.

The dildo pulled itself out and pushed itself in, giving Mrs Bloomers hardly any time to think before each thrust. It began to hit the back of her throat, making her gag. Gagging and convulsing, Mrs Bloomers was left to get facefucked by the 9-inch dildo as Mr Hopper walked away, back to the side of the room.

"Right, miss Louise" he said, "Let's continue."

Amy-Louise once again walked over to Mr Hopper, quickly looking back at Mrs Bloomers.

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