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The continuation of Becky's Marine.

I mean yellow bra, nude color panties, that was it. And I just think I might be early and she's still getting ready. But she walks me to the living room and there are about six or seven people sat around. And I immediately notice one of the women is fully naked."

I'm trying to get my brain in gear, as I have no idea where this is going.

"Then a man stands up," she continues, "and he's naked, too, and I suddenly realize I have no idea what I just walked into."

Brain now imploding.

"He just held out his hand to shake and I'm desperately trying not to look down at his thing just hanging there right in front of me."

I scoffed as I failed to stop the visual forming in my mind.

"I know, right. Seeing Anya in underwear was not a big shock, you know, with yoga, but as I look around there's naked guy-turns out he's called Mark-and then the naked lady stands up and introduces herself as Helen. Must be in her 50s. The other three men, all casually hanging out in shorts and t-shirts watching some sports on TV, introduce themselves. It's surreal, I mean, I don't know what to think."

I didn't know what to think, either. I thought this was going to be a very different story.

I was lost for words, so I just took a big gulp of the scotch and retrieved the bottle from the cupboard because I figured we might both need it.

"Anya brought in a big drinks tray," Bonnie continued, "and everyone just started small-talk chatting."

Maybe I could start to see where this was heading.

"I was chatting with naked Mark about nothing in particular and realized a few of the other people, including Anya, were gone. But why would I be concerned? And I excused myself to find the bathroom."

I refilled both our glasses, and Bonnie nodded in appreciation. She took another few deep breaths.

"Do you want to keep telling me what happened," I asked, somewhat defensively, "it's okay, whatever you want."

"I opened a door, looking for a bathroom," Bonnie stated, clearly moving on.

"And...?" I whispered.

"Well, let's just say it was a bedroom, and one of the ladies was sitting on one of the men whose t-shirt and shorts were right in front of the door. I only saw her back, some side boob, and the tattoo. I closed it as silently as I could, but I'm pretty sure the man lifted his head and looked at me."

"This is..." I didn't have the words as I was desperately trying to find something to say to appease Bonnie.

She took another gulp of the scotch. And I wasn't sure she was going to continue.

"I really don't know what happened next," Bonnie said, her head dropping into her hands, her hair covering her face, but I knew what was happening.

"It's okay," I said softly, putting my hand on her shoulder.

"I saw my panties on the floor..." Bonnie lingered over the words.

"... how?"

"It's kind of a blur, but my..." she took another sip of the scotch and several deep breaths, "I just saw my panties on the floor... I knew they were mine, I don't really know how they got there, and... and..."

Another couple of sips as this evolved.

"I was on Mark, and I felt it as he moved his thing, and then he was inside me. It was like I was a different person, like I'd forgotten what to do, but it had been so long..."

She paused and dropped her head again.

"It's okay," I softly tried to reassure her.

"He finished inside me, and don't get me wrong, he was very nice, polite, respectful," she added, taking another deep gulp of the scotch that I immediately refilled.

"The baby is this Mark guy's," I questioned.

"It didn't end there," Bonnie whispered. She took another breath and sat up, stretching her back, seeming to take stock and add some confidence.

"When I got off Mark and looked around for my panties they had gone, and I saw Anya on the couch with her legs in the air and one of the other guys I had been introduced to..."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, but I also couldn't help but try to hear more.

"It's okay, no blame, no shame," I stated.

More scotch.

"I drank some more as I thought abou

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