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I walk to the altar where the High Priestess welcomes me and I kneel before the statue of Ishtar.

"Novice, why have you come to the temple?" the High Priestess asks.

For this rite of passage, there is only one answer.

"To serve the Goddess Ishtar." I confidently reply.

"State your name, novice," she orders me.

"Anouk. My name is Anouk." I continue, as I tremble with impatience.

"Anouk, the temple of Ishtar welcomes you."

This is my cue to proceed into the banquet room, after the High Priestess blesses me with the consecrated water and walks around me once, clockwise, with the censor.

As I sit at my designated place at the table, my eyes dart around at the priests who are standing, waiting to be seated after all the novices. They are all handsome, and so impeccably groomed. I identify the one I find most attractive. He is slim, olive skinned with curly black hair. I look at him until he notices me staring, just like my mother had taught me. When he looks my way, I quickly smile and look away. I look at him again to find he is looking at me and smiling. My heart is already racing and I can't wait to disclose my preference to the High Priestess.

The priests sit down opposite us at the long table and I am disappointed that the one I desire is not directly opposite me. During the delicious feast of olives, figs, goat's cheese, bread, cherries and meat, an accomplished temple priestess entertains us with a sensual dance. I can't wait to dance like that. She gyrates her hips in a circular movement, then in a figure eight motion, making the overall effect rather exotic. Then she undulates her whole stomach, making it look like a serpent movement, as her breasts seem to jiggle in isolation to the rest of her torso. I can see how the sensuality of the dance is designed to honour our Ishtar. This dance that speaks of passion is designed to raise our sexual confidence for our rite of passage.

It's my turn to whisper my choice of priest. I feel the eyes of many following me as I nervously walk to the head of the table where the High Priestess sits. I dare not look back although I hope that he is watching me.

I murmur in her ear, "He is sitting three from the other end, with the curls."

She whispers back, "That is Jodar. You have chosen well Anouk." I am impressed that she remembers my name.

The High Priestess makes the announcement we all wait for.

"Novices, I am about to call your names for the initiation. Your chosen priest will take you to your assigned chamber for your initiation. Your priest has been trained in the art of lovemaking. His role is twofold. Firstly, he will show you the art of pleasure you deserve to receive. Secondly, he will show you the art of pleasing men."

The High Priestess continued her speech.

"There is no rush. After that, you will decide if you wish to stay and serve the Goddess, or if you wish to make occasional visits for sacred service. Whatever decision you make, tonight is dedicated to your pleasure and your instruction. Your pleasure and dedication will please the Ishtar. Now, I will call the names."

Finally, she calls us. "Anouk, with Jodar."

For the first time since the banquet started, we make eye contact.

Thankfully, he looks pleased. He takes my hand and leads us to our private chamber. Already, incense and candles burn on the altar. Wine and fruit sit on a small table. Cushions pad the floor in anticipation of our activity. The atmosphere in the room is smoky, scented and inviting.

He takes my hands and says, "Anouk, I am so pleased that you chose me. I noticed your energetic eyes and exotic beauty when you first walked in."

His sensual mouth meets mine, and I am intoxicated by his smell.

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