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Josh begins a new chapter of his life.

As my passion swelled, my body shuddered. Knowing I was about to come, she wet a finger and, as semen exploded out of my penis, pushed hard against my anus. I never come so strongly in my life. She took some come and rubbed it across the head of my penis, creating almost unbearable sensations. She lay next to me with a sigh of contentment, and fondled my penis until it became soft in her hand.

Awed by the intensity of our passion, we decided that we would have to draw a line somewhere. I suggested that we stop short of actual intercourse. She agreed that would be a good place for the line.

We rearranged our clothing and, as I walked her to the door, planned our next encounter. Since the next week promised Indian Summer weather, we we agreed to free ourselves for an afternoon and have another picnic in the park. I told her that this time, she was my main course! She laughed and said I would be her dessert.

I arrived early and explored the woods. Searching well off the path, I found a secluded clearing near a stream. I spread out a blanket and set up the picnic. Meeting her in the parking lot, I led her to our spot. We ate hurriedly, then sat for a while watching red and golden leaves floating lazily in the current.

I put my arm around her, her head resting on my shoulder. We began kissing. At first, they were soft and gentle. Our kisses became more passionate, and we explored each other's mouths and sucked on probing tongues.

I had her lie on her back, her head in my lap. Leaning over to continue my kisses, I began fondling her breasts through her blouse. As she started to become aroused, I moved my hands under her skirt, running my fingers from her calves to her thighs. She opened her legs, giving me access to the center of her pleasure. Her body protested as I removed my hands from beneath her skirt. Returning to her breasts, I unbuttoned her blouse and unfastened her bra. Leaning down, I ran my tongue around the base of her nipples. She took my head and moved it over a nipple, urging me to suck on it. I took it into my mouth, sucked gently, my tongue on its tip. I moved to the other. I could feel the heat from her rising passion as I went back and forth from nipple to nipple.

She took my hand and placed it between her legs, pressing it on her mound. I began fingering the slit of her opening through her panties. She rotated her hips, pushing herself against my fingers.

With both hands, I removed her panties and raised her skirt. Instead of caressing her with my fingers, I licked the inside of one thigh. I looked up for her reaction, and she gave me a nod.

"Now," I said, "It's time for my main course."

I moved so that my mouth could easily reach her legs and sex lips while my hands could still give attention to her breasts. I began running my tongue up one thigh and down the other while pulling on her hardened nipples. Occasionally, I would brush my tongue across her protruding outer lips causing her to moan and arch her back.

After several minutes of this, she lifted my chin and said, "Please."

I smiled and, reaching behind her knees, pulled her legs up and apart. I licked my way up a thigh again. When I reached her outer lips, I opened them with my tongue. A squeal of pleasure escaped her mouth.

"Oh, Leto, make me come like this. Suck me hard," she begged.

Licking her opening, I could taste her juices as they began to flow.

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