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Two unlikely people.


He then steps toward her uneasily and reaches out to embrace her as if he is uncertain of her response. His trepidation is quickly dissipates as she leans in to him and embraces him. Both feel themselves relax into the embrace of the other, as if finally assured what they had imagined was indeed real. Until that moment, their relationship had existed only in fantasy. There was the visual of the other, but always silent and beyond their reach. It felt good to embrace someone, to feel the warmth of another's body, to be present with someone who wanted to be near them and to hold them.

Looking up into his eyes, she whispers, "I don't even know your name."

Responding with a comforting smile, "And I don't know yours either."

"Yet here I am naked and in your arms," she followed, joining him in a soft laugh.

"My name is Will," he informs her.

She follows with, "I'm Nicole."

"Hello, Nicole," pausing, as he looks into her eyes. "You are so beautiful. I haven't been able to get you off my mind since that first night I saw you looking over into my apartment."

Gazing up at him, she responds bashfully, "Yeah, sorry about that," adding quickly, "not about looking at you, just about being nosy. I didn't mean to be such a peeping tom."

"Oh, I'm glad you were," he says as he squeezes her.

Becoming silent and gazing longingly into one another's eyes, their lips move toward the others' before meeting in a long awaited and passionate kiss. With his left hand, he cradles the back of her head as he kisses her, while his right hand begins to slide down the middle of her back and onto her bare buttocks. Nicole slips her hands underneath his shirt, feeling contours of his well-toned body before trying to slide her hands down the back of his jeans. The gentle sighs each release while kissing and beginning to investigate one another's body only serve to entice the other to greater exploration.

Will continues to kiss her, but now moves his lips slowly from her mouth to her cheek, as if he is heading for her neck, but then pauses to nibble her earlobe-sucking it ever so lightly. This sends more chills through Nicole's body and she forgets of a moment that her hands were making their way around from his ass to his cock she had seen him stroking as he stood in his window just minutes before. Her mind struggles to come back from the distraction brought on by the delight of the moment, and she manages to unbutton his jeans. However, before she can unzip them, he swiftly moves to her neck, distracting her again and then, she feels his strong hands grasp her torso as he holds her slight frame just below her arms as if he is about to lift her upward.

Instead, his head drops and he moves his lip to her breasts before beginning to suck her nipples, softly at first, and then passionately and voraciously. It is as if he is kneading them with his mouth. She cannot keep up with the sensations. It was as if he was drawing out of her every erotic sensation she had tried to forget she was capable of feeling, lest her loneliness and yearning for someone become too much. It had been so long since she had felt...almost anything...and she may have never felt anything like this.

Rousing herself again, wanting to be more than a recipient of pleasure, she pushes him back. Now, disoriented-Will is the one who has awakened from his lustful dream-but not for long. His mind quickly clears as Nicole drops to her knees in front of him with a look of ravenous hunger on her face, followed by the sound of a zipper coming down! He watches in excitement as she jerks the front of his briefs drown, releasing his erection, and watches as it fall into position pointing directly at her opening mouth.

In an instant, the head of his swollen cock lies on her tongue as an entree laid upon a dish.

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