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You have an erotic dream about a party.

You gaze at the freckles sprinkling my tan chest, contrasted with the porcelain of my large, heavy breasts. I reach around behind you and stroke your ass, and pull your pants down carefully over your semi-erect cock, my bosom and mouth brushing it softly through your underwear. Then I gently lower your boxers, and help disentangle your feet from your remaining clothing.

We are bare, unburdened, free.

I take you and pull us to the shower. I turn it on, and steam fills the bathroom, veiling the mirror. We step in, and I soap and wash and caress your entire body, shoulders to cock, balls to feet. I shampoo and rinse your hair, wash your face, and clear the soap from your eyes. Once you are lather-free, I turn off the water, and guide you from the shower. Using new soft white fluffy towels, I dry you from top to bottom, stand on my toes to kiss you again, and take your tie and blindfold you. Then I lead you to the bedroom.

I have you lie down, facedown, in the middle of the bed.

Then I take your left ankle, tugging it toward the corner of the bed, and tie it with the silk stocking. Then your right. Then your left wrist, then your right.

I let you lie there in silence and anticipation. You squirm a bit, wondering what is to come. You don't know how much time passes. It feels like ages. But it takes mere seconds to pull my hair back and get the massage oil, which I heat in my hands.

Starting with your left ankle, I smooth the oil on to your muscular calves and thighs, just softly coating your skin from ankle to haunches. Then I coat your right leg the same way. Crawling on the bed, I straddle your back reverse-cowgirl, and massage your legs and buttocks with long, firm strokes.

You feel the smooth skin of my rounded ass on your lower back, and my pussy is already swelling and growing slick as well. I know you feel my wet heat on your back, just as you feel my nipples brushing against your rump and legs as I stretch far to your ankles and pull my massage strokes back up toward your ass, fingers lingering softly and playfully around your asshole and taint. I circle your anus with oil, lightly pressing until it yields to my touch.

Then I move up, and I work the muscles in your ass hard, left cheek, right cheek, then both at the same time, kneading the firm tissue, teasing you more.

I spin on your back, facing your shoulders, now slathering the oil on your arms and back. By now I am fully aroused and my lips soaking wet. I coat my cunt with oil, sliding and gently rubbing myself forward and back, while I massage and stroke your shoulders.

I reach my hands out toward yours so that as I begin my stroke I am lying on top of you, arms on arms, chest on back. I kiss your neck and ear and then roll my body up and down on top of you, slicking myself with oil as well.

I dismount and untie you. But holding you down, I roll you over, and re-attach the ties. You have the beginnings of an erection, which I ignore and coat your legs, arms, and chest with oil.

You feel me sit between your legs. On my knees, I rub up from your ankles to your thighs, careful to avoid your swelling cock. As my hands rub your hips, I'm on almost all fours with my mouth over the glistening tip of your straining erection. I breathe on it as I roll forward and back, not touching, but taunting.

Finally, because you begin pulling at your bindings, my oiled hands slide up your cock from the base to the tip, once, twice, thrice. I repeat. Your cock swells further at my touch. When I can't stand it anymore, I crawl forward, and lay on your chest, my tits almost in your face. I push my hips back to take you deeply into my wet, oiled cunt. Then I push up on your chest and slowly ride you, massaging your chest as our hips slide together.

You quickly move with me, tugging again at your ties.

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