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"Here silly, let me take this off first, and I'll lie on my stomach. Then you just rub it in my back and shoulders."

"Al-alright" Raven stuttered.

Liz removed her top with a single snapping movement. Then she lay down, gingerly, so as not to crush her voluptuous rack. Liz's body was extremely well toned, and tanned despite the time of year.

Raven felt like the luckiest girl in the world to get to touch that soft perfect skin. When she first made contact with Liz's shoulder Raven shivered with the kind of nervous energy that comes from tormented lust.

She worked her way downward slowly savoring each second. When she reached the lower back Liz asked her gently to massage her a bit more toughly. She said she was feeling tense. Raven worked her hands in circles feeling the tightness melt away.

Liz emitted a soft moan. "Oh that's good, that's really good sweetie. That's enough on my back hon. Think you can handle my legs and feet too?"

Raven didn't respond but quickly got more lotion and started rubbing Liz's feet. They were surprisingly dainty given her considerable height. The younger girl had always been embarrassed of her own feet, thinking they were ugly.

Not these feet though, these feet were perfection. She rubbed the soles and arches with care. When she moved to the toes she took each in turn and spread them apart. Liz giggled "Careful babe, I'm ticklish".

Raven was tempted to continue with this game but when looking at all the rest of that untouched flesh she moved up. She gave Liz's calves a nice rubdown and again found a sensitive spot behind her knees. The thighs were even better. Feeling their smoothness Raven was again amazed at her good fortune.

She bit her lip, scared to take a chance, but when she took a closer look at Liz's beautiful buttocks she couldn't hold back. Without verbal provocation Raven began to run her hands over those delicate curves. Liz made a slight move at this, and Raven was fearful she would stop it.

Instead she just glanced back and smiled to herself. This was going perfect. Raven took this as a cue to begin rubbing Liz's butt with more fervor. She applied more lotion, this time directly on the skin. Liz shivered but was visibly enjoying herself. Raven rubbed and groped the cheeks of Liz's ass and even drooled a little.

She watched as her spittle fell and nestled itself in Liz's ass-crack. Liz was loving it, Raven knew because her toes were curling a little. Raven kept rubbing, she had applied lotion several times now, and it was quite clear to both that this had gone beyond any sense of something done out of practicality -- yet neither cared.

There was a knock at the back gate and someone was coming around the back. "Rave, Rave, You back here?"

It was Sam. Liz's got up quickly, draped a towel over her shimmering body and slipped inside the house without a word. Raven was crestfallen but tried to hide her disappointment when greeting her friend.

Sam was dressed in small workout shorts a small t-shirt that said princess and pink striped knee socks.

"Hey Sam. I was uhh just swimming. Shouldn't you be at work?" she asked, sounding more accusatory than she had intended.

"Nope, got the day off. I was hoping we could take some pictures. I could take some of you, or you could take some of me, only if you wanna of course. Mina says she'll pay us for em if we get good ones. Course, I can't force you and wouldn't want to. But I figured I'd at least ask".

"Well" Raven said. "I dunno about me. As a model I mean. But sure, I'd take pictures for you if you want. I don't really know that much about artistic theory or anything, but if your camera's decent I'm surly competent enough to snap a few shots right."

"Oh sure, this thing makes it a cinch all you gotta do is point and click really."

The girls took a few pictures poolside Sam had her black hair in pig-tails and was looking especially girlish.

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