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An unintended relationship between father and daughter.

It took all the self-control that Jay had for him not to unzip himself, walk in the living room, and offer his erect cock to his daughter.

"I wouldn't remove your cock from my mouth until I swallowed every drop of you," she said with such a syrupy sexy voice that he wished she was his sexy girlfriend instead of his daughter.

Obviously thinking that she was home alone, she was explicitly explaining the blowjob she'd give her boyfriend if he were there with her now. Obviously horny when talking to her boyfriend, and with her making him horny by eavesdropping, they were having phone sex. A terrible thing for a father to do but after overhearing that sexy, erotic, phone call, sometimes he masturbates himself while thinking of Kim naked and having sex with her. Just as she related in talking to her boyfriend, sometimes he masturbates while imagining Kim sucking his cock too.

Something that Ruth used to do with him when dating him, as soon as she married him, the phone sex stopped. As soon as they had baby Kim, the sex stopped. Now he wondered if Kim would be a carbon copy of her mother. Wicked hot sexually before getting married but cooling to a cold fish once she had a baby, maybe with him not alone, he wondered if all women were like that or if it was only Ruth.

If it wasn't enough overhearing Kim talking about giving her boyfriend a blowjob, there was more. If all that he overheard was his daughter's phone sex conversation, he could have erased those erotic thoughts from his mind. Only, more than just her words that painted an image in his mind of his daughter sucking cock, she gave him a physical image of her to go along with her sexy, phone conversation. More than just overhearing her phone call, she was in the living room talking on the phone while lying on the couch naked with her bathrobe spread as wide open as were her legs.

'Oh, my God,' he thought not believing what he was seeing after not believing what he was hearing.

The first time seeing his adult daughter naked, when he first saw her in that compromising, sexual position, he couldn't believe his eyes. He hasn't peeped on anyone since the time that he used to skulk around the house to watch his mother dress and undress nearly thirty years ago. With him having an unobstructed view of his daughter's brown, trimmed pussy, her naked breasts, and her pink, erect nipples, he watched her from behind the kitchen door, through to the dining room, and into the living room. Something he's never seen or imagined his daughter doing, surprising the shit out of him, she was touching herself while erotically talking to her boyfriend on the phone about giving him a blowjob.

"Oh, my God. Fuck me," he said mumbling under his breath.

Tempted to masturbate himself right there, he fingered the head of his cock through his pants. Having never even seen his wife masturbate herself, while knowing she did with all of the sexual toys she has, vibrators and dildos, it was hot watching his daughter masturbating herself. Enjoying her serendipitous masturbation show, he watched Kim feeling her big breasts and fingering her erect nipples before she reached her horny hand down to finger her pussy while talking to her boyfriend on the phone.

Even from the kitchen, he could see his daughter's fingers rubbing her clit and fucking her glistening pussy. In the way she was positioned on the couch in clear view of him and with her ankles resting on the arm of the sofa, he could see her from the neck down but she couldn't see him peeping through the kitchen door crack. Even if she wasn't his daughter, he would have been sexually aroused coming upon a woman masturbating herself while talking dirty to her boyfriend on the phone. Somehow it was even more sexually exciting that the one masturbating herself was his daughter.
* * * * *

He didn't even have to question how and where that incestuous level of sexual attraction developed.

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