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A broken elevator provides a catalyst…

Her nipples were hard. Her clit was tingling. Her pussy was wet. The inside of her thighs were screaming to be touched. Mrs.Huffman realized that this thing that Harold had set up was, so far, doing its job, pushing her libido to the edge of a great orgasm.

"Separate your knees a bit more," Harold's voice brought her attention back to the present situation.

She hadn't realized that her knees were pressed together, not out of any sense of modesty, but to add just a little bit of extra pleasure pressure on her pussy lips. . She moved her knees further apart.
"Stand up," Harold's voice came to her from somewhere in the surrounding dark

Without arguing or even thinking about it, she stood up.

"Tell the people here who you are," was his next command.

She tried once again to see who the people in the room were, how many there were, what they looked like. But that was impossible. "My name is MaryJane Huffman," she said.

"Tell them who you are," Harold's voice was more forceful.

"I am a teacher. I was Harold McCarthy's English teacher when he was a student at Holy Mother of God High School in Dover Falls. Last year, I switched schools and began to teach at Our Lady of Sweet Tidings at Beaver Hills." She wondered why she had agreed to go along with this, why she didn't end this game. She would have, except her heart was beating wildl, blood was engorging her pubes..
"The slut couldn't stay straight at a boy's school," Harold interrupted. "You're a dirty slut. Admit it," he added. Harold's tone was insistent.

"I am a slut." She said. Her clit quivered.


"I am here because Harold always gets this slut what she needs when she needs it." Just saying that got her even more excited..

"We got some history between us, don't we?" Harold said.

Ms. Huffman didn't think she needed to say anything.

"Answer my question," Harold's voice was loud. MaryJane thought she heard a snicker from one of the people still hidden in the dark part of the room. Maybe she ought to say the safeword and end this. But her pussy kept on getting wetter and wetter. So, still standing in the pool of light, she peered into the dark room, trying to see the people to whom she was speaking,. "Yes, we have a shared history," she confessed. Her nipples were so hard.
"Nice, very good," she heard Harold say. "Now, let our guests see a little more of that sexy body of yours. Unbutton your dress."

She looked down. The dress was held closed by six buttons which ran down from just above her breasts to just below her crotch. She wore nothing under her summer weight, flowery dress, no panties, no brassiere.

Her trembling cunt made her comply with Howard's command. MaryJane felt her face flush. She imagined that some of the crowd in the room were laughing at her.

She was breathing hard. Her pussy was on fire. She began to unbutton her dress, starting with the top button.

One of the people in the room said something to Harold; she didn't hear what, but Harold explained. "Manny here, he asked if you was really my teacher, and how did you become my slut."

MaryJane's face flushed at the question.

"Tell him. Tell us all."

She thought for a minute: how did she get involved with Harold? He was one of those who had fucked her the first time, one of the five after she had foolishly flirted with them and after they had put something in her drink and she was mostly passed out: "My students drugged me and gang banged me during a trip when I was chaperoning them. Then I kept on fucking them when they blackmailed me. Even when the blackmail ended, I continued fucking them. .I continued fucking them because I was a slut.

"I was a real slut! Harold made me know that I was, and he fucked me everywhere. I fucked and jacked him off in my car. I sucked him off behind a dumpster near my house. We fucked and sucked in his dormitory room in college. He had me in gangbangs."

She let her voice trail off.

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