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Joan joins priest, who is entertaining another person.

No panties. That old t-shirt was even shorter than Mom's tiny wrap, plus it had huge arm holes. The lower hem was frayed at the edges, only just covering my ass when I was standing; sitting, my pussy was fully exposed, and I knew he'd been stealing peeks.
Noticing that she was looking at my pussy too, I brought my feet up onto the middle rungs of the chair and teasingly spread my legs for her.

While staring at my moistening lips, she fidgeted in his lap to such an extent that she didn't even notice when her entire breast finally popped out of her robe. I saw it, but I don't know whether Paul did also, since he was too busy squirming in his seat. He had his hands on her hips, moaning softly as he shifted her bottom in his lap.

"Mmmm, yes, right there...just like that. Jesus, baby, you feel so good..." she said hotly, lifting again before settling back down.

He seemed to breathe a sigh of relief.

I grinned slyly at her. She gave me a wry smile in return.

When she'd lifted from his lap that second time, I'd managed to catch another glimpse of Paul's cock...his bare cock. It was jutting through his fly, and before he'd gotten it stuffed back into his boxers I'd noticed that it was shiny wet.

I thought she might have just sat on it lengthwise, drenching it with her wet pussy. Or maybe when she was fidgeting around in his lap she'd managed to work it loose from his boxers, and it had slipped inside her. Either way, as wet as she'd made it, she was obviously very turned on.

I giggled at her, and she stuck her tongue out at me. She had started to do that a lot, just like a little girl, and I loved it. I stuck my tongue out right back at her. "So, what were you about to say before you were so rudely interrupted by...ummm...."

She laughed, "You mean before I was so wonderfully interrupted by your brother showing me just how much of a stud he really is? That was almost a serious moment there! In fact, I think some states would say it already was a serious moment!"

She smiled at me and wrapped her arms around his neck again. Her breasts were barely covered as she kissed him, then she said, "Honey, I was going to say two things. First, while it's all fine and dandy that my handsome stud muffin of a son here is so happy to have gotten his first taste of a woman, I'm not quite ready yet to be a grandmother. So, Paul, did you two at least use protection?"

"She said she's on the pill," I grinned. "She told us she knew she was getting close to the day when she might be needing it, so she went on the pill a few months ago."

Paul nodded.

"Is that true? Or is your sister just covering for you?" she asked, smirking at me.

"As far as I know, it's true. That's what Lisa told us," said Paul.

"Us? You mean you, right?"

"Well, yeah, me too. Dawn asked her about it, so Lisa told everyone."

"My god, how many people were there?"

"Just the five of us," I said. "Paul and I, plus Lisa, Trish and Michelle."

With an amused little guffaw Mom asked Paul, "You two were doing it with your sister and the girls right there watching? Weren't you embarrassed? Wasn't Lisa embarrassed?"

Paul squirmed again, only this time I think it was from a different kind of discomfort. "I guess," he said, clearly agitated. "I wasn't exactly thinking about it that way. I was kinda busy, you know, and I was actually more nervous, and excited, and-"

She put her finger to his lips. "Shhh. It's okay, baby. I was just asking. I totally understand that you were nervous. I bet she was, too, especially once she saw the size of what you were about to put inside her."

"Mom! Oh my god!" I exclaimed, laughing in shock.

"What?" she giggled.

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