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Two kindred spirits find each other under the full moon.

You don't need to take a backseat to anyone!" Brenda was beaming at them.

Brenda changed her smile to a leer and added, "Gosh, I wish I had the use of my hands so I could hug the both of you. I'd rub my boobies all over yours and grab your ass." Brenda laughed to show that she was kidding.

"Let me be serious for a moment. None of us are perfect. Like, I've been a bit of a leech recently. I'm sorry about that, I'll behave better, " Brenda apologized. She continued in a serious voice, "It sounds like you two have learned a big lesson: It's not about what you don't have. Life is about recognizing and being grateful for what you have and you girls have plenty."

Abby responded for the twins, "We all are in uncharted waters...exploring new personalities. Ms. Lesbos, we'll let you know if you go too far. Please continue to help us."

The three ladies settled into a comfortable silence paying homage to the sun. They were all smiling lying on their backs. The twins' young breasts were still firm enough to be almost vertical. Brenda breasts fought a losing war against gravity and her tits flattened out.

The stillness was broken when a Frisbee came floating over the shrubs. It startled everyone as it clattered on the patio. Bent on retrieving it, Tom passed through the bushes and was stunned by what he had stumbled upon -- every school boy's dream - naked women.

"Need help finding it?" Paul queried as he too made his way through the bushes.

"Hello boys," Brenda said calmly. The boys froze at the sight of the naked breasts and bare beavers. The twins were too shocked even to attempt to cover themselves, leaving their young, firm bodies on display. A look of surprise and excitement was on the faces of all four teenagers.

Rising to a sitting position, Brenda said, "I'm Brenda. I'm your married next-door neighbor. These are my visiting nurses and cousins, Abby and Beth," Brenda said as she raised her bandage covered hands showing off her injuries.

Paul, the tall thin one with a mop of black curls on the top of his head, stammered, "Ah, Ah..I'm sorry to barge in on you."

"Nonsense. No harm done. We were just getting some sun. Get your Frisbee," Brenda said pleasantly.

The other boy, stocky and blonde, said, "I'm Tom. I...I live next door when I'm home from college." Brenda nodded to him.

Paul was drinking in the view a little more brazenly than Tom. Tom was trying to be discreet as he retrieved the Frisbee. He was looking at the naked twins out of the corner of his eye. That strategy proved problematic as he tripped and fell on the patio bricks. Brenda had to work hard to suppress a giggle.

As the college boys turned to leave, Brenda called out, "You're welcome to stay and join us if you like. We would appreciate the company, wouldn't we girls." Brenda looked the twins' way encouraging them to join in the conversation.

However, Abby and Beth were still startled and aghast with the situation. They had their mouths open at Brenda's unnecessary invitation. They shot Brenda a look that said "Are you crazy! We're naked!"

Paul responded, "That sounds nice. Tom and I have been running around all morning. It would be nice to take a break."

Tom was too petrified to move or talk. He couldn't believe any of this was happening.

Brenda kept the conversation going. "So what school do you go to?"

Paul responded, "We're both freshman at Appalachian State."

"Oh, the twins... I guess you've noticed that they are twins, are Seniors at Rolly High."

As Brenda was saying this, the boys who had been studying the nude teenagers earnestly, expanded their examination beyond staring at tits and pussies and did notice a family resemblance. The shock of having strange boys studying their naked form still had the girls cowed and speechless so Brenda carried the conversation lying as she said,

"Abby and Beth weren't you telling me the other day that you were considering going to Appalachian State?

The twins in shock and still sporting their "deer in the headlights look" didn't move or respond.

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