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Shouldn't she be punished for lying to us?"

Marion's face became flushed, for she knew that Jacki loved to whip women. They both were not only tops, but could be sadistic at times. Marion looked over at Jacki, and saw her grinning from ear to ear.

"What do you suggest?" Jacki asked Beth and Jenny.

"Why don't we declare her an immediate "Big Loser" and tie her over the Spanking Rail now?" Answered Jenny. Jacki and Beth both began to smile.

"Wait!" Yelled Marion, trying to save her soon to be red ass. "But it's not my fault Debbie is late."

"But, if we do that," Jackie replied, "Then the game will be over too quickly. As much as I would love to spank that big ass (pointing to Marion), I also want to play poker. "

Then, Beth offered a compromise. "Why don't we play as planned; only Marion will be penalized two items of clothes? The three of us will all start the game with four items, but she will only have two."

Jackie and Jenny thought for a moment, and then turned to Marion. "That sounds fair." Jacki replied. Then, showing that she was usually the top gal at these events, added: "Marion, you have two choices. Either leave now and forever be banned from these games -- or accept Beth's suggestion. But, we pick which articles that you have to remove."

Beth and Jenny both said they agreed to those terms. Marion thought for a moment, and realized that she loved this game. Such a penalty for tonight would be a small price to pay for their continued friendship and participation. She then agreed to their terms.

"Well girls, what should she remove?"

Marion was dressed for fun. She was wearing a skin-tight, spandex halter top with no bra, a black g-string thong panty with the back strap buried deep in her ass crack, a micro-mini skirt that barely covered her pussy and ass cheeks, and six-inch "Fuck Me" stiletto heels.

The other three began to slowly walk around Marion, staring at her body top to bottom. Suddenly, Jacki got that naughty grin on her face again.

"Everything but the g-string and the heels." Let's make her show us those tits and ass all night." The other two girls agreed. Marion agreed, and began to remove her skirt and top. Soon she was almost naked, and knew she would be the first to be bent over the Spanking Rail.

Just then they heard the doorbell. Jackie turned to the other three and said "This changes nothing." Then, she got that devilish grin on her face again, and turned to Marion and said "Marion, go get the door. And if that is your friends, bring them both down here -- naked."

She then handed Marion two paper bags -- each containing one ring gag, two weighted nipple clamps, two other weighted clamps that normally attached to genitals, and a set of handcuffs. And, Marion knew that the paper bags were for their clothes, which would be left on the front porch along with the clothes from their husbands. Debbie would be treated like one of the submissive guys tonight.

Debbie felt embarrassed. She had promised her friend Marion that they would be there before 9, and it was now 10:30. Bill's car was in the repair shop, and her's ran out of gas. How could she be so stupid? She and Bill had to walk three miles to a filling station and ask for help from some grease monkey. And, she was dressed like a hooker. Skin tight top, no bra, short, micro-skirt, no panties, black garter belt and stockings, and six-inch heels. She dressed for a fun evening, but spent most of it walking. She was actually surprised that the cops did not stop and accuse her of street walking.

Then, Debbie got her next surprise. Her friend Marion answered the door instead of the hostess -- and Marion was topless. Not only topless, but only wore a g-string thong and six-inch stiletto heels. Nothing else.

"Where in the hell have you been, Bitch!" Marion yelled at her friend. "Look at me. I'm almost naked, and it's all your fault!"

Debbie got defensive. "Fuck you, too! Tonight has been pure hell. I don't need this shit. Either let me explain, or go Fuck Yourself!" She screamed back.

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