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Stranger buys her in a pub - before her husband's eyes.

I really couldn't figure out why anyone might think that about Kim."

"You've got room to talk Ray! Even in the rain, your wife Tami was stunning. Look at her flowing, long blonde hair, those ocean blue eyes! Do you remember how her dress clung to her luxurious body when it was so wet you could see through it? Then she comes up to me so close I could feel her hot breath on my skin, talking in that sultry, swampy hot voice of hers. With that figure, she must be a bikini or lingerie model on the side, I bet." Ryan taunted us.

Kim giggled, saying "I'm so glad that we are appreciated. Do you mind, Tami, if I say how delightfully sexy it is to meet a direct, honest, and very charming southern gentleman?"

"Not if you don't mind how much I like the strong arms and dark mysteries of your eloquent husband, Kim. By the way, the breadsticks are getting cold. I so much prefer them when they are hot and soft, perfect for eating before they get too hard. Please come and sit down. Let's eat while it's hot." Tami suggested, and I momentarily was confused whether she was talking about the rolls or about herself, which is probably exactly the effect she had intended.

Tami had already lit the candles, so she turned off the 1ights, and we held hands around the table to say grace. Tami sat Kim across from me, Ryan across from herself, with the four candle-holders set so that it looked like each person was framed between a pair of candles. Kim's luminous face and wide red lips swam into my eyes. Her cat like green eyes opened wide in the candlelight, nearly fully dilated. It was as intimate a setting as any Tami and I had while we were dating. Tami turned on all the charm in her voice, with those subtle erotic under-currents her voice always carries brought to a new peak of intensity. The conversations were guided by her, and they were lively, vivid, and became extremely personal. Tami started it by wanting to know how Kim & Ryan met, who seduced whom, then openly shared her answers to the same questions as Kim grilled her. The topic of seduction turned into what men and women want from each other.

Kim just had to take it to the next level of intensity. "What men want is too general. Each specific man is different. I'm sure, if we could get them to tell us/ we'd find many differences between Ray & Ryan."

Tami waded right in with "I know there are differences between Ray and other men - some you can only discover by experiencing them. Don't forget how different we women are. I know that you & I, Kim, will respond differently to different men, and even the same woman responds differently to different men."

"Are you just talking out of your hat or do you have personal experience of this?" Kim demanded.

"Indeed I do, Kim. Indeed I do." Tami chortled.

"Come now, don't tease me like that! Ryan & I are very open

minded. Tell us everything about your experiences with all

of these different men you claim to have discovered." Kim begged.

"And women." Tami suggested lewdly, licking her lips.

"AND women? Are you a switch hitter, AC-DC?" Kim bent in close to pay attention, as she was rapt with a laser beam focus on Tami.

Tami plunged into her deepest sultry voice as she slowly shared her secret, hunched over the table, nearly in a whisper as if confiding a precious secret, saying "Our ad for other couples lists me as actively bisexual."

Kim was jumping up and down in her seat. "Can I see it?"

"Sure, but you'll have to come up to our bedroom upstairs." Tami said openly, without any hint of guile or trickery, but I knew what she had in mind.

They left Ryan and I to chat while we waited for them to return.

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