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The aftermath of Nick's 'incident', Nicki talks with Margo.

It was the only way.

Dre stopped kissing her to pull her shirt off. He saw his brother was still kissing his blonde slut and had a hand inside her shorts obviously fingering her cunt. These two would fuck an army if they were told to, he thought. Ally was going to be his next project. In a month or so, she would be just like Krystal a perfectly trained whore ready for the pimp he supplied with fresh meat, Omar. Omar paid their bills and it was a great partnership.

Once she was topless, Dre bent down to suck on a soft tit. His mouth covered half the breast as he alternated sucking, licking and biting her tits. When he finished the tit was wet and the nipple painfully erect. Derek saw this and was impressed. Dre was really working her over. Ally threw her head back in ecstasy.

Derek copied Dre and tried to see how much of Krystal's mammoth tit he could engulf. Hers were much larger but Derek was bigger as well. It was a beautiful sight, her on the couch shorts opened, large wet cunt glistening, his black mouth eating a white tit. Derek knew Krystal was down for anything so he pulled the other nipple, stretching it out several inches before releasing it, then repeating. Krystal protested, "That hurts!" but made no move to stop him and seemed flushed with excitement.

Dre observed Derek's nipple stretching routine and decided to see how Ally would react. Ally yelped as he pulled her nipple out several inches. She didn't complain. She was on a mission.

Dre wanted to get on Ally's good side so he released her tortured tit and knelt between her legs on the floor. He removed her shorts and thong and slid her butt to the edge of the couch. "Um, shouldn't we go to the bedroom?" Ally inquired, uncomfortable with her pussy bare to the other couple. "Hell no, those two are just jealous they can't taste this sweet pussy!" Both paused and watched Dre begin licking from her butt all the way to her clit. Soon her hips were moving along with his tongue trying to get more contact. Derek and Krystal were applauding.

Dexter was inspired. He usually didn't go down on Krystal. She was always wet, so why bother. Plus, by now she was so loose that extra lubrication was unnecessary. She could take his 14" dick without any problems.

Dre worked her clit until she came. Then he began rimming her ass. She squirmed, unused to the feeling. Then he started fucking her ass with his tongue. Ally groaned. It was so dirty. Also, she was sure it meant he was going to put that huge black dick up her ass! How would all that fit in her tight little bottom?

Derek was doing the same thing to Krystal. Her pussy was soaking wet and her asshole was opening to his advances. Good thing for her. He was going to try and get his monster cock in her ass again. Krystal had her legs splayed open with her knees pressed against her tits. Derek stood and took off his pants. Ally couldn't believe her eyes. He was bigger that Dre!

Derek decided to tease the helpless blonde spread open beneath him. Four places to put his dick. Mouth, tits, pussy, and ass. He lowered himself and positioned his cock over her and started moving between her cunt and butt. "Where should I start?" He aimed at the space in between and at the last second moved up and filled her cunt in one thrust. She screamed and wrapped her long legs around his back. Ally couldn't believe any girl could take that in one thrust! She must be very experienced. His huge body covered the statuesque blonde, so all you could see were her legs and arms. She was built for this. Wide hips, big bubble butt, long legs, and giant natural tits. His mouth covered hers in a wet kiss as he pounded into her mercilessly.

Then he pulled out and stood over her again.

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