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An apology turns into passion for twins.

un or socialized since Lana left, have you?"

"No, just the gym and a few dinners out...alone," I admitted, "and I played golf with a client last part of...yeah, not a leisure thing. I just have had no desire to..."

"Do anything fun?"


"Anything that made you feel good?"

"Yes." I hadn't realized until she pointed it out that I had been actively avoiding "having a good time."

"Punishing yourself?"

"What? No...Yes...Fuck. Sorry..."

"No, Jack. Fuck is right. You know how I know what you've been doing?"


"Because, I'm a good person, too, Jack. And that's what good people do when their worlds go to shit. They blame themselves, and punish themselves, even when they know they're not at fault."

"Jeez, I didn't're so right."

"Jack. Tonight, I need you to take me home with you, to your home. We can't go to mine. I need you to love me, to make me feel some happiness, a little joy."

After a moment's pause, she finished, "I need a good hard fucking! Do I have the right man, Jack?" she asked, smiling slyly, but staring at me questioningly, her eyes searching mine.

"As chance would have it, I think you have exactly the right man. And I suppose I'm going to have to fuck you several times to make you 'feel happy' and maybe even perform some devastating oral on you so you can feel a little 'joy,' too. Am I right?"

"Jack, you devil, you almost made me cum. Let's get the hell out of here."


When we entered my house, I invited Olivia to come in and make herself comfortable and I would make refreshments and what would she like to drink. It all came in a rush. I was nervous as hell.

A jumble of thoughts and emotions were tumbling around in my head - "If you do this, you're cheating on your wife. What if Lana shows up? What does Olivia look like nude? Will I be able to perform? Will I be able to please her? Will I be able to look at myself in the mirror in the morning? Is she planning on staying all night? If we do this, will she expect it again..."

I felt her breasts press into my back and her hands on my chest, sliding down to my abs (which I actually had again for the first time in over 10 years). Her body felt amazing pressed against me as her small, warm hands slipped under the bottom of my shirt and made contact with my bare skin.

"Mmm, Jack, you are in amazing shape. Your stomach is hard as a rock," she purred as she slipped her hands into my loose-fitting shorts, unabashedly searching out my penis, which was quickly responding to her ministrations.

There was no subtlety in her actions, either. As she reached lower, my shorts were practically pushed down my hips then...

"Oh shit," I groaned. She had found my burgeoning erection.

"Oh Jack!"


"Hoooly...Jack, you are just full of surprises."

She pulled my cock upwards and felt along the shaft, continuing, "My, oh my...Jack, are you nervous? You're practically vibrating." She released my cock and turned me to face her.

I looked down into her very pretty face, into her deep, emerald green eyes, "Nervous, uh yes, but, um, also excited, scared, worried, freaking out. Did I say scared?"

With her hands gently resting on my hips and her body lightly pressed up against me, she softly assured me, "Jack, if you are not sure about this, not ready? I'm sorry, maybe I assumed too much. I do that sometimes. I assumed you needed this as much as me - needed me as much as I need you..."


"Yes, Jack, please call me, Annie."

"Annie, I do need you. I need you and want you right now, more than anything. Hell, this is the first time I've been aware that I had a pulse in over three months. You've already had a profound effect on me. I'm seeing in color again. And please don't let me mess this up. Give me some time to get it together. I want this night with you. I want to please you. I really need, I desperately need to...please you...tonight."

In a wanton, husky voice that caused my cock to lurch, Olivia moaned, "Oh, Jack.

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