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Christina shows her true colours.

He shoves his cock deep into my mouth and gyrates his hips as it slides in and out of my mouth, his balls slapping my chin with each forward thrust. A few pumps on his part and I'm rewarded with the familiar taste of his precum. Doug is now fully erect and ready to enter Alison's pussy.

Doug goes back to licking and tonguing her pussy, his hands roaming freely over her pendulous breasts, kneading them as she wriggles. That really gets Alison worked up, as if she can get any MORE excited. Her big breasts have always been sensitive and touching and caressing them usually gets her very excited.

Alison sits back down so Doug can get better access to her pussy with his mouth. This puts me in no position to see what is happening, as Doug is arched over me, face-fucking me. From Alison's short gasps and her talking, I surmise that Doug is tongue-fucking her pussy and she is beyond pleasure, nearing another orgasm at Doug's hand, or should I say tongue. I catch a quick glimpse and can see that Alison has her hands on the back of his head and Doug's face is buried deep into her nicely trimmed pussy. Her hips gyrate under the action of Doug's flicking tongue and she begins gasping faster and shouting that she's cumming.

After a couple of seconds of that, Alison jumps up, pushing Doug's face away from her spasming pussy and drops into her favorite fucking position, on all fours, in front of Doug. "Fuck me Doug! Fuck me now! Fuck the hell out of my pussy! Pound me hard Doug! I want that big cock in me now!" Alison pleads.

Doug pulls his fully-erect cock out of my mouth, and before he can even move closer, Alison drives her pussy back and impales her soaking-wet pussy onto his big black 8__" manhood. I lie there in amazement and excitement. The sight of his dark cock sliding in and out of her white pussy only inches from my face makes me almost cum right there. I stroke myself as Alison does the work, thrusting her hips back and forth to take Doug in and out of her pussy.

'Yeah, that's it" Doug says. "You do all the work for that black cock, baby. You like that cock, don't you?" he asks her as he just kneels there motionless while her body thrusts and spasms from her first orgasm. I have a closer-than-front-row seat to her fucking herself crazy.

"What if I take it away?" Doug says as he pulls his cock out of her hole and draws back. "What if I stick this big, black, cock back in Bill's mouth?" I don't even have time to register his words before his cock is thrust into my mouth and driven home to the hilt. "What if I let your husband finish me off with a blowjob?" Doug asks with a laugh.

"No!" Alison moans. "Fuck me Doug. Stick that cock back in me. I'll do anything, just fuck me!" she cries.

"Anything?" Doug asks, as he grabs her hips and pulls her backward forcefully, driving his cock deeply into her eager pussy. Alison shrieks as Doug begins pounding her mercilessly, holding her hips in place as he piston-pumps her pussy with his big driveshaft.

I watch the action of his big cock destroying her tight pussy, excited by the sight of his 8__" of thick meat being driven fully in her pussy and withdrawn enough for me to see the head, before being driven back in like a piledriver. With each thrust, her pendulous breasts sway back and forth. I raise my head up and try my best to lick Alison's clit while Doug slams his cock in and out of her pussy. I end up licking her clit, driving her closer to another orgasm, and licking the shaft of Doug's cock as it leaves and enters her pussy. I can only do this in short stretches however, as it seems that Doug is going to fuck Alison for an hour!

After what seemed like a half-hour of Doug pounding her pussy, but was probably 10 minutes and at least 3 orgasms on Alison's part, he pulls out of her and sticks his cock in my mouth again and orders me to get him wet again.

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