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He approaches, then swiftly passes me. Not the first time he has chosen to repossess me from behind, so I wait to see if I will feel his breath on my neck, his cock against the small of my back or his hand or crop against my ass. I have underestimated him as always...

At first sight of the sexy black shoe coming through the door, I almost moved to cover myself, embarrassed that a hotel employee had seen me like this. Then the shoes moved past me as well, and I heard a sound that could only be a passionate kiss behind me. Oh God... he's brought another woman with him. It takes all my self control not to look behind me ... to see who is lucky enough to feel his embrace.

After what seems like forever, I hear the voice that always makes me quiver : "Would you like to meet my little cumslut?" He finally speaks, and it is to her, not me. After all I've done ... all I've given to prove my devotion ... who the hell does she think she is?! She walks around to the front of me and he commands me to kneel at her feet, using a gesture, as if I were a dog. I comply, automatically, my mind racing. Does he want to see us play together? She leans down & says simply "Watch & learn, Sweetie... you've been replaced." WHAT!?

Master is over by the bed now, stripping. He snaps for my attention, and places me at his feet. I am in tears, wishing to ask for an explanation, but I am in punishment mode, so I wait in miserable silence. He leaves me kneeling by the foot of the high-rise bed, cuffs my hands behind my back and leaves me there, cold & crying. I see everything as she reveals her incredible body, as he takes her in his arms, as he feeds his cock down her throat. Oh God, when will it end!?

Then he lays her on the bed and they pass from view. I can see a glimpse of skin each time they change positions, but most of what I know comes from her voice. I shiver as I hear her beg for his cock ... she is nasty & slutty & absolutely ravenous for him. I know how that feels! I am stunned to find myself getting wet, despite my emotional devastation. I can imagine every sensation that he is giving her ... the way his fingers squeeze & probe, the way his tongue flicks and his voice growls in her ear, the sweet sharp pain of his thick cockhead plunging into her pussy to the hilt, without pause or preamble. "Mine, mine, mine!!!" scream my body ... my mind ... my heart.

I hear his voice clearly again ... "God, you are so much tighter & sweeter than that old slut!" I am not going to take this! But I am... no torment could be worse than leaving. Even as I hear him ... my mind is made up. I love him and I will not go so quietly into the night. He may be done with me anyway, but I am not done with that bitch...not by a long shot! He is Master so he can have whatever he wants. She, on the other hand, is a stupid little cunt & I'll be damned if she can just waltz in here & steal Master's heart. Or his precious cum.

As if he's heard my thoughts, of which I've no doubt, I hear him exclaim that he's going to fill her perfect pussy with his load. I want to scream out, but my training is too strong. I may be dismissed, but I am not adding to the pain by disgracing my collar. Let her try to take that! By her 3rd orgasm, I know that my own is fast approaching. I have no good explanation for why I am able to feel such pleasure in the midst of such pain, but I do. His presence has always affected me so ... and probably always will.

In the silence that follows, I quiver, tightly strung on many emotions. I hear him approach ... and hold my breath, awaiting his hand removing my collar. Instead they remove my cuffs. "Go see who holds my cum now, slut!" Finally he has spoken to me! And called me by name! She lied! I am still his!! I think... I hope...

So I am bolstered in my plan.

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