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How we had stroked each other's naked bodies, her nipples like cherries in my mouth as she slid one finger softly across my clit, causing me to shake so badly I thought I'd cum right then. The memory made me smile; I felt my pussy twitch and looked down to see my own nipples erect and ready. I wanted to squeeze them, hold my breast in my hand and bring it up to my mouth to lick it, suck it hard, bite it like I'd bitten Claire's. Not yet though: I like to prolong things as long as possible, when I've got time on my side.

My mind raced back over the images of that night with Claire. I remembered how things got heavier, as my husband joined us and stroked our bodies at the same time, then kissed our breasts, first mine, then hers, switching between us over and over again and getting faster and firmer in his kisses both times. We'd gasped as he sucked at our nipples, more so when the fingers of his left hand found my pussy and started to play as his right hand pinched Claire's nipples tightly. When I saw it move down to play with her cunt, fingers slipping in smoothly, I had felt a flash of jealously, followed by intense arousal - I moved his hand away from her and began to play with her myself. Her pussy was warm, tight, and soaking wet, and she responded to every touch with moans. Before long I felt her grinding herself on my hand, and was grateful for my husband's attention on my own cunt.

Speaking of which.. while my head was full of memories, my hands had found my breasts. I was running my hands over the lace fabric of my bra, tracing circles getting closer and closer to my engorged nipples. I slipped my hands behind my back and undid the clasp, letting my breasts free, letting my hands wander over the soft flesh and squeeze, pull, getting more frantic with every move. Soon my nipples were between my fingers and I was tweaking hard, feeling jolts of current through my whole body right down to my pussy - now wet, I could feel from the fabric clinging, and swollen, sensitive, aching to be played with. I pulled at my tits again, making myself moan loudly for the first time this evening. I couldn't wait any longer: I pushed both breasts up to my face and licked desperately at each nipple in turn. All the while, the memories played in my mind, Claire's excited noises when I played with her cunt, and her writhing body as I sucked hard on her cherry nipples at the same time.

I have a favourite moment when I play with myself like this, and by this point I was just about ready for it. I stood up from the sofa, seeing myself in the tv again but now with my tits exposed and excited. I pulled off my high heels. I unclasped my stockings from their suspender belt and turned away from the tv - I didn't want to see this, just to feel it, the luscious, sensual feeling of the silk sliding down my legs as I pulled the stockings down over skin already so sensitive. After kicking the stockings away I slipped my hands into my panties and pulled them away and down to the ground. I could see the damp on them from my cunt juice.

Settling back onto the sofa, my hands moved back to my nipples, squeezing again, but my body was desperate for more now. My mental images skipped further along in that night, to a moment when I was riding on my husband's thick cock, straddling him and working my pussy hard, but looking not at my husband but at Claire as she sat over his face, gasping as his tongue darted into her cunt. While I rode my husband I played with her tits and kissed her desperately, all the time her gasps getting faster as she got closer to cumming. Remembering this I let my hands slide down my body. By the time my fingers found my pussy it was swollen, so sensitive, and dripping wet.

I began to play with my cunt, starting with pulling apart those lips and sliding my fingers gently between them.

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