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Ashley's ex comes to LA for a visit.

Mind you, you'd probably like that."

I wanted to protest but I was getting too nervous to think straight. I peeled my tank off and sat down, reaching for my make-up. My hands were shaking. Leah started reading aloud and all I could think about was that there was fifteen minutes to go...

When I was younger, I had a recurring dream, baby, and I often play it over in my mind when I masturbate.

I go to a club with a couple of old girlfriends from high school, with the plan to party all night then sleep at their place. We dance and party and I drink way too much. The guys we are dancing with tell me how beautiful I am, how good I look and start playing with my butt, giving it squeezes and little slaps. At first it feels nice, and kind of naughty, having guys caress my ass or whistle when one raises the back of my miniskirt a little. I'm being passed from guy to guy and I'm so far gone all I can do is wiggle and giggle. I get passed to a new guy who promptly goes way further. He's a really big guy and he leans down and whispers in my ear, "You are such a hot little slut." He pulls me into him and slips his hand between my legs from behind. He starts roughly rubbing my pussy back and forth, right there on the dance floor. His other hand clamps onto my butt and he lifts me off the floor. With my legs wrapped around his muscular thigh, he parades me in a circle, letting everyone see his fingers rubbing between my legs. My head is spinning. I'm being treated like slutty trash and it makes my cunt cream.

"You are so bad, Shannon," Leah commented before continuing. I laid on the make-up, trying to hide the naturally crimson colour of my face. My pussy was leaking on the white leather chair.

"Please, Leah..."

"Oh, be quiet. This is fun! We're sharing!"

His friends egg him on and he makes exaggerated mmmm mmmm sounds and starts dry humping me, bouncing me on his thigh. My pussy froths and my clit pulses. He makes faces at his friends and I hear one girl call me a slut in a loud voice. Others join in and I'm called a whore and a fucktoy and the big guy hoists my mini up around my waist. He carries me around and works my wet thong over and over my crackling wet cunt with his fingers. Strangers are smacking my ass and pinching my thighs and all I can do is clamp my legs around the big guy's thigh and hold onto his shoulders so I don't fall backwards. The lights around me swirl and the blurred faces of leering guys come in and out of my consciousness. My eyes fall on my two girlfriends and they're pointing at me, laughing in utter disgust.

I'm dazed and in moments I'm being laid on a waist-high circular table. I feel dizzy and wrap my fingers around the edge of it, holding on. The big guy grabs both my ankles in one hand and lifts my ass up off the edge of the table. My thong shreds as he grips the back of it and rips it from my body. I groan and flush. I'm bottomless in a club full of people. With strong hands tightly gripping my calves, the big guy pushes my knees up and out, spreading me lewdly.

"Look at the whore, she's fucking dripping!" he says, motioning his friends closer. I'm trembling in fear and arousal. I can feel how hot and wet I am. I can feel how swollen I am, and I can imagine what I look like. I try to lift my head but hands grab my wrists and others press down on my shoulders. My hands are held against hard cocks covered in denim. People are gathering around and calling me names and I can't do anything but writhe on the table.

Almost in shock, I finally find my voice and begin to struggle. "Please. I don't want this. Please!"

I can see my two girlfriends standing over me and laughing. "I think you should all fuck her," says Tina. "She's a slut. We always knew she was."

"God, Shannon," Leah said hotly, lifting her knee and spreading her legs. Her fingers caressed over her thin panties as she rolled onto her back. I was working on my eyes and glancing at the clock beside the bed. I only had ten more minutes! She started again...

"No, please! Don't!" I beg w

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