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I add to the score of new sex friends with another sweetie.

After the last visit I had realized that I still had feelings for her, and probably always would. I realized that geography was more than likely an insurmountable roadblock to renewing our previous romantic relationship, but I was happy to spend time with her when we could.

Because of my work schedule I couldn't get to Houston in time for the first game of the series, arriving late at night- too late to call Bonnie. As soon as I woke up the next morning I ate a light breakfast and then made the phone call that I was looking forward to.

When Bonnie heard my voice she greeted me warmly, even telling me that she was expecting to hear from me the day before, since the team was in town. I suggested we get together, and she responded by inviting me to the house. Since she was the Houston expert I figured I would follow her lead since I was free until game time that night.

Bonnie opened the door and greeted me warmly, dressed casually in shorts and a T-shirt. Her mother was just leaving to run errands. We began talking about what we could do, and I quickly learned that I would be unable to spend much time with her this trip; the only free time she would have was until her mom returned from her errands. She suggested that we just hang out, and I agreed to the plan.

Bonnie's younger brother made an appearance, quickly making a nuisance of himself, like most younger brothers do. After a few minutes of annoying us he said "If you drive me to my friend's house you can be alone with my sister and do anything you want to her".

I responded by telling him "Your sister might have something to say about that", but we agreed to drive him. He quickly got ready, and the three of us drove to his friend's house and dropped him off.

When we returned to her house Bonnie asked if I enjoyed George Carlin. We sat cross legged on the floor, listening to the comedian's humor while we talked. Bonnie told me about what she had been doing since we had last been together. From our conversation I learned that she went "fishing" regularly with an ex-boyfriend, and that those "fishing trips" were actually what today we would refer to as booty calls. She joked that she often asked herself why his new girlfriend didn't wonder why he was always so tired after his fishing trips.

That information opened my eyes, as I realized that my pure, innocent Bonnie was no more! I decided that since she was no longer virginal she might be willing to help me with the unwanted burden of my virginity. With that thought my body began to respond. I could feel my underwear get tighter as my penis began to swell and lengthen. I decided to risk rejection, and asked if I could kiss her. Bonnie lifted her arms to embrace me and drew her face closer to mine.

I leaned over and kissed her inviting lips gently once. Hearing no objection, I continued kissing her. My arms embraced her, soon caressing her softly. She kissed me back, and pulled me closer.

Eventually my hand moved toward her chest. It slid slowly across her rib cage, and gently across the surface of her T-shirt covered breast, discovering for the first time the unique soft firmness of a breast. I gently stroked and squeezed it, feeling the intensity of her kisses increasing as I touched it, eventually moving on to its' twin. After a few minutes of my touches I slid my hand beneath the waistline of the shirt, slipping my hand over her bra covered breast. Bonnie responded by pulling back from me, grabbing the bottom edge of her T-shirt and pulling it over her head, revealing her plain white bra.

I returned my hands to her bra covered breasts, feeling the silkiness of the material and the hard points beneath.

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