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College and I was a high school senior. Dene scored a book titled "Candy." We were 18 by then, still resolutely virgins even though we were on the pill, but pretty naive about anything past french kissing and letting guys get to 2nd base. "Candy" was a send-up of Voltaire's "Candide" and featured a really clueless but gorgeous girl who met a series of guys. All of them wanted to fuck her, always by convincing her with some outlandish story. It made the rounds through all the girls in our group-the first we'd seen of erotic writing. One of the guys in the story claimed that there was no danger of making Candy pregnant because he could control his sperm. To prove it, he made a drop of "pre-cum" appear at the tip of his dick. That was the first I'd heard of "pre-cum." I'm not sure why I fastened on it, but I got a little obsessive about finding out what it was.

I asked my sister first, but she said it was probably just regular cum that leaked up before a guy had an orgasm. That didn't quite satisfy me and I headed to the library. I had to ask for the sex book from the reference desk (thought I'd die) and learned about "Cowpers Glands" and that pre-cum wasn't really cum (OK-seminal fluid and sperm) at all. I asked Chad if he ever got pre-cum.

"Well, maybe" he said. I've never heard it called anything, but when I jack off, or sometimes just after I've been hard for a while, like during afternoon Trig class, I get this slick, kind of sticky clear fluid that comes out. Not much-just a couple of drops."

"Wait," I said. "You get hardons in Trigonometry?"

"Yeah-don't know why, there's nothing exciting or anything, but about 2:00 I'm likely to get a pretty good one. Sometimes it doesn't go down before passing period and I have to walk kind of hunched over for a while. I can feel that stuff on my underwear afterward." Then he grinned and added: "You want to see?"

I froze. Of course I did, in fact I had thought about asking him for a look, but he was teasing, I could tell.

"Hey" he said, "Chill! I'm only teasing."

"Well" I said, mustering my courage "I think I would, if it wouldn't embarrass you."

"Christ! Really?"

"Yeah, I think so. To be honest, I know so, but I really don't want to screw up how comfortable we are with each other."

"If you did something to make it even, I think it'd be OK with me."

"Making things even" became our inviolable guide. Just like the the bathroom surprises, we were in partnership.

So we began to plot when and where. It didn't take long. Dene was on swim team with an afterschool practice. Chad and I ran track, and the season was over. Both our moms were working by then, so we had the afternoon. We met at his house and started negotiating what was "fair." We figured if we both were nude from the waist down, that would be fair and shucked out of slacks and underwear. This was a little more than our previous peeks had been, especially undressing in the same room at the same time. It was pretty awkward. We weren't sure what to do next.

"So, how do you start to jack off?" I asked.

"I usually get out a Penthouse and look at the pictures" he said, "and play with my dick some while it gets hard."

Looking down, I said: "I don't think you'll need the magazine this time." He was on his way to a pretty good erection already. "Am I doing that to you?" I asked.

"Oh, hell yes!"

"Can I touch it?" I asked, and then reached out to take his dick in my hand without waiting for an answer. His whole body jerked like he'd been shocked. I let go immediately: "Oh, God! Did I hurt you? I'm so sorry!" He said he thought it was the anticipation-it was the first time a girl had touched his dick-and he guided my hand back. This time, it was completely hard and pointing nearly straight up. I lightly stroked it for no more than 10 seconds when he stopped me again.

"I'm about to cum already," he said. "Let me do it from here if you want to see the pre-cum."

He'd stroke for a few seconds at a time, then pause.

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