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Nina applies for an open teaching position.

The idea of that excites me to my core. It also makes me feel a deep jealousy. But as jealous as I would get if it really happened, it turns me on like nothing else to think about it.

After what seemed like forever, he finally pulled up into the driveway. My cock stirred, knowing that in just moments ill be sucking him off right here where I lay. I got up and went to help him with his bags.

As I came outside, I saw him, looking better than ever. I can tell he had a great weekend. I hug him and notice an unfamiliar smell, possibly from when he was with someone else. My cock throbbed with suspicion.

As we get inside, I am eager to get his clothes off. As I jump him and start kissing him, he happily asks if he can unwind first and 'clean up' before anything sexual. I playfully grab his cock from outside his shorts. He slightly jerks away as if I shouldn't touch it. What was he hiding?

I remained persistent that he didn't need a shower, and that I can help him relax more. He remained hesitant, though eased up as I started kissing his neck and lips. As he let his guard down, I made my move and whipped his semi-hard cock out of his shorts.

Immediately I could tell it wasn't very clean. He probably hasn't showered in over 24 hours. I kneel down face to face with his cock, now the head peaking out of his sweaty foreskin. I can smell his musk and cheesy cock smell that I love so much. But there was something else, another odor I couldn't quite figure out. Possibly another guys saliva, however it was hard to distinguish it from the smell of a fresh asshole. Either way I knew my baby had some action this weekend.

Regardless of who or where his cock has been this weekend, I slowly took it into my watering mouth. As I swallowed every inch, I savored the different tastes. There was a cheesy, sweaty, salty, and very bitter taste to his dick. Could he have really fucked someone earlier this afternoon before he left California? And could I really be sucking on his dirty cock that probably dropped a load in someone earlier? The possibility of it turned me all the way on.

I sucked his cock with passion. Before long, I could see he was feeling good...too good. I didn't want him to cum yet. He still has another ass to fuck today. I threw him on the bed and climbed on top of him.

He was precumming with anticipation as I positioned myself right above his cock. Then in one motion, I sat on it, forcing his wet penis to slide right into my already slimy wet hole with ease. He moaned in pleasure. I rode his cock, watching his face as he fucked me. He was closing his eyes. Was he imagining the ass he was inside earlier? I decided to heat things up.

"Mmm was HIS asshole as good as mine?" I asked.

I continued to ride him as he pondered my question. After a second he answered.

"Both of them are amazing. But yours is swallowing my dick so good. I had to break the other one in today. Im glad I just slid right into yours."

As he said that, my heart began to beat like crazy! He actually did it! He REALLY cheated on me! My cock was throbbing harder than ever before.

"Did you give him a good load? You didn't use a condom right?" I asked, still riding him.

"I was going to use one, but I didn't have one and it all happened so quick. He felt so good though. I came so hard and so much...especially the first round." He admitted.

I was about to explode as his words pierced my core and his dick thrusted hard into my ass.

"Show me how you fucked him" I demanded.

He rolled me over, still staying inside of me. As he put my legs over his shoulders, he thrusted down really hard, jamming his pulsing head deep into my prostate.

"Like this!" he said.

He began to violently, and very passionately, pound my hole until I begged him to slow down.

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