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Sister is happy to have brother holiday with her.

Jim again couldn't help but think Dana looked comfortable and practiced as she fucked Jill. Dana leaned forward and sucked a nipple into her mouth as she continued to pump the fake dick.

"Faster," Jill moaned and Dana quickly upped the speed of her thrusts. Dana released Jill's nipple and focused on fucking Jill. Jill began bucking her hips to match Dana's rhythm and Jim suspected she was close to cumming. Looking at Jim Dana licked her lips purposefully and lowered her head to Jill's pussy. Dana lowered her mouth to Jill's clit and teased it with her tongue as she continued pumping the vibrator into her. Jill groaned at Dana's teasing and threw her arms back behind her head as she became oblivious to everything but the sensations Dana was giving her pussy. Dana continued teasing Jill's clit as Jill moved closer and closer to cumming. Finally Jill's body tensed and she practically screamed, "Yes!" and started cumming. Dana continued teasing her clit and pumping the vibrator as she came. As Jill's orgasm began to pass Dana sat back and watched her lover. She continued fucking her with the vibrator and gradually slowed her pace as Jill's orgasm finished and she relaxed back into the couch. Finally Dana let the vibrator slip out of Jill's pussy and she dropped it on the floor in front of them.

Dana moved up to more of a sitting position and began kissing Jill softly. This kiss was much slower and more tender than their previous kisses. This was the kiss of two lovers who had just shared each other completely. The kiss lasted for several minutes as the two women gentled explored each other with their lips and their hands.

The show Dana was staging for him was amazing but Jim briefly wondered when she was going to release the cum that was waiting to erupt from his almost painfully erect cock. He looked down at his cock and noticed the tip was covered in clear pre-cum and that a small pool of pre-cum had formed on the chair in front of him. He wondered if he could get so turned on like this that he would just cum without being touched. Is that what Dana intended to find out?

After several more minutes of kissing and cuddling the women rose off the couch. Dana reached behind the couch and pulled out two silk robes. Each woman put on a robe and with a quick kiss Jill headed toward the stairs. As she ascended the stairs she looked back and said, "Bye Jim, great to meet you." She winked and blew him a kiss before adding, "Have fun with Nick." With that she turned and disappeared up the stairs.

Before Jim had time to process Jill's parting comment Dana asked, "Well, what do you think so far?"

"That was the hottest thing I've ever seen," Jim honestly replied. Jim's brain suddenly snapped back to Jill's comment and he blurted out, "Who's Nick?"

"You'll see," she replied and again Jim thought he picked up a lusty gleam in her eye. Jill's comment seemed to support Jim's suspicions that Dana was planning some sort of encounter with either herself, him, or both of them with another man. If those were her intentions she had prepared him perfectly. Watching Dana and Jill together had not only fulfilled a huge fantasy for him but it had also left him so horny he was willing to try just about anything for relief. Still, his stomach was tied up in knots and he had a huge lump in his throat from his nerves at figuring he would be having sex with another man.

Dana stared at Jim and watched as he tried to process Jill's comment. The knowing smile on her face betrayed nothing of her plans, but the look in her eyes made it clear to Jim that she was enjoying his confusion. "Don't worry lover," she counseled, "I know you'll enjoy yourself."

With that she moved over toward the bar and Jim watched her intently as she moved.

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