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Early morning rendezvous answers a question.

Both of them sat in her room in silence when he finally spoke.

"Alicia, do you remember what happened after you were hit last night?"

"Umm.. Not exactly. I saw you rushing towards me and the room suddenly seemed to go cold. My body was burning with pain but still I could feel the chill. Then I awoke in the hospital. Why do you ask?"

"Hum? Nothing special. Just asking. So you done packing??"

"Yah." She suddenly jumped to hug him. "I don't want to leave you Angus. A month without you would be hell."

"I know love. I would feel the same. But your dad asked you to go and your aunt must be waiting for you. I will try to come if time gives me. If not, I shall be here after you return. Yes?"

She looked up at him and nodded. He smiled and placed a sweet kiss on her lips. Both of them spun around in alarm when her bedroom door flew open and a furious Olivia walked in. as soon as she saw them in that intimate position, she blushed.

"Jesus, learn to lock the door will yah." She said.

"Lock?? When will you learn to knock Livvy?" Alicia glared at her friend.

"Ok, ok chill. Anyways I wasn't expecting Angus here. So you are leaving tomorrow and I find out today?? That too from Henry?? I can see I've been demoted from my earlier position." She complained pouting her lips.

Alicia rolled her eyes and threw a pillow at her and winced at the sharp stab on her arm.

"What happened Ali??" she came over to look at the bandaged arm.

"Nothing serious. Cut by a broken glass."

Olivia turned towards Angus in mock anger. "What is it monsieur, ever since my friend met you, she's getting wounded in one way or other." Then she added with a playful smile. "Seems you've got her bewitched. She's lost all her co-ordination."

Angus politely smiled at her comment.

"Seems the other way miss. Your friend has got me bewitched. Now I shall leave you girls alone."

He places a kiss on Alicia's hair and left.

Olivia started bustling around the room helping Alicia with the rest of her packing when she noticed the ring on her finger.

"Oh my god... Angus proposed?? When?? How?? What did he do?? Was it romantic?? How much does the ring cost?? Looks fucking expensive to me..."

Alicia laughed. "Slow down Livvy, take a breath. Yes he proposed yesterday night. It was the most romantic way of proposing I've ever heard of." She told her everything except the part when they were attacked.

"Phew... one hell of a romantic bloke you've caught. Tell me has he any brothers? I'd love to get hooked up to a Bordeaux."

She laughed at the comment but couldn't help thinking about the other Bordeaux- Duncan, that guy must be mentally sick... and she shuddered.

That night Angus visited her again. They made love, keeping her wounds in mind. They talked about marriages and how their wedding would be. Before long, Alicia was asleep with Angus beside her.

Then he heard a soft tap on her bedroom window. When he opened it, he found Rufus hovering outside.

"What is it?" he asked softly. Yet his voice showed the impatience.

"How is she?" Rufus asked in concern.

"The wound was not deep so it's okay. She's asleep now. Why are you here?"

"The incident in the farm house seems to be just a setup. Duncan was not there. The men were led by someone else. Duncan has boarded a flight to Australia. He has no business there and the main thing is he's taken his most trusted men with him."

"Hmmm... I shall check on that tomorrow morning. Right now you leave and keep an eye out for anything out-of-ordinary."

* * *

Alicia was getting ready to leave for the airport. Angus had left early mumbling something about a business he had to take care of. She knew he couldn't be there with her everyday but still, it felt bad. Livvy was going with her to the airport and she was more than grateful. Imagine managing all those bags with one arm wounded.

The flight was at 10 am so they left home at 9.

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