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Given another chance.

"I'm gonna eat your pussy, Sherry. Okay?"

She closed her eyes and blinked them open again, looking up at the ceiling. He ran his tongue along her left thigh and she tilted her head back, chin pointing at the ceiling. He ran his tongue up above her pussy, moving it down to the other thigh, tickling her. She looked down at him again and he smiled up at her.

"Now I'm gonna lick it, get it all nice and wet."

She groaned, anticipating it, and he dipped his chin to breathe softly on her wet cunt. He could see the lips of her pussy peeling back as he blew warm air across it and then he pressed his lips to her wetness and slid his tongue up her cunt, lapping her like a dog. She made a groaning noise and her hips spasmed, thrusting her cunt into his face as he licked her up and down, then swirled his tongue around on her clit. He ate her like that for about a minute and a half and he could tell she was close to coming, but he stopped before she got off. She was breathing fairly hard as she looked between her legs at him pulling away from her cunt.

"Finish it," she breathed. He smiled.

"Oh, she's hot and wants to cum, huh?" He watched as Ray slid his tongue up between the lips of his wife's cunt. She groaned and tried to push her cunt into his face.

Ray moved up onto his knees, sliding over to her side, so that his waist was about even with her face. She looked up at him and watched as he put his hand on his zipper.

"You want some cock?" he said.

She shook her head once, sharply, "Please, just take these things off me."

He smiled and unzipped his pants. Sherry pulled on her restraints again and made a grunting sound. He reached into his pants and pulled a thick slab of cockmeat out for her to look at. She watched him slowly jack off, his cock thickening about a foot from her face. It was a big one and she turned to look away from it. He scooted closer to her and continued stroking his thick, meaty cock. He put one hand in her hair, grabbing a handful and turned her toward his cock again. She looked at it, so how big it was getting and moaned. He bent the shaft down and touched the head of his cock to her face. She turned partially away and he rubbed his dick around on the side of her face. "Wanna suck it?" he asked in a low voice. He turned her to face his cock again and she looked at it. He put the shiny, purplish head to her lips and rubbed it back and forth a few times until she turned away.

"Don't ...please. Just let me go."

"I'm gonna fuck you first, then you're going to suck my cock with all your hot cunt juice on it. Taste your own pussy, see what guys like about it. Okay?"

Sherry moaned again, "Don't, please, don't fuck me ...let me go ...just let me go, okay, and I won't say anything about this."

He moved around to slide in between her legs again as she arched her back and tugged with all her might to free herself from the restraints. "Nooo!" she yelled, her voice quavering. He scooted up so that his big cockhead pressed against her pussy. She tucked her chin and looked down at it. "Don't fuck me, please ...I'll suck it for you ...I'll give you a blow job, but don't ..." She was cut off in mid-sentence when Ray shoved his cock up her cunt, hard! "Ohh!" she gasped.

Ray supported himself on his hands as he fucked her. Her tits bounced and jiggled with each hard stroke into her.

He watched his wife getting fucked and was mesmerized. "Oh, man, fuck that hot little slut, fuck her good," he whispered and took hold of his cock again.

Ray was fucking her hard and fast, pistoning his hips, driving his cock up Sherry's cunt, making her grunt and groan with each stroke.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh ..." grunted Sherry in a high pitched series of groans as Ray continued fucking her. She let her arms hang limp in their restraints, and spread her legs further, opening her cunt more for him. He slowed his pace, then, and fucked her in long, steady strokes and after a minute or so she began to fuck back at him, raising her hips to meet his thrusts.

"Oh, yeah, she li

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