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Armand fucks her reanimated body; her succubus blows him.

.. Solario was truly a magnificant sight; hair wild and streaming down his back and around his sweaty body, stomach tight, every muscle as delineated and tense as a strung bow string. I wrapped the leather harness around his upper body, smoothing my hands across his chest and letting them learn the planes of his flesh. Then I buckled the lower straps of the harness and stood back to check out the effect. Black suede straps criss crossed his chest and circled his slim waist. Carefully I adjusted his cock into its own harness and tightened it so it was tight but not restricting the blood flow too much. Then I stepped back and admired my handiwork.. "Ohh Solario you are truely worthy of the title Slave... Look and see..."

I pulled the drapery away from the far wall and revealed a full length mirror. "Yes, you are truely an Aztec god..."

As Solario looked at himself, his face underwent every concievable emotion.. shock, shame, fear, much anger, and despite of it...his cock was dripping precum and quiveringly rigid. His eyes kept coming back to his cock in the black leather harness and he squirmed a little bit whch only made him harder since every move was directly translated into some action on the part of the harness; it breathed as he did, tightening and loosening slightly around his balls.

"Well, now" I said "Say hello to Solario..."

* * * * *

The transformation was very erotic; as always, Mistress had provided a powerful cathartic episode for her slave. Is it any wonder we love her so much? Solario's eyes, those expressive mocha eyes, were searching... and not our faces, either - he was looking at himself. He was puzzled, furious, terrified... but the one emotion that was a constant beacon was his lust. He saw himself, but not the himself he knew: Mistress had stripped away the facade of the latin rocker dude, down to the bare metal of a wild young man, full of his sexuality... different enough from his self-image that he could look and be objective, could see himself through outside eyes...and the person he saw turned him on. And he realized it... and realized that the person he saw in the mirror was himself. Mistress inspected him thoroughly, and noted that he stayed in that fascinating area between outside and subSpace; approvingly, She then inclined her head, and spoke. "David."

It was my job to temper him, to teach him the untapped power, strength, and joy within him, and to give him the intensity he wanted so badly. I was to be his Master and guide into subSpace. A daunting responsibility, and a task requiring extreme accuracy and finesse: he was, despite what his machismo told him, a very fragile young man... he was bisexual, as evinced from his fascination with my body, his eye contact at the park, and any number of physical responses; but, as with many bisexual men, he was extremely in denial. Add to that he was naturally submissive, which he also denied: he was already responding as if he'd been in cuffs for days, not hours. But it was a dangerous situation; one mistake in releasing his nature could really hurt our little one - and that was not an option I was prepared to accept.

I stepped forward, and began with my strongest tool: speech... but it is Solario's duty to tell you as much of his emancipation as he can remember.

I'd broken, and given in. I was ashamed of that... but I'd had no choice. They scared me... I didn't realize how serious this was, until they... I... I didn't want them to stop. I was afraid I'd be left alone. What they were doing, as much as I hated it, was better than being left alone... I didn't want to be alone and helpless.

I tried to come back to myself, I really did, when I was being shaved; but the cold steel and danger and touch.

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