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Watching landlord's girlfriend's first lesbian experience.

She tried futilely to hold the rent cloth by clenching her thighs. A sharp hard slap across both her cheeks told her this was not a good idea. sharp hot pain seared across her taut athletic butt.

" Sexy ass you have there, toy, perhaps I'll fuck it today? Perhaps i may even use lube "

She tried to make sense of all this. she didn't recognize the voice, it was being altered electronically. Had she not had the contact of being lifted in here, for all she knew, her captor could be a female.

" Now then, Toy, what game shall we play first? shall we ravage the wife? and fuck her senseless? make her a good and well behaved slave? or should we call that limp-dick you call a husband and let him know what is happening to you right now? Let's try the phone shall we? "

She heard the digital tones of a phone, it was ringing. She heard her own voice answer, " and leave a message at the tone, we'll get back to you...... "

As the beep sounded, she felt herself lifted from the hips from behind. She tried as hard as she could to say something to the machine, leave a clue, some kind of answer.....

Her concentration was completely confounded, as she took in a breath to scream into the phone, she felt herself lifted, and her buttocks spread as her pelvis was lifted , leaving her arms hanging, so she was bent at the hips, arched in the back, and completely at his mercy.

" Help S...... " her words were cut off abruptly as she felt something foreign to her, completely foreign to her. A tongue pressed hard against the tight pucker of her ass. it was strong, wet, forceful... it circled , it pressed, and then, it pierced, a long guttural sigh escaped her lips, a primal sigh, longings unspoken , fantasies left unsaid, wants and needs she feared to share with her husband, were now being taken from her. She was having a fantasy fulfilled that no one knew of.....

His lips moved strongly over her, he was actually kissing her, not just poking, he was making love to her ass with his mouth. she had always wondered, now she knew. No wonder she fantasized about this, the sensation was incredible, and then, she felt a finger enter her swollen wet lips, and she came, shuddering and exploding. Held aloft, she could do nothing but vibrate and spasm. she felt the tongue lap her from clitoris to the top of her butt crack. Lapping hungrily to get every last drop of thick sweet come from her swollen lips, her thighs, and even that one large first drip that ran all the way past her knee. All was licked clean, tenderly.

" Now then, " said the voice " you've been a good toy thus far. Keep up this behavior and you may even live to see your useless husband again, but not until your ransom's been paid. "

With that, she heard the phone get disconnected...

OMG! she had been recorded on her own machine at home, she came on her own answering machine. Her husband is going to hear that! What had she said?, Did she scream?, did she say yes?... she couldn't remember, she just knew she liked what had been done to her, she wanted it again, she wanted more! she felt badly then, her eyes dropped.

A warm breath she felt on her neck from behind, " no toy! No feelings, not now. There are no feelings, there is coming, there is making me come. THAT is all the need concern you. If you are a good toy, i return you, maybe. if you are a bad toy, you'll never see daylight again. If you are an exceptional toy, perhaps I'll keep you. now here, hold onto these, i have some things to do, but i'; be close, so don't try anything!"

Again the feel of cold metal, but this time, not her ankles, but her hard erect nipples, small clamps, placed on each. Not too hard, but hard enough to cause a pinch of heated pinch on each nipple like a set of teeth lightly clamping. Her whimpers receded as he walked slowly from the room.

As she became used to the pain in her nipples, it became more normal for her.

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