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A going away party becomes intimate.

She wanted me to refill it. Surely she didn't know what I put in it, she just liked what it did to her skin and she somehow knew I tampered with the contents. I supposed she did detect it became magically refilled that night and put two and two together. I devilishly imagined she knew full and well that I was filling it with my cum, but it was obvious she didn't know. How could she... Supid bitch... She doesn't even realize what she's doing. She's asking her brother to provide a bottle of his cum so she can rub it all over her beautiful body. Just the brief thought sent blood coursing to my cock. What a stupid cunt... The corners of my mouth curled up into an evil smile. I fished my stiffening cock out of my shorts and wrapped my warm hand around it.

'That stupid bitch wants a fresh dose of her brothers cum so she can dump it on face and titties? Well I can provide that.' I deviously thought to myself.

The images of my naked sister leaning her head back in the bathroom and pouring cum down her face and body invaded my mind. It thickly poured from the mouth of the bottle across her beautiful face, down her luscious lips and off her chin, spatting audibly onto her heaving tits. Her other hand reaching up to glide the liquid across her slick chest, grabbing her tits to push them together as more and more of the viscous liquid dripped down and ran through her cum-slick cleavage. In my mind, I saw the head of my cock poke out between her tits at the top of her flesh valley as my shaft was completely enveloped in her wet breasts. My own cum ran down across my cock and lubricated it as I slowly pumped it in and out of her slick cleavage. She looked down and opened her cum-covered mouth as the engorged head of my throbbing cock slipped past her lips and across her tongue. She suckled lightly at the tip and my cock began rapidly spurting streams of cum straight into her mouth. Thankfully I had the bottle lined up in time. I moaned lightly as my cum squirted over and over into the bottle. The images of my sister taking my over-sized load down her throat served to lengthen my orgasm until my legs were quivering and the bottle was overflowing onto my computer chair.

"Fuck yeah, Jenn. Is that what you want? You want a nice warm load of your brother's cum?" I said to myself quietly. "You're gonna rub this all over yourself aren't you, you stupid fuck."

My thoughts about my beautiful sister were so vile. Being able to degrade her so much in my mind did wonders for our relationship.

I didn't need to shake the bottle this time. There was no lotion left, it was nothing but my thick, translucent jizz. I spun the lid on and crept back to her bathroom. I popped my head out my door. Coast was clear. I slipped back into her bathroom and replaced the bottle in the exact location as before. Label away so she could see that I filled the bottle up perfectly to the rim for her. I sneaked back out and back to my room. How dumb could that bitch be?

The next couple of days went by as expected, but lately my sexual thoughts were nearly completely consumed with my sister. Every time she walked through the house braless in tight-fitted clothing, I nearly lost it. Sometimes when I walked by her bathroom in the morning while she was getting ready, I was nearly consumed with the thought of squeezing those juicy ass cheeks, so teasingly stretching out her thin and lacy underwear nearly to transparency. I wondered if she rubbed my cum into her ass as well. I wondered what my cock would feel like smothered between those gorgeous orbs of flesh. My "sessions" were completely focused on the thoughts. I could have filled up 10 bottles for her, with cum that she silently and unknowingly coaxed right from my cock herself simply by her presence.
Well, to my shock and utter amazement, I was provided that opportunity.

One evening, after slinking perversely by her bathroom heading to my room for our evening "session", I noticed something out of the corner of my eye.

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