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The mature relationship continues.

I want to know how you would feel if I scheduled a group counseling session each week on that day. I would like you to come to each of these sessions but the other men would rotate in and out so that no more than six were present at each one and no one gets left out."

"Are you suggesting what I think you are?" Mike stared at her, flabbergasted.

"Yes I think so. I'm talking about an old fashioned gang bang. I will fuck six of you at the same time, once a week. You will be the only man who will always be there. The other men will take turns. I'll set up the schedule so that it's fair."

"Holy shit! Do you want to do this?" Mike put emphasis on the `want'.

"Yes Mike, I think it is the only way to let you see me for what I am and perhaps by doing this we can separate my job from your emotions." Trisha smiled at his incredulous look.

Mike thought long and hard about what she was offering. He didn't really like the idea, but if he went along with it maybe it would help. The idea of seeing her with the other men was actually turning him on too.
"So how long will you do this?" Mike finally asked her.

"As long as you want me to." Trisha looked at Mike. "But it's your call. You are station commander and I won't do this without your approval."

"Let me think about it Trisha. I don't know if I like the idea or not. You know, I'm afraid it could blow up on us." Mike felt insecure, for the first time in a long time he was faced with a situation he didn't know how to handle and it bothered him. Would watching Trisha have sex with the other guys on the station really help him get a grip on his feelings, or would it just inflame his jealousy?

Trisha saw the indecision on his face and sighed heavily. "If you don't approve this, then I'll have my request for a transfer submitted by tomorrow afternoon."

"Oh God Trish, don't do that!" Mike looked pensive as he mulled over his choices. "Okay we'll try it. Set up the schedule and let the men know what will happen. If I can't handle it after that then I'll put in for a transfer, you will stay here with the others. That's the way it should be. I'm the one who has the problem and if I can't get over it then I'll be the one to go."

"Thanks Mike. I knew you'd do the right thing. I really think this will help. You just have to give it a chance." Trisha kissed him lightly on the lips and then let him out of her room.

Once he was gone she went to her computer terminal and brought up the schedule she had already developed. Mike, Bill, Paul, Carl, Greg, and Jerry were the first ones she would have. She leaned back and studied each man's picture on her screen.

Mike, tall and muscular, firm chin, dirty blond hair cut short. He had those piercing blue eyes that cut through her soul and made her knees weak.

Bill, shorter and thinner, with unruly brown hair and a large nose that served to give his face character and don't forget those beautiful hands.

Paul, tall and dark skinned, of Mexican decent though such things no longer mattered to anyone. His face was rounder than Mike or Bill, and his eyes held perpetual laughter.

Carl was big and, well, big. Trisha smiled to herself. His face was almost non-descript with a medium sized nose and full lips, hazel eyes, no freckles, no moles, no marks of any kind. His hair was a medium light brown and always perfectly combed. The only thing that really set him apart in her mind was his size. He was well over six foot five inches tall, was heavier by far than the other men, but what really impressed Trisha was the size of his cock, big!

Greg was just the opposite of Carl. Standing just barely five foot tall, skinny and agile, Greg had outlandish red hair and freckles of all shapes and sizes covering his entire body. Greg was the kind of guy who stood out in any crowd and was usually the center of attention. He was a clown, a joker, and as sweet and sensitive a man as Trisha had ever met.

Jerry was handsome.

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