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Her pussy leaked a secretion of sticky liquid, and I sucked it in. Mmmm, it tasted exotic and delicious.

I started rubbing some of that slickness on her anus and worked my finger around and then into her sphincter. She immediately quivered again, then worked with me, pushing her ass onto my questing finger, and we established a rhythm. At the same time she used some saliva to moisten my own anus, and soon was finger-fucking me there as she continued gobbling my swollen dick.

"Jennifer, I wanna fuck you," I pointed out, throbbing my dick in her mouth. She let my cock slip out, nodded her head vigorously with a smile, and lay back and opened her legs. I moved on top of her, placed my dick at the entrance to her vagina, and slowly pushed it in. Oh, it felt so good. I pulled most of the way out, pushed all the way in, and kept this up. She clenched her pussy muscles in time with my going all the way in, releasing the clench on the out-stroke. I bent down and sucked her awesome tits. We rocked and fucked, and she whispered "Oh Jimmy, don't stop, I'm gonna come." I kissed her mouth and then felt her shiver all over, as my dick suddenly had extra lubrication for its thrusting.

I rolled off and lay next to her. I stroked her nipples and she built to another climax. Then I started rubbing her pussy, giving her huge clit liberal attention. She came again, this time a prolonged bodyquake. I sucked her clit like a dick and she moaned and squirted into my mouth, which I then swapped with her.

She had grabbed my dick and was pulling it with both hands. She took one of her hands and caressed my anal region, then worked a finger inside, then two fingers. "Jimmy, my turn to fuck you." She found a strap-on and some goo, and I lay on my back with my butt on the edge of the bed. She got the dildo nudging my sphincter, then gently pushed it further and further up my rump. I looked up at her sleek stomach, amazing breasts, beautiful features, and into her magnetic gray-green eyes. How lucky I was, to be making love with this goddess.

Jennifer had my dick in one hand, and lazily stroked it from base to tip, her whole hand around it. Her other hand was tweaking her mighty clit, working it like only she knew how to do. We attained a nice rhythm, her tits swaying as we rocked.

The others were stirring now. Shiri rubbed sleep from her eyes, saw us, and said "Good morning, you two. I see you've found something to keep you busy," and she laughed heartily. She got up, walked around to Jennifer, and gave her a long deep kiss, her tits pressed into Jennifer. Then she came over and gave me a similar kiss. "Mmmm, that sausage of yours looks pretty tasty. Jennifer, mind if I borrow that cock for a minute?"

"No, Shiri, I don't mind at all. Be my guest."

Shiri bent over my dick and started slurping it energetically, working a hand on it as she sucked. She pointed her rear toward me, so I worked my hand along it and rubbed her already wet cunt. As I inserted a couple of fingers in there, Karen moved over and said "Good morning, everyone. Jimmy, would you mind terribly giving me head before I fuck Shiri's irresistible ass?"

"Good morning, Karen. Far from it, I can't wait to blow your beautiful cock. Fuck my mouth right now." She wasted no more time, sitting on her knees and maneuvering her fantastic schlong like a construction crane to my mouth and between my waiting lips. Mmmm, it filled my throat. I licked and sucked it, and she began pumping my mouth. She also took a hand, lubed Shiri's ass, and probed fingers in there.

By now Christine had roused herself as well, masturbating at the sight of the dynamic tableau that the rest of us formed. She got a two-pronger and had one end in her pussy, the other in her ass.

Jennifer continued butt-fucking me.

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