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A glance at the clock told her it was 7pm. The afternoon had disappeared surprisingly quickly but her throat and eyes did not betray how many telephone calls she had been making or the volume of emails she had been both reading and writing. Karl had not given her a definite finishing time when he had mentioned working late and now it felt as though she had come to a natural finish in her work, so almost reluctantly, she smoothed her skirt down before seeking him out to find out what he expected from her.

"Excuse me, Karl, I was just wondering what time we are working until tonight?" Amelie began talking as soon as she stepped into his office, not realising he was actually on the telephone. She stopped immediately but Karl held up his finger in a combined indication of 'wait' and 'quiet'. She nodded and watched as his eyes kept on hers while he spoke then hung up.

"Thank you for your work today Amelie," Karl spoke quietly but his words were clear. "I do appreciate it."

"Oh, it is fine, Karl. As I said, I am here to help with whatever you need."

Again, the intensity of Karl's gaze shifted gear as he looked at her and Amelie felt oddly exposed.

"Sit down a moment." Karl ordered and Amelie complied. "You have been here two weeks now. Are you enjoying it?"

"Oh yes, I love it."

Karl paused again then continued. "You knew it was a highly demanding job when you took this on. My advert made it clear that you must be a team player and that it required you to contribute to tasks beyond your daily tasks as required."

"Yes." Confused by Karl's apparent hinting that perhaps Amelie was not performing to this higher level, Amelie's smile dropped a little. "I am willing and able to do whatever this job demands of me."

"I hope so. Amelie, I hope so." Karl pushed his chair back a little and walked around to lean against the desk in front of where Amelie sat, causing her to tip her head back to look up at him.

"Today has been long and intense and the rest of the week is going to be just as tough. We should finish up for the day but I think we need some downtime first."

Amelie smiled up at Karl, unsure of what he meant but enjoying his slight decrease in formality.

"Thank you by the way, for the gift." Karl indicated to the tie-pin that she had given him which was now clinging to the tie against his chest. "It was very thoughtful."

A blush spread like wild-fire up her neck to stain her cheeks and tried to shrug it off. "You are welcome. It's not a lot but I am glad you like it. It was just to also kind of say thank you, I appreciate the opportunity to work for you."

Karl's mouth pulled again, showing a hint of a smile as she spoke. "You appreciate it?"

"Oh yes."

"And you like to show your appreciation?"

"Erm, yes." He was talking about her gift but once again Amelie's imagination was threatening to run wild.

Karl fell silent as his smile faded, looking down at her. When he spoke again, his voice had lost its hint of humour. Now his words were coated in a roughness she had not heard before.

"You want to show your appreciation."

"Yes." Amelie responded, her own voice husky in automatic response to his.

"Through tokens."


"And actions."

"I don't know..."

"You are working late partly from appreciation, yes?"


Karl paused again. "You want to show your appreciation." He repeated quietly.

Amelie could sense the tension being notched up again between them and she crossed her legs in an effort to not look like she was squirming but this only served to cause her skirt to ride up slightly.

Karl's eyes were drawn immediately to the movement and his lips parted.

Amelie reached to pull the hem down but froze at Karl's words.

"Stop." His voice grated over Amelie's skin, making her shiver. "Do not touch your skirt."

Her hand fell away from the material as her heart thundered, blood roaring in her ears.

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