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Mitchell told me about his sexual past, which involved both men and women. I was a bit jealous of the men he slept with because they gave him something I couldn't give him, no matter how much I loved him. Mitchell and I hadn't been the same since he told me his secret. He thought I was a bit homophobic. I wasn't. Well, maybe a little bit. Usually, I felt threatened that some woman might come along and take him from me. Now, I had to worry about men as well. That's enough to make anyone nervous.

Still, I was determined to keep my man so I did some reading about bisexual men. I read some of their stories online. A lot of bisexual men were lonely and they hid their true selves from wives and girlfriends. Some of them feared that their families would reject them if they found out. After reading so many of their stories, I felt sad for them. What saddened me even more was the fact that the Black community was the most homophobic community of all. I began to understand my man better. A little research had been so helpful. So, I decided to surprise him one night.

One night, Mitchell came home. The Emerson College men's basketball team had suffered a defeat at the hands of a rival team. My man was not a happy camper. So, I decided to make him feel good. First, I showed him some delicious Chinese food which I had ordered, and we ate together. We watched a great action movie together, and then I took him to bed. I unbuttoned his shirt and unzipped his pants. I took his clothes off. He didn't have to do anything, except let me take care of him.

All that touching had gotten him aroused. I could see his erect cock peeking through his underwear. So I removed the underwear and looked at his cock. Mitchell had a seven-inch, ripe and thick uncircumcised cock. My man was a natural man. Just the way I liked them. I looked at his cock hungrily, then smiled at him. I took him into my mouth. I sucked his cock and licked his balls. While sucking him, I slid one of my fingers into his asshole. He gasped in surprise and looked at me. I froze. Was he going to ask me to stop? If so, I was ready to stop. But he didn't. I continued what I was doing, fingering his asshole while sucking his dick. Amazingly, his cock seemed only to get harder in my mouth. I slid another finger in his anus, and felt his ass tighten around my fingers. I fucked his ass with my fingers and sucked on his cock and balls. It wasn't long before he came all over my face. I don't usually let men come all over my face but since I loved him, I made an exception.

I drank his seed, which tasted delicious. All men taste different. Some of my past lovers tasted great, others were okay. I've never sucked a man who tasted bad, though. Every man has a different smell and taste. The masculine scent is my favorite. I'm addicted to it. While sucking his seed out of his cock, I kept fingering him. I noticed that the more I fingered him, the harder he got. Also, he moaned in pleasure, which was new. Usually, he wasn't very vocal in bed, though he was always very masculine and demanding. Just the way I like my my bed, of course.

I finished sucking him and looked up at him. He looked at me. I grinned and got up. From his expression, I could tell he was surprised. Well, I had a surprise in mind for him. I went into the bathroom, and took some lube. I applied it on myself, before returning to the bedroom. Mitchell was waiting for me. I smiled. He gestured for me to come to him. I shook my head. He raised his eyebrows. Instead of joining him on the bed, I did the unexpected. I went on the floor, on all fours. With my hands, I spread my butt cheeks wide open. I could see understanding slowly creep into his handsome face. He smiled and hurried to me.

Mitchell knelt behind me, and caressed my sexy buttocks.

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