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Tony was the first undressed as all she had to remove was a denim skirt and a fancy tank top, no panties , nothing else.

Tony moved toward me and we began a hot, animalistic kiss. Our hands roamed over each other for the first time. Her skin was soft and warm. I pushed her to her knees and we continued our hot kiss. Kelly joined us for a hungry 3 way kiss. I couldn't take any more, I had to taste some pussy. I didn't care which one it was going to be. I pushed Tony to her back and once again attacked her nipples. They were harder than before and felt incredible in my mouth. Kelly began rubbing her pussy from the other side of her body.

Tony asked me if I had ever had a squirter before. I told her no. she said, "you're in for a treat then." Kelly then says" hey I'm a squirter too!" Now I had heard of women squirting and had seen pics, but had never seen one upclose and personal. And yes, I was in for a treat.

Kelly continued to rub Tony's clit and had now began to finger pussy. Tony again became very vocal and soon had her first orgasm of the night. Kelly sqealed as Tony's pussy shot its first load of juice into Kelly's hand. I knew I had to see this for myself.

I moved down to her pussy and Kelly and I switched places. I had my first taste of Tony. Her pussy was soaking wet from her first squirting orgasm compliments of Kelly's talented fingers. I didn't know what to expect after a woman had squirted, but it didn't have any taste at all. So I dipped my tongue deeper into her pussy to really taste her and was rewarded with a sweet nectar. After teasing her for awhile and Tony increasing her vocal display, I moved up to attack her clit. I pulled the hood back and took her clit between my lips and began to suck and swirl around it with my tongue. Tony shot into the stratosphere and began to scream like I was killing her. Her body instantly began to shake uncontrollably and I experienced my first squirt.

Remember when you were a kid and you drank out of the hose on a hot summer day? This was like I was waiting for it to come on and my friend turned it on from around the side of the house. The fluid shot down my throat like it was coming from that garden hose. Tasteless and hot. Followed by a slower flood of regular pussy nectar. I was still in shock from the squirt when Tony yells," get him up here, I have to fuck him now!"

Kelly was nice enough to hand me a condom already out of the package. I rolled it down my raging hard cock and climbed in between Tony's legs. I pushed her bent knees up to her tits, my favorite position, and entered her pussy for the first time.

Holy shit it felt good. Now you vanillas that are not allowed to have strange pussy, you just don't know what you are missing. Knowing that you are not cheating on your wife because she is off doing what she wants and you will both tell each other all about it later, I am the luckiest man in the world. I would never advocate cheating on your spouse. That is never a good thing. But, strange pussy is really good. It will never be as good as my wife's, I really do believe that her pussy was made for my cock.

With a decent buzz on from a few cocktails, and the thrill of being able to perform for 2 hot women, my attitude changed and I became a fucking machine. There was no emotions to have that deep down satisfying feeling, it was just raw sex. I fucked Tony for all I was worth. Fast and slow, she loved it all. She seemed to have an orgasm every 2 minutes or so. She made me feel like I was in a porno. After hour it seemed, I was out of breath and needed to slow down. She and Kelly were kissing deeply and I pulled my cock out for a brief rest.

Kelly moved Tony onto her hands and knees and slid under her.

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