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The balance of their stay becomes life changing.

Jimmy, behind her, ran a hand over her breasts, cupped them, and pulled a nipple that elicited a moan from Vicki then ran the hand to her sex. He roughly and quickly put a finger into her. She closed her eyes, laid her head back against Jimmy and moaned again.

"She be juiced up nicely Rashon." He pulled the finger out and pushed Vicki to her knees. Rashon moved behind her and mounted her in one fluid motion.

Vicki's eyes flew open at the taking, her mouth open, a feral moan escaping. Jimmy moved in front of her, blocking our view. He pushed his pelvis forward and I heard a blast of air come from Vick's nose and I knew that Jimmy was in her mouth fully.

I turned to Tara. "You ok?"

Tara's eyes were wide and her response hushed. "Oh my god. They're both fucking her."

"What are you feeling right now?"

"I...uh... shit...I'm turned on but...Jimmy's never been this way with me..."

"That's because you're his woman not a white whore or bitch like he perceives Vicki. It's a power thing as much as it is sex. They're using her like you'd do beer and Valium. She's warm and wet and fuckable. She won't mean a thing to either of them later except to use to get off again if they want.

"You mean something entirely different to Jimmy."

"Jeez, I guess...oh...wait, jeez," Tara's voice took on a tone of incredulity, "he's gonna come."

Jimmy's back tensed, he grabbed Vick's head with both hands, groaned, pumped once then held still. Vicki gagged then coughed several times. The cough was very phlegmy.

"Yes! You fuckin' bitch, you suck good baby!" Jimmy moved away from her, his erection going soft and covered in a sheen of Vicki's saliva. Vick looked up at me, her eyes lidded, her lips white with Jimmy's cum. She looked proud.

Jimmy knelt beside Vick's head, took her by the hair, held her so that her neck was arched up. She moaned and her breasts and belly swayed with each thrust that Rashon took.

"Let's give Rashon some help, shall we baby?" Jimmy was speaking to Vicki but looked over at Tara.

"Tara, baby, get your sweet ass up and give me one of them little capsules in Rashon's pants."

Tara got up. Vicki opened her eyes wide and stared at Jimmy. Clearly she didn't want another popper. Tara stood in front of Vicki, squatted down so that she was face to face with her. "Are you ok, Mrs. McCloud?"

Before Vick could answer Jimmy took the popper from Tara and popped it under Vicki's nose.

"Course she is. She even better now."

All that was keeping Vick's chest and upper body off the floor was Jimmy's grip in her hair. But when the popper hit her she moaned loudly. Her face was flushed, her hair matted to her forehead as the popper started another sweating spell.

"Shit! Fuckin'A! I can feel the bitch's cunt twitchin' all round me! She fuckin' came!" Rashon was delighted.

"Take her ass, Rashon. One thing them gays know 'bout poppers is it lets'em assfuck. Put your arms underneath yourself bitch and hold yourself up!"

Vick came back to her senses enough to support herself with her arms. She barely registered Rashon's violation of her anus except to moan in rhythm to Rashon's fucking. Rashon didn't last long. He pulled out, contentedly, and let Vick collapse on the floor like a rag doll.

Tara was still standing near Jimmy. Jimmy pulled her to him, held her around the waist.

"Time to take care of you, baby."

Tara flushed a bit. "Yeah, fuck someone else's wife, you better damn well better take care of me."

She turned and smiled at me, her innocent kid smile.

Jimmy started to pull off her panties. Tara playfully slapped at his head then giggled, "Jimmy! Not here in front of Jack and Vicki!"

"Hey baby, me and Rashon jus' drugged this man's wife, fucked the bitch senseless in all her holes. He ought to get something in return."


"Hey baby, take off your panties and go get comfy on the bed. You're gonna like this. Trust me." He pulled her down to him and kissed her tenderly while slipping a hand up inside her t-shirt.

Somewhat self-consciously Tara slid her bikini panties off and got

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