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One odd night leads to a new life.

I told her that wanting to have sex wasn't the same thing as passion and desire. She might want to have sex, but I didn't think it mattered to her who it was, as long as they did the things she wanted. What I needed was someone who wanted to have sex with me, because they liked the idea of having sex with me.

She told me she didn't understand that at all, so I explained it to her by asking her a question. If a man was fucking her, would she want him to close his eyes and think about some other girl? Or, would she want him to enjoy fucking her because it was really her that he wanted to fuck? Well, she'd made it clear that she wanted sex, and she'd told me what kind she wanted and when she wanted it. But the way she was talking, was like as if she didn't care who gave her what she wanted, as long as she got it. So, before I would fuck her, I needed to know that she wanted me to be the one fucking her, not just whatever guy was there. I wanted to know that she was thinking about my cock sliding in an out of her asshole, not someone else's. I wanted to know that she needed my tongue in her pussy, not just any tongue she could find. And I needed to know it was my sperm she wanted to taste when I came in her mouth. In other words, if it was someone else's cock and tongue she really wanted, then I didn't want her.

She asked why it would matter to me, since it was just sex, and we weren't going to get romantic. And I told her it was for the same reason she wanted me to be thinking about her when I fucked her. Or would she rather I just closed my eyes and pretended it was Tami I was fucking? She said that of course she wanted me thinking about her, and yes, if that was what I wanted to know, she had thought about her and I having sex even before she made her offer. Now, was everything settled then, and would the schedule she'd requested be acceptable to me? I smiled and told her not quite yet, because I wanted a sample of what she was offering me before I decided. So, I wanted her to close and lock the door, then I wanted her to show me how good of a cock sucker she was. Again she mentioned the fact that she didn't like that kind of language. But, as she was telling me that, she was also doing as I asked, and locking the door. Then as she knelt to open my zipper, I told her she'd get used to those words, and start using them herself too before long.

From the almost clinical way she removed my pants and underwear, I wasn't expecting much in the way of cock sucking skills. I mean, she removed my socks and shoes too, then neatly folded everything and laid it all on my desk. But, there was nothing clinical about what she did when she knelt back down. Because, she sucked the whole thing into her mouth and kept it there, even when it got fully hard. One thing about voluptuous women is that their mouths are deeper, wider and wetter than normal women, and she used that to her advantage. There was no bobbing either, everything she did was with her tongue and lips, without moving her head one inch. She just kept up a gentle suction, while her lips nibbled the root, and her tongue slid all over every part of my cock. And, at the same time, her fingers were stroking my balls with a feather light touch. In other words, a totally awesome blow job, and there was only one thing that needed changing.

That thing was the fact that she was lost in her own little world and had her eyes closed while she sucked me.

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