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dick before it goes in your mouth?"

She couldn't believe what she was hearing, but Nancy just nodded. She was very confused. She had just agreed to wash some stranger's penis. Also, by nodding she had probably agreed to putting it in her mouth. Why was she having to do this? What did God want from her.

There wasn't any time to think about it at the moment, however. Bink had sent Thing 1 off, and he had just returned with two buckets and a sponge. One of the buckets was filled with soapy warm water, the other with clear warm water. There were also a couple of clean dry towels. Thing 1 set the equipment down in front of Howie and walked away.

Nancy started to walk over to Howie. As she went her mind was racing. That penis was going in her mouth, Bink had made that very clear. Having to touch it and clean it was demeaning, but she didn't really want that thing in her mouth the way it was. Hell, she didn't want it in her mouth at all. Was she supposed to make them stick that block in her mouth and force her? If they did that, no one would wash the thing. Nancy reached Howie and knelt down in front of him, but she was still confused.

What was she to do? Nancy had only slept with one man in her life, and he certainly had never put his penis in her mouth. She'd hardly even seen it. They only made love with the lights out. Of course Nancy had heard of oral sex, she wasn't completely naive. But wasn't that just something prostitutes did? Did decent people really do that? On the other hand, Howie was just a regular guy. Did he think having a woman put his penis in her mouth was normal? He certainly didn't look like he was going to object to it. Well it didn't matter now, Nancy was out of time. If she didn't wash it and suck it, they would just force it into her mouth. She didn't want to be forced, so somehow she would manage to do this.

Nancy picked up the sponge and dipped it in the warm soapy water. She squeezed the water out and turned to face Howie. His penis was right in front of her and the moment of truth had arrived. She had to touch it. Nancy hesitated a moment, and then reached out and grabbed the penis. She lifted it up and began to sponge it down. It had been soft when she first put her hand around it, but as she washed it, the thing began to get hard.

While she had never taken a good look at her boyfriend's penis, Nancy had a pretty good idea that it was a lot smaller than this thing was getting as it hardened. When she had Howie completely erect, his penis was a good 7" long. Also, she could hardly get her hand around it as she held it. Nancy had to admit it was kind of nice to hold, and cleaning it was almost fun. Why did she have to put it in her mouth? This would almost be pleasant if it weren't for that. Nancy continued to wash the penis. She rubbed the soapy sponge all over it. She also washed his testicles and the rest of the area while she was at it. Nancy wasn't sure if she did that because she wanted to, or if it was just to delay the inevitable.

As she washed, Howie began to moan a little. Nancy was curious. That was the first sound Howie had made throught this whole ordeal. What did he think of standing here, having his penis washed in public?

Actually, Howie hadn't been sure what to think about it. It had been kind of embarrassing to hear Bink and Nancy discuss cleaning his dick while he was standing there naked with it just hanging out. However, after they finished talking and Nancy began to wash him, Howie had no problem with it. God that felt good. His main worry was that it felt too good. Howie was very inexperienced. He hadn't realized until just this moment how difficult the don't cum rule was going to be.

Nancy finished soaping down Howie's penis.

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