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He goes to Istanbul, beds Russian defector.

"I chose you, you know," the demon purred, "your Lust was palpable. Some might say pathetic, but I sense ambition. Corruptibility, if you will. And we do thrive on corruption."

The demon rose from his chair and stalked over to the fire, avoiding the green cloud that still spun in the center of the room. "You belong to me, Mr. Sutherland. Not in the 'I rule your life and you will obey me' way but...everything you do has an impact on my power now." He said before puffing and blowing another green cloud that joined the growing mass in the room.

"My kind cannot directly harvest Sin from the Human World, so we must act through your malleable kind to do so."

The demon whirled on the spot and Alex saw that he was grinning manically, his yellow eyes wide enough to appear crazed. He jabbed his pipe towards Alex's nude form and the young man rose to his feet like a marionette. Alex stood at attention, fear suspiciously absent from his mind. He felt warm again, uncomfortably so. The fire was back, this time almost as a primal force located somewhere directly behind his eyes. It took off through his body and lit a bonfire of arousal in him.

The demon slashed his pipe at the spiral of green smoke that spun between them and it collapsed on itself, coalescing into a humanoid shape that would stand on the plush carpet in the middle of the room.

The first thing he noticed was her skin, pale and licked by the orange glow of the flames. Her hair was brown and hung loosely, framing her cute face in tousled locks. She was completely naked as well, smallish breasts hanging elegantly and proudly in the firelight, her sex bare and mostly hidden by shadow. As her form completed itself, Alex recognized her as Becca from his class. Her body, though petite, was more beautiful and sexy than he could have ever dreamed up in his fantasies.

Becca phased into being with her eyes closed and standing perfectly still, her body relaxed in the center of the room. A dainty pair of spectacles materialized on her face. Her eyelids fluttered open and as her eyes focused, her expression changed from relaxation to mild alarm to panic in about three seconds flat.

With a startled cry, she backed away from Alex's nude form, right into the demon standing behind her. He caught her from behind with his scaly hands on either shoulder as she froze and glanced backwards. Her cry escalated into a bloodcurdling scream before the demon cackled and roughly shoved her towards Alex.

"WHAT THE EVER LOVING FUCK IS HAPPENING!" she screamed as she flew across the room and into Alex's arms.

He was too stunned to react and she tripped, wrapping her arms around his legs to catch herself before plopping to a halt in front of him on her knees. Alex's cheeks immediately flared up again at the fact that she was eye level with his mysteriously hard cock.

"Wha-EW!" she cried, tumbling backwards onto the plush carpet. Becca sat up and just stared at the person in front of her. She vaguely recalled his face from class.

"What am I doing here! Who are you! What the- ", she began to say before the demon snapped his fingers together and she stopped talking, comically attempting to speak with only stifled grunts coming out.

"Hoo, boy, you sure know how to pick em," the demon chuckled before walking over to his seat and plopping down. "She's a noise little bitch!" Becca turned fearful eyes on the demon and crawled further away from him.

"No, no, don't be shy. I'm not going to hurt you," he crooned "You'll be fine, I promise!"

He stretched back in the chair.

"Well, Mr. Sutherland, I believe you've made your selection. Go on then, have at her! Try out your new little present!" he said, hands twirling theatrically.

Alex just stared.


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