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She's taken by a black man in her own home.

As she did so, she could feel him rubbing her in all the right places and she let out a gasp and sucked in her lip. Joe was actually quite impressive once he was inside of her. She looked over at Elene, who was lounging on the floor, enjoying a cigarette. She looked so sexy, naked, glistening, with a cigarette smoldering in her hand.

She rode Joe, slowly at first, enjoying the moment. She unconsciously ran her hand across the smooth skin of her breast, trapping her erect nipple between index and third finger. Warmth spread from her breast, engulfing her entire chest. She absently opened her mouth and intensified her strokes.

Elene appeared in front of her, holding an unlit cigarette. She then moved around behind her. Elene tugged at her elbow, until Violet relaxed and alloweed her to pull her arm behind her: first her left, then her right. Violet had to fight to stay upright as she did so. She then felt something binding her wrists. In surprise she tried to retract her arms, but they were bound tightly behind her back.

Violet stopped. Elene quickly came back around and reassured her. "It is okay, my friend. I am just, as you say, enhancing the experience." Violet relaxed. She had no reason to distrust Elene. Elene held the cigarette out for Violet. Violet grasped it between her lips as she resumed her motions, lifting herself up by her legs.

Elene disappeared for a moment, but returned promptly. She brandished a gold lighter, stamped with detailed artwork. She bent over, flicked the thumbwheel, and a flame sparked to life. She guided it toward the tip of the cigarette hanging forlorn from Violet's lips. Violet grasped the cigarette tighter with her lips as Elene brought the flame to meet with the tip.

Violet inhaled. At first all she could taste was the sweet tang of the tobacco, then tip of the cigarette glowed brightly for a moment and a rush of smoke filled her lungs. She inhaled deeply, relaxing even further. She let her head fall back and blew the smoke out carefully as to not drop the cigarette. She detected a light perfume mixed with the thick smoke. This had to be one of Elene's, she thought.

Violet suddenly felt a warm sensation on her breast. She looked down surprised to find Elene beginning to suckle one of her nipples. Violet let out a moan. She took another deep drag on the cigarette. This was all becoming too much, she thought. The telltale tingle had gripped her quickly and she knew she was going to come soon.

The room was deathly quiet except for the rustling of the bag behind her and the gentle suckling noises Elene was making. Her mind was spinning, it all felt too good. The heady smoke filling her lungs, the warm tingling emanating from her aroused nipple, and the constant deep rubbing of Joe's cock was about to send her over the edge.

Suddenly, she felt a rush of heat as she drove Joe as deep as she could. She came hard, her orgasm deep. She shuddered slightly, her mouth agape, the cigarette barely hanging on her lip. A series of moans escaped her lips coinciding with each one of her throbbing contractions and she jerked slightly with every one.

Once it was over, it took her a moment to recover. Sweat stood out on her brow and she breathed heavily. But now she was invigorated. She looked down at Elene, who was unfastening her wrist bindings and was smiling up at her. Violet stood up, letting Joe slip out of her. She smiled to herself. The son of a bitch still hadn't come. She looked back at him.

He was breathing much faster, the inside of the bag covered in condensation. His head was lolled to one side and his eyes were closed. She reached out and placed her hand on his chest. He was burning hot and his heart was beating quickly. At her touch, he opened his eyes slowly and looked at her. He made another muffled sound.

She turned toward Elene. "We did promise to let him go if he made us both come, didn't we?" she said, rubbing her chin.

"That's right, my friend, I believe we did," Elene replied, smiling.

"But, did we say how many ti

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