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I moan around her cock appreciatively. She moans too, relaxing back into her seat, letting me set my own pace now.

Just then, the door to our car creaks open and a man steps inside. He opens his mouth to speak, but stops when he sees me on my knees in front of her, sucking her dick. She looks over at him with a smile, then puts her hand on the back of my head to keep me just where I am. How we love an audience. I only look over at the man for a moment, but I don't stop sucking her off, her pink phallus sliding in and out of my mouth slowly, the tip poking my cheek when my head is turned.

She licks her lips and turns her attention away from the newcomer and back to me. " suck my cock so good Blake..." I know this is for the stranger's benefit as much as it is for mine. "I'm going to fuck you with it next you know..."

I just nod my head, my excitement doubled knowing someone is watching. I push myself down on her cock, taking it all in my mouth at once, deep throating her until my nose presses against her harness. This makes her moan, and her soft hand on my head now grips my hair "Yess..." She hisses. "Yeah...just like that baby."

I keep her deep throated for a moment or two before I slide back up, her saliva coated cock glistening. She lifts me up from my knees and reaches out to undo my pants. All I can do is watch in amazement. She's really going to fuck me, on a train, in front of some stranger. I am so hard it hurts. My cock strains against my boxer shorts as she pushes my pants down, slowly. Agonizingly so. When she hooks her thumbs into the band of my boxer shorts, I take in a breath an hold it.

I give a glance over to the man standing in the doorway. He's got his hand on his own bulge in his pants, stroking himself. She pushes my shorts down to my ankles and reaches out, taking my hardness in her hand. She pumps me up and down three times, then turns me around to face the other way. I can hear her reaching for something in a bag, and I turn around just in time to see her slathering lube all over her cock, stroking herself up and down. "You are going to fuck yourself on my hard cock, aren't you?" She asks me.

I nod my head, looking back towards the front as I position myself to squat over her. "Yes...yes I am." I can feel her guide her cock towards my willing hole, and she puts one hand on my shoulder, bringing me down on her. The tip presses at my opening for only a moment, and then it slips inside me. We both groan.

I push myself down slowly, sliding her entire cock inside me until our skin touches. I feel so full with her seven inches in my ass. Both of her hands are on my shoulders now, and she holds me there, steady. I look over at the stranger again, and he's moved all the way inside, closed the door behind him, and is staring at us intently while he strokes himself through his pants. I moan out, wriggling slightly in her lap, enraptured by the sensation of being so full.

She eases up on my shoulders, and I slowly rise up, sliding her cock out of me a few inches before coming back down on it again. Every time I take her in me all the way, she moans and grinds her hips up into me. My own cock twitches at the sensation and I gasp.

My hands grip the seat on either side of us, and I use them as leverage to lift myself more. Slow at first, I start to pick up the pace, eventually bouncing up and down on her cock. She groans again as I move faster now, and reaches around to me take one of my nipples between her thumb and index finger, pinching it.

I moan louder, loving it all. My pace gets faster and faster as my ass loosens up around her cock. "Yes Sapphire...fuck me!" I yell out.

Her hand moves down from my nipple and grips my cock, stroking me up and down while I bounce on top of her. She starts pushing up into me as I come down on her, the pace so fast now, I can't tell who is fucking who anymore.

Then she lets me know.

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