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The fabric was slick and hard to keep pressure on her nipples the whole time, but the fingers pushed as far as they could and twisted slightly making her legs weaken as her hips were rubbing side to side. One of her hands came to my head to rub my scalp as I kissed her neck, the other hand gripped mine over her breasts and rubbed them gently and lovingly.

I kept at her hard nubs and nipples' knowing no one has ever treated her body like the temple it was. The way a woman's body should be aroused totally and completely so she can truly enjoy its wonders.

I kissed over the back of her neck, just above her spine and let the tongue touch her skin lightly and lick her. She bent her head forward to let me kiss more. Nicole's hand tried to bring my hand down her body more, but I continued to let the fingers twist the fabric into her nipples and then pinching them hard between the fabric. Nicole groaned loud and arched more into my fingers until I let them go.

The fingers let the nipples go through into the cooler air. She moaned as the air touched her hot hard nipples. She took a deep hard breath in as the cool air hit her.

I walked around to her right side, and gripped her hands in mine and pulled her softly down the hall and into my body face to face.

I leaned down to kiss her softly on the lips, making it a very deep passionate soft kiss. Hands bringing her arms around my waist as I then put mine around hers and pulling her in tight. While kissing her still, I begin turning her slowly so her back is facing the wall now.

My hands glide down her back to her hips as I push us back slowly into the wall. As her back touches I kiss her harder and let her go right up against the wall.

My tongue begins to part our lips and teasing hers with soft touches in and out of our lips. Her sighs into our kiss and her surprise as the cool wall touches her back and ass with a soft groan.

I unzip her skirt from behind and let it drop to the floor as our kiss gets harder and more passionate.

I pull away form the kiss sucking on her lower lip with a sigh as the hands run up under her shirt now to her bra and caress her breasts again softly.

I begin kissing down her jaw now to her neck. With each kiss my tongue touches her skin softly then lifts up and touches again with the next kiss. Each kiss goes down her body more and more.

The hands and fingers press in her breasts forcing her body into the wall with each deep caress. As my kisses reach her neck and chest area the hands begin to glide down her body again.

Nicole's hands go to my head and hair as I skip down her body past her shirt with my kisses. All the way to her tummy and kissing around her navel as the hands grip her silk lace panties. Fingers going inside them as I look down seeing them soaking wet in her juices.

I began to push down her panties to her thighs and let the cool air hit her hot moist pussy now. Looking up into her eyes I ask, "Have you ever felt someone's tongue on your pussy, clit, or inside you?"

She began to push her hips out as I spoke, biting her lips, and shaking her head softly side to side.

"Don't be scared. I will just let my mouth and tongue play with you some. I bet your juices taste good."

With her panties down past her knees now I kiss down her tummy to the top of her pussy. She trimmed her pussy for her boyfriend a nice little piece of brown hair landing strip above her slit was so soft to the lips as I began to kiss down more.

I ran my tongue down her slit once and heard her sigh and push out instantly into my mouth and face with her hips. Looking up I saw her head roll back onto the wall and her eyes half close.

I licked again up her slit and watched her head roll side to side and moan this time with a harder lick. Her fingers gripped my hair instead of rubbing as I licked again harder up and down this time in one motion.

Her breathing was become faster and faster almost a panting as the tongue again licked up a

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