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He edged backwards slightly.

"And of course I'd tear it down," she said, drawing every word out. "But it would be OK. You could work for me. Every union officer needs some good, experienced people serving...ya know...under them."

"What are you doing?" Callum gulped.

"Getting almost as turned on by this as you are," she said, suddenly breathless. Before he could reply she reached her hand round the back of his head. She pulled him towards her and kissed him imperiously. Her tongue was in his mouth fully and he stroked it with his own. At the same time she pinned him down on the couch by the shoulders. After what seemed like a blissful eternity she got up and wordlessly led him to her bedroom.

It was dark in the room, the light from the living area barely penetrating the blackness. Fatima shut the door, locked it and turned on a bedside light. It lit the room far better. The room was small and cramped, dominated by a double bed that was wedged between two bookshelves. Callum had a quick scan of the bookshelves and was surprised by its strange variety - it was split in equal parts between course materials, writings by Qur'anic scholars and, most bizarrely, a hefty collection of erotic fiction. The titles made it clear that the romance in these books was definitely female-led.

By the time he'd finished examining her collection she had stripped off completely and stood before him, proudly and defiantly naked. He did a double take, unable to help himself. Fatima was a women who looked good naked. He could see why she'd chosen black for her garb, it was slimming, but he was aghast at the idea of her needing to slim down for anyone. She was a big, very beautiful, woman with a large belly and breasts. The hair that was always covered was jet black and slightly unkempt, and flowed easily down to her shoulders. Her body was the same gorgeous olive as her face, except for her nipples, which were dark.

"What are you waiting for?" she asked flatly, acknowledging his admiration subtly. "Let's see ya."

He didn't need to be told twice. He quickly took his jeans off, then his t-shirt. He slipped his socks off with ease but faltered slightly with his pants, which prompted a snigger from Fatima. He stood naked in front of her and she slowly surveyed his athletic body down to his fully-erect penis.

"Not bad," she said, arching an eyebrow.

"You're, uh, not so bad yourself," he said back, admiringly. She didn't respond, but stepped towards him and in one fluid motion, cupped his shaft and balls in a way that wasn't quite painful but strong enough to be uncomfortable. He suppressed the urge to react, standing as still as he could.

"Let's get something straight, yeah?" she said in a harsh tone. "I hate you. I love dominating men. The fact that that's something you enjoy is the only reason we're in this position. If not, I wouldn't even look your way. I'll treat you like shit so long as you do everything I say, and you might even get to cum. Deal?"

"Deal," Callum blurted out. He'd supposed he should have thought about it but he sensed, deep down, that he could miss out on something wonderful. Fatima released her grip and pushed him down to his knees, where he was face to face with her vulva. It was darker than skin around it, and had not been shaved in some time. She only allowed him a moment to admire it before pushing his face into it and leaning against the back wall. Her pussy had a strong scent that excited him. He'd only eaten pussy once but the girl had kindly told him what to do, which was go straight for the clit. He attacked Fatima's with his tongue with gusto, making her tremble slightly. She let out a soft moan and placed her hand on his head, stroking his hair as he worked. He kept licking her clit, taking long strokes to the hood. The taste was as good as the smell, rich and sweet.

"Mmh," she said. "Good boy."

This encouraged him and he licked away, as she shuddered and moaned in pleasure.

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