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Daughter and father reunite with sexual union.

I ran my hands down her back and squeezed her ass. We were nose to nose and she kept the same, slow rhythm on my cock.

"You feel so good inside me," her voice was soft. "You make me complete."

"I love you so much Momma."

"I love you, honey. You're my whole world. Your cock feels so good inside me."

She leaned back and started grinding faster. The pace of her breathing was increasing and I felt her cunt contracting even more around my cock. She arched her back and was bouncing on my dick. I pushed down on her hips, making her slam into me harder.

"Oh shit," she yelled out, "like that baby; just like that!"

I was thrusting up to meet her and our bodies were slapping together. She lent over me again, putting her hands on the bed on either side of me and I pounded my cock into her.

"Oh goddamn," she screamed with gritted teeth, "fuck me; don't stop; fuck me hard!"

She was panting and I knew she was getting close to cumming again. My thighs were starting to burn from the repetitious thrusting of my cock into her, but I didn't let up. Again she leaned back and I heard her cries of passions intensify.

"Andrew," she cried loudly, "Andrew, I'm gonna cum... I'm gonna cum!" I felt her pussy clamping down on me and her juices squirting all over my cock. She was screaming and thrashing around like a wild animal as she climaxed. Her mouth gaped open and her hair was in her face; gasping and screaming; finally, she collapsed on top of me.

"Oh my god," she yelled, trying to catch her breath, "I'm shaking; I'm fucking shaking. Oh my god; oh my god; oh my god!" She looked at me and the sweet vision of the smile that was on her face would stay with me the rest of my life.

"I've never felt anything like this before," she said with a laugh. "Holy shit. Look at me; I can't stop shaking. I've never came that hard in my fuckin' life."

I wrapped my arms around her and held her close to me. "You are so fuckin' hot," I said, smiling back at her. She closed her eyes and could tell she was trying to gain control of herself again. She took deep breaths and I could feel her starting to relax a little.

"You didn't cum, did you?" she asked.

"No, I didn't."

"Good," she said as she giggled. We started kissing again. My cock was still rock hard. She moved her hand down between my legs and felt.

"Oh shit baby; you're still so fuckin' hard. We need to do something about that. C'mon." She rolled off me to my left side and grabbed my hands. "I want you to fuck me sweetheart. I want you to fuck me until you cum all in my pussy."

I moved between her open legs and slid my cock back into her. Again she moaned loudly. Her cunt was so warm and soaking wet; it felt so good being inside of her. I started a slow rhythm; not wanting to get overly excited. She took a deep breath and moaned my name.

"Oh Andrew..."

She kept her eyes on me the whole time. The intensity of her stare had me mesmerized. I studied her face; framed in that beautiful blonde hair. Her lips were slightly parted and of course, those brown eyes of hers were fixed on me. I reached down and squeezed her breasts. I loved that it made her moan louder and gasp. Now I could see the longing in her expression. Without saying a word, I knew she wanted me to fuck her harder. I increased my rhythm and the force of my cock going into her.

"Yes baby," she responded, "give me that cock."

I did exactly what I was told. I pounded my prick into her even harder. The bed was starting to rock with the steady fucking I was giving her. My balls slapped against her; there was no stopping.

"Oh fuck," she cried as I slammed my cock into her over and over again, "that's it; fuck Momma hard."

I leaned over and banged her hard and fast. Her fingernails were digging into my back as I mercilessly fucked her for all I was worth. She was grunting with her teeth gritted and I knew I was giving her exactly what she wanted. I could feel it building. I was getting close and she knew it. "I wanna cum," I panted. "I wanna cum inside you."

"Do it!" she cried, "cum baby; cum for me; cum in your mother's puss

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