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Alex stands duty and things spiral out of control.

Obediently I walk towards it, feeling his eyes burning into my back. I lay on the bed, my legs slightly parted. After all, I've sold myself to him, like a camel in an Arab bazaar; for the next few hours I'm his property.

He strips unhurriedly and walks over to join me on the bed. His large, sinewy cock is stiff and stands out from his belly. As he lays beside me he notices my eyes on it and grins. He says simply "Suck it". As ordered I squat between his legs. He has large hairy balls and I cup a hand round them. Then I run the tip of my tongue up the underside of his circumcised cock. It twitches slightly and I hear him growl softly: he likes that. I repeat the movement. Then I take it into my mouth, rubbing my teeth up and down it, biting into it as firmly as I dare, gently squeezing his balls. He wraps his fingers in my hair, grabbing a hank, pulling quite roughly. He groans "Fuck, you're good at this. Your husband's a lucky man." Not feeling like replying I lick my tongue around his shaft, feeling every contour, tasting the light sheen of sweat that has built up. I feel it twitching more regularly as he gets closer to coming. When he does the head bucks against the roof of my mouth, a jet of hot semen striking the back of my throat. I swallow it, savouring the salty taste. His fingers in my hair relax, he twirls a lock between them. "That was great. You'll do that again before morning."

We lay side-by-side as he kisses me again, tenderly this time, a hand caressing my right breast. I respond to his kiss, my tongue playing lazily around his. I reach my hand down towards his cock again, but he stops me. "Your turn" he whispers. He licks down my jaw line, down my throat, and closes his mouth over my right breast, at first lapping the creamy white flesh of my boob, then dragging his teeth down my stiff nipple; it feels painful yet also incredibly erotic. A hand wraps itself around my bare pussy, squeezing so gently. As he slips his mouth down across my ribcage, and presses his tongue into my navel, one of his fingers finds its way inside me and begins to stir around. A low moan escapes from my lips and I slip my legs further apart. Now he's licking my naked mons, moving lower again...I chuckle with joy as his tongue flicks against my clit, then loves lower still, pushes right into the heart of my cunt. He's good at this too. He places his hands inside my thighs and pushes my legs wide, pressing his face into me. He reaches out his thumbs and snares my vulva, pulling them far apart, giving him maximum access, as his tongue laps the length of my slit, over and over, his nose tickling across my clit. As he begins to nibble at my clit, two fingers stroking around inside my cunt, I feel my hips rising off the bed, I shuffle down towards him, riding his face as he tickles a finger down the crease of my backside. I gasp as I come, then sigh and relax back into the bed.

I expect him to give me time to come back down, but he doesn't. He's rock hard again, and he slides back up my body, slips his monster cock into me. He fucks me teasingly, fast then slow, all the way in then just part of the way, see-sawing the tip of his prick just inside me. Jesus, this is driving me wild. I cry "Oh God Peter!"

He freezes, staring coldly into my eyes, and for a second I think he's going to strike me. "The name's John. Remember it."

I'm desperate for him to continue to fuck me.

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