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Some big changes happen in the town of Riverside.

"I also want you naked for me the entire time you are here."

Diana looked down as Gwen pulled the open blouse off Diana's body to let it fall to the floor behind her, the chain hooked to her nipples swaying back and forth as Diana's breasts shook.

Gwen reached down and let her fingers slowly glide from the center of the chain between her breasts to the clamp hooked to her left nipple. Her fingers danced lightly over the nipple causing it to pebble. She pinched and lightly pulled the nipple, holding the soft flesh rather than the metal clamp.

Slowly her hand glided back across the chain to Diana's right nipple. Again the fingers toyed with the nipple as Diana hissed in pleasure.

Gwen smiled as she watched Diana reach down to open her pants. She cupped underneath Diana's breasts feeling the full weight of them fall into her hands as Diana leaned down to pull her pants and panties down and off her body kicking her shoes with them.

Gwen stared at Diana's naked body before her as she squeezed her full breasts. She purred. Gwen moved her right hand back to the space between Diana's breasts to grab the chain in the middle and brought it up so she could bite it and hold it in her mouth. She turned her head causing the clamps to pull on Diana's nipples.

"Oh fuck, that feels amazing," Diana hissed before squealing louder as Gwen suddenly brought her hand to cup Diana's sex, her fingers roughly pushing and sliding on her moistening flesh.

Diana spread her legs wider apart and brought her arms to rest on Gwen's shoulders her hands hanging behind her back as she dropped her head and watched Gwen's hand poke and prod inside her.

Gwen kept turning her head right and left to bring a pulling motion to each clamped nipple in turn as her fingers plunged deeply into Diana.

Diana's legs started to tremble as she panted harder and shook.

"Oh Gwen, I'm coming," Diana gasped then screamed "I'm coming" as her legs and stomach trembled with her spasms, her hands locked behind Gwen's head holding her tight as Diana shook in pleasure.

After she stilled and caught her breath, Diana pressed her forehead into Gwen's. Di tilted her head and kissed the smiling woman in her arms.

Diana pushed Gwen into the wall then dropped to her knees before Gwen yanking the dress and underwear down her legs.

Diana thrust her face and protruding tongue into Gwen's open sex before her. As she licked, her hands slid up under Gwen's shirt gliding over her smooth stomach and then up to her bare breasts with both hands pressed into the soft flesh her palms pushing into the hard nipples.

Diana stopped her ministrations to look up at Gwen with a smile, "So I wasn't the only braless one out tonight huh? I thought so."

Gwen gave a husky chuckle, "I was hoping you'd notice." Her words turned into another hiss as Diana plunged her face back into Gwen's folds as her fingers found Gwen's nipples and pulled on them.

Gwen reached down to unbutton her blouse, she threw it off her shoulders where it stayed, pinned by her body and the wall behind her.

Gwen tugged her arms out of the sleeves then tightly clasped Diana's head in her hands as she continued to lick.

"Oh, oh, oh, ooooooohhhhh," Gwen moaned as her pelvis pushed into Diana as Gwen erupted into her orgasm. Diana held still as the thighs pressed into the side of her face squeezed and shook as her splayed open sex gushed bittersweet tasting fluids into Diana's lapping mouth.

Finally Gwen collapsed, pushing herself into Diana, dropping them both to the carpeted floor. Gwen wrapped her arms around Diana and held her tight. She sighed in bliss as she felt Diana's arms wrap around her pulling her in tighter into the embrace.

After a while Gwen softly kissed all over Diana's smiling face. The two kept their embrace but stretched out their legs to rest against each other.

Gwen shook her head, "You are the most amazing person I've ever met.

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