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A girl from my past.

I wondered how much time I'd spend on my knees in this place before Goddess relented, promoted me, or killed me.

I had fantasies about being used as a sissy whore in my crossdressing past, but this was really getting to me.

I was scared, sore, and tired. But I was also thrilled, horny, and feeling so feminine.

This had been a daydream several times for me, but now it was my reality. And I really liked feeling this way. I liked serving cocks, and I liked being told to do it.

I just wished I had a say in the matter. So I tried to be a good slut on his knees in a glory hole, and sucked penis after penis for 4 hours that night.

I wanted my Goddess to find a better use for her slave boy husband. I was going on trust that she would relent if I played her game. She'd told me she wanted enthusiasm, so I went to the other hole and looked out. There was a guy visible in the light from a video screen, so I asked him to let me have his cock. It was so short it barely gave me anything to get my lips around through the thickness of the half-inch wallboard. But he gave me my reward quickly, and another dick was coming through the first hole. The minute my lips touched it, he shot his wad all over my face and hair. I tried to scoop it into the pail and lick off what I could, but I was a stick mess already.

"That's perfect," Lance said when he came back into my booth.

"I got the guy out of the other booth, so things should be pretty constant real soon. I'm gonna take the whore out for another tour of the store. There's got to be at least forty dudes out there. I'll give 'em a look at what they're gonna get, and the price will go way up for the ones that don't want to wait all night."

He took me by the arm and led me around the store aisles and out for a stroll on the sidewalk. You didn't have to be very close to see the jizz in my dark wig, on my blouse and tits, and on my skirt.

A few guys groped my ass or tits as I was led back to my work station for the rest of the night.

Over the next hour or so I blew several guys that stuck their dicks in my booth. On the average I was getting a load every 1 to 5 minutes. But as time wore on, the effort was really making my jaw ache. My knees, back and neck were getting very stiff, too.

There was about an inch on sperm pooled in the pail. I was swallowing all I could, and wondered if I could feel it sloshing around inside of me.

One of the black men came in the room, paused the camera, and put in a new dvd disc.

Goddess pulled the plug out of my pussy, and rolled a condom onto his cock after I kissed it hard for them. His large black penis pushed into me fairly easily after my earlier training tonight, and he sawed that meat pole in and out of my asscunt as I sucked one cock after another coming my way.

The man fucking me pulled out of me abruptly, and moved to stand over my head as he stripped off the rubber and shot a gooey wad onto my forehead and in my eyes while I was gagging on a monster in one of the holes.

When the guy in my mouth came, I was flooded. I tried to eat some, but managed to get my head over the pail in time to catch most of the excess.

This man left the room, and another one of them came back in to get close-up video of Goddess taking my gaping ass with a larger than last night's strapon. This one was also black and about 10 inches long and over 2 inches thick with big ropelike veins on it. I could see the other end of the big dildo nestled inside her delicious slit behind the studded black leather harness. I hoped her end was as big as mine was, because she really needed to relax.

I guess she might have had penis envy after playing with the boys from the Hood at the dungeon earlier.

As she slid it into me she said, "I picked out this one from the store just for you, honey. I don't want you getting torn up by the big surprise you have coming later. Don't worry, my little pet whore, the other 3 men we came with are all going to have a turn fucking you so we can keep you nice and stretched out."

My wife fucked my sissy cunt while I blew still more cocks

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