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What had gotten into him (and who)?

The steam was pouring out of the bathroom and starting to fill the room. Raven made his way to the shower, moving in behind Bianca his fingers rubbed the tense muscles along her spine starting in her lower back and following all the way up her spine till his hand rested on her neck. She leaned back into the pressure. His right hand rested on her shoulder as his left rubbed her neck, his body in tight to hers.

"Maybe one day we can just run a strip club and have great sex without all this other bullshit."

She moaned in agreement and bliss as his strong fingers chased the tension from her muscles. She was aware of his manhood slowly growing warm and thicker as it nestled against her ass. She was also aware of her growing hunger. She ground her ass against his throbbing cock as she guided his hand from her shoulder down to her pulsing pussy. He growled softly in her ear as his fingers delved into her slick folds, finding her throbbing clit and rolling it between thumb and forefinger. His other hand moved to her breasts, kneading the flesh and pinching her nipples, causing her to gasp and writhe against him. He spun her around to face him, mouth finding hers and kissing her deeply. He grabbed her thighs and lifted her up, her legs going around his waist and her back to the wall. With one powerful thrust he slid his cock into her, pressing her against the wall. He began to move slowly, hips thrusting powerfully as he thrust deeply into her welcoming cunt. She moaned and ground herself into each thrust, clenching the muscles of her pussy around him.
He groaned, "I'm gonna come soon."

Even if he was human Raven would not have had much trouble holding Bianca up. With one hand still under her hip and the other on the wall, he moved back pulling her lower back away from the wall but leaving her shoulders resting on it. Raven loved to watch her breasts bounce as he pumped himself in and out of her. Her green vampire eyes glowed slightly with arousal but mercifully, the invaders seemed to be hanging back. She was fully in control. She was also hungry, her skin was cool and seemed nearly transparent. He moved forward again, allowing her to put her whole back against the wall and held her close to him. He felt her breath on his neck just before the sharp pain of her fangs piercing his flesh. He continued to fuck her with long, deep strokes as she fed. He could feel her flesh warming up with his blood. He moaned louder and more often and she could feel his whole cock growing inside her, the small knot that was starting to form even though he was having sex in human form. One last thrust as she withdrew her fangs and he spilled his seed deep inside her. Hands still holding her up cock still deep inside her, he kissed her, tasting his blood on her lips.

He was about to say something when there was a voice behind them, "Oh my, when is it my turn?" Gabrielle was standing there in the door in a green robe, the look on her face was playful but with a hint of more. "Glad you are feeling better Bianca."

Raven winced, that was twice in one night that someone had gotten close them without him knowing.

All he could do was shake his head, "That would be up to Bianca, and she's not really a sharing type."

Gabrielle nodded, "I can relate. So, let's get to business trying to evict the two extras sharing your body my dear. I'll just give you two a moment to compose yourselves." Her lilting laughter floated back to them as she left the room.

There were already candles burning around the bed when Raven and Bianca came out of the bathroom, one white, one red and one black. Oddly shaped crystals were laying on the bed.

Gabrielle smiled at the two of them, "Raven take a seat if you don't mind." pointing to a chair next to the bed.

"Bianca please disrobe and lay down on the bed, I need to check the flow of energy in your body."

Bianca did as she was asked, dropping the robe and crawling onto the bed, laying down on her back.

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