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A married couple tries a threesome for their anniversary.

"If you want me to stop, tell me, " she said quietly, kissing her lips again. Susie could only nod, a new and strange feeling sweeping over her as Jess kissed her. It excited her, not only because it was a girl she was kissing, something she'd never done before, but because Jess was being so calm and gentle about everything. In a way it kind of made her wish Jess was a guy, cause she doubted she'd ever be able to bring herself to date a girl. Jess smiled against Susie's soft lips, kissing her again, slowly beginning to open her mouth when they kissed. Susie was now quickly relaxing, and she squeezed Jess' hips gently, sliding her tongue into Jess' mouth. Jess was taken back by Susie's sudden boldness, but was glad that she was easing up.

"Mmm, " was Susie's only response. Jess' hands ran up and down Susie's thighs gently, then slowly crept up her sides, gently rubbing. Jess then slowly pulled Susie closer by her waist, kissing her a little deeper, softly sucking on her tongue. Susie clutched Jess' shirt slightly, and wrapped her arms around Jess' neck. Jess got up a little, leaning Susie back on the bed, but not breaking the kiss. Susie laid down and Jess slowly crawled over her, kissing her a little deeper, their tongues dancing and exploring each other's mouths.

"Hmm, " Jess smiled, slowly pulling away and kissing along Susie's jawline, up to her ear. She gently nibbled on Susie's earlobe, then kissed right under it and all over her neck, trying to find a sensitive spot, while her hands rubbed Susie's hips.

"Ooh, " Susie finally let out a soft sigh and a moan, closing her eyes, loving the way Jess' lips felt on her skin. Loving everything about the way she was "handling" her. She was quickly getting turned on by her, and found herself craving more of this new candy. She grabbed Jess' right hand, and guided it towards her chest, as Jess continued to cover her neck with burning kisses. Jess moaned softly at Susie's not-so-subtle actions, and gently rubbed and squeezed Susie's breasts. Susie let soft moans escape her lips, closing her eyes tightly as her hands cautiously wandered up Jess' shirt. She found herself being even more turned on by Jess' body, loving her shape and size. Jess was thinking the same thing, moving her kisses down onto Susie's collarbone, then placing soft feathery kisses on each shoulder. She smiled when Susie let out soft pleasurable sighs, and decided it was okay to take things a little further. She began to slowly kiss towards Susie's cleavage, and was also moaning softly at Susie's delicate hands on her skin. Jess sat up briefly, taking off her shirt, now just in a bra, and Susie bit her lip as she grabbed the hem of her tank top. Jess smiled and helped her take her tank top off. Jess' eyes widened and she felt her breath get caught in her throat, and she just stared at Susie's naked chest. Susie blushed, really embarrassed, and Jess smiled at her, leaning in to kiss her lips again.

"Mmm, and you thought I wouldn't be attracted to you. You're so gorgeous, " Jess whispered against the skin of Susie's neck, placing more passionate kisses on her now,

"Mmm, no way, " Susie smiled a little, closing her eyes as she felt Jess' lips going downward.

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