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Coming home after 1 year abroad, Jim is on over his head.

Much larger labia than is the norm and very suckable for sure. As with their anus a woman's labia tends to become darker in tone as they age, but not with Lois. At least not yet.

I asked if I could arrange her pussy lips a bit differently since I didn't want to touch her vagina without asking first.

"Sure."... she said. "Do what you need to. You're the photographer and should know what would look best."

I gently took each of her labia in my fingers and spread them apart so you could see her clit and inside her vaginal orifice. When I did, her vagina looked like a butterfly with its wings spread open. And just as beautiful. So much so I had all I could do from burying my face in her sweet looking pussy.

As for Lois's clitoris, it's very big. Albeit somewhat hard to see because of her hairy pubic mound. Much larger than mine. About the size of a mothball. Might have been because it was still somewhat engorged from the sex she had earlier with Bob, and like her labia, it would be very suckable.

As I was arranging Lois's pussy lips she shuddered ever so slightly, which I didn't give much thought. After taking a few pics I asked Lois to rub her clit with two fingers as though she was masturbating. Which she gladly did. Then I asked her to stimulate her clit with one of her vibrators. Again she didn't hesitate but complied willingly.

It wasn't long from all the attention she and I were giving her pussy that vaginal fluids started oozing from her cunt. Which while not anticipated, wasn't unexpected and conveniently would make for some great pics as it flowed down onto her fully exposed anus. So much so I figured a pic of her love juice flowing from her cunt onto her asshole would make for a perfect last photo to the introduction section of the "album". What better way to end it than a photo of Lois's pussy literally "drooling" and "begging" to be fucked.

Then I told Lois since her pussy was so wet I'd like to get a few pics of her inserting the biggest dildo she had in it. Without hesitation she grabbed a ten inch monster that had to be nearly three inches in diameter and inserted it easily in her cunt. Not all the way, but a good six to seven inches. Slowly she pumped it in and out of her very wet pussy until I told her to stop. At that point I had all the photos I felt I needed.

Reluctantly she did, but not before saying she got horny as hell from doing what I needed for photos and hoped they would turn out as "hot" as she was at the moment.

"I don't know what turned me on more Lacey. Dildoing myself and masturbating or the fact you were watching and taking photos while I did."

"Probably a little bit of both. I know I get horny as hell when Walter takes pics of me sucking his cock. Something about knowing you're being photographed that adds an extra element of erotica to things. My pussy simply gushes pussy juice when he does."

"As for the pictures turning out "hot". No doubt in my mind they will. And if I may be so blunt, if they have one tenth the effect on Bob as they did on you and me while taking them we can consider our efforts a rousing success."

"Really."...she replied. "I know I was getting horny, but didn't realize it was affecting you too."

While we were talking Lois was still sitting on the sofa with her legs raised and spread thinking I was going to take more pictures. As she did I found myself looking at her pussy more so than her eyes. She noticed it too. When she did I apologized.

"I'm sorry for staring at your vagina Lois, but you do have a pretty pussy."

Then without thinking I blurted out if she wouldn't mind I'd like to "kiss" it. Which could have been a big mistake asking like I did, but thankfully wasn't.

"Mind? I'm so glad you asked as I'd love you to. But only if you let me reciprocate when you're done."

The last part was more of a statement than a request.

Once Lois gave me her blessing I put the camera down, got on my knees between her legs and went straight for her pussy.

I kissed every square inch of it and around it.

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