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And it seems to get her thinking.

Finally the contractions stopped and I released her head. She was gasping for air and choking slightly. Cum was running down her chin, but she'd managed to swallow most of it. She may never have had one that big in her mouth before, but this girl was no stranger to cocksucking!

I was barely able to stand.

I finally sagged into a chair.

"That was fantastic!" I exclaimed.

I was rewarded with a smile of pride. She more or less crawled to where I was and draped herself over me.

"That was incredible, I've never experienced anything like that in my life!" she said.

After another moment she spoke softly, "Was that the lesson you were going to teach me?"

"No, that comes next, while I recover enough to fuck you senseless!" I said still catching my breath.

She got that look of fear and lust combined, again.

As I continued to recover I started to fondle and play with her breasts. Then for the first time I touched her cunt. She shivered. She was sopping wet, as I'd expected. I persisted for a few more minutes, getting her even more worked up for what was still to come.

I decided it was time. I went into the bedroom to get a couple of things. When I returned holding them she looked apprehensive to say the least.

"Stand up" was all I said.

She did.

"Hold your hands out"

Again she complied in silence.

I attached a pair of cuffs to her wrists. Without any delay I led her to a part of the room where a plant hung. I took it off the ceiling hook and set it aside.

"Raise your arms," I said firmly.

She hesitated, but after only a few seconds slowly lifted her hands over her head. I attached the cuffs to the hook. She had enough slack to move slightly and could stand flatfooted, but wasn't going anywhere until I released her.

Without a sound I began to tweak and pull on her nipples. Not hard enough to hurt, yet, just enough to get her moaning again. I kept it up until she was squirming, then paid some attention to her wet snatch. I slipped a finger deep inside her searching for her G spot, which I easily found. I was rubbing it as my thumb stroked her clit. She was positively gushing juices by then.

It didn't take long before she was wantonly thrusting her hips trying to increase the stimulation on her clit. I made sure to keep the pressure light and frustrating. I had no intent of letting her cum before I buried my cock balls deep inside her, but I wanted her frustratingly close.

I could feel my cock starting to swell slightly. I was very fortunate in that my recovery time between cumming and being able to get fully hard again was usually quite short, but after cumming recently, my staying ability was extraordinary. I really did intend to do as I'd told her and fuck her long and hard. I wanted her to know she'd been royally fucked when I was through. If she could walk normally in the morning, I'd have fallen short of my goal.

When I figured she'd cum with much more stimulation I pulled my hand away. She groaned loudly. Her eyes were glazed.

"You see now that it's not nice to be teased" I chuckled as I started to pinch her nipples again.

"Oh GOD Scott, please make me cum!" she pleaded.

"Oh no sweetheart, you have a very long way to go before that!" I teased.

"You still have an important lesson to learn!" I continued.

"I've learned my lesson, really!" she moaned.

"Oh no, this pretty ass of yours, that you so love to grind into guy's crotches needs a little object lesson too!" I laughed as I move around behind her.

And with that I started to slap her ass. I'd decided not to give her a safe word because I figured with no experience at this, she'd use it before she'd had the full experience I felt she needed. I trusted myself to be able to tell how far I could go.

At first I was barely even slapping her, more like patting.

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