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Her naked breasts jiggled slightly as the exhausted girl slumped backwards.

"Whoa, girl. I know I like my women to fall into my arms, but that might be rushing things a bit, don't you think?" Lacie heard Claire tease as she felt strong, feminine hands catch her before she hit the floor.

Lacie's eyes burned and ached in the bright light of the room. After having sat so long in pure blackness, Lacie was nearly blinded when she first opened her eyes. Moaning, Lacie felt blood begin to flow back to her stiff, aching limbs. Her fingers and toes tingled and burned, pins and needles lancing though her as feeling returned to her blood starved arms and legs. Lacie felt more gentle hands lift her out of her prison, carrying her to the side as blurs of light and shadow passed in front of her blurry, aching vision.

"Set her there. That table. Bridget, get me that light. Marie, hand me that pillow." Heather's voice ordered. "Tara, grab that towel, cover her eyes till she's had a chance to adjust to the light."

Lacie heard several people bustling around the room, following Heather's orders. Lacie was set down gently on a table, soft leather squeaking beneath her sweat soaked body as Lacie slowly began to move, stretching her aching body, trying to coax life back into herself. Someone wrapped a hand around her shoulders, their bare arm pulling her into a sitting position as people shuffled around her. A small hand took one of Lacie's and put something soft and fleecy into her palm. Realizing it was the towel that Heather had told Tara to get, Lacie lifted the fabric and covered her eyes, shutting out the glaring lights that made her eyes ache, even through tightly shut lids. Lacie felt something else settle around her shoulders, the soft fabric was warm, helping Lacie relax.

Covered in sweat from her leather prison, Lacie felt cold in the open air of the room she found herself in. Her nipples tightened and she began to shiver slightly, dropping the towel from her face to wrap the warm fabric around her shoulders tighter around her body. One shadow moved close, and Lacie heard Heather ask her to open her mouth. When Lacie complied, Heather stuck something thin, cold and hard into Lacie's mouth. The glass clinked against Lacie's perfect teeth, and the noise gave the secret of the device away. Lacie realized that it was a thermometer. Understanding that Heather was trained in medicine, Lacie relaxed and followed Heather's orders for the next several minutes while she made sure Lacie wasn't hurt or sick. Slowly, Lacie's eyes adjusted as she grew more accustomed to the light.

"Well?" Bridget asked "Is she okay?"

"Looks that way." Heather sighed. "That torture suit didn't do her any good, but I don't see anything wrong with her other than a small amount of light sensitivity. That's probably to be expected though. Do we know how long she was in that crate?"

"No. Could have been an hour, could have been a few days. What about giving her water?"

"She doesn't show any signs of dehydration, and she was sweating in that thing. Water is probably a good idea."

Another shadowy silhouette moved closer and took Lacie's hand. Lacie felt the cool glass slide against her skin as Bridget pressed it into her palm. Stepping away, she let Lacie's hand go once she was sure the girl could hold the glass on her own. Lacie's hand shook slightly as she pulled the icy water to her lips, making the glass clink softly before Lacie began taking sips, gulping down mouthful after mouthful of the soothing liquid.

Once Lacie finished, she held out her hand, and Bridget swiftly moved up again to take the glass.

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