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Our first meeting goes places we didn't expect.

She used her right hand and then the left was used to tickle his anus as he moaned. Her slow movements and the slight pressure of her fingertip on his rectum made his squirm with pleasure. Her stokes continued to get longer and his breathing became deeper and then faster.

He blurted out "eight" and she knew it would be soon. With only a few more strokes she heard "nine" and she slowed her pace to prolong the moment while gently releasing her grip. He was close and he repeated "nine" again. This went on for almost 15 minutes and each time Goddess released her grip while slowing her speed. But it was time.

With rapid strokes and more pressure on the tip of his member she circled his anus with the lubed finger and she began to feel the tensioning of his anus as he neared the moment. Goddess carefully aimed the tip at his open mouth and he began to squirt. She continued the stroking as the streams ran from his tip with a bulls eye in his mouth. She was thrilled to be so close to this moment and her fingers left his anus to massage his balls as the last squirt entered his mouth.

"Now close your mouth ant and swallow."

With a grimace and a tight blink of his eyes she heard the gulp and she instructed him to open his mouth and say "all gone."

He did as instructed.

She expected the power, she waited for the feeling of reading his thought and directing them too. She could not sense him at all and she commanded him to do something simple so she could test her control. She projected the thought of being licked to him and he just lay there cuddling her. She did not sense anything.

Something was wrong, this did not work, "What went wrong?" she thought.

After 15 minutes of naked cuddling her horny happy demeanor had turned to overwhelming confusion and disbelief. She had done it just like she had planned and she had thought this all through. Perhaps it was something that she did wrong or perhaps she did not interpret the riddle correctly. But what?

Ant was instructed to get up and wash himself up while she put on some clothes to conceal her naked body from him. No, she was not interested in sex right now; she had missed her opportunity and needed to find some answers. Her perfect plan had failed.

What was the riddle asking her to do? The riddle was:

"Only he who freely drinks that which belongs to a woman and who freely receives that which is a woman's duty for the first time shall set you free."

She had found one who freely drank what is normally a woman's duty and it was his first time. But perhaps there was a clue here. She thought and thought. She stared into space.

She decided to ask ant a few questions. "How are you feeling ant?" she asked.

"I'm ok Goddess and did I mention to say thank you for allowing me to cum and to please you with my orgasm."

"Do you feel any different ant?"

"Actually, I am still quite horny and my balls still hurt quite a bit. They were quite full and it seems that they still are."

"Yes, perhaps they are and perhaps I will drain them in some other way. Did you like your desert"?

"Salty and not as bad as I had anticipated, but still not the drink I was hoping for in my dreams."

"What do you mean ant?"

" I always fantasized about drinking it all from a pussy. You know a cream pie."

"Of course!" she thought, that is what the riddle contains. "The drinking must come from a special glass." Of course that would be her pussy. She had the right idea. But did she just blow it with him, because it was his first time to swallow?

But wait, no, she was wrong, it was not his first cream pie, he still had not gotten it the way he wanted and this special drink from her pussy would be his first time in that manner, if she allowed it. Of course she was going to allow it.

The teasing continued and she knew his balls were still quite sore from being so filled up.

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