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"Easy, easy there, Selena," Melody said, helping her friend sit at the edge of the pool. Lowering her foot into the cool water, she asked, "How's that feel?"

"Not... awful," Selena managed to say. She had been in nearly constant pain since Persephone's attack on her. "I'm such a fool... should never have let my guard down."

"The important thing is that you're alive," Melody said reassuringly.

As Melody cleaned Selena's foot, she could see that it was not healing quickly, as would normally happen in these waters. The black hole still appeared to sear with heat, even while underwater. Still, Selena's pain seemed to be receding; Melody took comfort in that, at least.

"So... when is Mike coming back?" Selena asked.

"Don't know. All I know is he's part of the ultimate contingency plan to stop Edward before he reaches full power. Beyond that, I have no clue what he and Jesus are up to," Melody replied.

As the two women conversed, they suddenly felt a surge of enormous power in the center of the courtyard. The wind began to swirl, kicking up a small cloud of dust with it. Soon, a brilliant light flashed within the cloud, bringing with it five figures, obscured by the dust. As all grew calm once more, Melody and Selena were amazed to see the four King Jinn alive and well, bringing Persephone along by several chains.

"Holy shit... they did it," Melody marveled.

"You sound surprised," Selena said with a giggle. "They are not called King Jinn for nothing, after all."

"Lock her in the east tower. We will deal with her in the morning," Farzan said to a guard, handing Persephone over to him. As she was taken away, he made his way over to the pool where the two women sat. "Selena, are you alright?"

"I will be," she replied softly. "The pain is mostly gone."

"She's trying to be tough," Melody said. "I think the wound is worse than she wants to admit."

Inspecting her foot, Farzan said, "I agree. Come with me, Selena. The water in my personal chambers is far more concentrated. It is the source of all the water in this palace, after all."

"Your Highness, that is extremely kind of you, but quite unnecessa-"

"I insist," Farzan said, interrupting Selena. "You were exceedingly brave today. This is the least I can do for you."

Helping Selena up, Melody said, "Rest up, girlfriend. You've earned it."

"Thank you, Melody."

Melody watched as Selena took Farzan's arm and made their way to the central tower. After they had left, she walked over to the remaining three King Jinn, conversing near a fountain.

"My dear, you never cease to amaze me," Salim said with a grin to Melody.

"Thank you," she replied with a giggle. "I've got to know how you managed to subdue Persephone."

Ardashir began to explain, "Millennia ago, during our war with the sorcerers, we were forced to develop a means to combat those genies who had gone along with the sorcerers, assisting them in their efforts against us. Thus, we crafted the chains that Persephone now wears. They are specifically tuned to the magical resonance that all Jinn and Genies give off, suppressing their magic and strength when worn. It was... not an easy decision to craft such a tool, but it was necessary for the protection of our people. We try to avoid using them except in the direst of circumstances. Persephone is clearly one such circumstance."

"I don't understand," Melody said. "How could those chains have any impact on the magic she was drawing from Edward?"

Nadir replied, "The reason she is able to draw such power from Edward is due to the nature of their relationship, one of master and servant. However, no matter what foreign magic she draws upon, her soul is still that of a genie, just as yours, Melody, is that of a human. Nothing can change that. When we bound her with the chains, her genie powers were suppressed, taking away her ability to draw power from her master."

"Impressive," Melody mused, watching the guards escort Persephone to her prison cell.

"Do you think Edward would come after her?" Salim asked.


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