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The girls have a wild night, Mandy 'performs' at a concert.

He began to thrust the finger in and out, pressing against her slick inner walls as he did so. She tried to move her hips away, but he took the movement to mean she wanted more.

"You're getting into it now, aren't you?" he teased.

Nicole was too light headed to offer a decent comeback and was quickly losing her ability to think clearly.

"Let go Phillip. I can't take it anymore. I really..." she let out a loud, high pitched moan when he pressed his thumb against her clit while adding another finger inside her. Her knees finally buckled and the only thing that held her up was Phillip's hand on her wrists. She looked like she was out of it, and kept muttering incoherent nonsense. Phillip removed his fingers and grabbed her chin so that she was facing him.

"Ready to take it a step further?"

She looked up at him through glassy eyes, "Please..."

"'Please' what, my dear?"

"My first time- this...this isn't how..." Phillip watched silently as the tears in her eyes overflowed and streamed down her cheeks.

"It'll be okay, I promise."

Before she could find the strength to struggle, Phillip picked her up, and carried her over to his bed. After laying her down on her back, he proceeded to tie her wrists to the head board.

Nicole was too distraught to do anything. She had never felt so helpless in her entire life. Usually, she was great at taking charge of any situation, and making sure things worked out in her favor. This particular situation was a very unfortunate exception.

"Believe it or not baby, you're sexy as hell," Phillip said, eyeing his handiwork. "You're perfect," he wrapped his arm around her waist, and planted light kisses all over her body, "And you're all mine."

He began to slowly remove the garter belt and stockings. "The lingerie- was it for me?" Nicole refused to answer. "Admit it, this is what you wanted. I've seen the way you look at me," he said, removing the thong and leaving her completely naked before a man for the first time in her adult life.

Phillip shifted his clothed body so that he was in between her legs to prevent her from closing them. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and brought her face closer to his. He took note of her puffy eyes, the rapid rise and fall of her chest, and the way her whole body seemed to tremble uncontrollably. He noticed everything, but he kept going.

"I'm going to make you feel so good. I'm gonna make you moan, scream, cry...but we'll work up to that. For now we'll take things nice and slow." He began to slowly move his body against hers. The pressure on her clit combined with the way Phillip was talking to her was almost too much for Nicole. She fought hard to keep from coming. Her efforts weren't too effective as her moans became louder and more frequent, and her pelvis moved in rhythm with his against her will.

When Phillip, without warning, shoved the same two fingers from before inside of her, Nicole knew that she was getting closer to reaching that point of no return. She was more sensitive than before, and the lightest touch made her crazy.

"Oh! Oh, God! Stop, please," she bit down on her lip in an effort to hold back her moans, but her body became more responsive, and she seemed to have lost control.

Phillip continued to grind his long, strong fingers into her, drawing out her sweet juices. A few moments later, he lowered his head to one of her nipples, increasing her pleasure. He rolled the nub around with his tongue, getting it rock hard, then bit down just hard enough to elicit a scream from Nicole. After that, he gave her other nipple the same treatment, continuing to blur the line between pain and pleasure.

"I know you wanna come, baby. Just wait a little bit longer." He held her close as he continued his torment on her body, repeatedly bringing her to the edge only to deny her the feeling of ecstasy he knew she was beginning to crave.

All of the combined sensations were too much.

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