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'It certainly was sweet!'

'Anyway, the first rule -- well, really the only one -- is that we should be totally honest with each other. Let's try anything we fancy, but if one of us is unhappy with the idea, we must say so, not just put up with it. Is that OK?'

'Perfectly. We seem to be a pair of near virgins as far as playing sex games, so I'll try anything that doesn't involve giving or receiving pain -- that's just not in my mind at all.'

'You mean I can't smack your bottom if you are naughty? Never mind. Now, can I ask a favour? You said that this morning was a joyless fuck, and I agree. Will you do the same again, with joy? I've often wondered how much pleasure my husband could have given me this way.'

'I'd like that, to wipe out the memory of this morning.'

'Right, excuse me while I have a pee first.'

She got out and walked across to the bathroom door, and I had my first view of her naked rear. Voluptuous is probably the best description. Not fat, but beautifully rounded, the softness of her back, her full hips and her gorgeous full arse, above those long legs which were still in perfect shape. Learning how to excite this lovely body was going to be fun. She quickly returned, and watching her walk back was even better. She got back into bed beside me, lay down with her legs parted and said:

'Please come and enter my body -- I need you.'

I needed no second invitation. My penis was hard and ready, and I manoeuvred myself into position above her, resting on my knees and arms, and with John Thomas poised above her cleft. I didn't feel very confident about finding my way in, so I asked her to guide me.

'You're a big boy, find your own way.'

I pushed forward so that my tip was touching her in the general area, then I made several gentle probes, till suddenly I felt that I was starting to penetrate. I was looking down, and I saw that her lips had parted and were holding the end of my glans. I pushed a little more, and I heard her make a little sigh of pleasure. My cock was starting to be enveloped in a warm, moist softness, and as I pushed further I felt her vagina holding me in a gentle grip, and I carried on till I was at last fully entered into her. The feeling was better than anything I had ever imagined, and the sheer physical pleasure of the wonderful sensations in my body was augmented by the joy of being united in love with this lovely woman. After savouring this feeling, I slowly withdrew, until my cock left her vagina, and I could see it glistening with her wetness.

'Come back, I feel empty without you.'

I pushed back in again, with more confidence this time, and started to slowly move in and out, enjoying this new and exciting experience. I was so involved in the sensation in my cock that the rest of my body seemed not to exist, and, when she spoke, I realised that I wasn't thinking of her feelings at all.

'Don't you think it's time you kissed me?'

I grinned at her.

'I'm not sure I'm ready for more excitement, but I'll risk it if you like.' And I leaned down and gently brushed my lips against hers.

'What I had in mind was a bit more comprehensive than that. I want to be kissed till my lips are crushed. And while you're crushing things, come down onto me, so I can feel all of you. I may be old, but I'm not fragile!'

I lowered myself so that my full weight was on her, and I felt the swell of her belly against mine and the softness of her breasts.

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