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Lebanese lawyer meets Ethiopian student in Toronto.

"Then what?"

"Then she giggled... a soft little throaty laugh that made me shiver with

rapture.. and then she turned and walked to the door. Before she walked out, she asked if I would let Dr. LeMans know she had stopped by. It wasn't until the door shut behind her that I felt truly stupid."

"So she got you all riled up and left. Same thing she did to everyone else, right? How were you surprised?"

"I know, I know. Like I said, I felt stupid."

Caroline sunk deeper into her chair, setting her laptop aside on a table. "Drew, I thought this story was going to be about a sexual experience...not one you wished had happened."

Drew took a sip from his lemonade and returned it to its glass coaster.

"I actually wasn't finished yet, dear."

Caroline provided a waving 'go on' gesture and crossed her arms against her belly, waiting.

"Well, the more I thought about what happened, the more angry I got. I mean, no guy likes to be teased, let alone by some chic who teases everyone. I actually got the point where just seeing her across the quad gave me a knot in my stomach. I just wanted to teach her a lesson, you know?"

She did know. Sometimes she wanted to teach the same lesson to her husband.

"So one day, I made a few preparations. I left the lab door cracked a bit, but rigged it up so it would lock when it was shut. I sat at my

counter and worked on a report, still in my lab coat from class. Just as I suspected, around dinner time she came in. She was dressed to kill, as usual, and had on a halter top lined with black lace that made me think of fancy lingerie. Part of her stomach was exposed. I nearly popped one just looking at that. She came in, and thank the heavens, she shut that door right behind her. She was too busy playing her games to hear it click a little louder than usual. I pretended not to notice her right away."

"But you noticed," Caroline confirmed. Now she had to hear how the story ended.

"When she came really close again, I said hi, and called her by name. She seemed pleased that I had gone to the work to find it out, as if that confirmed that she had made an impression on me. Her tits were right there in my face again, but this time I stood up to face her. She didn't

shy away. She probably thought I was just another lab nerd who wouldn't dare touch her. She was wrong. I slid open the drawer that was right where my stiffening dick had been and pretended to fish around, looking for something. She came closer again, running her mouth...saying all kinds of suggestive things. This time she was mid-sentence when I took ahold of her."

"What did you do?"

"Well, in the labs, we have these big hooks that come down from the ceiling to hang plant speciments on.. they are sturdy and deep, made so nothing will fall off. I grabbed a pair of handcuffs out of that drawer and snapped them on her wrists. Before she even knew what was happening, I lifted her whole body against me and hung her cuffs on one of those hooks. She could barely even bend her knees, and there was no chance of getting off that hook. I'll tell you, though... having her body squished against me like that went ahead and finished off my hard-on. I'm sure she could feel it.

"So I said to her.. 'You wanted to be my specimen, and now that's just what you're going to be, you dirty little tease.' She squirmed against me a little, and I couldn't help but love the power I had at that point. She was all mine, and the lab door was locked tight. I could do anything I wanted. I started by whispering into her ear, against one of her hoop earrings. I made sure to let my lips brush against her earlobe, letting her feel my hot breath. I watched those big tits of hers rising and falling with every heavy breath. She looked a little scared, but I was too high on control to care. I was going to teach her a lesson."

Caroline wondered if the therapist had ever imagined that this story-telling session was going to bring out a side of her husband she never thought she'd see.

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