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I tasted his sperm.

"Baby I hope you like this." She whispered that she would. As we pulled into the parking lot, Hugo drove around to the back side of the motel. He said that the rooms were a little cheaper here but just as nice as up front. Steph whispered that he had given her three hundred and fifty dollars. That was more than either of us made in a week at our jobs. We were both so high from the meth that we stumbled into the room. I gave Steph another pill and took one myself. I could feel my balls tighten up. I gave Hugo and told him it was to keep him from getting tired. he took it, He stood in the floor with his arms around my wife and kissed her deeply. Steph groaned and mashed her mouth back on his.

While they were kissing I began to let his pants fall to the floor, along with his shorts. His cock dangled out from his crotch like a thick snake. I got on my knees and began to suck him. He was lifting Steph's dress over her head. I took her panties and pulled them down. I then took one of his hands and carried it to Steph's bushy cunt. He immediately shoved a thick finger in her. She moaned in his mouth. I was on the floor looking up as he fingered her cunt. I took one of her hands and put it on his thick cock. She started to jerking it and stroking it even though her hand barely fit half way around it. He had started to drip like I had been. Steph was smearing his cum all over his cock and balls. When I saw his huge tennis ball sized testes, I had to reach up and take them in my mouth. I sucked my wife's fingers in with them.

Stephanie finally broke away from Hugo's mouth and fell to her knees beside me. She looked at me with a look I had never seen before, "Let's give him the blow job of his life." She then took his huge cock head into her mouth. She had to stretch her lips to get it in. I began to suck all of one of his large balls into my mouth. When you think of it a testicle is the egg and is surrounded by lots of veins. These veins make up what you see in the man's ball sac. When I sucked the egg into my mouth a lot of the veins stayed in his sac. I knew that I had his life in my hands, actually my mouth, right then so I sucked them gently. I rolled it around inside my mouth and sucked on it though the hairy skin of his sac. Hugo moaned loudly as my wife's mouth enveloped his cock and mine washed his testicle with my tongue.

"Come on darling...suck his balls...suck his balls," my wife had taken the cock out of her mouth. She caressed his cock as she watched me suck his ball. Then she took the other part of his large sac, which held the other testicle and opened wide. Hugo was really moaning as Steph enclosed his other ball with her wet hot mouth. Somehow we were actually able to get our mouths close, with only the skin of his testicle sac between us. I let my tongue roll the egg around inside my mouth. I gave the egg a push with my tongue and pushed the egg I was sucking into my wife's mouth. She looked like a chipmunk with his cheeks full of nuts. Stephanie was actually full of Hugo's nuts. She gagged some and had to let the eggs out when the wiry hair of his sac tickled the inside of her mouth too much. Hugo's ball sac was dripping with Steph's spit.

We both tongued them dry, or rather no longer dripping. Hugo called for a halt. "You kids are more that I thought. I thought that I just had a couple of kids that were hot to make some money. I now find that you two are a couple of perverts like me." He lay on his back on the bed and pulled the two of us with him. "Now both of you do the same with my cock." Doing to his cock what we did to his balls was harder to do , but Steph and I tried. We both mashed out lips together with his cock head in both our mouths. If it hadn't been for the thick shaft we could have done it. Actually as my wife swallowed most of his shaft, before she gagged, I was glad Hugo's cock had a shaft. I loved seeing it as it disappeared down her throat. I noticed that her throat bulged out from the cock in it.

I began to do a sideways suck on the bulge.

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