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Watching a live fuck for the first time.

Now she smiled as Dustin approached her, his big dick standing proud as he walked toward her. She raised her hips and arched her back giving him the view that he loved. Lubing his shaft and her rectum, he asked.

"Ready for this?"

"Definitely but take it slow. It's been a few weeks."

"I'll be careful."

He eased his impressive cock into the shapely bottom. The others were now watching as the thick head spread the delicate rosebud and slowly disappeared into the curvy bottom. Each of them except his wife had experienced that big dick sliding into their asses and they knew just what Delia was feeling at the moment. Chole moved over to Margaret's lounge and they sat side by side watching the anal show. Seconds later they were fondling each other and playing with their pussies.

The teens had got out of the pool and they were playing with each other's cock as they too watched the anal sex display. It was an incredible sight to see the big thick dick move in and out. Dustin would pull almost all the way out and then push it all the way back in until it disappeared. It was a stark reminder of just how much man meat Delia was taking in her rectum. The scene was so erotic that the gay friends got hot again.

In a standing position Tyler was between Brandon and Artie. He was fucking Artie while Brandon fucked him. Chole and Margaret moved over to Delia's lounge. Kneeling behind her sister and Dustin, Chole licked at Delia's pussy and Dustin's perineum and ball sac. Margaret fondled and kissed Delia's breasts. The scent of sex filled their nostrils and they were as turned-on as they ever had been. Because of the amount of his ejaculation, Dustin pulled out.

Holding his thick dick, he shot streams of seed onto Delia's head, back and buttocks. The first jet was so forceful it flew past Delia and landed in Margaret's hair. The rest was distributed over the beautiful Greek body. Dustin stroked his cock until he stopped shooting and then Chole took it in her mouth and sucked it dry. Dustin looked over at the teens just as they were reaching their climaxes. Artie was jerking off and he shot his load on the pool deck. Tyler released his seed into Artie's ass just as his own was being flooded with Brandon's seed.

Everyone remained still for several minutes and then one by one they entered the pool. They all need to lower their body temperatures and cool their jets until after lunch. After about 30 minutes in the swimming pool, they got out and dried off. For lunch, Dustin and Margaret put out a spread of fruits, veggie's and cheeses. Beer and wine were also served. Following lunch, it was more sunbathing, fun and games.

"Chole are you up for this?" Dustin asked stroking his erect cock.

"Oh yes, but I need to be loosened up first."

Chole was anxious to receive Dustin's cock in her sweet ass. She wanted her bottom stretched out before taking him. Delia got one of the odd-looking dildos to use on her sister. It actually looked like anal beads except that it was all one piece. It was pick in color and had five balls linked together and each one was larger than the previous one. Delia lubricated it thoroughly and then eased it into her sister's ass.

The first two went in very easy and then third stretched the anus more. Delia held it still as her sister adjusted to the pressure. She pulled the dildo back out and the balls left with an audible pop. She then re-inserted it and pushed until the fourth ball pushed past the anus. Delia moved it around and back and forth helping Chole open up. Finally, the last ball was pushed in and they all heard her gasp. Delia had used this on her sister before and had also been the recipient of the toy. They were both able to take it all but it was always a slow process. Delia pulled the dildo out and pushed it back in several times before Chole was comfortable with the thickness.

"She's ready for you Dustin."

Dustin smiled and with his cock full erect, he knelt behind Chole and fed his cock to her curvy bottom.

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