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How my loving wife conceived with a total stranger.

"Cousin-" Her voice sounded frail, and she cursed the linen, as, soaked, it seemed to bind and entangle her, clinging tightly to her damp skin. She could feel his eyes on her, penetrating the half-transparent cloth, to where her nipples showed through the pale fabric.

She struggled to step from the bath, the marble floor cold against her feet. She wondered if anyone would hear her scream, if anyone would come to her aid if they knew that it was Alerio shut in the baths with her.

"I said, stay where you are!"In a few long strides he was pressing against her, as she leant backwards across the stone lip of the bath to avoid him, grasping the useless linen tightly to her chest.

"Please, don't" she murmured, not sure what she was trying to avoid, but terrifyingly aware of the primal heat of him, spreading through her frail shield of material.

"I am the Imperial heir, and disobeying me is treason- cousin or not!" He leaned forward, his lips a breath away from hers. Suddenly he raised a hand and gently caressed her hair, curling in the damp. "Get back in the bath, 'Mene... I promise I won't hurt you."

Shaken by his use of his old nickname for her, and suddenly gentle voice, she did so, trying to wrap the sopping linen more securely about herself.

He followed her, settling opposite her in the bath, his back to the doorway. She tried to think of a way to escape, but he was older than her, bigger, stronger and faster, and she was restrained by the yards of fabric that swathed her, tangling her legs.

"So..." He said, calm now, back in control, his eyes glowed an unearthly jade in the candlelight. "You are old enough to be married now, aren't you, 'Mene... my little cousin, all grown up..."

"O-only just, Alerio... Mama wants me nearby for a few years yet-" she averted her eyes from his sculpted face, tried to raise her voice above a whisper. His robe was very thin, she realised, and she could see his chest rising and falling rapidly beneath the clinging material.

"But, you're nearly a woman now... and so beautiful." He murmured, his eyes on her breasts "you, know, you looked like Aphrodite, amongst the steam... or, no, perhaps Diana... the beautiful virgin huntress... so beautiful, and so pure. It's almost a shame to tarnish you... but I couldn't bear for someone else to get you before I."

She leaned backwards, turning her face to the side. She didn't want this, she thought desperately, not now... It was too intimate, in the silence... he was too threatening, blocking her only means of escape.

"So young, and almost still a child..." He leaned forward and grasped her hand, pulling it towards his lap in a sudden movement. She tried to pull away, but he was too strong, holding her wrist in an unfaltering grip.

"No- please"

"You've never seen a man before, have you, my virgin, never touched him, tasted him..." Diana felt the heat of him through the water, his sex throbbed and lengthened under her unwilling touch. Alerio leaned forward, crushing his lips against hers.

"I've waited so long for this, Mene... I want you to learn... everything. I've organised an education for you..."

In a swift movement, he twisted her about, so she was sitting in his lap, his arms securely about her waist, and her useless sheet of linen the only thing separating her buttocks from his sex, hard, and growing beneath her. He pressed his hot lips against her neck.


The door slowly opened, and a serving boy and a slave walked in, both naked, their flesh luminescent in the muted light. Clymene struggled briefly, hoping that they would help her, but they averted their eyes, and Alerio sank his teeth lightly into her neck, warning.

"These two have been given some of my special mixture" he whispered, voice harsh, "my mother supplies it, she's ever so good with herbs... This one is a stimulant... now watch what it can do..."

The slave girl was swaying from side to side, her hand between her legs, moaning slightly.

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