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Tara strips her girl to her bare soul.

He hurried straddled her body, wrapping His legs around her torso. she gasped, "Master, what have You done?"

He laughed quietly. "My dear one, it is a popsicle, a cherry one. A nice and cold treat for the heat of your body to melt as you service Me." her arms flailed around her, "No, Master, please, it is too much." His hands wrapped around her wrists and pulled them above her head. "No, you say, My dear one. I will not be as gentle now."

His knees rested under her chin on either side of her head. He grabbed His cock and slapped it across her face, watching as she squirmed under His body. He grabbed a hold of her jaw and pulled her mouth open. Looking into what He saw of her face, He brought His cock to her mouth and pushed it into her. He groaned in His head so she did not hear as the heat and moisture surrounded Him. He began to pump His cock into her, forcing her to take as much or as little as He wanted her to.

His hand still held her wrists as she struggled. His other hand reached over into the box by the table and brought out a vibrator. Reaching behind Him, He checked the progress of her treat. It was melted. He could see the red juice had trickled out and now coated her thighs as well. He pulled the stick out of her and then, being none too gentle, He shoved the vibrator inside her. He squeezed His thigh muscles around her body as she bucked up into Him. He waited to see if she would control her mouth's reaction.

He smiled in satisfaction when not even the tip of her teeth hit against Him. Making sure the vibrator was securely inside of her, He brought His hand back around to the front of His body. His hand wrapped around her neck softly tracing the contours, feeling her pulse beating rapidly underneath. The back of His fingers swept up the side of her face and curled into her hair. With enough force to cause her some pain, He grabbed a hold of her hair and held her head in place.

His body came forward, putting weight onto the tips of His knees, and He started a pounding rhythm into her mouth. His head bent down as close to her face as He could get and He whispered, "Do well, dear one, and I might let you cum." He felt her body tighten under His. her mouth wrapped tighter around His cock, and He couldn't help the groan that escaped His mouth. He set a harsh rhythm, pushing in and out of her mouth. her efforts doubled in strength.

her tongue lapped at the tip of Him as He would withdraw. Then as He entered again, she sucked down around His length. her tongue swept across the bottom of His thickness, reaching up the sides as best she could. her body quaked under His. The sensations shooting through her body from the vibrator were so powerful. she desperately needed, wanted to cum. she doubled her efforts yet again, sucking Him into her mouth, purring in the back of her throat, sending sensations pulsing through His body.

He moaned at her purrs and pushed into her mouth harder. His entire length slipped into her mouth. He felt her struggle to breathe, felt her struggle not to gag. she took Him into her mouth and purred again. The vibrations in her throat sent Him over the edge. His body pushed Himself completely into her, and He spasmed, filling her mouth. she continued with her mouth wrapped around Him, sucking softly, swallowing. her tongue gently swirled around Him, adding sensation as His climax finished. He pulled out of her, His body shuddering.

He looked down at her and smiled. He watched her struggle against the pulsing sensations traveling through her body. He went to the end of the bed. Laughing softly, He said, "I always liked cherry popsicles." He withdrew the vibrator and ran His tongue up the length of her lips. her knees came up off the bed, and her legs pulled away, opening herself to Him. His tongue reached out and wrapped around her clit, sucking gently. His teeth nipped at her. He felt her body stiffen. she was close to losing control of her orgasm

He brought His fingers to her and pushed two inside of her.

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